problem horse world – 6th december, 2020

Southern Fleurieu Peninsula

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. Wonderful Week of Weather. 12mm of Rain and lovely cool Days. 19 Degrees.

Lot’s happening as usual, lot’s of aggrieved Horses, assessments and more. The education goes on and on and never ceases.


A few interesting points that they won’t tell you on Fake News all here.

  • Election Machines were connected to Internet with big traffic to C.I.A. Servers in Germany. German Server seized.
  • Hunter Biden finally under investigation. Millions of Bribes, with good old Jo getting his cut.
  • Texas and 18States sue the Corrupt Election States in Supreme Court.
  • If they squash the Defendant States Election, the whole thing is on it’s Head and the House will vote for a President, in January. The Numbers there are currently 27 Republicans, 21 Democrats and 2 others.

Here is the Law on it –

Grand Prix

Mrs.HP is arriving at Her 4th Grand Prix Horse, all trained from scratch and this Week, the lovely Dolce is tackling the One Times Changes. Make or break for if their are any late ones’, you are ‘dead in the water’ and just wasted Years of Your Life 😙

As I was saying last Week, it’s come to ‘Tempi Changes’ time for the Girl. The Business end of the Career, arriving at the Olympic Level. One can never forget the immense challenge of getting Horses there. Years of ‘Gut Busting’ in the Sun, wearing out entire Saddles, Boots and regularly even knickers 🤣, it’ a tough Sport for Horse and Rider. It’ no wonder so few make it and even fewer that make it and can actually do it, not just try and con the Fans that they are.

Here she is having a go 😁…….only 2 required but 4 is ok 😋

and some Passage

Two Lovely Girls 🙂

Meanwhile, Stan is Groping People 🤣


Very slowly getting an appetite and some signs of weight, as well as being now settled with his environment. He is a Groper 😁. He Corals Humans so that he can Grope them hahahahaha, quite disconcerting for non Horsie Folks lol (Friends visiting from Town)


The Standardbred Toss

Thought I’d send you these videos for your interest of my horse taken this morning & please feel free to add these to your website & FB Page for educational purposes my horse spoke I listened .. First  time He has shown me this behaviour since being rectified after treatment however a small knock to the occipital bone tiniest amount of skin taken off but  enough to up set the apple cart of the  head region of a sensitive horse  .. palpation of the poll region & his reaction was intense & previously would not have flinched after his initial treatment..  so distressed from the palpating wouldn’t approach me for 20 mins ..   Take note of the squeal after looking over his shoulder & the mouth reaction & tongue loll .. I placed a public post on my face book page with these videos expressing my concerns of many referring to this as just a normal standard bred thing.  Cheers  Lorraine Dini 

Well done Lorraine. The Horse is lucky to have You!! 🥰

Riding the ‘Green Horse

Those who have read my Blogs over the Years, would know that trained a lot of ‘Green Horses’ and have listened to them all.

Those Horses have reported a number of things to me:

  • That they find ‘riding on a contact’ to be unjust and tormenting of the Mouth, for it is meaningless.
  • That it causes ‘Jig Jogging Horses
  • That You can’t ‘collect’ ‘Breakers’ for it is unjust, unkind, unfair, for they don’t know why, they are not muscularly prepared for it and indeed, they get a ‘Neck Ache’
  • and that ‘Rein Contact is precisely opposite to their Mouthing process, that it ruins that Mouthing process and they should first be well prepared, before ever the Day comes for putting the ‘Green Horse’ on the Bit

This Video came across my Desk this Week and it is complete proof of the above. You choose but let the Horse be the Judge

Here are a few of the Happy Souls that I have met

Many thanks. My young Andalusian is progressing very well, we are now out in my makeshift grassy arena, sending him along in more forward trot. Getting close to taking him out for rides in the travelling stock route next to our property. I don’t have the luxury of having another rider to ride next to us so have been going it alone. Have got a lot of guidance out of the Green Horse video, thank you. Regards Wendy.


A Letter from a Trainer – Equine Science

Oh dear… more vets will get hurt as they think they know better.

Nicole Bortolussi

As part of her Masters thesis with the University of Edingurgh, Pearson and her fellow researchers recently tested the effects of a single lecture on practical learning theory tips for equine veterinarians on pre-final-year students. Pearson delivered a 45-minute classroom lesson on how horses learn and showed videos demonstrating how to apply that learning theory with equine patients. For example, she showed that simple negative reinforcement can work to get a resistant horse to lead into stocks. By lightly tapping the horse with a whip and then stopping the tapping as soon as she takes a step forward, the horse learns to move into the stock, Pearson said. Another of the approaches she explained was overshadowing—capturing the horse’s attention by having them perform a previously learned task (like stepping back on command), thereby drawing the attention away from the veterinary act (like a needle touching the skin). These techniques are always undertaken at a level where the horse can remain calm, she added.

Of course, the above is crap. Injuries are going to go through the Roof.

Yes, this movement is on Fire, because it gives NON Horse Trainers but who hold Ph’d’s, the false credibility to talk about ‘Horsemastership, which of course few if any have. Remember, Phds have nothing to do with skill. It is just a quaint way of getting Dr. before Your name.

The Good News for You, as a Trainer, is that it is going to ensure Your future for the numbers of aggrieved Horses is going to ‘Sky Rocket’.

