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Hi Folks, how are You all? I hope You had a good Week.

The World throws many challenged at us and as I have posed lately, the ‘Parasites’ in Society present Day to Day challenges to us, as they try to extract our hard earned cash. We must find ways to keep ahead of them.



POWER is of course a big one, with the Chinese Power Companies ripping us off and with the Solar Credits scam being probably the biggest sham ever put over the Australian Public, in History. We all paid our hard earned Cash, sucked in by the Government funding Credits to sell us, using our Tax Payer Dollars to do it but then removing them to where we are Today, funding them with our Power and being charged 7 times what we get, for us to use it. Case in point. I checked our Power Bill last quarter. I noticed the following.

  • We have produced 27,000 KW since put in the 6KW system.
  • 17,000 went to normal use
  • 10,000 went to the so called cheap Power ( J Tarriff) for Hot Water Service.
  • but we put 1500 KW into the Grid last quarter, for which they paid us 6 Cents a KW
  • We paid 41 Cents per KW, for our Power.

Go figure that Folks. We finance the Government and they rip us off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



So we have 2 People in the House and 2 Minute Showers. What’s going on? I ring the Power Company and ask what STEP 1 and STEP 2 are ( all quaint terms to confuse the Hell out of the Client)

Turns out the Hot Water can come on in the Afternoon as well as late in the Night.

So I spoke to Electrical Friends of mine, asking how we can use 10,000kw for just Hot Water, out of 27,000.



Smart Metres have a BOOST BUTTON, for Hot Water. So we turned off the Hot Water at the Fuse Box.

IT LASTED US 4.5 DAYS before going Cold.

We Boosted it DURING SUN LIGHT HOURS and it took only 90 Minutes to have a nice Hot Shower.

IT LASTED US ANOTHER 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I figure, that if we choose to BOOST IT in the Sun, it should cost us 6 Cents, rather than 41 Cents, only because we will put less back into the Grid at 6 Cents. Right??????

We shall see. I wait with interest, for our next Power Bill. That will tell us if they are total thieves or not.




I finally got back to my latest project for the Boss, that of building two Horse Shelters in our Yards, prior to Winter. I had got this far as You know….


anyhow, I got back to it Yesterday, in between Visitors as the local 2 Day Event was held in our District


and last Night the Horses explored them and even spent time in them. Glad they are happy 🙂

anyhow, got a crack on Today and can see the end is near 🙂 Couple of Hours only.  Pretty happy.


Check out the 12 Volt Lighting. Free Sunshine Folks.





Last Night, we watched the Sydney CDI Grant Prix Freestyle. As usual, very interesting watching the Judging.

Simultaneously, we could see voting per a new Phone App, that 30 People in the Cround were scoring ( seen here on the left) and throughout the Night, there was very little difference between the International Judges and the Crowd. Interesting indeed and confirming my point over many Years that the Plebs are not stupid and often know what they are looking at.



Seen too were plenty examples of the Cocktail Club being exibited in the Judging, with obvious favoritism being shown with some Riders’. One of the Commentators, Roger Fitzhardinge, then made a statement and said this:


.”with a new horse on the block, the Judges have to get confidence, to give it the Marks”.


Well, is that so Roger. Carried away in the moment were You?…..reflecting the real World amongst the Judges? I would submit that if Judges cannot mark a new Horse for what it is worth, first time out, they are incompetent or showing their real bias. Disgusting statement.

So we can’t wait to float Cappo 4,000 K so that the Judges can get their eye in at a later date hahahahaha



A couple of Years back, an Owner Purchased a very high quality Dressage Horse, for a lot of money, from the EU and put on it, Mrs. HP’s Cousin, in Melbourne. The Horse was getting ordinary scores and yet going really well.

The Owner decided to approach one of the Judges, to ask why the scores were not what the Owner had expected, based on the performance. The Judge answered…..

“Cynthia is only new and we don;t know Her yet”

and there You have life at the top. The effect of the Social scene, hob nobbing and living the life on the Members money. Yet another reason why the EA National are in so much trouble right now…….and Judge Virginia Creed……you were a Hitler all Night and need to get the “chip off your shoulder”




Over the last couple of Years, Mrs. HP’s Cousin has performed a wonderful feat, that of taking an ordinary Horse ( not a super star) and turned it into a serious contender in Australia. Amazing feat of training and Riding.

