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High Country Trails

Hi Folks. Hope You had a lovely Week and didn’t experience too many of Life’s challenges which keep getting thrown at us these Days. Speaking of “Life’s Challenges” they seem to come out of ‘left field’, just when You don’t expect them. Why can’t it just be peaceful? 🙁


‘Boot Camp’has begun. It’s as Cocky as all Hell, ‘Bold as Brass’ and dies for interaction. Fearful of nothing and yes, the typical Warmblood (Pure Bred) and has ‘got the goods’ big time. Here she is this Week.


Gainsborough Soap

The Vindictive among us, normally masquerading as such lovely People, continue their dirty work when their bad behavior get’s them ejected from Gainsborough.

Yesterday, we have the Complaint to the R.S.P.C.A. by a recently departed, who threatened to do so prior to going. She alleged that 2 Horses that belong to the “Paralowie Cowboy” are not being fed but neglected to advise that he feeds at different times to the majority as he has lost his Drivers License and relies upon others. We had questioned Him about this, prior and indeed, he had gone and sought Veterinary advice regarding the viability of feeding double Hay if unable to make it on a particular Day. The Vet’s have backed this proposition based upon the fact that Horses should graze 18 hours a Day. Another thing that wasn’t mentioned was one of the Horses was untouched and unable to be caught and arrived riddled with Lice, which have been all sorted by the Owner now. It never ends….

and I may have told You about the other disgruntled leaver, who rang Worksafe, lodging a complaint that our Electric Fence is hooked up to 240 Volt Power :)….(just like every one in Australia)


The ‘Paralowie Breaker’

I recently started another Horse at Gainsborough, a poor sorrowful Soul who came from Myponga. They got the Professional Horse Transport down there, to collect Him and took them 2 Hours, including calling for the Drugs, to get Him in the Vehicle. They failed.

Anyhow, he then got to the “Goal Stables’ on Yatala Vale Road ( now that’s an experience to visit) locked in the Cement Boxes looking like the Royal Show exibits but the new Owner (who I have named the ‘Paralowie Cowboy’ (who rode at a Stock Camp for a while in another Life Time) decided that the Horse should be shifted.

So I got asked to go help get Him, for they had the two Horse Float borrowed. I thought to myself……Gawd, all those onlookers, 2 hours with Professional Horse Transport People and Vets and fail, but never mind, we haven’t failed yet. So off we go. I couldn’t believe the joint 🙂 It was like a Wet Market in Wuhan, with Agistees running everywhere, and More brown Chooks walking around that you could count 🙂

In we go to the Stables, to get Him and I remember dodging horses on the left and right as we squeezed through, with one trying to take my Arm off as we passed 🙂 Anyhow, we got Him out and presented HIm to the Float. The things I have seen in my Life time. The endless laughs 🙂 I remember having to kick a Brown Chook up the Ass, for it had made a dust hole in front of the Back Ramp of the Float hahahaha. Yes Folks, we are in the Norther Suburbs, for sure 🙂

Anyhow, within 10 seconds the Horse showed us his “learned evasions’ trick, no doubt caused by the webbing or leather Halters and Skull Dragging as always, so we negated that and ‘Blow me down’ he walked in like a Baby. 2 MInutes. Phew!!!!! 🙂

He hasn’t had the luck of the draw. 🙁 He was sold 3 Weeks ago, to People up North.) I was there the Day he left and helped put Him on their Single Float……..gave them some advice of how YOU CAN’T HAVE A CONTACT ON THE MOUTH OF A GREEN HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but no, rein Him up and kick and all he could do was hump on the spot 🙁 Poor little Bugger 🙁

Then last Week, a Rider who should know better, came to look to buy……..

Rein em up and kick em to go!

Why is it that the World can’t get it through their thick Heads that ‘Green Horses’ have ZERO understanding of a Contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ‘Learned Helplessness’ and Buck their Asses is the result!

Anyhow, Yesterday, I gave his Owner a Kick up the Ass and got after Him. So if any of my Agistees don’t see Him riding this Horse around Gainsborough this Week….OUT OF THE ROUND YARD……..dob Him into me 🙂 The Hoss just needs “Miles on the Clock’ and to have some fun in Life. He is an absolute Darling!!!!!!!….like them all.

