Problem horse word 29th november, 2020

Pull back horse

Hi Folks,

Hope You are all well and that You weren’t too hurt by the Lying Mongrel with the Covid. It cost us $$$$ and most other People. Feel sorry for the Restaurants and so on. It boggles my Mind just how mindless plenty in our Society are. I went down to the Shopping Centre on the first Morning, to get Bread, with my Mask and the Bloke in the Woolworths Flower section had his around his Throat, whilst the Covid Officer walked past Him 3 times 😡

Contact for no reason

I must bore You for talking about this subject but the reality is that these problems come through our Hands every Week. Here is one from the USA.

The Horse is kicking up now and again and the Owners have been investigating the Veterinary. We can see the customary lack of proper ground or ridden preparation for Muscle Development and wasted opportunities.


The use of this equipment, comes with little success in improving Horses. The shown setting ensures complete failure.


Allowing a Horse to go around ‘Flexed Off‘ brings failure in training


and allowing a Pupil to go around ‘on the Bit’ but ‘above the Bit’, guarantees damage to the psyche and Veterinary, of the Horse

In other words, the Educational systems across the Planet, are a fail😴


Trainer Feedback- the Horse that is difficult to Mount

Another horse saved by ors .. today 13th day.. took him to local show ground where he had never been … mounted without moving and rode around happily… was bolting at mounting… gosh there’s so many like this:( when lady went to veiw he was already being ridden … owner wrote u an email … not sure u received… But got mounting prob on vid before I fixed it. ff course mouthing horse fixed And have had 2 ppl enquiring same prob this week:( plague indeed !! But so much easier to fix than a bucker !!.

Nicole ( SYDNEY

Yes Nic, these Horses with Problems are everywhere. I meet them regularly and they are all caused by “Suspicions” causing paranoia in the Horse. They take it extremely seriously and can carry it through Life. I have dozens of Video cases of them.

They are caused by any of these things:

  • Allowing a Horse to walk off during Mounting
  • Poor Mouthing. (rope Halters etc.)
  • A failure to use the tradition mounting system of Australia of the past
  • Allowing a horse to Buck
  • Mounting in the Equestrian trained style
  • and…..getting Bucked off is the big one.

Horses that Buck People off in the early stages, can develop the belief that they should do, need to, we expect them too and more.

Congratulations to You all. Amateurs better than a lot of Professionals.

Go Girls!

Top Secret – the Conspiracy continues

Pony Club Australia is diligently hiding the new Pony Club Coaching Manuel’s, claiming ‘Copyright’, that only Coaches can see them and that they cannot be copied. Now I wonder who dreamt that up? The conspiracy to spread the new Plague of Equine Science

If anyone can get hold of any of the Levels, let me know. Things need to be out in the open.

Yarn of the Day – Equestrian Centre Professionalism

Hi HPs…Happy Friday:)

We moved places today. Owner of initial property decided to leave pad gate open with tractor waiting outside and ready to slash, before we moved! Fortunately Indy was in the shade none the wiser. JUST VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and a bitchy thing to do. Moving on……

I helped Lisa move her 7 ottbs which was interesting 🙃 Anxious and reliant on each other. Now I understand first hand how they don’t respect your space and want to jump in your lap! Dealing with those flimsy cotton lead ropes was out of my comfort zone too, at least they weren’t the short version so I had a bit to play with, when one reared.  Most of them could get on the float without drama. 

Then there’s my beast, who is brilliant to lead and ride but has hangups about tying up and being locked into the float barrier .There were a few moments when I thought I’d have to ride all day across town to get to the other place- have done that before. We had him on and Alan the horse transport/trotter trainer guy- whos uncle worked with Roger Rogerson – but the uncle was a straight cop and Alan never liked his uncle-…..anyway Alan was about to do the gate up and Indy took off backwards LIKE A BULLET and  fell over. Alan said hes had a bad experience hasn’t he? I said yep. Told u so.

So Alan decides to get “the stuff”. 10 bucks a pop. By then I was tempted to have a bit myself but I didn’t have extra cash and  I almost fainted anyway at the sight of the needle. So much easier with many hands. We had to use a rope behind. Took 10 minutes and have to say I was relieved. I said Alan, Indy is off his chops are u sure he’ll stay upright? He gave me the look….Once on he was good, off his face and travelled well. So we get to the new place and Alan puts the back down. As I’m finishing my work call he turns to Lisa and says shit jos horse is down…then grins while looking at me. Bastard. Thankfully Alan was just being a smart arse.  I asked Alan to back him off rather that turn him around but that didn’t happen, just habit for him as it’s an angle float. 
Anyway, we made it. Alan looked at him again and said Geez he’s fat. I said no Alan that is muscle…lol i thanked him and he said while laughing don’t call me ill call u….okkkayyyy.