She didn’t charge the Lady, because she was keeping a couple of Her Own Horses at the property but then left about 12 Months ago, having purchased Her own property, about half an hour away.

She still kept driving to ride the Horse and compete it, for free, until recently, when it became just too expensive for Her and she asked the Owner if she wouldn’t mind paying for Petrol.

The Owner errupted, refused, stopped Cynthia riding the Horse and gave the ride to another Victorian Girl, EVEN THOUGH IT had been selected for the Master Class at Dressage with the Stars.!!!! ….and on the Victorian State Squad, having won at a big comp at Boneo, at Prix St Georges and Intermediate 1.

The Woman lost the plat and started attacking Cynthia all over Social Media, upsetting Her greatly, even threatening with the Lawyer, for Cynthia to remove every Photo of Her on the Horse, from Her Web Site.

Mrs. HP and I both said to each other…..”You couldn’t give us the ride on that Horse for it would be fraught with Danger and could destroy your own Career. Decisions in Life that can ruin You……..roll on 6 Months………..

The Horse has lost it’s flying changes 🙁 Poor Girl and poor Horse) To the Girls credit, she has asked for Cynthia’s help……..what a terrible situation. Talk about “Cut off Your Nose to spite your Face”

Now what?…..we watch this space. Poor Horse, Poor Rider, Poor Cynthia.






So what are your observation powers like this Week? Would You buy this Horse?

The key to buying Horses is to immediately walk away if their are ALARM BELLS. Those Bells for me are:

  • The inordinate amount of sweat on this Horse, not only the Neck of course but note between the back Legs……and one other that would confirm rejection.




You pick the REAL REASON that this Horse would be for Sale and You win a Full Size Stockman’s Breastplate valued at $95. ( first correct answer wins. ) ( Brown only)








TRUST Folks, that is all You need and to get that, You truly have to mean the best for the Horse.

Here is a Warmblood. 3 Hours Breaking in.





Out there in the World, Cruelty still abounds and Administrators of the Horse Sports still don’t get it. You remember from last Week, how is that I can see 7 unsound Horses at the State Championships ( without trying or searching, so there had to be more) and now these incidents from around the World.


This International Rider has lost two Sponsors already but what in the Hell are our Sports Administrators doing? Asleep at the Wheel, Years later.

and this










” Bullying Horses is a failed venture and normally carried out by those who are inadequate as Trainers”




Hi john my chiro was telling me about your running reins used to treat sacroilliac problems is it on your website please

THE EQUESTRIAN HORSE They too suffer from the same injuries but the causes are different. So what are the causes of these injuries, Sacro strain, Sacro tear and worse. The main cause is the failed educational system as invented by the British Horse Society. In main, the incessant riding around ‘On the Bit’ but not correctly. This sample would represent over 80% of all Riders’ in the World. Millions of Horses therefore. So if You ride like this, You are damaging the Sacro of the Horse and far more.

Flexed off alone, causes Sacro Damage, because there is a Human on top of the Horse and they are not being supported to do that and so as You see in this Video, all of the things that I have been talking about and if You look around the ring, You will see just how hopeless the situation is in that ‘Neck of the Woods’ They don’t get it. THE HORSE DIED that Week, throwing itself over backwards because of the ruined Mouth Add to that ‘Above the Bit’ This brings ‘Hollowness’ as the Horse attempts to protect itself from the Hand, the Bit and indeed, the uncomfortable Rider ( often bouncing) because ‘Hollowness’ causes the shock absorbers to cease to work and the ride to become rough…..and of course put them all together and You have in incorrect use of the Sacro area, much more strain on the area and subsequent diminishing of the crucial support systems, around it.