Let the left Rein go Young Fulla!!!! 🙂

So there You go, first time alone, out of the Round Pen, with no lead Horse. “Watch Him Folks – He’s a Mongrel” 🙂


Life’s Stories (1976)

The Light Horseman

His name was Dave Bishop, an old Derro who lived in Yankalilla. He dropped in one Day, to Comic Court Lodge and introduced Himself, saying that he had been in the ” Light Horse” but no longer had the opportunity because he didn’t have a Horse anymore.

He liked a Beer and we found Him dropping in regularly, around ‘knock off time’ and enjoying the end of the Day with all the Boys and their yarns and ‘Tall Stories’ about their Day on the Ranch, riding the Race Horses, Riding School Horses and ‘Breakers’. Old Dave was in his element but again, never brought a Beer along. (just like “The Boy from the Bush” (next Weeks Story) It got to the stage when we saw Him coming, we would all bale into a Bedroom and watch through the Lace Curtains, making out we weren’t Home 🙂 Males and Females of the Staff, but one Day, he wandered around to in front of that Window and had a big long well earned Pee…OMG…….you should have seen the Mob in the Bedroom hahahahahaha


The Yankalilla Show was upcoming and indeed, it would be his Life’s Dream, to ride in the Troop. We decided to make his Day 

On the Property, we had an 18 Hands Old Percheron, named ‘Bo Jangles’ so we decided to train Him up for the Grand Parade at the Yankalilla Agricultural Show, where the “Light Horse’ were to indeed, lead the Parade. Imagine if we could get Old Dave up to scratch.


So we first decided to to train Bojangles up to Harness, in other words throw everything at the Horse in order to ‘Bomb Proof’ Him for his first time experience, out in Public and indeed, in among Cows, Farm Equipment and all the other things You see in the Grand Parade, of course to protect the Passenger ( who would be like a Rag Doll ) 🙂

One evening, having got Him going reasonably, we decided to all go up to the Normanville Pub , by harnessing up ‘Bo Jangles’ and hooking Him to a Brick hardwood Pallet, which we would head up the Main South Road, on the Bitumen, all jumping on for the ride and away we went 🙂

However, we only got 100 Metres, when one of the Boys’ Dogs, an American Staffie, completely lost his plot at the noise of the Pallet being dragged on the Bitumen, that he started attacking all of us. absolutely trying to savage us all.

He went Mad  Thankfully, the Pallet was full of Young Cowboys with ‘Cuban Heeled Boots’ and I tell You, the Dog copped as good as he gave, ending with Him being driven off and to the Pub we went 2laughing-smilies

A Hell of a Night. You should have been there 2laughing-smilies (read the story of my Purchase of the Normanville Pub because the Locals wouldn’t accept the ‘Newbie” from Sydney) 🙂


Well, along came the Yankalilla Show and we got permission for Dave to lead the Troop, all dressed up in the Uniform, with sundry War Medals adorning his Chest, which was pushed out so far he looked like Statue 🙂

The Grand Parade assembled and after devising a way to get Him on the Horse, off a Hay Stack,  away they went, entering the Oval with Dave Bishop out in front, Grin from Ear to Ear and in a trance, whilst Old ‘ Bo Jangles’ plodding along like he had done it for many Years, not recently broken in smiley-wink

Well, he went a full lap, not looking back once, transfixed on the course ahead, Chest poked out as if he had won the War single handed, but after a full lap, when he reached the entrance Gate, the Grand Parade participants were still entering!!!!!!!


Jersey Cows, john Deere Tractors, Hay Balers, the odd Alpacca and much more) he lost the plot. Instead of stopping and waiting for his Troupe, he kept on riding, straight through the Jersey Calves and Hay Balers, leaving the Troop stationary, on the other side. He was suddenly about 100 metres in front !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was one of the funniest things we have ever seen!, still pushing the Chest out and with Old Bo Jangles looking equally Proud. He never did re-join them, he couldn’t hahahahaha.

