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HI Folks. Hope You are all well and getting some Rain.



Remember my prediction a few Months ago, well it seems like it came true with sad vengeance during the last couple of Weeks so I hope You took heed and organized yourselves prior to recently, when panic buying has started.

We lived through this in 2002 and remember buying big squares from Western Australia, for $350 each.

Thankfully for us and the Folks at the Gainsborough Equestrian Centre, we moved early and because we have trust and doing the right thing by our Hay supplier, long term and BECAUSE we live South of Adelaide, I have secured 150 Round Bales, Shedded and new Seasons, so they are very lucky Folk indeed although I wonder if they appreciate it with the drama I get from some.

We were Phoned by the Local Fodder Store, who had 50 People come in the next Morning after I announced our good News last Week, asking us to remove some particulars as she was being inundated but when she cooled down she was admitting she couldn’t buy Lucerne Hay any more, Copra and Maxi Soy, and it hasn’t even started.


You would also have got sick of me warning about the fact that the Horse Industry should be based at least in the Adelaide Hills and preferably South of Adelaide and spookily came the Channel 9 News and the Farmers North of Adelaide, who didn’t even put their Crops in and others showing just dust last Week 🙁 Poor Buggers’!!



has been seeing the Weather patterns change over the past few Years and Horsesa were ‘off their Rocker’ in my opinion, when they were trying to get a State Horse Centre at Roseworthy where it is often 10 Degrees Celsius, Hotter than South. They need to get out and about a bit.

anyhow, our Crops ( 650 acres of them) are all wonderful and the Rain this Week sealed the deal and it is raining as I write as well.




As You know, these Days, many Equestrian Centre Owner receive a lot of personal stress with the goings on by some. There is always a Handful, at every Equestrian Centre. I can never fathom why they just don’t enjoy their Horses and have fun with their Mates but no, some have to run the Soap Opera. It goes on and on and on. Never stops smiley-crying

A few Weeks ago, one of them threatened the Life of a Horse owned by a neighboring Agistee and she called the Cops. We felt terrible. They didn’t even discuss it with us. So we had to kick Her out and of course, true to form, Friends of the Offender ( who have no judgement) went with Her, to another Equestrian Centre, (they really love their Horses for they went to Battery Hen type facilities.)

Well then it started, they commenced terrorizing our Agistees, over the Fence ( 10 acres would you believe) and hooning Horses around in a Paddock next door, chopping the crap out of it ( but they don’t care about Peoples Properties) and frightening Horses of People riding on our Dressage Arena.

On the other side of the adjoining Property ( which had been vacant for Years due to the Nut Case who owned it) lies the Golden Grove Equestrian Centre and they too were screaming at the goings on of our past Members.

Then started the Facebook Posts and open Warfare was started….you wouldn’t believe it, would you? Fully Grown Woman acting like Primary School Children!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, we are trying hard to sooth the Waters and calm them all down, phone calls, stress, Blood pressure….on and on it goes. They Lurve Soap these Days. It’s almost necessary for some.

Another Previous Alpha Mare, who had been at our Property for many Years, soon moved in there as well, doing feeding and so on but Her ‘stay was short lived for even though the new Owner was ‘non horsie’, he learnt real quick and kicked Her Ass out the gate.

In the end this Week, I had to ring Him an he told me he has put them all on notice and ‘Heads will Roll’ if they keep on………we are working together now and keeping each other informed. I told Him about BARBARA TILLIDARA owing us money still. I also warned Him about GLENDA FORBES who also owes money.

IN A BIZARRE TWIST, blow me down but this Week, Mrs. HP gets a phone call from the Lady who just got kicked out of next Door, wanting to bring Her Horse back to our place, for a few Days, as it had come down with ‘Choke’ and needed to be stabled for a few Days. Mrs. HP gave permission, for the Horse.

THEN…….just when You think it is all over, a Kid falls off a Pony that shies, due to Horses running around the next door Paddock…..BUT…..the Mum had shifted the Kid to the Show Jumping arena, which is 70 Metres away from the boundary Fence……no damage done other than an enraged mother and a Nervous Kid. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..we are also told that on the GG Eques Centre, the ‘Natives are going crazy’ because of the Owner of the Centre Equestrian Centre, daring to use Power Tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You know how hard we work to keep Gainsborough a Show Place and a lovely place to be for Horses and People?????…….not everyone sees it that way smiley-crying






Most Equestrian Centre Horses are far too PROTECTED, as are most Kids, compared to Generations gone by. The Horses lose it at the slightest noise or action different from the Norm and so all these events that I have been relating, all get blown out of all proportion, simply because the Horses live lives too Sheltered and can’t stand anything out of the ordinary.



