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Hi Folks. Hope You are all well.

Busy as always and a quite stressful Week, getting the various reports on the welfare of Lind’s new Horse, the poor Boy, terrible trip across Australia, for Days 🤔 He lost a heap of weight and I did take issue with some aspects of it. I’m not going to make a big deal of it or identify anyone (they will know who they are if they read this) but Professionalism, something that a lot of Trucking Companies pride themselves in, was lacking at the start. More below

Down to Gainsborough this Week, Linda teaching and me on the Bobcat, it’s the annual Composted Manure recycling time of the Year, which is a massive job for there is one Hell of an amount of Manure comes out of 32 Horses 🙂

Then Sunday, off to the Dressage, Mrs.HP first on at 9am, so early start. Stinking Hot Day, North Wind and she actually scratched the second test and off Home we went. Summer is not on for Dressage anymore in this Country.

Don’t know how she went but Dolce was a good Girl as usual. Update……heavily in Season when she got Home and grumpy at the Dressage



The off the Track Thoroughbred

Due to the fact that the Equestrian systems don’t support the staged entry of ‘Green Horses’ or Race Horses, into competition Day, because of the numbering system, we organized for a Mature Aged Lady who has a lovely Off the Track Thoroughbred, great Mover and goes really well, to become a Member, enter a Test and pay up, for we advised Her to come along and let me supervise Her and the Horse, for he has A.D.D. You never know how these Horses will react. I makes me chuckle when People email and abuse me, for writing this article a few Years ago, warning People to be careful.

anyhow, yes, his eye balls were popping out of His Head but I took Him over the the Round Yard (love Southern Vales with a Round Pen 🙂 and lunged Him, gave his Mouth a tune up and basically took his mind off the atmosphere…….BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Crist Floats substandard fittings

It takes me back Years when I was putting pressure on Horse Float Manufacturers for Years but I have to point this one out for they ruined my Day!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥵🥵

I then wanted Him tied up for an hour or two, have a feed, gaze around the Park and assess Him later….yea right……..

I took along a Tie Up Collar for most of them are poorly broken in and I was not going to tie this one to twine 😋 I saw the Tie up Fittings on the Ladies Christ Float and didn’t like what I saw so we tied twine to the tie up point but 4 pieces, gave Him his Hay Net and went on with our Day.

However, as I arrived at Mrs. HP’s Float, I heard yelling…..”Horse Loose”!!!!!!!!!! and there he was, running around the Park thinking he was a Grand Prix Horse 🤔…….but………complete with the knot and the unbroken twine, still in tact 😣😣 You know what happened….don’t You????? Just what any Trainer doesn’t want, a major Victory!!. Yes, the Tie up Fitting was gone 😯

Ya can’t bloody tell em

Substandard Tie Up Fittings

So it all went downhill from there. I put Him in a Yard, near another Horse for company and watched Him closely but when I went off to Video Mrs. HP, he had decided to dive beneath the Chain on the Gate (another dangerous fitting where Horses are concerned, in Floats, Yards or anywhere) and ruined his back, so he was a scratching alright, but it then got worse.

I took Dolce over there, next to Him, hosed Her down and then stood there, for I could see his Mind going from bad to worse and then actually saw His Mind Snap and Him make the decision to Jump out of the Yards, lining up the Rail and me, for I kept trying to block Him from leaping and was extremely lucky, thanks to timing and the end of a lead rope. 😮 Frightening stuff. Incidentally, the last activity that you want to be involved in at the Dressage for People watching on would have no real idea what they were seeing, other than some flicks in the Nose to save his Life.

That was it. In the Float and the end of his Career as a Dressage Horse. You have to go there to find out their true personality. They can all go like Saints at Home but it has absolutely nothing to do with actually being at a Show. Hell dangerous and not a risk any Person should have to take. Poor Lady, she was so upset but better to find out without accidents than end up a cripple 😥 Such a shame. Lovely Horse, great I/Q, good mover. He is a lucky Horse with a fabulous Owner who has spent squillions on Him. Luckily, he is good at Home and quite fine to ride and even have Lessons on. One of the lucky one’s.

Stan’s Trip

Horrendous experience for Horses, 3,600k over 4.5 Days. Dangerous stuff too, for Horse and for Bank Accounts. Hence, everything must be totally Professional!!!….but I don’t think it was at the commencement of the trip


He was loaded into a SIDE LOAD Truck and according to this Photo before the back Ramp went up, it and none of the rest, would be wide enough for a Horse this size, to straighten the Neck, let alone Lower the Neck. We were advised early on that he was quite fractious, pawing and Head Butting the wall so some skin off.

