Premium Members Blog – 3rd September, 2018


Hi Folks. Hope You had a wonderful Week.

We were very lucky and had around an inch of Rain across the Days, which completely consolidates the Crops around here, so Gainsborough is guaranteed the new Seasons Feed now.


Had another lovely Ride out around the Roads here, with Celeste in tow and Booted up on all four as You may have noticed. The Wattles are starting to come out and Spring has sprung.



Meanwhile, we have been back to Gainsborough again this Week and things are going on fine there. The Rains down there are way down on here but that saves us work re water run off and flooding, to keep the place looking nice, so much easier this Year.

Jess has been coming along well with the Warmblood and has completely won his Trust now. Here he is this Week. Well done Jess.







from Nicole Bortolussi

I read this … An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, & ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, & truth.” The boy thought about it, and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.

That’s the one thing perfectly worded ……




Finally, they have got the message. Years of not listening to Members, being Elitist, arrogant and acting like Politicians, some well overdue moves……..

EA Coaching Update

Dear EA Equestrian Coaches,

Thank you for being part of Equestrian Australia’s Coaching family. We value your participation in our program and want to explain the reasons for recent insurance fee increases.  Also, to tell you about what is planned for the EA Coaching Program over the coming 12 months.

Insurance Price Increases

Equestrian coaching is a high-risk activity that is conducted in an extremely litigious environment and therefore it is important that we have the backing of a first-class insurance program.

This year, the cost of insurance has increased due to:

• Some international underwriters (eg Lloyds syndicates) withdrawing from high-risk, high impact sports following the emergence of concussion related litigation including large class actions.  EA has confirmed this with other underwriters.

• The cost of the Coronial Inquests associated with recent fatalities in Eventing.

• Significant increases in the number and value of insurance claims against Coaches.

EA Coaches’ insurance provides you with personal accident insurance, public liability and professional indemnity cover, whilst you are coaching, for a competitive price of $470.
EA’s insurance, through Gow Gates, is bundled up under a lump sum premium.  There aren’t separate premiums for personal injury, public liability and professional indemnity.  This arrangement has benefitted EA members, coaches and clubs for many years, by spreading the risk over a wider portfolio.  The down side is that all members share the pain when we have an increase in major claims.

EA is aware that there are other insurance brokers in the market, some offering attractive rates to cover equestrian coaches. Insurance through EA with Gow Gates is not mandatory and if you are thinking about sourcing insurance cover with an alternative provider, here are some tips to help you make an informed choice and make sure you know what you are covered for.


• The amount of automatic cover that you are entitled to without needing to have any medical checks

• The categories of personal accident cover and the amounts (capital amount, income replacement, non-medicare medical benefits)

• The value of professional indemnity & public liability cover and any amount of excess payable before you can claim on the policy

Another thing to consider when choosing an alternative insurance provider is their claims management history – are they easy to do business with when you have a claim and will they pay out what is expected? Also make sure you know who is actually providing the policy and be aware of honeymoon rates as you may get a shock when it’s time to renew your policy.

The service and value provided by Gow Gates over the last five years have been tailored to suit the Equestrian Coaching community based on the claims experience and member feedback and EA believes that the policy offered for your renewal is one of the best in the market in terms of value for the benefits offered.

The Coaching Program

Recent feedback from coaches confirmed that there is deep dissatisfaction with the EA Coaching program.  Staff departures, lack of progress against key deliverables, what the coach registration fee pays for and a general decline in the EA Accredited Coach brand are common themes.

To address these issues, EA will re-focus and:

• Release the 2014 NCAS Coach Education Framework Review 

• Revisit the 2017 Coaching Pathway proposal

• Conduct coach forums to discuss:

• How we can most effectively maintain standards across all states so that we can truly claim that EA Coaching is a National Coaching Scheme?
• Should the scheme have a National Coaching Manager and/or do we provide dedicated resources to a National Coaching Committee?
• Should there be a final assessment before coaches are accredited?
• Should the scheme be managed in each state by the State Coaching Committee?
• Should the administration funding be shared with the state coaching committees.  If so, on what basis?
• How can we use digital resources to benefit coaching on the ground?

