Premium Members Blog – 7th January, 2019

7th January, 2019


He was like this for the first 30 mins or so.
Finally i got him taking very small steps slowly. He thinks that bunny hopping is easier than walking.Very very stubborn boy
Let me know if video doesn’t work

HI Pam
If I may say, none of what is on that video, is the fault of the horse. None. I will just say that we can achieve much more with Horses, if we travel nice and slow, give them time to think, reward and relief for ANY try and NEVER running things together. Always making sure we allow them time to think, soak it up, relax and only then repeat. You may see that on my Vid.
It is simply the amount of pressure or ask here, that was causing the leap, for the horse simply did not know what was required. One should never ask a Horse that can’t walk and knows it can’t walk, to “Come Now” ….hence the leaping. It knows no other way and is only trying to please.

Thankyou . Next time I should just take it slower then ?

…..there are No naughty horses……..only psychologically traumatized, those with ‘learned helplessness’ ( which your pony starts to get half way through…and Veterinary afflictions.
The reason the horse was leaping in the air, is because it thought it had to, for the pressure was too great. It couldn’t think walk, because they can only learn that with the slightest of one leg at a time touch!!! Lovely Pony.

Merry Christmas to you all also.
Great information you have for me.
How long should I keep doing this for? And when should I move to a side line if at all?
End goal will be to lift his offside back leg nicely with no fear from Farrier and listen to me better.

Remember me talking about the only problems Horses have…….I skim emails so forget what you first said, but if a horse is a problem on ONE BACK LEG, it is generally Veterinary. Stifle, Hock or Sacroiliac.
So be very mindful of this and observant. When you collar rope the Horse, concentrate!!!!!!! and keep an open mind.
Here is the equipment.

This will even diagnose the problem, if you watch close


Well done Paul Dopper. Good feel and the opposite to the above Video.


Well done Girl. Brings Joy to my Heart during a Joyous time 🙂
Happy New Year!!



Hi Linda, awesome — can’t wait to get —- back into work! How is 8:30your time on Thursday? Holly is looking fantastic, she has her neck muscle back! We went to the Spenser Wilton Masterclass here a couple of weeks ago and —- had won the lesson with Simone Pierce and —- was warming —- up in the same arena Simone was riding the stallion in when he had a heart attack and died underneath her. It was horrific and —- was in shock and didn’t talk for hours. It was dreadful, we thought Simmons had died as well, . I had unintentionally filmed it, the horse was not sweating, nor was he in distress, he was fit, in excellent condition and just an unfortunate tragic thing to happen.
But a lot of what Spenser taught to Robbie and Dave McKinnon was exact what you teach —. So it resonated with us and we could see relaxation and better suppleness in the horses by the end of the lessons. And it was very interesting that all of the Australian riders could not, get their horse heads below their withers, to stretch the neck. Too busy hanging on tight.
Talk soon, NSW

Dressage Coaching Online


Imogen Kennedy Equestrian UK
So a few weeks ago we had a consultation with Meg from Horse Bit Fit, I admit I wasn’t too optimistic (mums idea) but after riding in a different bit  ( HP  Snaffle) and bridle during the consultation I could definitely feel a difference!. Now…….

27th December, 2018


Hi john,
I just wanted to say thankyou for saving my daughters ponies life. Ana was xrayed and was found to have 10 kilos of sand in her gut. After the vet’s at the Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital and Research Centre,  drenched her 4 times it wasnt working.  I decided to give your sand colic recipe a go. 2 weeks later i got her x- rayed again and there was absolutely no sand left in her gut. Its amazing !!!
Thank you so much

O’Leary Sand Colic Prevention Remedy



Horse Tram Service Temporarily Cancelled…..