It was an eventful but positive day, moving forward. Indy looked a bit stiff I’m praying he is in one bit and just muscle sore. No more curse!😊

Lol Jo. Sounds like a great Day. I am glad You got out. How dare an Agistment Centre have this Killer Weed on their Property


Years ago, at Niroka Stud, Dr. Kirrily Thompson’s brand new 3 year Old Warmblood, died of Salvation Jane Poisoning.


The Same Stud Owner, responsible for the above Horse Death, owned Gainsborough, prior to Niroka. This was what confronted us on arrival with the only Grass being Salvation Jane (see in the background)

It makes one reflect upon why I purchased $40,000 worth of Topsoil, 20 Years ago, now that’s a lot of agistment!!!!!


Heavy in the Head Department

Hi John,
Got the videos and equipment, amazing quality!
Quick question – my young one has arrived already halter trained (in a fashion) and is quite heavy to lead. I immediately put him in a rope halter and have had him dragging a short lead around to step on. How can I safely lighten him up without a roping horse?


Hi Jen,

There are basically no locations that You can safely tie a Horse in training to, because of the many dangers presented. Lord knows, I have seen some terrible injuries. This sort of thing from Plunging forward onto a Tie up Rail.


Bag Him down and stock whip train him tied up, using this system, getting a triple benefit.

ignore the trailer for I don’t show it 🙂

It’s the only system that mostly negates injuries


Saddle Fit (new short backed Trees)

Haha Naomi 😁…….what size is your Rump and I will answer lol

It has a huge bearing on this question. He looks like he Raced and got some damage from it.

Yes, I have recently developed a short backed saddle, to help with our expanding World but that is far as it goes.


You may also be interested in the attached file.


Tongue over the Bit

Gday  Hope you are both well 
What would you be thinking if a horse you had every now & then got its tongue over the bit after all veterinarian issues had been sorted  ..  this is My standy with past history of unbalanced mouth TMJ issue raced in a tongue tie & has anxiety issues 

 He’s steady in the mouth asking for a lateral bend both ways gives nicely walks nicely on a loose rein trots nicely on a loose rein & laterally bends well as in asking for  a one rein stop id say he has a very good lateral mouth .. however once I introduced the running reins & started  asking for more collection even with the running reins loose  .(. (this horse does tell me some where along the line he was side reined sucking back on next to no contact  & out pops the tongue every now & then)  ..  he originally had the full cheek snaffle bit on but   I changed over to a baucher & he was less tonguey & was reaching for the contact better   so I add the running reins to this bit & out pops the tongue   I’m finding it strange as he does it less in the Baucher & accepts the contact with both reins better but still not 100% to my liking as every now & then his  tongue pops over ..  then after he’s had his tongue over the bit moment he pops it back him self after I’ve giggle  the rein a little then he is Steady in the mouth again however with the full cheek snaffle I had to  loosen the bridle so he could get his tongue back under as he couldn’t put it back himself   I’m thinking maybe he needs a fraction more tongue room with the baucher as he isn’t 100% happy but happier than in the full cheek ..    the dentist did say he has a big fat tongue  Your thoughts & suggestions would be much appreciated  Thank you  Lorraine

Hi Lorraine, yet another by product of the Industry, tie downs, head checks and the like. This is not unusual at all for these Horses but providing they do put it back, we tend to ignore it and especially when you have changed Bits to accommodate the Horse, patience is needed, so they can get well used to each Bit as you experiment. Like, you wouldn’t be changing a Bit after 2 Days for instance. I doubt you will find a better Bit than mine, for reasons in design that I know improved over others.

Thanks John  I wasn’t sure if I should be ignoring the tongue over bit .. I do reward him when he places it back .. I’ll continue on the same  path with your Baucher  & thank you so much for the feed back just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing by my horse
Stay safe 

Victor Harbor of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week



Hi John,

I think I may have finally had a win with x tenant Baddeley. I am yet to confirm the information but by all records can find the information is very credible. That he has been reported I believe through the Thoroughbred Racing SA for cruelty to horses and has fled interstate. He had built up a large customer base for breaking in and educating thoroughbred Race Horses. This may account for how I was not able to track him down to a rental in SA and could find nil about him anywhere in SA since July 2020, time he moved out of Piney Ridge Road Nairne.  His business mobile (AGL Business mobile number) which I had due to him renting my property is now non answerable, no message can be left etc which would indicate he has left AGL in SA.  Next on the agenda to go after Hayley Marley Duncan and close down her agency. I have been in conversation with many tenants and Landlords since she got her licence back in April 2020. I managed to confirm a one on one meeting with the Commissioner of Consumer and Business Affairs to prove to them that this agency is still behaving in a corrupt manner. The meeting with the Commissioner was forced due to my ICAC complaint. Also of interest the lawyer Colin Dorrian of Dorrian Legal of Port Adelaide who Baddeley used to take legal action against myself, under the lawyer Society has had his business closed down and struck off the records of Lawyers, I read the Judges documentation on him (see attached).



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