In the coming weeks we will share the details about these planned forums.

EA recognises that Equestrian coaches are the lifeblood of our sport, so, we need a coaching program that is practical, contemporary and is valued by coaches and riders alike.

Standards and progress have slipped and for that we sincerely apologise.  Our challenge now is to re-engage with our coaches and respond to the loud message that EA must repair recent problems and invest in the future.

Equestrian Australia


This interested me and I immediately thought  Ï wonder if they thought he had a clue?”

horsemanship ethics

which makes my ARTICLE OF THE WEEK quite prophetic……


Peer Review – Equestrian Australia Code of Ethics


You will note the Number 1 factor for the Members choosing a Coach, in the graph above……






I just wanted to give you feedback on the wonderful video’s you produce. I just purchased your Natural Horsemanship 2 part video have previously dappled in Clinton Anderson’s technique and been taught some other techniques but after watching your video’s I can say hands down yours are the best. I got my young warmblood out today she already knew the yoyo game from my previous trainers and I had taught her. So I tuned that up. Then thanks to her wonderful intelligence I quickly taught her the beginnings of the porcupine game. She excelled at the squeeze game and so i taught her the circling game. I then challenged us both and took it one step further and thought why not and we did the driving game. She was so willing and clever. Within 30 minutes she had given it all a go. i drove her round our 40x20m not fenced arena. Both ways just simply pointing the direction then looking or pointing at zone 2 or 4 or using voice or yo yo game to control her. I knew she was intelligent but she blew me away.

I have also been studying Linda’s the rushing horse and muscle development DVDs. And can’t wait to put these into practice.

I can’t thank you both enough

PS please make it anonymous if you want to put it on your website


Thanks Pam. Most kind and made my Day!




Victor Harbor Council.


Where Thousands of Tourists Walk 🙂










Hi John, I was told to contact you as you may know the answer to this. I have a welsh cob who was given to me by a friend after he had bought him from a breeder, I have asked the breeder for his papers but she’s refuses to give them to me. I thought it was illegal for them to withhold papers?

Also I also buy your windsucking collars! Their great and the only ones I found work!


Hi Rach……, it is not illegal. The Friend should have been diligent and got the Papers, with the Purchase, the perfect time for such Legal things to occur. Besides, You are second down the track and the Breeder has no responsibilities to you. Glad Collar is good. I got that comment from USA this morning too Yay!!