Assess this Horse

Could u look at this vid for me plz …. 4yrs 17h under saddle 4 mnths … I can c quarters swinging in and no forward … but unsound or rider unsound … I will get the horse for few weeks over Xmas get miles out on trail … remouth and get trail miles .. if sale goes though. Trainer

The horse doesn’t look unsound but very green. Needs to be more around and off the leg laterally. It also needs to be allowed to stretch down with a softer and more following hand from the rider. Elasticity!!!There was no free rein walk at all and its movement would improve if it was given more room in the reins. It is ridden with too much flexion. That is why he went crooked in the 1st canter and thus lost balance and broke on the long side. Overall looks like a nice horse to work with three correct paces. Walk needs more march but again the rider is holding the frame and outline through her reins and not ridden over the back enough.


The ‘Star Chamber’ continues. It’s all hidden from the Members. and the money begins to roll into McLean’s Pocket. $8,000 for the course and the Institution is heavily involved and now complicit in the game. Meanwhile, Thousands of Horses are going to be deprived of ‘true unity’. I feel for the Horses the most 😥

Here is a preview. It took half anHour and the only reason the poor Horse (with the ‘Learned Helplessness’) finally stood, was to urinate 🥵 God knows what the white sox and blanket were for….but they are the ‘Props’ to impress.

So back the assetion by the Doctor at the top of this article, that being this

“For 95% of horses, spending from 30 seconds up to, say, two minutes training the horse is still quicker than fighting to restrain him, which may end up taking five to 10 minutes, to achieve the same thing,” she said. “

Well we sure saw the 2 Minutes in the Youtube Vid, didn’t we……on a known trained Horse to the system, equaling total system fail

Many thanks. My young Andalusian is progressing very well, we are now out in my makeshift grassy arena, sending him along in more forward trot. Getting close to taking him out for rides in the travelling stock route next to our property. I don’t have the luxury of having another rider to ride next to us so have been going it alone. Have got a lot of guidance out of the Green Horse video, thank you. Regards Wendy.


Victor Harbor of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week


The Off the Track Thoroughbred

Hi Mr HP I took these photos this morning in walk and trot. Sorry It was difficult by myself to get a good photo and keep him moving.  I would b grateful for any advice.   This is day 3 and he isn’t consistent in keeping form but at times goes long and low nicely. I would probably be doing between 7-10 min a side.  He seems fine not tired or cranky and happy to work.  I haven’t asked for canter at all as he is definitely better in walk than trot at this stage. Should I go shorter each day until he is more consistent in shape or is this enough flexion. Regards Angelina


That’s fine Angelina. He will get more consistant over time, with strength.

Of course you know the Horse is conformationally challenged so it’s not easy for it.

That’s fine Angelina. He will get more consistant over time, with strength.

Of course you know the Horse is conformationally challenged so it’s not easy for it.

Doing well but just make sure the FLEXION is always and properly, TO THE INSIDE. Not straight forward, for you want the horse to weight bear on the inside hind.

Thanks HP  I have  adjusted it 3 holes shorter on the inside is it ok to do more than that because he does tend to flex out or is there other advise on making this easier for him

You simply have to adjust up (and adjust out on the outside of course) on the inside, until you get flexion. This is where you get to the Business end of these unsound crooked Horses. You simply have to go there.

You will generally then get the CUTTING OF THE CORNERS and the dropping of the shoulders, in which case again, you have to be assertive, with a whip and re-educate the horse to stay out, plus stay flexed, flicking on the shoulders. (not the rear)

This is why the 5 minutes each way and build up because they can become sore of course….but they have to.


Barley Grass

Hi John,
I am hoping you can help and provide some advice. I would like to eradicate the barley grass in our horse paddocks but I’m not sure what to seed. Our property is in One Tree Hill.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

HI Basia,

This is the most invasive and dangerous Weed of all. I don’t know where it came from but it is a tragedy.

There are no specific sprays so You are left with simply using Roundup and killing the entire Paddock, but of course, the seeds will come back, for 5 Years. I personally would be mowing it, when the seeds are soft and not set, real low and repeated mowing as the Season goes on, or getting a mob of Sheep in there and letting them do the job after that.

As the Season goes on, the Weed attempts to seed again, BUT LOWER DOWN, hiding it’s Head from You and so Sheep would be the go. Then, You could experiment with a low dose of Roundup, one quarter of the normal recommended dose. In my Backpack 15 litres/200ml. So 15 litres to 50ml.

I could recommended planting Ki Kuia, which does help a lot, but it will still grow within that too. (although at reduced rates.)

The C.S.I.R.O. should urgently research a poison for this terrible Weed.

Best of Luck

Kissing Spine

hi there . So i have an OTTB I got her when she was 2 and she never raced. i worked with her slowly and it was rough but she was going really well. then one day we were having problems holding only our right lead behind. since then it has been all down hill. she is five now and she still has problems with the lead and she does not want to use her hind end at all. she was diagnosed with kissing spine and treated with shockwave and injections but behavior has only gotten worse. What do i do?

Hi Breanna

Bad Luck. Not good.Unusual for one not Raced but I am interested in your Riding style for we have found that ‘Incorrect Riding’ if riding ‘English’ ( On the Bit), directly deteriorates the Sacroiliac Region of the Horse, as well as also causing ‘Kissing Spine’.

I can also tell You that some Vet’s here, are now successfully shaving Bone, rather than the treatments You mentioned, however…..

So You have 2 options. Investigate with other Vets, if they do perform that operation in your District or, put the Horse into our

programme, which can successfully turn some of these Horses around. We have some secrets that the Vet’s don’t know about and we thank the Thousands of Horses through our Hands, for those.

Our view on these things is that you have to ‘bite the bullet’ and fix the Horse or retire it. Good for the Horse and the Bank Account.

I’ll talk more via email


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