This Week, my job is to build Her a Shelter, in Her Yard………no, why would we shift Her????? She needs to get a few Chain Saws, Cut Off Saws, Drills, Hammers and other things, up Her Skirt. lol The making of Her, which brings me to the Gainsborough. At lease those Horses do get a Bobcat every Week, John Deere, Cut off saws and Chain Saws. They ignore it and those new, have to damm well get over it, which they do in no time, but I can imagine the Golden Grove Equestrian Centre with the ‘Hackies’ hahahahaha….OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..there was a noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..and so to the Young Lass falling off………






Yes, You have heard it all before……..but it is such an important subject Folks. Basically every Horse that comes through our Hands, does so because of this failed system. The failed Coaching system….read this




The Coaching System Curriculum spends far too much time on the priorities for showing, position, contact and all the Dressage stuff but NOT ENOUGH HORSEMANSHIP systems, such as to solve the problems for the Nervous Rider. Sort the Horse so that it doesn’t shy at Horses Galloping around 70 Metres or more away. How dare the Horse do such??…..but……

simply a lack of exposure, assertiveness, Leg Yielding and overall demanding Ownership in return for a lovely Life. The Contract between good Horses and Good Owners.






The Young Lady having Her first ride on a Horse. She learnt to rise trott in 5 Minutes and then went Home and made a lovely Card for Mrs. HP, saying she was SO, SO, SO, SO Happy, with Her riding Lesson lol





Lilly is Her name and I warned Her Mum and Grandma, to start saving for Horse Floats, Hay Sheds and the other $100,000 worth of necessary accessories lol





1-Lilly Lilly an Celeste.








I just wanted to say thank you 😊

I have a 5 year old paintbred who definitely isn’t a problem horse, he is wonderful. But there a few things that pop up every now and then that I have needed help with & I have you to thank.

Duke has been broken in about 1.5 years now but I have only really just started to take him out Bush rides on the weekends consistently over the last 4 months. I noticed he was a little heavy on the hands and would sometimes stretch his head feeling to me like he was trying to evade the bit.. so..

I purchased your running reins and have been following your instructions for only 2 weeks now, today I hopped on him and I smiled the whole entire way. I rode him on a lose rein the majority of the time but as soon as went into trot he was just so supple and it felt so nice not having him hang on my hands. Its the most amazing feeling. So thank you.

Also.. to bridle he is a star. However, to un bridle he was not letting go of the bit, so I watched your video and then followed what you did yesterday and today and BAM such a difference. Like I think he still expects me to hit him in the teeth when I take his bridle off so he braces for it but it’s only day 2 and the change is impeccable! So give us a few weeks and I think we gonna be on point!

So this is just a huge email to say thank you for being there for when ever I have a problem! The way you do things works!! They actually work!!! 😀

Thank you
Georgia & duke x


Thanks Georgia & Duke. Well done!!





“Unless a Horse is built FIT FOR THE PURPOSE of the activity one wishes to pursue, it may be that the Horse suffers during the endeavor.

If a Horse is not built right, then a PURPOSE DESIGNED ridden regime should be used ”


and so it was that such a Horse arrived here last Week. A Sweet Girl, struggling to do the work asked for and so the responsible Owner, sent Her to Mrs. HP for further work and assessment.

As a result of Her Riding, the Horse fell in love with Mrs. HP and almost had to be restrained from wanting to give her Kisses, every time she was nearby. What do you think the Horse was saying Folks???????





Here she is and here is the ridden system that anyone with a Horse that struggles, should adopt, religiously. It will change Your life.




Warm up for the Body challenged Dressage Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.







This is a bizarre case of a Stallion being shipped to Northern South Australia, on the promise of a forever and good Home. Here he is recently


problem was, that the Lessee, turned out to be this Lady…….