Hi John & Linda,
I spoke to you both late last year about breaking in my 3 yo warmblood. Not long after our chat I moved to central qld to work as a jillaroo and left my unbroken horse at home. I figured it wouldn’t hurt him to sit in the paddock for alittle longer. The reason I’m emailing you both is it seems I have a serious problem bucking horse and I’m hoping you can help me!
Here is the story (apologies for the essay!) – since coming home I had done a little work with him in the roundyard. He has had front stockmans hobbles on, a bridle and roller and I started mouthing him. Just the twine on one side like in your mouthing dvd. All with no reaction from him at all – I had the saddle on him twice, stepped him backwards to begin with and then put him through his paces on the lunge with absolutely no reaction, it was like he’d done it all before. The only thing he did was felt the stirrup bang him once and then came to a halt and faced me. After this he had a couple of weeks off before I brought him in again. This time I repeated the process with the saddle and he was being so quiet I thought I might take him out of the roundyard and for a walk around the paddock (on the ground)  where my friends where riding with the saddle on. I had him out for about 15 min and he was literally falling asleep. Then I went to ask for a little trot on the lunge around me – that’s when it all happened. He just absolutely exploded into the biggest bucking fit I have ever seen!! He didn’t try and run away but was in a total panic. It was like a switch just flicked in his head – I tried to stay calm and whoa him whilst not getting my head kicked in and eventually snapped him with the rope a couple of times and then he stopped. I immediately took him back to the roundyard and sent him to work – again with no reaction. At this point I was feeling shocked and overwhelmed. I have never seen a breaker buck and twist mid air like he did. I should have contacted you then but instead I called the local breaker explaining what had happened. This guy seems to get his breakers really relaxed and rides them out in the bush a lot – he seemed confident in that he could get that lateral flexion and bend through his ribcage and would be able to get him started for me.
So now he is at the breaker and has been there for 3 weeks. I got a call from him on the second week asking if anyone had tried to back my horse before – I had told him the full story beforehand and no one has ever backed him. He said he long reined and rode like he had been ridden before, but was super lazy and wouldn’t go forward. On the 3rd ride he said he really put the pressure on to go forward and then that’s when he had another bucking fit. This guy rides broncs and said this horse can really buck – he rode him out after that and he didn’t buck again. So three weeks later he is still having trouble with him and he has bucked once more. He said his attitude has gotten really bad and he is getting pushy on the ground. He doesn’t seem confident that he can get him out of this, and said that he was scared to get on him. I have since had a couple of warnings from people about this breaker. I’m going there tomorrow to see him ride him and take some video. Would it be possible for me to send this to you for a video assessment? I’m really thinking I should bring my horse home and get him checked over to make sure he isn’t sore. I would love to hear your advice on what I should do next – whether I can bring him to you, re mouth him and have you help me along the way through online lessons or find another trainer under your recommendation. 
I’m sorry to send such a long winded email – I’m really upset with myself and feel like I’ve made the wrong decisions by my horse and taken his initial quietness for granted which has led to this. Thanks, Pam



Hi Pam

Bad story 🙁 Yes, let me see the Video. Please hold the Phone SIDEWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! AND if he Bucks, don’t film the Ground 🙂 One needs to see the Mind of the Horse an the riding.

Put it on youtube, unlisted or private and include me with the email address, this one.

Lateral flexion and bend through the rib cage is completely irrelevant to the ‘Green Horse’ for they know nothing, have no understanding of aids and are like Drunks. We have just fixed another one, that put this bloke (      ) in Hospital and smashed his indoor Mirrors. He too was complaining about ‘suppleness’ when he mounted 🙂 All that stuff makes Breakers Buck. Keep it simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…don’t hustle them, they know nothing about the ridden World.


Hi John & Linda

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Yes he did not let him out of that bend the whole ride – he said he was cautious of letting him have a straight neck because of how he bucks, and also said he kept him on that rein the entire time because he was more likely to buck going the other way. He said he usually rides him like that in the roundyard and then takes him out the bush where he has cantered over logs ect. Yes I have noticed he does niggle with his legs, and cannot get him to go forward, but at the same time doesn’t seem to be giving him the chance to go forward. I would love to bring him around to Gainsborough – the only problem is I’m from Gippsland in Victoria. Do you think it’s worth me trying to work with him through online lessons with you both on the ground first or should I just bring him over to your place? He has lost a lot of weight and is very herring gutted and touchy around the girth, so I was going to treat him for ulcers and get my body worker to look over him first.
Thanks, Pam


Lol to the Gippsland Erin.

Yes, I did wonder about the condition. Given that, the is a big chance of Ulcers and that in itself can be the cause of the whole Shabang. The Horse must always get the benefit of the doubt. Rehab, Doctor Green and then start again. We can certainly keep an eye on You Erin.

When the horse is ready to come back, I would like to see some tests. Especially the Mouth, for it is one thing to do the endless flexing ( which can become default and habit) versus the real thing.



Thanks HP, that’s a relief. Fingers crossed I can get him sorted with your help. If it’s looking like he’s going to be way out of my league, (and it suits you both of course) I will bring him to you. I’m hoping he will come around pretty quick health wise being back here. Do you think it’s a bad thing to give him 2 weeks off after having a bad experience? Or should I be doing something with him in the meantime? Sorry to bother you with so many emails!