Hi John update on my horse still in rehab seen a top chiro and now feeling 99% yesterday i had an amazing horse long and low and happy still only trotting as want to make sure hes 100% but so happy with his recovery So wanting to take him out to dressage to see how he goes but will have to wait a little longer thanks Terena




The Horse that couldn’t be floated.


hello you!! Hope you and Linda enjoyed your weekend. Just a update on the chestnut snag!! lol We have had him on the float twice now using your flank strap method, over this weekend and we drove a small distance today with no panic at all, just tense not wanting to lean on the sides but all ok, a couple of chews, we put him on with Shanes boy who is a bit tense( typical ex race horse!) but he still gave Max the confidence he needs. We been riding out a fair bit too in this wonderful weather, had a real test of my one rein stop yesterday old man roo jumped out of the bush we were riding next too, he went to take off but i shut him down quickly he settled down relatively quickly after too. Next plan with these boys is too go to Jo Cullens place only 8 mins drive from here, unload, chuck them in her yards, have a cuppa then load up and come home…this is the plan anyway!! I must say a huge Thank you to you John without your help and guidance I would still be struggling with him. I can’t Thank you enough for giving me your time and wisdom! The flank strap was a godsend I think it helped him overcome his fear of things touching him his sides, don’t get me wrong he’s not 100% a may never will be but it’s a huge step forward at last! Hope all is good with you and Linda, please give her my love. xx

ps i still have your hobbles too




Hey John,

I hope that the before and after shots of the windsucker were useful to you.  I just wanted to say thank you (again) for your exceptional equipment that makes my life easy.

When we bought this horse, the raw material was there, but he had a sore back, an upside down neck, was herd bound and whilst generally a calm and brave horse, there was underlying anxiety and flank sensitivity which occasionally appeared with a kick out at your leg or a miniscule pigroot.

The change in him over the 6 months we have owned him has been wonderful.  He is much happier in the paddock, not herd bound when left behind and the changes to his coat and muscular condition are just outstanding.

When I purchased him the vet/dentist checked him over and gave him a dental and suggested that she come back 6 months later for a further check up, because his dentition was so awful.

Well, fast forward 6 months and she didn’t recognise him.  It was only when she opened his mouth that she said “is this the windsucker” that she realised it was the same horse.  He had gained 50kgs in weight and he looks FABULOUS!  The vet remarked that whilst we can never repair the damage to the front teeth, everything else was in order and he is now back on annual dental work.



riding-with-the-crew-e1525140143951 ponies-hanging-e1525140163518

What a wonderful Bunch of leveled Humans and Horses!!!  You must live in the Country 2laughing-smilies



HORSELAW – beware of Sarah Reynell -Qld


Hi John Up here in SE QLD. I am seeing so many post from people who have sold horses cheap or given them away with a promise from the purchaser that they will have a forever home as a nanny to yearlings or light work retirement etc. the woman taking the horses the. Promptly sends them to the digger and collect payment. (Doggers un aware). Is there anything these people can do? Sarah Reynell if you have heard of her.

Dogger not digger. Sorry

31895290_10156087368090767_7918186923628167168_o-146x300 31632051_187603428719576_818987672788795392_n-300x229









A long-term adviser to the Tasmanian Government on animal welfare will quit his position over what he says is a “completely disappointing” lack of progress and deep-seated problems with the way it handles investigations.

It comes as the Government faces mounting pressure over a lack of information about what caused the death of 16 polo ponies in the back of a truck that crossed Bass Strait on the Spirit of Tasmania in January.

The driver of the truck was national polo identity Andrew Williams.

Principal Solicitor for the Melbourne-based Animal Law Institute, Malcolm Caulfield, wrote the first book on animal cruelty law in Australia and has sat on Tasmania’s animal advisory board representing Animals Australia for more than a decade.

Dr Caulfield said while he understood investigations could be complex matters, “the Spirit of Tasmania isn’t some rickety old ship that’s transporting things across Bass Strait”.

“So I presumed that we’d be hearing fairly quickly what was going on and what was needed to stop it happening again,” he said.

“However as time as passed and we’ve heard nothing I’ve become increasingly concerned that there are underlying issues and problems relating to the enforcement of animal welfare law in Tasmania.”

Dr Caulfield told the ABC, pony deaths aside, the committee had been routinely kept in the dark by the Department of Primary Industries on animal welfare cases.

oooror jjjj ppw1 yye Its recommendations are ignored and to continue to advise the Government would be “a waste of our time now”, he said.