YOU CANNOT travel a big Horse, side on in any Truck in Australia, for the width by Law, does not compute. Such Horse CANNOT stand, with enough Head and Neck Room and definitely not be able to lower the Neck, as is essential, for Veterinary reasons but also for Welfare.

Can You imagine the Pain and stress, if a Horse was unable to straighten it’s Neck????, let alone lower it’s Neck??? Now my Readers know that the Horse tells you all. You don’t have to listen to Humans. You get absilute accuracy and never questionable information.

The Horse is a Saint. , and it was reported that on the last Leg, he was perfect and then into our Float for 50k and was motionless. Quite amazing really, after 3,600k. So why could that be?? I think back to the original photo, leaving the Vendor.

We were advised that the Trip in that Truck was 140k plus they stopped to get a Thoroughbred, which they couldn’t load so add another half an hour.

Anyhow, the last Leg was also another Side Load but it does appear wider here. Proper


The next Day, he had an eye infection and our great Vet warned that this can be very dangerous as it can transfer to the Lungs after such a Trip and we are to take the Temperature of the Horse, for 30 Days.

Lovely Boy, perfect Saint but will take many Months before any serious work as his condition is poor and due to growth, it makes it even more difficult.

His reward, the climate at Victor versus North Queensland…….and meeting a Cowboy 😋

Trust me – Horses this size don’t fit in most side load Trucks

Victor Harbor of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week



Bit Design

I do enjoy watching you and Linda ride!
I do think I am on the right track with my horse as she progressively gets more relaxed – but one question – I saw you do not like the jointed snaffle bit (which I like others have just always used) – what is a good alternative?

Hi Again Pat,

It is just that we have come a long way from those Days. Thinking Horse Trainers keep improving designs, for the Horse.

If you look at this photo, you will see what the JOINTED SNAFFLE DOES and how it works. Squeezes the Bars of the bottom Jaw and rises up and hits the top of the roof of the mouth.



The picture is worth a thousands words.

It is just that we have come a long way from those Days. Thinking Horse
Trainers keep improving designs, for the Horse

Now you can buy in the States for $185AU but $85 off me and postage $37

and mine are now better. (long story)

As I said, I found the Myler Rings too large and were rubbing many
Horses, so hence smaller rings and now no rub.




You two are geniuses!  Your leg yield  video (vimeo) has given me the missing ingredient to teaching my 13 year old opiniated mare to move off my inside leg.  Knowing the tool of taking more flexion and getting the hind end to move is a huge help and has taken the argument out of our rides.  And the idea to never give away the flexion, no matter what – she is not always excited about this concept but after just a few rides she is starting to get the idea I really mean it.  I have had this mare a year and have made great progress but could not get her to stop leaning on inside (Charlie on your video was doing exactly what she does).

I also have watched the inside leg to outside rein video many times.

So many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat (Washington state, USA)


Years ago, I nailed a Level 3 big name Coach in NSW, for conducting a dodgy Horse Sale to one of my Clients, with Vet’s complicity (not an unusual occurrence with Big Name Coaches and their influence)

Just recently, I saw a Dressage Horse that definitely had issues. I asked my Wife if she knew the Horse and ironically, she had recently taught it at a School. She commented to me that Pupil had purchased the Horse (for a lot of money) from a Stud in N.S.W. I searched it and then matched it in my hundreds of dodgy dealer files and sure enough, it was the same Big Name Coach as the Vendor. Be careful out there Folks

Tip of the Day

My warnings about buying Horses from Level 2 and 3 Coaches, still stands. This is probably the most dangerous demographic to deal with, of all. Be careful out there and don’t wear “Rose Colored Glasses”


Again, at a Coaching School. The Horse comes through, lovely Rider, big potential, but the Horse isn’t competing right now because it has got too tense, courtesy of an Interstate Male big name Coach, playing around with ‘tricks”, in this case ‘Half Steps’ with an Elementary Trained Horse!! 😡and Horse ‘up in the frame’ way too early for the level. So Horse too tense for competition. I wonder if the Coach has ever heard about the “German Training Scale”? Anyhow, another Coach playing the Scam and shouldn’t be regarded with the reputation that he has 😙

The good news is that after the one Lesson with Mrs. HP, the Horse is much more settled and in a far lower outline, enough to have gone to it’s first comp recently and went well.

Catch You next Week……..

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  1. Hi Could you please send photo and fitting of your buck stopper.
    I have watched video and cannot see the gear. So it is different to Monty Roberts set up. Thank you for your time. Deb

    1. Hi Deb. Thanks for the message. The reason for the lack of photos is because of the thieves of the Internet and China. We don’t put photos of our inventions on the Net, for those reasons.
      I’ll email you, but this comes with a massive Video, highly relevant to your problems.. Regards

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