Problem Horse World 11/7/21

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. Hope You had a good Week and stayed away from Covid.

We have been too busy as usual, there is always a job on when You own acreage, and I have a very large and difficult one on again right now. Re-Build the entire Shade House that is attached to the House, including replacing Facia Boards, Gutters and more. Moisture did the damage.

I won’t talk about Covid this Week but I must talk briefly about the Victor Harbor Hospital

Victor Harbor Hospital – Warning!!!

Most know what an ardent supporter I am of Victor Harbor and it pains me to have to write negatively about something in my Town, but I must. 😣😣

You go there at your own risk. It is NOT a Hospital with Emergency, it is a drop off point where they do nothing and you wait many Hours or even up to a Day, to even get an Ambulance out of the place. I don’t know how many Doctors they have but I suspect 1 only and if You are lucky enough to even see the Doctor, they will do nothing. You just wait for an Ambulance, to be shifted 80k to Adelaide.!!! Disgusting. It is a “Third World” Hospital!!!! 😴

Don’t wait for an Ambulance Folks, if You are alive enough to make it 80k in your Own Car, get out of there and drive to Flinders. How dare they treat the wonderful respectable People of Victor Harbor with such distain! @#$%^&*()_(*&^%$#@

I went there earlier this Year, with the Bone poking out of my Thumb and it took me 21 Hours to get treatment. Forget pain relief!!!

2 Weeks after the injury

I have suffered at their Hands many times but last Nights at Dinner, a Neighbor related where he had a life threatening Problem, should have been immediately treated but got hung around for 12 Hours waiting for a damm Ambulance, where the Flinders Hospital reported that Victor Harbor hadn’t even told them he was coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡They immediately saw how serious the event was and he was operated on.

This disgusting service is normal at the Victor Harbor Hospital. It is a Joke. Recently, when I ripped my Thumb off, I went there at 8pm, where it had got severely infected because Outpatients at Flinders, had missed 3 stitches when they were all removed. I sat there with a poor Farmer, who had fallen over the drivinn rusty nails through his hand and arms. He sat there for 3 hours, with me (there were only 2 of us there) and I watched as his Hands and Arms continually swelled up to an alarming state and the Pain he was in was immense. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🤬 I walked out and went Home. They never returned to even talk to us.

I went there once as a Trauma Patient. Had fallen 4 metres onto my Head, across a Bluestone Rock. We were ushered into a room where I sat on the side of the Bed with feet on the Floor, for 3 hours, while the Doctor walked past. When I asked why I could not see the Doctor, they explained that they are waiting on the next shift Doctor, who is driving from Adelaide. I wasn’t even offered Ice and there was a sign on the wall saying “don’t put trauma Patients in this Room as the Bed can’t fit through the Door”. I hadn’t eaten all Day and asked for a Sandwich…..”Can’t do that. The Govt has withdrawn such services”

Mrs. HP rang Her Mother, an RN in charge of a Rural Hospital and she said Ice had been necessary. When we suggested it to the Nurse, they thought that was a great idea.

Now, to be advisory, there is something terrible about the Emergency Room. It is OUTSIDE the Hospital, 4 Walls and Patients can’t see Nurses, Doctors, activity. A completely hopeless design and situation for those in trauma. They wait and wait but the Door never opens. Nurses don’t come out and check. You can sit for Hours, be dying but they don’t come out. 😏


Last Week a Neighbor accidentally had a piece of Steak go down into his Lungs. He was in real trouble. He hung in there, waiting for an Ambulance, for 12 Hours, while he struggled with the immense discomfort and risk. When he finally got upgraded and arrived at the Hospital, he was told that Victor Hospital had not advised them that he was coming. The Doctors at Flinders’ Hospital, operated on Him and removed the Steak.

So go to the Emergency at your own Risk Folks. It’s a Hell dangerous place!!!!!