Dr Caulfield also accused the Government of actively interfering in the work of the RSPCA.

“I’m sorry to say that myself and Animals Australia, who I represent on the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, have decided the lack of progress and the attitude of the department and the Minister has been so disappointing that we think there’s little point continuing on the committee,” Dr Caulfield said.

“We do that with regret because there have been very positive aspects in the committee in recent years … it’s been a very cooperative and positive environment and so that’s why we’re especially disappointed to say we think it’s a bit of a waste of our time now.”

The committee was established under Tasmania’s Animal Welfare Act 1993 and is tasked with advising the Minister of Primary Industries on animal welfare issues, in particular legislation and community education.

It represents a cross-section of stakeholders, including farmers.

Senior government figure Jeremy Rockliff was recently replaced in the role of Primary Industries Minister by Sarah Courtney.

The committee’s charter sets out that it be provided with “executive support by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks Water and the Environment”.

Dr Caulfield said department resources had been “cut to the bone and beyond”.

“I’ve had discussions with people, obviously confidentially with people in the department, who’ve indicated their frustration with the lack of leadership and will in relation to animal welfare,” he said.

Dr Caulfield said the deaths of the polo ponies were not the first time animal welfare problems had been associated with shipping in Tasmania.

When the committee had asked the Minister and department for updates on various other issues including abattoir investigations, “the response has been completely disappointing”.


RSPCA ‘open to Government interference’


Dr Caulfield also hit out at the charity role of the RSPCA, which he said was ill-equipped to uphold the law, and called for a independent animal welfare body in Tasmania.

“I think RSPCA Tasmania is to open to interference by the Tasmanian Government,” he said.


“I’ve seen this before, in circumstances where the RSPCA is proposing to do something that doesn’t suit the government, the government will quite overtly threaten them and threaten to pull their funding.

“Now that isn’t known publicly, but I’ve certainly been privy to conversations where that’s a possible interpretation.

“I’d rather see the enforcing body being entirely, as far as possible, independent of that sort of pressure.”

Earlier this month the RSPCA’s Chief Vet Andrew Byrne told the ABC he’d requested information from the Government about the pony deaths, and called for its release as soon as possible.

After being contacted by DPIPWE officials, Dr Byrne conceded the investigation could take years.

The department received the ponies’ autopsy results in February but has maintained details are “necessarily confidential”.


DPIPWE will not say if or when information will be made public, while the Minister has said she will not comment on the case, or her department’s investigation.

It follows calls for more information on the status of other animal cruelty investigations, including an 18-month old probe into an abattoir at Gretna, and the year-long investigation of another meatworks, at Cressy in Tasmania’s north.

“It makes me feel that both major political parties, left and right, Labor and Liberal, have missed the boat on this one, that they don’t see this as an issue that’s of concern to the public,” Dr Caulfield said.

“They have failed to realise that this is something the public would like to see action on.”

In a statement, the government said the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee played an “important role in providing advice”.

“Minister Rockliff during his tenure had constructive discussions with the committee. Minister Courtney is committed to continuing the constructive relationship,” a spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said the government had increased funding to the RSPCA inspectorate from $400,000 to $550,000 and its “formal arrangements” for responding to allegations of animal cruelty “work well.”

It had also budgeted extra funds for livestock officers within Biosecurity Tasmania, the spokeswoman said.




A rider who found herself trapped under her horse after a rotational fall over a gate has credited her body protector for saving her life.

OOORe-300x189 Katie Dickson shared the story of her accident in support of the British Equestrian Trade Association’s (BETA) first safety week, which runs from 26 April until 6 May.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage riders to ensure their safety equipment is properly maintained, fitted and fastened, as well as being up to the appropriate standard.

Katie suffered a dislocated hip and smashed pelvis in the fall last September but says without her Helite air jacket, it would have been a very different story.

She told H&H she and a group of friends had taken their horses on holiday to the Peak District and, while out on a ride on her gelding Joey, she leaned down to open a gate.

“We were having a lovely time,” she said. “I’d already opened about three gates and it was my turn again so I leaned over – and my horse went into a blind panic.

