problem horse world – 9th november, 2020

Nut Cracker Effect

Hi Folks. Hope You all had a good Week and didn’t run into too many of Life’s challenged. There are a few too many of these Days, for we have been corralled into a Society of Parasites. Everything You do, someone gets a cut. It’s disgusting. The Internet the same. I don’t know how many get through it all 😥

Busy as always and Mrs. HP attended the Adelaide Hills Dressage Club Annual Champs, warming up a few of Her Pupils and indeed, the Owner of Chief the Clydie, who has now gone back to Her and to make room for Mrs. HP’s new Horse Stan. We don’t have the room here, we must abide by the Council Regulations of 3 Horses, as per our Planning application.

and here he is loading onto a Truck Today

Poor Boy 😯


Today, Chief left, on his way to a comp and his Owner is very excited to have a go (despite lot’s of Health issues. Tough Girl that one!

Mrs. HP was also (for the first time she has offered this) warming up 5 of Her Pupils for their comps, so busy Day for all.

Jane was very excited and placed in both tests. Happy Happy 😀


Hi there, I’ve been recommended to get a myler bit for my kids ponies, and came across your website. I’ve also just bought a new horse for myself. He seems to lean on the bit from what I have found so far. I was just after some advice on the best way to go? Kirsty

This subject is probably the most confused of all in the Horse Industry. Put simply, every Horse on the Planet, that is ridden by a Rider that doesn’t have the knowledge of how to gain softness ‘On the Bit‘, will be resistant to the Bit. That is why I have always pushed hard on this quote of mine

If You are not training or competing in competitive “English Discipline Riding” you should be riding on a ‘Pleasure Rein‘ and if You are riding on the latter, you should stay well away from the Mouth of the Horse.


If You are riding or training within the ‘English Disciplines’ you had better be doing it right for if You are not, You are causing ‘resistance’ to the bit and much more!!

Hi, Thanks so much for getting back to me.  
At the moment we are using variations of snaffle bits. An eggbut on one pony, Tom Thumb on another and I have a loose ring on my horse.  The children (8 and 10) do pony club and potter around at home and I am very much pleasure- trail riding and mustering when the cattle need to come in. 
I love the sound of this new style of not snd would love to make the horses more comfortable. I have attached photos of the bits we use at the moment- what other photos/videos do you need? 


ok. The Old fashioned Bits. These cause the “Nut Cracker effect”

Cracker Effect

Bits get blamed for many things and yes, of course You must have the right Bit for the Horse BUT in MOST cases of ‘resistance‘ it is caused by a lack of knowledge/training/Coaching. Indeed, it would be the majority of the Horse World, that don’t understand this skill.

We live in hope😌


Last Week, I was asked by a lovely Young Lass, why Her Horse was stopping all the time, both under Saddle and on the Ground. I have since been contacted by other Friends, who advise the Horse was purchased from SA, then sold again and then again. The last Buyer won’t talk to the Girl and nor will the Trainer who started the Horse, saying she can’t remember the Horse 😴


but then I received more information………

Radiographic lesion in the TMT region of the hock in a green broken lightly worked young WB was the deal breaker for me. Also has sidebone both FLs and a small cataract in one eye.

and I received X-Rays, costing 1800, then sold to another buyer for $900 and then sold to 2 other Buyers for $450 each 😙


So once again and always……’s…….


The good old Webbing Halters and now with fluff🤣

I have had a Lady threaten me with Death if I identify Her, so I won’t but it’s quite an amusing story.

I have often mentioned to Her that she should Bin Her Webbing Halters for we have made our Life income from Webbing Halter Owners 😂…..yea yea, but I got asked the genuine question this Week, “what can we do to stop the Horse escaping from us when leading?” I said I would reflect upon it, but…….

I walked past when they were Saddling up and yep, sure enough, I saw the good Old FLUFFY webbing Halter 😆


I do thank the lovely Lady for the Chuckles I got, one needs those these Days 😋 We shall see if I can destroy the item one Day soon

Not me Folks

Tip of the Day

Horses spend much of their handled Life, being tugged, pulled or pushed. How would You like that? Would You run, rip, kick, nip, become a pain to ride, not be caught, become evasive?…..I would 😫

Bella Vista of the Week


Victor Harbor of the Week


Video of the Week

The Use of Shoulders to gain ‘Collection’

True Collection doesn’t come from PULLING or HOLDING!!

Boof of the Week


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