The Dog Breeder, writes this in reply this Week


You HURT me..

 and pissed me off as well, especially with your Last antics ..
I want to know who and What did you talk to.. and with What right  are you spreading Personal matters between me and you, out to those Idiots..?!
With What right You / a “friend” who wants something from me… goes around in this f—— up country and Contributes highly towards the nastiness and gossiping and everything bad that those damn back stubbing idiot australians already spread about me..?
Tell your Dogs – John OLeary and his Entourage , that I have warned everyone around me, the Police as well. 
You All have to be very careful what you are talking and spreading around. Is called Defamation and Harassment. Prepared for possible tresspassers too. 
So, IF you want me to talk with you, You tell me – HOW the hell will you fix that shit..?
Or what,shall I just bend over and cope with it from everyone who desires to shit on me..? from so called “friend” too..
If you are so sure in yourself, why don’t you go to the Courts..? You have rights, do you.. Or maybe go..finish the bad.. put a dob complaint in the Fuken RSPCA joint of animal killers and abusers..
Here are some exerpts from Your emails to me, just to Remind you what you been Writing:


We wish the Old Horse the best.





A lawsuit against a Harlingen-based veterinarian is scheduled for trial Monday in Brownsville over allegations of negligence after a horse belonging to two Cameron County residents suffered severe burns after being treated for hair loss.

Raymond Banda and Delia Arnold Banda sued John G. Montalbano, who does business as The Country Vet, and Noel Ramirez, a veterinarian at the business, in April, alleging the duo was negligent in caring for their horse, Gannicus.

Montalbano, Ramirez and The Country Vet, in their response to the lawsuit, generally denied all of the allegations.

Raymond and Delia took their horse to The Country Vet on Feb. 27, 2016, because it was experiencing hair loss, according to the lawsuit.

“Dr. Ramirez conducted a skin graph and determined Gannicus had a fungus similar to that of a dog with mange. He recommended a bath with medicated shampoo and a Lime Sulfur Dip,” the lawsuit states. “Dr. Ramirez instructed two fifteen year-old female volunteers to bathe Gannicus and administer the Lime Sulfer Dip.”

Ramirez said he told the volunteers to dilute the Lime Sulfer Dip with one gallon of water before pouring it onto the horse, according to the lawsuit.

“Unfortunately for Gannicus, that did not happen. The unsupervised volunteers did not dilute the Lime Sulfer Dip and poured it directly onto his coat full strength. Gannicus immediately began to jump, grunt, cry and finally jumped out of the shoot and began running in circles. Eventually, he passed out from the pain and burns he sustained from the Lime Sulfur Dip,” the lawsuit states.

Both volunteers told Ramirez they thought the solution had been diluted already, and Ramirez ordered the volunteers to water down the horse immediately and he administered several Atrophine shots, according the litigation.












This is a story about an inspirational mule called Wallace the Great, who has shaken the staid British equestrian scene to its very hoofs.

Wallace, whose sire was a donkey and dam was a horse, comes from a humble background. He was found wandering the streets in Ireland, living off scraps and flowers from village gardens (much to the chagrin of residents), and rescued by a British donkey sanctuary.

But 11-year-old Wallace’s life changed dramatically after he met Christie Mclean, from Stroud in Gloucestershire. Ms Mclean competes in entry-level dressage – and had her own problems when all of her horses went lame.


This was Wallace’s time to shine – and he and Ms Mclean paired up to learn the delicate movements of dressage. But when they wanted to enter a British Dressage-affiliated competition last weekend, the pair was denied their chance – because Wallace is not a horse.

Wallace and Ms Mclean share a moment before competing. Photo: Facebook
It was a huge blow, especially as Wallace and Ms Mclean had already done well in local competitions.

“When British Dressage said the rule book only refers to horses and ponies within its affiliated criteria, I was really surprised and disappointed,” Ms Mclean told the BBC.

“I don’t think it’s a case of equine racism but more a case of the rule book being very out of date.”

News of the discrimination spread across Britain, sparking a public outcry and calls of justice for Wallace the mule.

“It’s got 4 legs, a mane, a seat, why not? Discrimination in the highest order,” wrote one supporter on Twitter.

“Wallace the mule needs justice!!! Mules matter,” wrote another.

Under pressure, British Dressage buckled, changing the rules to allow Wallace – and “all other animals born to a mare” – to fulfil their destinies.

“We are delighted to welcome Wallace and his fellow mules to compete with British Dressage, as part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity in dressage, making the sport more accessible to all,” British Dressage chief executive Jason Brautigam said.





A showjumping doctor has been struck off after sending riders home with serious injuries while working at competitions without a licence.