Thanks so much, Pam


I am not normally a prescriber of time off the ‘Breakers’…or indeed ‘spells’, until You get a complete handle on them but on this occasion, given the Ulcers ( which I will bet he has) you can’t. He will need to run the complete course and from memory, that is longer than 2 Weeks too.

Tip-80x80 Feed a Cup of Foal Milk Powder in his hard feed, daily, thereafter.


Horse Starting Online






I am interested in purchasing a set of your hind leg hobbles for my horse who kicks in the float and has now damaged my tail gate. I don’t want him injuring himself and or damaging my float anymore.

Do they come with instructions on how to get my horse used to them, how to fit them etc? I have used front leg hobbles on a previous horse but have never had anything to do with hind leg hobbles before and would like to make sure I am prepared and my horse is prepared as much as possible to minimise an accidents, injuries etc 

Cheers Nina


Hi Nina

Yes, that will do the trick but I would strongly recommend following all of the right protocols, so that You don’t end up with problems.

My 2 DVD Set on the Subject, is here –

The Cheaper – downloadable version, is here –

Now, they go on OVER BOOTS, good Boots – like this –

Now, the back Leg Hobbles are normally down the list, having acclimatized the Horse, to totally giving and not fighting.  front leg strap first,  Knee Hobbles, Stockman’s Hobbles, and then back leg hobbles at a stretch, but I go COLLAR ROPE, prior to them also, to totally make sure it is all a non event.

We NEVER get hair off, skin off or injuries, across Thousands of Horses, but as I said, follow the steps. If You just walked up and installed them on most horses, no drama but it is the unknown ONE HORSE, that you never know and it will start kicking like Hell….but that is where my invention of the boots and the longer hobbles, to cater for it, comes into play






Question : May I use the colic prevention for any colic prevention?
Name : Mike

HI Michael

Regarding Your Chat request, the Recipe is for the PREVENTION of Sand Colic and, whilst not sold or recommended as such because of Legal implications, used by us and certain Vets and recently the two major Vet Hospitals here because all else had failed, during Colic attacks ( when all accepted Veterinary measures had failed) However, we sell it as a prevention, which is what it is.

We have no advice regarding other Colics but interestingly, I think all are linked back to Sand.




Question : What should I give my horses for sand colic
Name : Jay

O’Leary Sand Colic Prevention Remedy




“Believe it or not, the Horse knows, on a Scale of 0-10, how real the feelings from the Human are. “




So he got taken into the interview Room first ( which I thought was strange, as we were the one’s with the Restraining Order upon Him. Never mind, he was in there for 40 Minutes or so. Then we were called.

I could feel his vibes, he wasn’t on our side, was biased against us and indeed, probably thought that we pulled down the Fence. We gave our statement and went.

A couple of Weeks however, we received a Summons in the Post, for damages done to the Fence, to the Value of $4,800, so I appeared on the Summons and demanded a Trial Date in the Elizabeth Court, which came around pretty quick.

We were both at the Bar Table and the Neighbor was very imposing, taking full control of the Court. He gave his allegations, that we had ripped down the Fence and should pay, but I had prior gone to Elders and got a written quote for the replacement of all the wires. One Roll of Barb, one of Plain and one of Sheep Wire. $104.40 at that time lol ……I said to his honor……”If You order the Police to attend, to prevent a ‘Breach of the Peace”, I will replace the Fence as new, and do the work for nothing…….”Good idea Mrs. O’Leary and so ordered”and you should have heard the protestations pf the Neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!, nevertheless, one Day soon, a Police Sergeant attended and I re-installed the wires in about 40 Minutes, ( probably quicker than it took Him to cut the old fence up and drag it to our Arena :)………BUT IT WASN’T going to end there!!!!!……

He was ordered to pay us $52. 20 but he never did…….


