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Hi Folks. We hope You are all fine. We have been pushing too hard of late and looking forward to a short break over Christmas….maybe. No Rain this Week but perhaps Tonight. The Hay is being cut all around the District and the Trees are jumping out of the Ground. So are the Weeds 😥

Social License to Operate

Get used to that word Folks, for the Scientists are scheming right now, to bring this in through the back Door of the Government, to further control the Horse Industry and channel spending towards their Websites. It’s a Grand Plan and I am a wake up, way ahead of them.

It will mean, that anyone who wants to Train a Horse and accept Money for so doing, will be forced to have someone from on high, to approve them, no doubt with the appropriate Fees and of course, to use the Equine Science Training Systems

However, there is only one Problem and that will back fire in their Faces, for their systems are actually the worst offenders in the World of Horse Training, against the Welfare of the Horse. It goes on all over but not a word is spoken of course. Akin to the Crook Jo Biden, with the Millions of Bribes, not making it onto the News.

Now I hope that this ‘Social License’ will encompass Dressage Judges, for many of them (especially at the High Level) have been neglecting the Horse for Years, allowing obvious cruelty to continue, Week after Week, Month, Year after Year, even with the very same Horse. Horse Cruelty by Torment, confusion and “Learned Helplessness”

I am told, that last Weekend, at Mt. Crawford Dressage Club, a Grand Prix Horse was Cantered straight out of the Ring, half way through a Test, without communication to the Judges. Just left and disappeared!!

Now, this of course (apart from the failed Training system) is the Judges Fault. They have been presiding over this Horse now for at least 4 Years that I have watched, every single time, the combination not being worthy of being allowed in the Ring and needed being told to stop. Wonderful Horse, an obvious Saint of a Horse, for it should have buried the Rider Years ago and every ride since.

. A couple of Years ago, I was at Mt Crawford Dressage and had been reading the said Horse for some time, decided to take my very long lens, to be able to take a shot from afar, for I knew that the Day had come. Incredibly, just after I sat the lens on the Bonnet of the F Truck, way out in the Parking lot, the inevitable happened.


So You wouldn’t believe me that the Judges have allowed this for 2 more Years….would You????

Yes, just go Online. We all luuuurve the Horses, You listen to them. Then how can this happen under the Administration of Equestrian SA?????

So remember the words when they come at You Folks….”Social License to Operate’ and remember this piece when you do 🙄

So tell me this????……how does an F.E.I. Horse rear? The F.E.I. Horse should be absolutely Bomb Proof by then. Completely safe, completely happy and a true Pardner…right?????



Have You ever paid attention to the percentage of up and coming Horses that were about to tackle Grand Prix?? Have a think about this State in the last 2 Years. Do You remember them?……where have they gone?????….what happened??????…….have a think about that and go back through Your records. There is a reason Folks. 😮

Quiz of the Week


Last Week, I put up a Video of the ‘Standardbred Toss’, go watch it if you want. I asked if anyone knew what causes this. I got no takers. That doesn’t surprise me for it is a little known knowledge.

Just think about the ‘Head Check’ and what that does to the frame of a Horse. Then think about ‘Kissing Spines’ Then Pain and then TMJ. You too would flap Your Tongues if you experienced it.


Testing the Mouth


One of my Clients sent me this, saying “She’s Flexing like a pro”. Yes she is. Good Girl…..but… is the Lesson…..

This situation involves a very relaxed circumstance and I note the Rope Halter. Now the thing You have to remember, is later, when ‘Green Broke’ and you are walking through the Grass and the ‘Big Old Man Roo’ suddenly leaps up having been interrupted from his Afternoon Nap, and of course, then, there IS NO FLEXION 🙂 Just run and Bolt 🤣


I remember, just this Year, still having to re-mouth several of the ‘Rope Halter Horses’ that had dumped their Owners.

Bella Vista of the Week


Mrs.HP new Saddle

New Horse, Green Horse, Big Sucker, Warmblood….new Saddle time 😁

Victor Harbor of the Week


Video of the Week


One See’s many Horses out there, in high frames but most are HELD. The Judges appear to not notice this for it is never reflected in the Marks, despite the hundreds of International Clinics and other Productions, that many consume, promoting TRUE COLLECTION.

This Video was shot this Week and I have to say, even looking through a Camera Lens, I could actually see the Horse improve before my eyes. Incredible!!! and trust me, no bias here. The Holy Grail!!

Tip of the Day

Riding a Horse ‘Crooked’ causes subtle or more, negative Veterinary implications for the Horse

Quite Proud

Nice to see the Germans take the hint and learn from the Ozzies 😀 Well done to them!


It is a shame though, that they didn’t concentrate enough on the Page The Broken Legs in the, the Lead Rope hooked under the Door Handle, under the Mudguard (which rips off immediately) Anyhow, You got to drag the Europeans slowly 😂

and…for goodness sake, get rid of the Leg. The best Engineers on the Planet reside in Germany. Come on Folks!!!


Thanks for the compliment though 😚


Hi John,

Just touching base after you offered some assistance with my young mare. I’ve learnt that my mare is bred by a horse Linda had completed, Gainsborough Donner Bella.

I had wondered what Donner Bella was like to ride and train.


Hi There. Such an interesting Letter. In short, I spoke with You a few Weeks ago about this Horse, not realizing which Horse it was but essentially, it was being a pain on the Ground.

I have investigated the Person that started the Horse (from the English Discipline) and watched Her Horses.

In my opinion, this Horse has “Learned Helplessness’, caused by Ground systems. I had met that Horse, at Mt. Barker, with the Breeder and all was fine back then. The fact that the Seller (who Purchased it from SA) has since sold it to You, at a big Loss, says enough.

It won’t be the fault of the Horse. I shall Mentor You



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