Dr Alexandros Charitou worked as the medical officer at 10 showjumping events run by British Eventing in 2016, despite having lost his licence to practise.

At one event Dr Charitou told a woman who had fallen from her horse and was suffering with severe back pain to go home and consult her GP.

The woman was later driven her husband to the Royal Surrey County Hospital, where a scan revealed a “potentially life changing” vertebral fracture, a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing was told.

The woman, referred to as Patient B, was transferred urgently to St George’s Hospital in London for spinal surgery.

It was heard that Dr Charitou had failed to immobilise her, to provide adequate pain relief, or arrange her rapid transfer to hospital.

fgh When approached by The Sunday Telegraph Dr Charitou declined to comment or offer an apology to his former patients.

The tribunal also heard that Dr Charitou had deliberately misled British Eventing, falsely telling the governing body in an email that his licence to practise had been merely withheld by the General Medical Council (GMC) because “I was late submitting my revalidation documents and they were quick to penalise me.”

He added: “This has been recently resolved and I have a letter to that effect, my licence to practise is now valid until 2020.” He expressed surprise that the GMC website had not been updated and promised to forward the letter when he got home. He never did, as no such letter existed.

The GMC had in fact informed Dr Charitou in March 2015 of their decision to withdraw his licence to practise, clearly stating: “You must not work in any role which requires you to hold a licence to practise.”

He worked at a total of 10 events in the spring and summer of 2016. During this time his care of the two fallen riders led one to complain to British Eventing and the other to report him to the GMC.

In the case of a another patient, Patient B, who experienced a knee injury and concussion, more serious charges alleging substandard care by Dr Charitou were found not proved, and his assessment of the injury was found to be fundamentally accurate.
He has acted dishonestly and shown a blatant disregard for regulatory safeguardsTribunal chair, Neil Dalton
A woman believed to be one of his former patients wrote on an online forum warning fellow competitors of Dr Charitou.

She wrote: “I discovered that he had been regularly attending BE events in an official capacity as a Medical Officer, despite not having a license to practice medicine, for 15 months. I reported him to the GMC who suspended him immediately and carried out a thorough investigation which has resulted in Doctor Charitou being struck off.”

Tribunal chair, Neil Dalton, ruled that: “Dr Charitou’s behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with continued registration. He has acted dishonestly and shown a blatant disregard for regulatory safeguards which are put in place to protect patients.

“He has also failed to acknowledge his misconduct, demonstrated a total lack of insight and potential for remediation and has shown no remorse.”

The erasure of his name from the Medical Register will take effect after 28 days unless Charitou appeals.

A British Eventing spokesperson said: “We have not yet received the full judgement, and until we have and had time to review it we will not be able to comment further on the case.”





A woman suffered serious spinal injuries after being thrown from a horse on a beach in Northumberland.

The rider was taken to Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington following the fall on Wednesday afternoon.

The Seahouses RNLI was called to St Aidan’s beach at 4.40pm to help the woman as the ambulance service made its way to the scene.

There was concern that the tide was rising and the woman was close to the water line.

Student ‘happy to be alive’ after being caught in killer Indonesian earthquake – while on a volcano
She suffered suspected serious shoulder and spinal injuries and as the RNLI volunteers were about to start treating her, paramedics arrived on scene and she was taken to hospital.

A spokesman for Seahouses RNLI said: “The crew then assisted the paramedics to stabilise the casualty and together with local coastguards, to carefully transfer the casualty to a stretcher, and then on to the ambulance. Once this was safely done, the ILB returned to station.”

A spokeswoman for the North East Ambulance Service added: “We were called at 4.26pm to reports of a female injured on St Aidan’s Beach in Seahouses.

“We dispatched three resources to the scene including a double crewed ambulance and we have transported the patient to Northumbria Hospital.”




On Tuesday afternoon, police posted a photo on Twitter of the wasteland by the main road which they had been called to earlier that morning. According to police, the site is a “regular call location.”

jky They added they had called the RSPCA to take a look at the steed, which had been hurt.

An RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed to News Shopper the horse had been put down as it was suffering from a broken leg.

She said: “The RSPCA, police and vet attended an incident regarding an injured horse in Sidcup yesterday.

“The horse had a broken leg and was in a bad condition and the vet who attended advised the animal needed to be put to sleep to prevent them suffering further.

“We are investigating this incident, therefore no further information is available at this stage.”