A Couple of Weeks Later, .were served with another Summons, for $3,500, for the “Loss of agistment in the Paddock, because we pulled the Fence down”…….by this time I was losing my sense of humor and so appeared upon this Summons also and demanded it go to Trial…….which it did 🙂 Of course, there was no agistment in that Paddock, in the first place, so he was lying….to be proven later……

Not long later, the Uniformed Officer, arrived at my Home, saying that he had received a complaint from an un-named Complainant, that I had been seen stealing a white post from the side of the Road and without searching the Property, he reported me for Larceny. smiley-crying ….wonderful,,,,another battle to be run and won, which it as prior to the Trial, thrown out by the Holden Hill Prosecution Branch, but right then and there, I was dealing with a Dirty Cop.

Not long later, I got Him sacked from the South Australian Police but……….REMEMBER this for later, AT THE WEDDING……….

Around that same time, he started Terrorizing a new Neighbor, a Motor Bike Police Officer, who triggered Him off by not knowing that the very good Friends of the Neighbor, were the Owners of the Greenwith Post Office. He walked in there to pick up his Mail one Day and happened to see hanging up for Sale, THONGS, with a brand name THUGS –  THONGS THAT HUG…..

..THUGS INC THE THONGS THAT HUG with trademark number 723729 was lodged on 11/12/1996 and has a status of Removed – Not Renewed 

The Police Officer, recognizing the link, asked the Post Master “Are these The Neighbor”?” and that triggered the next campaign, for the Post Master was his Personal Friend and indeed, was handing me the Letters of demand, without stmaps, back then.

He started giving the Police Officer a hard time and as a Warning, after the Post Office event, hung a pair of Thongs IN THE EXACT SIZE OF THE POLICE OFFICER, ( the sign he had been to the back of his HOuse in the dark and checked his footware. REMEMBER FOOTWARE FOR LATER,,,,,,,) on his Gate, with a Card that simple said, ENJOY!!!

remember that Card for later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not long later,one Morning, I saw a long haired fellow, walking past our front Fence, towards the Police Officers Home. He was wearing a backpack. I had never seen Him before. I then drove down to the local Servo, 2k and as I drove out, I saw the same Dude, walking back, towards Adelaide, over the Hill towards Garden Grove.

I drove Home and saw an Ambulance out the front of the Police Officers House and was soon told, that he was deceased, so called shot Himself……with one Bullet through his Hand and one through his Head, whilst his 4 Young Sons were in the House………..remember this..……..

So next Week, to the Show Trial at the Elizabeth Courts, where all the Prosecutors from other Courts, were attending my Court during their Lunch breaks, such was the interest and the fact that the Day started with One Sheriff in my Court and ended with 3, AS HE WAS LOSING IT big time hahahaha………to be cont’d……….










Spirit of Tasmania owners sued over the deaths of 16 polo ponies amid claim they died on board

The Spirit of Tasmania operator TT-Line is being sued for negligence over the death of 16 prized polo ponies that crossed Bass Strait in January.

9663142-3x2-700x467 Former captain of the Australian polo team and national polo identity Andrew Williams lodged the writ in the Victorian Supreme Court on Friday against TT-Line Company and logistics company QUBE Holdings Limited.

The ponies died on a horse float that had been driven by Mr Williams and had crossed Bass Strait after competing at Tasmania’s premier polo event at Barnbougle, in the state’s north-east.

The civil claim, seen by the ABC, alleges the ponies died between boarding the ferry at Devonport for the 7:30pm departure to Melbourne and about 2:00am.

Mr Williams alleges TT-Line and QUBE Holdings caused the death of the ponies by failing to provide a safe environment, adequate checks and airflow for the animals while on the ship.

7257306-3x2-700x467 Mr Williams, his partner Rebecca Ann Williams, Twynam Agricultural Group and Willo Polo pony mangers are seeking $639,000 for loss of the horses and $100,000 for loss of profits and wages.

The writ claims TT-Line was negligent as they failed in their duty of care over the horses whilst aboard the Spirit of Tasmania.

It states that there was an agreement between Mr Williams and TT-Line that while the animals were on the ferry “TT-Line would be responsible for the wellbeing of the horses”.

