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Hi Folks,

Hope You had a lovely Week. Tough and worrying times 😏 Good Rains again.

Bella Vista of the Week


Cappo goes Feral 🙂


The Fat Boy came Home Yesterday, to cater for a lovely Young Lady who had both Legs Cut off. He is such a Darling Boy. He absolutely loved it too 🤗

Around the Traps

We came across a Horse this Week, that had just been started by an Adelaide Hills Trainer and that Trainer had experienced difficulties with the Horse flexing one way and upon questioning, the Teeth are due and the Horse is young but the Trainer hadn’t done them. Negligence in Training Folks. (by the way, horse bucks off owner)

a second case came to our attention, where a normally perfectly behaved Horse is removed from another Trainer, after showing negative attitudes, not seen before. Suddenly, when the Horse returns Home, it doesn’t want the Saddle on any more and savaged the Leg of the Owner, with complete intent.

They wouldn’t say who but when reading between the Lines, Equine Science may have been at Hand here. Remember, all Horses would agree with me when I say, that it is un-acceptable to yank on the Mouth of a Horse, with a Bit, as part of an invented Horse system.

Ground Manners of the Horse

What You Manufacture on the Ground, You inherit under Saddle.

Today we had a another lovely Family, with a Horse that was ” óut of Control on the Ground” and it was time to turn it around. Our Thanks to their generosity, in putting up with my “straight Talk” and as I know they read my Blog, I am sure they will now see the funny side of this wonderful Video, made by the “enemy of Horses World wide” Enjoy ☺


Congrats to Megan Prow for this good Win.

McQuillan v Prow [2021] QCAT 52 (18 February 2021)

Last Updated: 25 February 2021



CITATION:McQuillan v Prow 


Ms Bolch’s observations as to the lack of musculature in the region of the injury indicates the horse had been compensating, in other words, his gait would have reflected the symptoms of injury for quite some time;


  1. Accordingly, the Tribunal allows the Application and orders the Respondent pay the Applicant the sum of $9612.70 forthwith.

Tip of the Day

Don’t send a Horse for starting, to a Trainer, unless the Teeth are completely checked and attended to!

Feedback to Client

Well done on the ‘Breaker’ Chris. Here are some split second timing hints for You.

  • Get rid of the Fag 😆
  • 9 Seconds – nice Reins. Perfect.
  • 31 Sec. don’t ever lean forward on a Breaker. You will become the “Human Javeline” of which I have seen many 😂- more pressure on the outside of the Horse required.
  • 39 Seconds – horse allowed to look away from the Target – allowed Horse to walk in a different direction first up, away from the original request, thus teaching the Horse the first glimpse of “Learned Resistance”…..
  • 42 Seconds – not seen my most but reading the mind of the Horse, it has already gone to School on You and evasion commences. It got the glimpse of what is possible in EVASION, within 5 Seconds. Hence…….to be a good ‘Green Horse Rider’ you MUST succeed 100% of the time, NOT 99%. Therein lies the secret to why you see me riding any of them, anywhere, WITHOUT objection!!!!!
  • 49 Seconds. Well done on the Reins. You didn’t go to Water!!!
  • 1.13. The Horse Conned You and You tried to Con me 😂…which is not possible 🙂 He had his first Victory and it is those that get you bucked off!!!!
  • 1.39, don’t learn forward….and….kicking with Both Legs, to turn a ‘Breaker’ is completely confusing to them. If turning RIGHT, kick with the Left if you have to kick.
  • and right there, within 2 seconds, between 1.45 and 1.47, the Horse has taken in the Lessons that “You may not quite be ready to ride me” and I will start threatening You for the first time in our relationship……on Bitumen no less 🙂
  • and of course, he wins, for that little track there, is to his Stable hahahaha 🙂
  • Then You have the Victory of leaving his Stable entrance, BUT….instead of finishing the job of going left, he wins again and then the threat to Buck, Learned confusion enters the frey and Your Reins start to get tangled as well. It all goes to Muck.
  • 2.31, Your ‘Pleasure Reins’ that you started with, have now become the ‘English Contact’ a fair bit, ( the enemy of every Green Horse)
  • and at 2.40, you missed your Golden chance of taking Victory as he walked in the origninal direction of request that started all this, but you interfered with it and he ended up the Victor and even got a Pat for it 😋

So the Lesson for everyone is this:

  • You have to win 100% of the time
  • Training is by the split second on a Green Horse
  • Confusion and ‘learned helplessness’ is so easy to cause
  • You only get one chance
  • Gathering up Reins is the end of You
  • Show even a ‘Breaker’ which knows nothing, weakness or a lack of ability and you will be instantly judged.

In otherwords,

Horses are smarter than People !!!

Risk Management in Coaching

Historically, it has always been the case, when a Young or Learning Rider falls from a Horse, that they should IMMEDIATELY Get back on and ‘toughen up’. Whilst I like the ‘toughen up’ part, (for the Schooling systems of Today are turning out Sooks) those Days are gone…….well they should be gone, because of ‘Risk Management’

Nowadays, Coaches who tell Riders to get back on, after falling, expose themselves to huge Legal challenges in the future and especially if they don’t have the qualifications to check for Concussion or worse.

“Ride Him through it”

and those Days are also gone. Basically no Rider can ride a threatening Horse ‘through it’. Not possible. None are Trained in Rodeo Riding and even Rodeo Riders get bucked off regularly.

So for these Coaches who keep yelling “Ride Him through it” are not only risking the Lives of the Rider but losing their own Home, in the Supreme Court of the State they are teaching in at the time.

So “Read my Lips”, those Days have gone Folks. Be careful!

O’Leary Buck Stopper

C v id

GERMAN lawyer and hero of the global truth movement, Reiner Fuellmich, has filed a defamation case against social media fact checkers who tried to smear and discredit Dr Wolfgang Wodarg who has exposed RT-PCR tests as unreliable and unable to be used to inform about COVID-19 infections.

Last December Dr Wodarg and Dr Michael Yeadon, the former vice president and chief scientist of Pfizer for allergy and respiratory conditions, filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine clinical trials, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer trials, citing concerns about female fertility.

11,000 Adverse reaction reports to the TGA in Australia

Get well Pete

I told You about my Mate, who had the jab and then needed a Heart Operation. Well he is back in Hospital, with a Heart Artery Bleed 😥 Get well Pete!!!


G o o g l e


Youre facebook shows your street address on your info, suggesting that address and details were updated 10hrs ago.. did you or is that not intended??Im not a facebooker, but i got a blog-link to your blog update and youtube channel and noticed because i accidentally clicked facebook symbol instead of homepage for youtube, & found that. 
You should not have your home address on public internet dear. Just Xox.

i Katie,

Welcome to Goo gle. The new Mafia. They did that and they also demanded it. I did it for a new horseproblems page on google (not my own website) and they then auto go and do all of that without being asked to, because they are all in Bed Together Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Big Tec is totally out of Control and killing small Business across the Planet as we speak. Here is the daily stuff we put up with.  I put this on my website…..because my site is linked to fac ebook, they auto put on fa ce book page. Then you get them controlling your life.


at the same time, they are totally manipulating who see’s You. I have 4,800 Friends PLUS THE PUBLIC NEWS FEED. Check this little message from them???


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Hope You all have a lovely Week Folks



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