In April, the RSPCA declared a “horse crisis” in Bexley after a surge in rescues of free-grazing horses – which are left to roam any available piece of land.




The nephew of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty has been identified as the man who died while riding a horse and cart down a road in London.

Mikey Connors, 32, died when his horse crashed with a car on the Eastern Way in Thamesmead, south-east London on Saturday morning.

The horse was severely injured in the crash and had to be put down, police said.


It is believed he was racing the horse when the horrific crash happened.

A 30-year-old man was arrested by police on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

Mikey was the nephew of former bare knuckle boxer and reality TV star Paddy Doherty.

His brother Simey was on the road at the time and said he rushed to his brother’s side when he didn’t make it to the finish line.


He wrote on Facebook following the incident: ‘Can’t believe what happened to my brother, only one I have.

‘My heart is in bits over you. I told you good luck when you got on your horse and told you I would be waiting for you [sic].

‘When you never came down I went down to see you laying there on the ground [sic].

‘I ran over to you and got on my knees begging Jesus and Mary for you to be OK [sic].’

uiu Simey has shared videos of his big brother racing horse and carts on public roads, calling him a ‘Hall of Fame legend’ for his exploits.

Other footage shows Mikey with the horse who died when it was a newborn foal.

Officers have appealed for witnesses to come forward, especially motorists who may have dash-cam footage.





A “dangerous fantasist” who posed as a nurse at the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials has been jailed for four years.

Cassandra Grant, 39, of Mulberry Walk, Bristol, was involved in injecting an injured rider at the Oxfordshire event on 13 September last year.

Oxford Crown Court heard how she repeatedly lied about having medical and mental health qualifications.

Judge Peter Ross said it made his “blood run cold” to think of Grant “getting her hands on a patient”.

She pleaded guilty to fraud and common assault.

The court heard Grant had previous fraud convictions for impersonating a doctor in order to prescribe herself treatments.

She also started a Facebook group claiming she was terminally ill and needed donations towards hospice care, the court was told.

The court heard that Grant put herself forward as an A&E nurse ahead of the Blenheim event

Michael Roques, prosecuting, said Grant put herself forward as an A&E nurse at an information day ahead of the Blenheim event, and her qualifications were never checked.

He said on the day of the trials she was involved in “a number of different medical situations”, including a person having a heart attack.

On that occasion she caused concern among the genuine medical staff by shouting “cardiac arrest” loudly and had to be told to stop, Mr Roques said.

She also was present when morphine and anti-sickness medication were injected into an injured rider who had fallen off her horse, though someone else administered the drugs.

Anne-Marie Critchley, defending, said Grant had been diagnosed with factitious disorder – a condition in which a person falsely claims to have a physical or mental illness.

‘Life-saving opportunity’

Judge Ross said although no one was harmed, Grant was a “dangerous fantasist” who had put members of the public at risk.

“A life-saving opportunity might well have been missed on the assumption by your colleagues that you were qualified to deal with it,” he said.

The judge added that it was “a matter of some surprise that the most basic of checks, such as were you on the nursing register, were not made”.

A spokesperson from Blenheim Horse Trials said as soon as organisers were made aware Grant was not a medical professional they told the police.

“As a result of this investigation, the checking procedures of qualifications for skilled personnel have been revised and strengthened,” they added.

A one-year suspended sentence for Grant’s previous offences was activated, which will run consecutively to her three-year sentence for fraud.



The RSPCA is looking for the owner of a horse who was found stuck shoulder-deep in water with a serious leg injury.

RSPCA Cymru officers were called after the skewbald was spotted in a drainage ditch in Cardiff on 10 July.

The charity enlisted the help of South Wales Fire & Rescue Service to rescue the gelding from the water.

0p The horse had a wound to his off-hind and is in the care of the RSPCA, which is trying to trace his owner.

“We’re so grateful to South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, who were able to assist us and get this horse out of the reen,” said RSPCA inspector Selina Griffiths.

“Sadly, we found the horse to have a serious leg injury. He is in our care and requires urgent care and support.

“This horse was not microchipped. The law is due to change in England — meaning a horse of any age will be required to be microchipped as of October 2020 — encouraging responsible horse ownership and deterring people from leaving their horses unchipped.


“We’re hopeful the Welsh government will bring forward similar provisions soon; and this incident highlights the importance of this happening.

