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 Hi Folks.

Exhausting Weekend. Autumn Championships and due to the fact that the EA still hasn’t got it’s act together with Arenas suitable for F.E.I. Horses, down South, all of those Centre and South pay a hue penalty, as do our Horses, for a very difficult, windy, bendy trip, that I noted coming down our Road last Night, where we had done 380k just to get there and back ( as we stayed over Night nearby)

Not only do we and the Horses pay the huge price of exhaustion but $130 Petrol, on top of the exorbitant prices of entry for tests now. I wonder to they ever consider it? We were buggered and so were the Horses and the Dog. He slept for 14 Hours last Night 🙂




I thought things would be coming good by now but they haven’t. It was MOST NOTICEABLE to us, that the Professionals were having huge problems trying to get all of their Horses warmed up for there were many scratching and small Fields. The Days of full Fields are gone. The damage has been done over the last couple of Years, by EA.




I went out of my way after the State Championships, to compliment the Club for I really do not like being negative, but I am PISSED off to the Max this Week, with them. Disgusting!!!!!

Remember my producing this last time????

Remember the new F.E.I. Horse RUBBER impregnated arena Folks.? Would You believe that they put Cappo, in both the Grand Prix and the Intermediate 2, ON SHELL GRIT ARENA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


right next door to the rubber arena WHICH WAS NOT BEING USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The President muttered some excuse WHILST HANDING LINDA the Ribbon at presentation, but the arena  was empty when Linda Rode…Mrs. HP was not impressed. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not nice, it is not welcoming, it is not supporting and it is not HORSE FRIENDLY. ( not the appropriate time to be muttering excuses either….or tactical?)

Others’ that I asked, gave a possibly reason, that being the Arena 3 and 2 were directly in front of the Club House where bystanders may be sitting…..then why put the rubber one down the end in the first Place then. How ridiculous????? ( and…Linda was in the Rubber one at the State Champs, as you know.)……. I even went to the Committee Room, PRIOR to the Test on the Saturday, to complain and ask that the Rubber Arena be used.

So People come before Horses with the Organizers of this Club!

Well….he went crap. I gave him 54% and so did Mrs. HP. The Judges were wonderful however and gave Him 61% ( International Judge) so I guess they wanted Him to do well for they can see his class and his training.  Thanks very much. Lovely.,,,,but back to the Club……….

Mrs. HP had specifically asked in writing, to the Draw Secretary, to possible have Dulce on in either Morning or Afternoon and Cappo the opposite, for we did not want to risk the relationship of ‘Love in the Float’ for 2.5 Hours, to ruin Her chances………, didn’t happen, they did the exact opposite and had them both on in either the Morning or the Afternoon and REMEMBER, Cappo was the only Horse in the ‘Big Tour’ so don’t give me you can’t split them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the other most obvious thing that is wrong with this TOXIC Industry right now. All caused by the take over a couple of Years ago by the Bully that went after Peter O’Born. Toxic from top to bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, across the Weekend again, I was Taxi Service, Floating each Horse back and forth 30k, so as to protect Mrs. HP from any chance of either of them yelling out during a Test.:(




I want to highly compliment the International Judge ( Mary Ziegfried sp), for Her friendly attitude and obvious attempts to assist Mrs. HP in future training, by going out of Her way to give tips of how to improve certain things.

I compliment Her also for rewarding Cappo, probably over and above what he deserved on the first Day.

High compliments go to (new) A Level Judge Hellen Whittle, who mirrored the International Judge throughout, so close to be unreal.

Congrats to the Victorian Judges, who all were scoring higher than the South Australian Judges, as usual and throughout History as not much changes in that area, the legacy of past Head of Judging and indeed the Current.


Congrats to the two Gentlemen who did a wonderful Job on the front Gate.





I doubt they will ever get it 🙁 I noted the EA Board Member wandering around all Day, in his Yellow F.E.I. Jacket. I don’t know what he was doing or what he was looking for, but he doesn’t see the obvious. The Risk ( right where he was standing all Day Sunday) is at a HIGH LEVEL! They simply don’t understand!!