A true shambles and worth all our work bring-it-on-smiley and worthy of another Night in the Normanville Pub :).

The Shotgun (2019)

Back in the Day, I owned a 410 Shotgun and my Brother, sundry Veterinary equipment, including a set of brand new Emasculators, for gelding our own Horses. We lost track of them back then and had no idea where they had gone.

The Phone rang one Day and it was a Country Police Officer from North Queensland.” Mr John O’Leary?”

Yes …..”You are registered as owning a 410 Shotgun, is that right? “

“Well Officer, we used to have one in the Family, I think it was my Dad’s but we have lost total track of it.”

The South Australian Police have asked us a few times.  Ok then, do You know a Bloke called Dave Bishop? smiley-thud . I sure do know Him, why?……..

“well he died last Week and when we went through his House, we found this Shotgun, .410.”

“The bloody Old Bastard I exclaimed, so he knocked it off! shaking-head  . You didn’t happen to find a set of Emasculaters did you? to which he answered,  as a matter of fact we did smiley-eyebrowsraised  Thanks Officer, send it down when You get a chance. “

Well it took 6 Months but he posted it in normal Australia Post Mail would You believe ( for we can hardly have one out of the Gun Safe here…. seems odd to me) but it duly arrived and I have shot about 100 Rabbits with it since.

So there You go.

‘The Mongrels  I have met’.

Next Week – THE UNION BOSS & THE LAWYER……..”The Horse Breaker’ turned Pentecostal Preacher, behind my back………….

The State of the Industry – nothing changes

The Crabby Old Dears that drove the Industry into the Ground, have survived the turmoil and many have hung on, moving back into the same positions of influence that they always had. They are still carrying on as ‘same Old’ being negative, harsh Judging and generally holding the Industry back.

It’s not going to change Folks, so get used to it.

Video of the Week

Welcome to the Equestrian World Madam – your 1st Horse awaits

Learner Rider. Doctor, God knows the Industry needs Her money……..We’ve got an Arena without Fencing, a big strong Horse that will run away with You, even a Horse ‘not fit for the purpose’ of Equestrian. Have fun. Equestrian Australia won’t help You so ‘show us Your Money’…….

Quiz of the Week – $100 prize

Why won’t this Horse suit Equestrian? Best Answer wins. Results next Week

Tip of the Day

” If You can’t get out of the Round Pen by at least the 3rd Day, You haven’t done the job or the Horse is unsuitable for the Owner. ”

Council Risk Management – keep out the Motor Bikes

What do You think of this for an idea, to keep the Motor Bikes out but let the Horses go in?

Broken Legs for Humans, or more and possible Horse Injuries as well. Then add the fact that the Motor Bikes will till get in. Designed by a Graduate 🙂


Feedback – Sand Colic

Some years ago I purchased your recipe for sand colic prevention. Recently a friend has had her standardbred treated for ulcers but it appears the horse has a sand burden that refuses to shift even after multiple drenches at the vets and psyllium regimes. I have sent her your link to read your blog but for myself, could you tell me why the recipe works. Does it churn up their stomach because they normally do not drink milk? Just a thought I had. My horses have never felt any ill effects from the dosage. Also do you think if a sand burden has been in there for a long period of time your recipe can still shift it?

I have not shared your recipe with my friend, it is up to her to do her own homework and contact you.

Hope you can enlighten me.



Hi Linda. Thanks for being honest. To answer your questions then:

  • Yes, it has been proven many times, that it can shift long term Sand build up
  • and the reason this works perfectly and recognized options do not, is found in their inadequacy of design where they fail to grab the Sand. You will work out why that is.

Regards and well done.

Victor Harbor of the Day


Get well Seb

Best wishes to Young Seb ( the kissing Vet) 🙂 who has been in Hospital. We all wish the lovely Young Lad well. Great Pic. The Horse tells all………


2 thoughts on “Horse Problems Australia Blog 27th September, 2020

  1. peggy garrett says:

    Hi! I have a been a reader of your website for years and i think you are the BEST! To answer the code of ethics video—the horse can’t breathe properly and will always be fighting that.

    1. Thanks Peggy. Most kind. Results next Week. Regards

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