“We’re eager to find the owner of this equine, or more information as to how this skewbald horse came to be left so badly injured in a field by Wentloog Industrial Park. Anyone with information can contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”






A teenager who was dragged along the road and left unconscious after a speeding driver spooked her horse is calling for a change in attitudes.

8l Charlotte Wilson was hacking her part-bred thoroughbred mare Savanna on 6 July and was almost home when the driver rounded the bend and saw them, too late to stop.

“He’d have gone into the back of us so his only option was to keep going,” she told H&H.

“He almost brushed my stirrup, and scared the life out of my pony. She reared and I came off, and my foot got twisted in the stirrup, so I got dragged for about 10 metres.

“I was left unconscious in the road. I don’t know how long I was there for.”

Charlotte, who is almost 17, is still suffering with a painful shoulder and has been told not to ride for another week. Although she escaped without any broken bones, she suffered a “bashed and bruised” head, concussion, a cut face and other bruising. Savanna was unhurt.

“The ambulance didn’t come for two hours,” Charlotte said. “I don’t know why, in this weather, but I had a light jacket on, and of course my hat and boots, and as they didn’t want to move me till the ambulance got there, so it was a bit hot!”


Charlotte would like to see action taken to reduce the number of such incidents, although she acknowledges it is a “big job”.

“The driver just drove off,” she said. “He didn’t slow down at all and I’m sure he saw me fall. Then on my Facebook post, I’ve had trolls saying I’m psychologically damaging horses by riding on the roads, and one said he wished I’d get cancer.


“I’m not saying all riders are always the best people, but we all need to work together to make the roads safer for everyone.

“Drivers might not like horses and that’s fine, but they don’t want one to land on their windscreens, just like we don’t want ourselves or our horses killed or injured.

“Maybe how to pass horses should be part of the driving test? Drivers need to respect them, just as we need to respect drivers and other road users, and do our best to keep everyone safe.”




Three people have been sentenced for giving horses a “lifetime of misery” in a field full of hazards and strewn with dead and rotting equine bodies.

John Dunn, of Dering Way, Gravesend, did not attend Medway Magistrates’ Court for his trial, and was sentenced in his absence on 13 July for four counts of animal cruelty.

The 34-year-old was given a 26-week prison sentence and banned from keeping equines for 10 years for the offences, which related to “a number of sick horses kept in horrific conditions”.


RSPCA inspector Paul Taylor said the charges were related to 13 horses, part of a large group kept in a field near Dering Way.

“The field did not have enough grazing to sustain the numbers, and it was riddled with litter and hazards such as barbed wire, plastic bags and plastic netting,” said an RSPCA spokesman. “The main water source was a dyke contaminated due to decaying horses’ remains, and it was green and full of rubbish.”


The RSPCA found “a large number” of decomposing equine carcasses in the field, as well as a drain six feet deep, with no manhole cover.

Horses in the field had parasites, were in poor condition and had no extra food, while five more were shut in containers.

“There was no natural light, the tiny space was filled with faeces and the equines had little or no fresh water or food,” said the spokesman.

0d On 16 February 2017, four horses had been removed, two “exceptionally sick” equines put to sleep on the scene and 10 dead bodies found. On 9 March 32 horses were removed from two fields in the area, following an operation also involving police, vets and the British Horse Society.

At the start of Dunn’s trial, Bridget Saunders, of the same address, had pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences concerning a number of horses. The 31-year-old was banned from keeping equines for three years and given a conditional discharge “in view of her personal circumstances”. She was ordered to pay £100 costs and a £30 surcharge.

A third defendant, Ronnie Vine of Havengore Avenue, whose two horses were in a different field to the main herd, pleaded guilty to one animal welfare offence, on 13 July.

The 56-year-old was banned from keeping equines for one year and ordered to pay £1,200 costs, a £200 fine and a £30 surcharge.

In mitigation, the court heard Vine cares for his sick wife, that he “took his eye off the ball” owing to an illness, and that his life revolves around horses and horse fairs.Saunders co-operated with the RSPCA and had “learned her lesson”. She had been given the horses as therapy for her son, and had financial issues.

In Dunn’s mitigation, it was pointed out that he was not responsible for all the horses, as some belonged to the other defendants.

RSPCA inspector Rosie Russon said after the case: “Many of the horses taken were just youngsters and had probably only known a life of misery, sickness and riddled with worms. It is such an awful shame that in this day and age, we are still seeing cases of animal cruelty of this scale.

horses being kept in such terrible conditions in one small location, the horrors were clear for all to see – yet despite this the owners failed to make improvements for them.