“It’s completely unlike him, he’s the most laid-back horse, but he tried to jump the gate, was too close to it and ended up stuck on his belly.

“I went over his head and he rotated and landed on top of me.”

Katie, who was trapped underneath Joey, remembers everything about the incident.

“He was struggling on top of me and I just knew it was going to hurt when he shifted his weight to get up,” she said. “He caught my left hip – I heard it crunch – and completely shattered my pelvis.

“But without my air jacket, it would have been so much worse.”

Katie said she had decided some months previously to wear an air jacket at all times while riding, so her husband had bought her the gilet-style Helite vest for her birthday.

“I had 650kg of horse wriggling around on top of me and not a mark on me above the waist,” she said. “All the paramedics and doctors who saw me were worried about spinal injuries; they couldn’t believe that every part of me wasn’t broken.

“There’s no doubt; the air jacket saved my life.”





Avon and Somerset Constabulary are working with the British Horse Society to build up a better picture of hotspots where riders encounter difficulties on the roads.

sdsff-300x208 All road users involved in near misses can use the reporting system to share information.

PC Vicki Ephgrave of the police mounted section said: “We’d like to remind anyone who’s been in a near miss to please report it using this new online function.

“Don’t just leave it just because you’re not injured or an incident didn’t occur, you may find yourself in that situation again and not be so lucky.”

Motorists can take care when approaching horses by slowing down, being patient, and passing the 
animal a car-width apart, where possible.




An Oregon horse named Justice is – at least, on paper – suing his former owner for $100,000 in damages.


The lawsuit, which alleges negligence against Justice’s former guardian,  Gwendolyn Vercher, claims the horse was 300 pounds underweight, had lice and a skin infection. Vercher lives in Cornelius, which is about 25 miles west of Portland.

The lawsuit was filed in Washington County Circuit Court.

Last year, Oregon Horse Rescue received a call from a “concerned neighbor” requesting the organization take custody of Justice, according to the suit. Justice was reportedly taken from Vercher’s care and transferred to a horse rescue.

The lawsuit said Justice will require “medical care for the remainder of his life.”

According to court records cited by The Oregonian, Vercher was charged with first-degree animal neglect and sentenced to three years probation. Washing County Circuit Court also prohibited Vercher from owning any animals for five years.

The paper reported that  Vercher did not respond for the article.

One of the horse’s lawyers cited two Oregon Supreme Court cases that established legally protected rights for animals.

“The Oregon legislature clearly established an anti-cruelty statute for the safety and protection of animals,” the lawyer said. “Victims of crimes can sue their abusers and animals are sentient beings that are recognized as victims under Oregon law. So with that premise, we’ve come to the conclusion that animals can sue their abusers and we’re confident of our stance in this case.”





The accident left Christopher Fears’ face mangled, his spine fractured and his cornea cut.

erer-244x300 LAKELAND — Polk County Sheriff’s Office filed charges Friday against the owner of a horse that wandered into State Road 33, causing an accident with two semi trucks.

Gerardo Sanchez, 41, of San Juan Avenue in Polk City, is charged with one second-degree misdemeanor count of permitting livestock to run at large or stray.

The accident left Christopher Fears’ face mangled, his spine fractured and his cornea cut.

On April 4, a semi driven by Fears, 31, and another truck driven by Robert Billings, 55, of Winter Haven, hit a horse that was in the road in the pre-dawn darkness. Fears’ mother, Marilyn, said they have dashcam video of the horse entering the road from a driveway, Billings’ truck clipping it and then her son’s truck hitting the animal. The horse then slammed through the windshield and into the cab of Fears’ truck, which overturned. Billings was not injured. The horse died.

The Fears family offered a cash reward this week for information leading to the identity of the horse’s owner. The horse was brown with a pink halter. A caller to The Ledger said the horse’s name was Moniqa and said the owner was Sanchez.

A report with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office shows that Sanchez’s wife identified the dead horse. Deputy Kurt Karakash wrote that he learned the horse was allowed to roam the Sanchez’s unsecured yard at times and the gate to their fence was left open the night of April 3. The horse was never reported missing or stolen.