Due to damage on the Causeway we have had to temporarily cancel the operation of our Horse Drawn Tram service to and from Granite Island. We are working hard to get the trams back in operation as soon as possible.
While the trams are not operating, our iconic Clydesdales will be at the Causeway stables to greet visitors and pose for photos. The Clydesdales love the attention from visitors and each have their own personality.
There’s Jay Jay who is the boss. Albert who loves a cuddle. Isabella is a bit of a diva and hams it up for the camera. Elliot is the baby of the group and loves people. Misty is happiest when she is being brushed by Horse Tram staff. Karni also likes being brushed and patted. Murray is a really hard worker and idolizes Albert (he follows him everywhere!). Scotty is the newbie and only joined the team in October 2018.
Your visitors will love meeting our Clydesdales, so please encourage them to drop by the stables if they are near the Causeway.
We will keep you updated on the progress of the repairs and when we expect the tram service to re-commence.

Victoria MacKirdy
Interim General Manager
Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority


Thanks for update…yes….rather ironic, Your Tram Driver saw us Yesterday, on the causeway, looking over the edge, exactly when we were predicting a problem coming as we could see the weakness.
Allowing Members of the Public is a highly dangerous thing to do, both for the Council in terms of Litigation the first time a Horse accidentally grabs the finger of a Child and moreso, for the Horses, with the Crazies we now have in Society, on Drugs. Trust me, one Day, someone will injure a Horse. The Public should NOT be allowed to reach Horses and visa versa!, especially endlessly. Horses need to take naps in between the hard work of pulling that terribly heavy and archaic Tram. It should have been converted 20 Years ago ( when I last suggested it) Aluminum sounds good. This would also assist your Old Jetty. It weights tonnes!!!!!
Anyhow, bad Luck and best of Luck with the repairs. Great to see my advice of a couple of Years back, regarding Collars ( chocking Horses and Shoes being installed, have been taken on board.



Victor Harbor horse-drawn trams cancelled after pylon collapses on pier

Australia’s last horse-drawn trams, which connect to South Australia’s Granite Island, have halted services after a post on the jetty to the island collapsed.


The depressed with the breastplate.
Australia’s only horse-drawn tram service has been cancelled
Yesterday, a driver noticed a dip in the causeway after a pylon collapsed
The original tram dates back to 1894
The tram which runs in Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, was closed after a pylon on the pier broke off and fell into the water.
City of Victor Harbor chief executive Victoria MacKirdy said the council cancelled trams late yesterday afternoon after a driver noticed the broken strut had caused a dip in the causeway.

“One of the tram operators felt and heard a sound… and felt something crack,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.
“Then when they went back over again they could feel the tilt of the tram and we were very concerned by it.smiley-thud


“So that’s when we had one of our staff members go out, they had a look at one of the trams going over it, could see the lean of the tram and that’s when we cancelled all the trams.”
People can still walk across the causeway, which is owned by the State Government’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

Photo: A mix of wooden and steel pylons under the Granite Island causeway. (Supplied: Peter Zach)


“Because of the height and the weight of the trams with a lot of passengers on the trams, they are actually leaning to the side, which is very unsafe,” Ms MacKirdy said.
She said the causeway was “significantly old and in need of repair”.
“We are working with DPTI on a regular basis doing maintenance but it needs to have a significant overhaul,” she said.
Ms MacKirdy said three trams had been operating since December 26.
“It’s certainly not good in our peak season,” she said.
Victor Harbor Mayor Moira Jenkins has cut short a holiday to Kangaroo Island to deal with the situation.
“The tram is an iconic part of tourism in Victor Harbor,” she said.
“Once we know it’s safe, tram services can resume, but we’re not going to put anyone at risk by putting a tram across when it’s not safe.”
The original tramway dates back to 1894 and was revived in 1986 to mark 150 years since South Australia was founded.
About 100,000 people catch the tram each year.
Victor Harbor’s population swells over summer with holiday-makers and day visitors.
DPTI has not responded to a request for comment.





A 10-year-old girl has escaped serious injury after the horse she was riding galloped into the path of an oncoming vehicle at Port Lincoln.
The girl was riding the horse along Old Chapman Rd, about 4.30pm on Tuesday, when the horse ran on to the road and into a car.
Police and SA Ambulance Service paramedics attended the scene and treated the girl and the driver of the car — a 48-year-old woman — for minor injuries.
The girl and the woman were taken to Port Lincoln Hospital, where they received further medical treatment.
Sadly, the horse was killed in the crash.