“This is one of the largest number of horses that the RSPCA has taken into its care in the Kent area in recent years, and I am pleased to say that almost all the horses are now doing exceptionally well.

“But it has been a long road to recovery for many of them. They have been treated for parasites and other ailments and are now in herds with more than enough grazing and plenty of loving attention, a stark contrast to their previous lives.

“Six of the mares were pregnant when removed and they have all given birth to healthy, happy foals.”

Ms Russon thanked the police and BHS for their support in the “very complex and very difficult operation”.

“In Kent the horse crisis is something we as officers are having to face almost every day, and recent figures released by the RSPCA revealed that this county had the highest number of equines collected in the whole of the country [76] last year,” she added.

“Sadly, the horse crisis is still showing no signs of easing up, and we and horse charities across the region continue to have to pick up the pieces as a result of owners not meeting the basic welfare needs of their equines.


“I hope this case sends out a clear message and reassures the public that when the RSPCA has sufficient evidence to bring animal welfare offenders before the courts, we will.”




Dutch international dressage rider Madeleine Witte-Vrees has received a yellow card from the FEI for “incorrect behaviour” at last month’s CHIO Aachen.

Madeleine, who was selected for the Dutch World Equestrian Games (WEG) team last week with Cennin, was riding the 11-year-old KWPN stallion Charmeur, by Florencio, in the public training arenas at Aachen when a dispute broke out between two stewards and Madeleine’s husband


Nico Witte and trainer Anky van Grunsven. It resulted in FEI steward Jacques van Daele givingMadeleine a yellow card for misconduct as, being the rider, she is deemed the person responsible.

Nico, who owns Witte stud in the Netherlands, told H&H he had been walking Charmeur earlier that day with a small whip in hand, when he was told by a steward that it was not allowed, which he argued.

“I explained that it’s a stallion and if I had to put the whip down she can try to walk him, which was stupid of me, but I have been handling stallions for over 35 years,” Nico said

“She wrote down Charmeur’s number, then when Madeleine started riding him in the afternoon there was a prize giving [in the main arena] and Charmeur was upset and scared, with a lot of tension. Madeleine was scared as well. Because of that he started sweating within 15 minutes — it was also 32 degrees. The steward started saying the sweat was not normal.

“Myself and Anky van Grunsven tried to explain and told the steward she didn’t know a lot about horses. That’s why Madeleine got a yellow card — not for her riding.

“Madeleine is super sweet with her horses, putting in a lot of effort for their welfare.”

Madeleine told “This will never happen again. Charmeur was very excited from the applause in the stadium. He terribly went about, but of course that is not being shown on the video. I was really scared. Next time I will get off straight away and lunge him.”

Madeleine, 45, competed on the Dutch team at the 2017 European Championships in Gothenburg, finishing eighth individually with the Vivaldi stallion Cennin. The pair were sixth at the World Cup final in Paris earlier this year, and also competed at the London Olympia leg of the World Cup season, where they were third in the grand prix and fourth in the freestyle.

Charmeur is in his first season of big tour, having made his grand prix debut at Rotterdam in June. He and Madeleine finished 21st in the CDI4*grand prix at Aachen, with 67.2%, the day before the yellow card was awarded.





Horse trapped in distressing scene becomes stuck in mud pond submerged up to its neck and is rescued by local volunteers

The mare is reported to be in a good condition following a rescue mission that took place in Limerick City yesterday after the alarm was raised by a passerby


A DISTRESSED horse trapped in a mud pond was rescued by local volunteers yesterday.

The mare came in trouble and ended up submerged up to her neck in a frightening scene in Limerick City.

psd Limerick Animal Welfare received an out-of-hours call and sent out an appeal on Facebook pleading for volunteers to help save the trapped horse.

Following the traumatic ordeal, the LAW posted to their Facebook page detailing the rescue mission – and the mare was put on a course of antibiotics by equine vet Paraic McNamara.

7it They said: “Limerick Animal Welfare received a distressing call out of hours and thanks to our tireless volunteer Anna Gallagher she was straight to the rescue and thanks to the Clarke’s the Reilys Eric and John and to all the boys that came to help and brought out ropes and Straps.

“They all worked together to pull the mare free from the mud.



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