“Based on the information obtained through the investigation, the suspect willfully allowed his livestock to roam his unsecured property with no deterrent to enter on to the public roadways of the State of Florida, specifically San Juan Road, Green Pond Road and Highway 33 of Polk County, Florida,” Karakash wrote. “The actions of the suspect are negligent, which led to a serious traffic accident.”

Fears’ truck, which is owned by his father, was a business venture the two went into. George Fears bought the semi a year ago and his son quit another truck-driving job to drive the rig. The younger Fears also decided to put off getting health insurance, although the truck was insured.

Marilyn Fears said the helicopter ride to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center cost $24,000, while the hospital stay totaled $55,000. None of that includes doctors’ bills, follow-up visits, plastic surgery to restore his face and rehabilitation.

“I’m really glad — all we want is him to take ownership and say, ‘Yes, it’s my horse,’ ” she said. “I can’t believe he stood back and never said anything all these weeks — I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that.”

Marilyn Fears said their truck had commercial insurance, which is covering some of the medical costs, but “it only takes care of so much.”

She said the insurance companies will most likely sue Sanchez to reimburse them for expenses.






A veterinary student is accused of duping people who needed help caring for their elderly horses in a scam that instead sent the animals to slaughter, a Georgia sheriff says.

Fallon Blackwood, 23, a third-year Tuskegee University veterinary student, is accused of using the same scam on dozens of people in at least five states.

Stolen Horse International, also known as, has received reports from horse owners in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. In most cases, the owners were looking for help with their old horses because a change in their life or finances made care for the animals difficult.

One owner posted on Stolen Horse International: “I had two beautiful red chestnut mares I felt I needed to rehome, reason being our son was in a serious car accident causing extra expense for medical bills. I listed them for sale $300 apiece. Fallon Blackwood contacted me said she couldn’t afford to buy the horses, because she was in vet school. She said she could give them a forever loving home.

“She came to our home in a white truck with a trailer, and there was one horse in the trailer when she came. She said she wanted the horses for buddy horses to her barrel racing horse. She said I can’t afford to buy the horses, but I can give them a loving forever home, and would not sale them and she has 18 acres of land for them and gets discounts on all vet needs.

“I trusted her and thought since she is a vet student they will be fine because she promised me they would be fine. She promised pictures of the horses and would keep me informed of their well-being. I believed her. I inquired the next day. She replied the girls did great on the ride. She never sent a picture, she only replied a few times said they were fine. I sent message after message inquiring because she stopped replying to my messages.

“Then Jan, 28, I noticed she unfriended me and blocked me … I will always regret the horses going with her.”

Another owner wrote: “I’m staying strong but this has taken an unfathomable emotional toll on me. I know Fallon is out of jail and potentially back in school. I wonder if she realized the pain she’d be putting me through the day she picked up Willie. I hugged her and said thank you before she drove off, only to now know that Willie never made it to the forever home that was promised for him. My heart drops to my stomach and I’m instantly nauseated every time I replay that day in my head.”

Some owners said Blackwood also promised discounts on all future vet needs.

(To see all the horses reported missing and believed slaughtered, click here.)

Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson spoke to WTVM, in Columbus, Georgia.

“She was getting the horses and telling the owners they were going to nice pasture land and would happily live their days out. What she was doing was taking the horses to slaughter,” he said. “Slaughtered to potentially be made into dog food is what is believed to have happened to some of the horses that landed in Blackwood’s possession.”

Stolen Horse International said this is the largest case of missing and stolen horses it has dealt with in the organization’s 20-year history.

Blackwood was arrested earlier this month in Macon County, Alabama, on felony charges of obtaining property under false pretense. She was extradited to North Carolina, the first state to charge her with a crime. Charges are anticipated in several other states.

A judge in Williamston, North Carolina, lowered Blackwood’s bond from $10,000 to $5,000. She was released on bond April 18.

Animal rights activists say horses that are sold for slaughter are loaded into kill pens, crammed into transport vehicles and trucked hundreds of miles to the Mexican border in extreme heat with no water.