Twenty people have been injured, two seriously, in a collision of two horse-drawn carriages during a Christmas Day outing in Germany.
The DPA news agency quoted police in southern Bavaria as saying the two carriages, each with 10 passengers, were approaching a rail crossing single file when the first carriage halted.
The second carriage did not stop and overturned during the collision.
One man had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter.


DPA said the driver of one of the carriages was also seriously hurt during Tuesday’s accident.
The other 18 injured people included children.


MCCLURE — A 62-year-old McClure man died on Friday after an 84-year-old Middleburg driver struck a horse and buggy on Route 522, according to Middleburg Police Department.
Rufus Yoder was pronounced dead at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Geisinger Holy Spirit in Camp Hill due to multiple traumatic injuries, police said. He is the 25th person to die on Valley roads in 2018.
The accident occurred at 12:15 p.m. Friday on Route 522 in the area of Pinecrest Drive. Randall Bonnie, 84, was driving a Ford F-150 truck south on Route 522 when he failed to see Yoder in the horse and buggy in front of him, police said.
After being struck from behind, the buggy traveled 30 feet off the ride side of the roadway down an embankment until it came to final rest. Yoder was ejected from the buggy and thrown into a field, police said.
Yoder was transported to Lewistown Hospital via ambulance, and then flown by Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center’s Life Lion helicopter to Holy Spirit where he later succumbed to his injuries, police said.
Motorists in Snyder County were detoured by PennDOT to Routes 4003, 4002 and 4001. The roadway remained closed for approximately five hours while police reconstructed the scene and was reopened at 6:31 p.m., according to PennDOT.


PORT TOWNSEND — Two horses were euthanized Christmas evening after they were struck by a car on Jacob Miller Road, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said.
Captain Ben Stamper of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said that at 6:18 p.m. Christmas night, a vehicle collided with two horses in the northbound lane of Jacob Miller Road between Gun Club and Lupine roads, closing the road for two hours.
The driver of the vehicle, who was not identified by Stamper, refused medical treatment. He was uninjured and will not be charged, Stamper said.
Stamper did not know the owner of the horses. Dayna Killam, owner of 3 Arrows Horsemanship who said she donated the land for their burial, said they were among four owned by a neighbor.
The neighbor could not be reached for comment Wednesday.
Once they left the pasture, “two of the horses were severely injured and the other two ran off,” Killam said.
Both horses suffered severe fractures, Killam said. A mare had a compound front leg fracture and a gelding had a left front knee fracture.
Killam said the two uninjured animals were found together, about 40 minutes later down the road in another neighbor’s driveway. She said a neighbor let them both stay in their pasture overnight.
Deputy Chief Ted Krysinski of East Jefferson Fire Rescue contacted Dr. Erik Splawn of Happy Valley Veterinary Service in Sequim. Splawn determined that the animals could not be saved and euthanized them.
He told Karen Griffiths, Peninsula Daily News columnist, that he did the service for free because “it was Christmas Day and a real crummy deal.”
Killam said many in the area came together to help the neighbor and her horses.
“We had volunteers who blanketed them,” Killam said.
“They were stable, quiet and calm, but under stress going into shock. We made them as comfortable as possible as could be until the vet arrived.
“The county brought over a front loader from the Jefferson County Transfer Station and respectfully removed them from the scene. I donated a place for them to be buried,” which happened Wednesday morning, she said, adding that the county provided its service for free.
“It was a freak accident. Everyone was in the right place at the right time and jumped into help.”


In the Izmail district of Odessa region BMW X6 at great speed driven in a horse-drawn wagon on which rode two men. In the accident one person died on the spot.


As reports “Bessarabia INFORM”, the incident occurred outside the village Throw. Two brothers, 30 and 24 years was driving out of Ishmael, where they bought a wagon in Lake village, UNIAN reports.
In the accident, the eldest of the brothers died at the scene, and the youngest, who was thrown from the wagon, almost hurt. Also in serious condition is a horse.


The driver of the BMW was taken to the hospital, since the accident he received a strong blow in the head.


Police were called to the incident near the intersection of Crystaluna Drive and Paganoni Road southbound around 6.46am.
It is understood the truck tipped onto its side, trapping two horses.
The animals were then successfully cut free from the wreckage by firefighters.
The extent of their injuries is unknown.
The driver was not injured.
Mandurah Road has reopened.