On the Bass Strait crossings, the writ states:

“TT-Line would provide an environment suitable for the safe passage of the Horses in the horse floats;

“TT-Line would ensure air ventilation integrity for the Horses.”

‘Negligence’ to blame for horse deaths, writ says
The writ states that two floats containing 33 horses were driven and parked on the ferry under direction of TT-Line and QUBE staff.

It claims Mr Williams and the driver of the other float were directed to leave their vehicles, go up to their cabins and to not return to the vehicles until the ferry had docked at its destination.

“The horses’ deaths were caused (or contributed to) by the defendants’ negligence'”, the writ states, arguing TT-Line and QUBE:

failed to provide a safe environment for the horses;
failed to have an adequate inspection routine for the horses;
failed to have adequate monitoring systems for the animals;
failed to provide adequate air ventilation;
and failed to adequately measure the horses’ on-board air quality.
The writ states the bloodline of the horses was five generations in the making.

TT-Line said it would not comment until the investigation was finished.

QUBE have been contacted for comment.




Police have responded to an incident involving a rider being “pulled over” when riding on a busy road.

Sue Gates shared her story on social media after a police officer asked her to pull into a lay-by while she was riding her 11-year-old Appaloosa Wonky on the A217 Tadworth Roundabout in Lower Kingswood, Surrey on 28 August.

ggdss Sue said“Our yard is on one side of the A217, which is a dual carriageway, and the heath where we ride is on the other side of the road. The only way we can get to it is by using the roundabout, which has traffic lights.

“We were on the way back from the heath at around 7.30pm and I saw the police behind us. When we were about to come off the roundabout he put his lights on and told me to pull into the layby.”

Sue understood the police officer asked her if there was a public footpath that she could use from the yard to the heath and advised against riding on the road, although the police said he asked whether there were any “paths” available, and that the officer’s aim was to “help the riders find a safe route”.

“I said to the officer we’re not allowed to use a footpath, it has to be a bridlepath and unfortunately there are no bridlepaths to take us over the A217. The roundabout is where we don’t have problems with cars because there are traffic lights – it’s side roads that we see the problems” Sue said.

“The officer was worried about my safety, but I felt he was just a bit ignorant about the situation. He said horses on the road cause drivers to be frustrated and use their horns and this can cause horses to spook and cause an accident.”

Surrey Police responded to the incident on its Facebook page.

“We acknowledge there is not always a dedicated route available to riders and, as such, roundabouts are sometimes an unavoidable part of going out for a hack,” said the statement. “With the knowledge of the Highway Code’s warning around usage of roundabouts for horse riders, and the officer’s existing experience with dangerous road users on that particular junction, it was with genuine concern that the officer chose to speak with the riders, as the riders themselves may not have ridden there before and could perhaps be unaware of the potential risk associated with this section of road.

“In the interest of increased visibility and advance warning to other motorists, the officer switched on the red lights on the reverse of the vehicle. These would only be visible to the motorists behind the vehicle, not the horses or their riders. This helped calm traffic from behind and reduce the risk of road users spooking the horses, whilst allowing the officer to safely approach and talk with the riders.

“A short conversation was had and the officer advised that, if possible, the riders should seek alternative ‘paths’ to avoid crossing the A217 in an area with a lot of vehicular activity. The officer advised that ‘paths’ could be used, intending this to be understood as those allowing access to horses and ensured that the term ‘foot path’ or ‘pavement’ was not used, to avoid confusion with routes not accessible to riders. The officer’s aim was to help the riders find a safe route via horse-friendly paths and, if possible, avoid the A217 Tadworth Roundabout with Dorking Road.”

The police added that it is legal for riders to use this route.





A new Police Scotland campaign is aimed at reducing injuries and deaths as a result of vehicles passing too close to horses.

fgdfgdf Operation Lose the Blinkers, supported by the British Horse Society (BHS) and Glasgow City Council, is aimed at all road users, with particular emphasis on the fringes of large towns and cities, where many riders keep and exercise their horses.