Using horse meat for human consumption has been illegal in the U.S. since 2006, and in dog food in the since the 1970s, but horses are regularly exported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. The meat is exported to European and Asian countries where it is considered a delicacy. Countries where horse meat is eaten include Mexico, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Poland and China.

Activists seeking to end the slaughter of horses point out that U.S. horses are not raised for food and that over the course of their lives, horses are given a wide variety of drugs and veterinary treatments that make their meat unfit for human consumption.

So far this year, 18,000 horses were exported to Mexico for their meat, according to United States Department of Agriculture data.

Blackwood’s next North Carolina court appearance is scheduled for June 11.







Hi John, I was after some advice on how to stop a fence walker?

High end problem. We would not entertain one on our Properties. Gone!!
You have to play the psychology Games and be good at it.Yes, you can use Leg Restraints ( and yes I have had a lot of success) but you still have to use them with sophistication, advance and retreat, reward and relief and so on. You must also experiment with the ‘changing of the Deck Chairs’ on Your property, with observation, etc.




Hi John,

I just wanted your or Linda’s opinion on using a de Gogue (ridden) and a chambon (lunging).

My horse was broken in by me using your methods, but conformationally has an upside down neck and very long, weak underline. (13 yo QH/TB/Llama)

I have been having flat lessons for the past year with a GP rider and we’ve developed a lot – however I’m having issues with sucking back and tension. When asked for correct bend and to work ‘through’ he’ll try above the bit, behind the bit, rushing with leg on etc etc (47.7% in prelim on Sunday). I’ve watched Linda’s “Behind the Bit” video last night which was basically my horse with spots and I’ve found it very helpful.

I’ve introduced a chambon to replace running reins on the lunge (sucks back in RR) combined with multiple cavaletti and Tristan Tucker groundwork to improve his core and suppleness.

Today I rode him in a home made de Gogue and he was a different horse. Still tried a few evasions but the Gogue made it difficult for him, combined with Linda’s techniques. He cottoned on to long and low in walk and trot and STAYED THERE. He stayed off my leg and felt raised in his back far more consistently. Transitions were lovely.

I will wean him off it once he’s developed the right muscles but I want to know if I’m on the right track? I’ve never heard either of you discuss these tools so I’m hoping their as fair and ‘giving’ as they appear??

Cheers,  Pam


I am not familiar with either piece of equipment as we have our own developed systems but I can say and indeed said it Yesterday to a Client, that lunging a Horse WITHOUT EQUIPMENT is a complete waste of oxygen and time 🙂

I’ll get Linda to answer you, on my Blog next Week.

Have you considered just getting one Live Lesson online, as an assessment, to find out completely, where you are???? I guess you have Broadband???

47.7% in Prelim is a worry indeed. Did you Video it? Can Linda see that???

As I often say, the proof of any system, is the Muscle tone of the Horse. That is why we are so confident these Days, with the Horses proving it.

regards for now

Best of Luck HP



Hi Pam






Hi John

I am just about to order some more lead ropes from your website and I have a question regarding the clips.

Previously I have purchased from your site both the brass and bull clips and certainly they are both strong and good quality. But, I actually have difficulty in removing the bull clip from the halter, especially as the halters have become thicker (and nicer) with use.

From memory, I think I did read somewhere on your website that only bull clip leads should be used for tying up, but I can’t find that article now.

So, my question is – is it ok to use the brass clip leads for every day use? The only “tying up” I generally do is in the float (on to a breakable piece of twine). Mostly my horse is very reliably ground tied and it would be very unlikely that he would ever be hard tied.

Many thanks



HI Clare

Yes, no problems at all, with the Brass for every day use ( we do)

My point was that if you were STARTING a horse, where it will definitely pull back tied solid, the BRASS is not suitable as Brass is softer and the clip will bend. Hence the Bull Clip for suspect Horses.

The Brass Clip is far preferred by us, for NH Training as it is far more sophisticated in terms of sending direct and non conflicting signals to the Horse, as well as looking lovely.

Hope that helps.