Gainsborough Soap

Went down to the lovely Property the other Day, to trick up both Arenas. We will never never stop being disappointed in some People in the Industry. Seems such a shame. Such an easy thing to not do.

and then there was the Yard

We watched this Young Lady, right through Summer, rarely cleaning Her Yard for Her lovely Horse 😥 Now Winter is here!!

Here is how Yards belonging to those who Love Horses look versus the Young Ladies Yard 😮


It never ends of course and will never end. Today we have another, probably 20 Year Year long ‘Serial Pest” named Wayne Brown, from NSW, at it again, but this time around, getting any redress has added complexity. The said Horse was Purchased through an Online Auction Site.

Tip of the Week

Purchasing a Horse from an Auction is carries extreme risk. In another Life time, we used to purchase up to 15 Horses per Auction, to supply our ‘Holidays on Horseback’ operation. The following Month, we would have to take 90% of them back and demand that they were knocked down to the Meat People.

and, they almost always produce an impressive Video like this and he always has a nice supply of “Crash Dummies”

Video of the Day

One of the very first dodgy Horses sold by the ‘Serial Pest” Glen Stibbard 20 Years ago. Ripped off a SA Girl for Thousands. Horse ended at the Doggers. He probably sent it unsound with his Riding 😩 I love how he Purves on himself in the Mirror as he passes by doing 1k an Hour 🥰 He was ahead of the Blonde Era that came later 🤣🤣

Unsound Horse

EA Coaches Masquerading as a Horse Trainer’s

Will they do anything about it?….of course not!

We had another Horse here this Week. Lovely Lady. She was recommended to bring back into work, Her Horse, after Family Health Problems. She sent Her Horse away, to the Level 2 Coach, for 2 Weeks, $1100 and was ripped off.

The Horse was to be got going again, ready for a Young Rider. It was lunged for a Week, ruined at that, taught to kick up at a whip. It was ridden at the WALK ONLY and had to be picked up as it become a highly stressed individual, most unlike it’s entire History.

In addition, the Coach obviously thinks she is a Farrier but is in need of desperate education for the Horse came here Today and I had to re-trim it and fix the numerous farrier mistakes, before Mrs. HP could ride it.

So…….the dangerous Horse…..Mrs. HP assessment………..

On she Jumps and off she goes. Perfect Horse, 10/10, walk trot Canter, lunging and Trail riding in the most scary parts. Blind Freddie could assess this Horse, with both Hands tied behind their Backs. Hell, I guess I am calling the Boss ‘Blind Freddie” for she basically did that. Two Weeks work in 20 minutes.

Disgusting and the EA should come down hard on these Con’s. Of course, the Owners, who have been defrauded of $1100, won’t complain, as most People in the Horse Industry. It just goes on and on and on.

Next Lesson, the Kid is on and away they go. Simples.

Equestrian SA, You have failed in the supervision or checking on Coaches. They get their Ticket, based on some ridden and technical assessment, but nothing on the Education or more importantly, re-education of Horses and yet the Coaches go out, get into Business and take on ‘Problem Horses’ without anyone checking on them. Then, they can suddenly switch systems, taking on the next new Social Media sensational, terrorize Horses whilst being paid for it and no one is checking.

The Administration of the system is appalling! and of course, it is always the Horses that pay the price first. Yes, of course the Industry pays as well, we all pay, because often People go broke in the process, leaving with broken Hearts and Bank Accounts. You see them all the time on any Marketplace you like to look. All the Horse gear for sale!!!!! 😥