Since 2010, two riders have been killed, 50 injured, 43 horses injured and 10 horses killed on Scotland’s roads. Many of these incidents have been caused by vehicles either colliding with the horse or passing too close.

Operation Lose the Blinkers will involve plainclothes officers from Police Scotland’s mounted branch patrolling areas of concern and recording incidents of bad driving on camera.

“In the first instance, drivers will be stopped by road policing officers and educated in the hazards of passing horses incorrectly, however we will move to an enforcement phase in early November, and so I would urge all road users to take care and drive or ride appropriately at all times” said inspector Janet Dickie from the force’s roads policing division.

“We recognise the vulnerability that horse riders experience on our roads and this campaign is aimed at both riders and those who may come across them, as we all share the same road and need to show mutual respect.







Major medal contender ruled out of the World Equestrian Games
Denmark’s team medal chances for WEG have suffered a major blow with the loss of a top rider

France refuses to send any dressage riders to World Equestrian Games
French dressage riders have expressed their disappointment at their federation’s decision

Germany raises eyebrows with team selection for World Equestrian Games
Germany have finally revealed its dressage team for WEG.

Belgium has also suffered a blow as their highest ranked combination, Jorinde Verwimp and Tiamo, have announced their withdrawal from WEG.

The 18-year-old Lester gelding, who is in his last year of competition, failed the vet check at Aachen in July and is still not back to full fitness.

“I competed him yesterday at a national show and felt that he was still not like he used to be. I don’t want to push him to do anything he is not ready to do. The time is to short to bring him back to his top level,” said Jorinde.

Reserve pair Isabel Cool and Aranco V will step in, alongside Jeroen Devroe with Eres DL, Fanny Verliefden with Indoctro Van De Steenblok and Laurence Roos on Fil Rouge

Portugal’s Daniel Pinto and Santurion De Massa will also not compete at WEG. The 12-year-old was eliminated at Aachen as he was unsound and is not back up to full strength in time to compete in Tryon. Manuel Veiga and Ben Hur Da Broa will step in after Portugal’s first reserve, Rodrigo Torres with the eight-year-old Fogoso, chose not to make the journey to North Carolina at such short notice.

With just two weeks to go until the opening ceremony of the World Equestrian Games, several key dressage riders have announced their withdrawal from the competition.

Danish medal fortunes took a blow when Denmark’s star player and major medal hope Cathrine Dufour announced she was unable to compete as her European individual bronze medallist Atterupgaards Cassidy was unsound. She was replaced by Anna Zibrandtsen and Arlando, members of the silver-medal winning Danish team at the 2017 Europeans, but less than a week later Anna revealed that she too has been forced to pull out.

“My fantastic pal Arlando is so unlucky. I’m so sad to say that Arnie has unfortunately got lymphangitis (an infection in the lymph system of the leg) close to departure for WEG in Tryon,” said Anna. “That means we can’t work him until he’s 100% recovered; therefore we wouldn’t be able to participate at WEG.

“We were really looking forward to being part of the Danish team again this year. But Arnie always has first priority, and we will not push him. We wish everyone at WEG the best of luck and lots of fun.”

The 12-year-old by Paddox has been ridden by Anna since the beginning of 2017. Previously he was competed internationally by the Netherlands’ Diederik van Silfhout, helping the Dutch team to European gold in Aachen in 2015 and finishing 11th individually in the freestyle at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Anna and Arlando will be replaced on the Danish WEG team by the second reserve, Rikke Svane and Finckstein, who will join Daniel Bachmann Andersen (Blue Hors Zack), Anders Dahl (Selten HW) and Betina Jaeger (Belstaff) on the team.





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Problem Horse World – 30th november, 2020

Hi Folks. Well, Summer is upon us and the Bushfire Royal Commission taught them little. How much did that cost?...
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Problem horse word 29th november, 2020

Hi Folks, Hope You are all well and that You weren't too hurt by the Lying Mongrel with the Covid....
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