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  1. sally.dowdell says:

    Hi John & Linda…just having a crack at the video of the dressage horse for sale and alarm bell reasons for not buying. I’m still getting my eye in for this type of assessment and am very much a learner in this area and I’m not a dressage rider but from what I can see:
    Horse seems to have an unhappy/uncomfortable disposition, there is quite a bit of tail swishing (does this indicate unsoudness/resistance?), appears to be a lot of saliva buildup in the mouth (not sure if this is normal but doesn’t look that right to me), also mouth gaping at times (resistance?), ears back at times (resistance?), movement seems a bit stiff not very supple and swinging and smooth, noticed the canter flying change across the diagonal horse not seem happy really swishing tail and raises head up…that’s what I can see but am probably missing something very obvious but that’s also why I’m submitting this as I’m very keen to learn..

    1. sally.dowdell says:

      BTW….that is definitely NOT my profile pic (bloke with glasses and now tie)!!!!!:)

    2. HI Sally,
      No, definitely doesn’t look like You 🙂 I’ll look into that.
      I am going to declare You the winner. The flying changes are the problem, with tenseness, Legs not through properly and showing an indication of running away through fear of the event and memories of others. The Horse is being blocked but that is another subject and could even be the cause. Email me your address.

      1. MouthyMidget says:

        can I add later to the answer?, i’ve just had a moment to myself to read your blog cowboy! so not a proper look but a very quick squiz on an all nighter…
        apart from the obvious sweating and false imprisonment combo ( jaw and tounge-tensioning and constant whip tapping to create fear impulsion so he keeps moving fwd) Front left is disunited in movement and exhibits lameness/fatigue in some spots, probably due to the work it has done covering previous/current right-hind injury or irritant (shown by the stiffness and the protective ears and back arching in relation to movement and vibrational impacts regarding that area). trauma-sweat is evident as you noted john, and i’ll put $50 on the fact that if he let those reins go at all from the steel grip, he’d have the prisoner bolt for the door and protest in pain. am I wrong? maybe.. I’m a bit blind and a bit hazy this week. due for a break,… that’s right never got one, and I’m back to study soon supposedly! phhrp! love to all!

        1. Lol Madam. You are my second reply Person 🙂 and unfortunately, one too late for I gave the prize to Sally, for Her comment on the changes. I don’t disagree with Your views though. In our World, there is no option for white foam on Horses, even in our Summer. xx

          1. MouthyMidget says:

            I wish I had a use for a bloody breastplate! lol. I’m not in it for the prize cowboy, I just want people to open their hearts and their minds and learn what not to do, and how to positively guide them, or any animal for that matter! Animals are far more skilled and knowing than people on the whole, and we are the ones who need to learn to catch up. best use for a breastplate I have is wear it myself! but hopefully again one day soon if I can grow some bones back or defy the ‘experts ‘ safely anyway =- lol.

        2. sally.dowdell says:

          I think I should be sending the breastplate to you!!:). Very interesting observation points raised.

      2. sally.dowdell says:

        Thanks!! Very interesting about the flying changes. Would like to know more about the ‘blocking’..

        1. MouthyMidget says:

          I’m not sure what he means, you’ll have to ask him, but in hack circles of the 90s it means you ‘bute’d’ them up to the eyeball ( to hide the pain symptoms of the problem you don’t know youre causing/aggravating), but when I use blocking it means that your stopping free forward movement because your either fearing or anticipating that the horse will dispute or react to the demands being placed on it (and instead you should always first find why it protests, before you continue harassing it in my view- same with distressed people- you wouldn’t keep poking at an irritated, pained and unstable hospital patient would you? then they would never want to go to a hosp when they need to! just ask any 1960s asylum patient sent their for PMS and endometriosis…) In this case, on my useage of the word, I would guess (ONLY GUESS) that he means the blocking through the bridle and the shoulder-whip technique, and I theorize they have adopted that short-only rein contact martingale, and whip technique for edited sale video and when buyers view it being ridden because it has previously shied and rushed through to the whip-side or reared, as well as bucking or bolting when it is jack of torture, or it experiences sharper pain pinches from its back/hind. No basis of knowledge here, just previous observation and experience of watching it before by others. AND I might be completely wrong.

  2. says:

    Only just getting to this blog, just watched the video and was going to say cant do tempi changes

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