Victor Harbor of the Day


Photo of the Day


Horse repeatedly over the Chest Rail

I read your float evolution page and need your advice.
I have bought a new horse. He is 16.1.5 hh. Performance bred TB. 5.5 years old.
He travels perfect on horse trucks side on but not in straight load floats. The breaker said he went berserk and tried to rear over chest bar so she refused to float him anywhere (good call)..
He did the same in my float on the third day of float training, (Taylor’s Wooden Horse float – the one you hate! ) even though he had the full float with no partition. He had been stamping in it on the first two days of float training. (Several days apart), He did not try to go over the chest bar then. On the 3rd day he was pawing and stressing, either when float was moving or still. He didn’t do anything first two days. He is perfectly happy to go on and stand and eat, but has started stress behaviour.
I have floated many horses in my float for 30 years and all have just been perfect.
I am looking for a new float, just for this horse.
Do you know any manufacturers in Australia that have the 2350mm height and full view windows.
Is there anything else that could be causing his stress that I need to consider? He apparently jumped out of a float in Victoria for the first person who tried to buy him. He is in NSW currently. He was perfect on the Prestige truck and a small 5 horse truck. He will be trucked to SA in December.
We are test driving him in a Kara Kar angle float with better windows this Saturday to see how he goes..
I was planning on buying an Olympic Mustang 2H Mid Extended angle floatbut am waiting to hear if they can modify the height?
Any advice appreciated. 
I am looking at a 5 horse truck also in case he just cannot stand being in a float.


Good to see someone has seized upon my invention (without acknowledgement of course) but in simply, had Your Trainer realized that over 50% of unbroken, Weanlings or Problem Horses, attempt to go over the Chest Bar in a Float when driven, caused by ” Separation Anxiety” they would not have attempted to float the Horse ALONE!!!!

I note you were using a Taylors. Of course, they are THE MOST stress triggering to young Horses because of the lack of viewing options.


This may interest You, but I was the first to change the Windows in a Taylors Float, because of a similar Horse that arrived at my place, covered in Blood and I sent the Dad Home with the Float, to enlarge the Windows (which fixed the said Horse immediately) Here is that Float

The first ever Window Change to a Taylors Float.

Ironically, this Day triggered a rush of changes to other Peoples Floats and over the Years, I have snapped a few of them as I have seen them.

That is the cause here, nothing else. Unbroken Horses MUST be travelled a few times with Friends, to get their confidence. Simple as that.

So put a Mate in the Float with the Horse and in your case, it won’t be a few trips but more than normal, due to the damage already done.


Horse Training Online

Here is my feedback to the Young Lass.

Well done.  

25 Seconds….Turned the wrong way. 🙂 up to 1.30  when she started to investigate you, you did well by just standing there but before moving off, you should have attempted to stroke her.

1.40, you move off to fast for her. Should have hesitated, stopped, gone again, all very soft and slow, to cement following. 1.47  I would have hesitated twice there between 1.40 and 1.47 and rested.

1.52….moving too fast and too impulsive. Take the energy out of yourself and chill.

2.06 Good move!!! the stop. 2.18 again, time to attempt to stroke her on the neck (not the head) and if she moved off, up the pressure on the rear end.

2.25  moving too fast at that stage.

2.41 Hand moved too aggresively and I think I saw you pat pat????? If you did that, this is why she walked off. Horses DON’T PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.47 You got cvaught turning the wrong way. All you had to do was turn slowly right.

2.51 Your Steps too big, too impulsive for the Horse. Slow down Girl!! Good move at 3.17 but at 3.19, when the Horse spun it’s hind quarters out of your face, I would have simply stepped backwards a Tad and drawn her.

3.55 Bravo!!  Just prior to that, when the Horse almost bumped into you, THERE LIES THE POWER OF JOIN UP!!!!!! You can read the Mind of the Horse there.

5.03  I would have waited longer and stroked him.

5.19 The Horse tells you that the Session has gne too Long and it has. Should have stopped at 5.03 with a stroke. Well done indeed!!!!!!! Proud of you. regards

Free Speech

Few in the Public will know about what is going on around them and the quelling of communication and free speech by Big Tec.

I personally have been “Shadow Banned” for 12 Months by Facebook. Don’t believe me, here are the whistle blowers from Big Tec. Bravo Folks!!!!!

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