Amateur jockey Cameron Wadge was said to be comfortable this morning in Borders General Hospital after suffering two fractured vertebrae in a fall at Kelso races on Saturday.
He was riding Scales Of Justice for well-known trainer Lucinda Russell in the closing Amateur Jockeys’ Association Amateur Riders’ Handicap Hurdle but suffered a heavy fall at the second-last fence. Sadly, the horse sustained fatal injuries.


Clerk of the course, Anthea Morshead, tweeted today (Sunday): “I’ve just spoken to Cameron Wadge’s mum, Rachael, who wants everyone to know he has two stable vertebrae fractures but is comfortable following his horrible fall at Kelso Racecourse yesterday. Huge thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and to medical teams.”
Kelso, she added in another tweet, was grateful to all the “brilliant” doctors, medical and veterinary teams who looked after the jockeys and horses with “such great skill and dedication”.
Yesterday’s final meeting of 2018 at Kelso was also overshadowed by the news of a tragic road accident involving a minibus travelling from Newtongrange to the races. One man died and 23 other passengers were injured when the vehicle overturned between Carfraemill and Gordon.
Former Champion Jockey Peter Scudamore tweeted: “Personally, yesterday’s racing was soul destroying but the accident on the way to Kelso Racecourse was a desperate tragedy.
“The bubble that we live in is sometimes burst by the traumas of real life. My sympathies go to those injured and condolences to the family of the bereaved.”


A MAN has died after falling from a horse on the Western Downs last night.
The Queensland Ambulance Service reported the man, aged in his 70s, fell from the horse at a property on Moores Bice Rd at Drillham, west of Chinchilla, about 6pm Friday.
Paramedics treated the man for critical head injuries but he died at the scene.
Police are treating the incident as an accident.


On a local dirt road, a 46-year-old man with his horse was on the way. He was accompanied by his 41-year-old girlfriend, also with a horse on the road. The horse lost on a dirt road ditch, crashed into the ditch and fell to the side. The 46-year-old rider had no Chance and was crushed by the horse. The horse could not stand up by themselves and could only be used by the rescue forces. For the 46-year-old rider came too late to help. He died at the site.


Internet trolls have targeted the injured jockey and father-of-three who could be left quadriplegic after the freak accident


‘I suppose the only logical thing to do now is kill the horse for the jockey falling off,’ one racing antagonist wrote.
‘That jockey was put down on the track,’ wrote another, alluding to horses who are euthanased on the track after breaking their leg.
Another shared the sentiment, asking: ‘Dose (sic) this mean he was put down?’
But that comment was met with vitriol for supporters of the jockey, who told the troll to ‘have some respect’.
‘Please don’t comment like that, it’s very serious.
‘It’s not a (sic) accident he will recover from quickly at all.’
Irish horse The Cliffsofmoher was euthanised after injuring his right shoulder during the first 600 metres of the 2018 Melbourne Cup.


The death of the five-year-old Irish racehorse, ridden by jockey Ryan Moore, tarnished the 157th Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday of November.
The horse was agitated before the start, with one commentator describing him as ‘melting like an ice cream’.
Angland was injured when his horse, Go Beauty Go, stumbled out of the gate.
Paramedics took all precautions in moving him after the accident, spending 10 minutes fitting him for a neck brace before whisking him to hospital.


After a host of tests and scans, he underwent a lengthy surgery the following day and recovered in Hong Kong’s Prince of Wales Hospital, where he remained in intensive care for two weeks.
woman in her 60s was rushed to hospital after falling off a horse at Longniddry Bents in East Lothian at the weekend.
Coastguards, lifeboat crews, police and the ambulance service were involved in a major rescue operation after being made aware of the incident at around 12.30pm on Saturday.
Initial reports suggested that somebody was encountering difficulty in the water – however it soon became clear that the injured person had fallen from a horse while riding along the water’s edge.
Dunbar Coastguard confirmed that their rescue officer was on the scene within five minutes of the report being made, and found that the rider, who was part of a group, had sustained several injuries.

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