There is a Toxic relationship within the Junior State Squad as well. Not nice things happening to some.

There is a particularly nasty Toxic way about going about things within the Senior side of things as well. I’ll give You an example.



A Junior State Squad Member was unable to use Her State Squad Horse at a recent Clinic, with the National Coach ( because of Veterinary reasons)

Not wanting to miss it, she asked a Friend of the Family ( an Amateur Owner) for a lend of Her Horse, for the Clinic. No problems. It is Weeks before the Champs this Weekend.

Present at the time, was an EA heavy weight and a Rug Hunting Senior State Squad Member. Shortly after the Clinic, the Mother of the Junior Member, received a Phone Call from EA Heavy Weight. “Tell the Owner of the Horse Your Daughter rode at the Clinic that she can no longer compete at the Autumn Championships ( Amateur Owner), because no one is allowed to ride Your Horse within a Month of an Event. So the Owner had to scratch and she was there this Weekend, as an onlooker SAD

This sort of stuff is going on all over the place Folks. It is little wonder the Industry is stuffed!!!!!!!!!!

SIDE NOTE:…..the EA Heavy Weight wins the Amateur Owner Class.

Meanwhile, we are aware of more and more People leaving the Sport.


I’M ON A ROLL ( told You I was pissed)


Remember me telling You last Week, about the lengths the ‘Rug Hunters’ will go to pinch all Ribbons and Rugs from any up and coming Rider to possibly win and be encouraged????? Well get this………




There was the Rug for the F.E.I. Championship this Weekend. That Championship is obviously worked out by adding the scores across the Weekend. The Classes in F.E.I. are as follows:

  • Prix St., Georges
  • Intermediate 1
  • Intermediate 2 ( Big Tour)
  • Grand Prix ( Big Tour)

Now even ‘Blind Freddie’ knows, that Judges are all trained to mark much harder and therefore much Lower, in against the ‘Big Tour’ Horses, for they are at the elite level. So no way can they be expected to beat the Small Tour Horses, for they all get Brownie Points and an easier Road.

and so it turned out. Rug Hunter won the Rug, Cappo Reserve F.E.I. Championship. No we don’t need the rug. I simply make the point, ( for the good of the Industry and to attempt to get through the Heads of those who run the Circus) that these things are

  • unfair
  • bad for the Sport
  • cause unhappiness within the Sport
  • Financially penalizing to some.
  • Taking Credit away from those who deserve it the most, those few who ever make it to the top

A check of the Results will however, show You that even though Cappo was 2 levels above the Winner, he was right up it’s backside!!

At the end of Day…..BAD ADMINISTRATION of the Sport…..and on and on it goes……I could relate Stories from the Float Park, all Night.





Here again is the unfairness of it all. Cappo would be the Winner of the South Australian Dressage Horse of the Year…again…….but wait…….the Spring Championships are at Strathalbyn! NO SAND ARENA!! riding on uneven Grass Surfaces………..( go to the first part of the Video and You will see what the F.E.I. Horse thinks of doing Piaffe or Passage on that)

So Cappo will not be going because in this Family, Horses come before the Public or Rugs.!


It’s a total Circus Folks and after 30 Years that I have been a regular attendee, they have learnt bloody nothing!!!!





” It is a risk indeed, to buy a ‘Grand Prix Horse’ Often, confusion is the result as the new Rider doesn’t understand the training that has gone before. Train them yourselves Folks and You will not have troubles.”





On Purpose. They love to upset the Horses

Indeed, Tonnes of rotten Potatoes, dumped off Trucks. They own most of the Land in the District and were bragging about their antics on a Saturday Night Party.





Hi Linda and John,

We spoke on the phone earlier this evening in regards my warm blood, ———.

———– is now 11 years old but has had very little work. He was broken in 5/6 due to our belief that he wasn’t ready. We have owned him since he was 4 and came from his breeder. He has a very sweet temperament, can be quite nervous/spooky but has previously not done more that startle. After being broken (——– in —- NSW) in he was ridden for a little while before rest then coming back into light work until I moved interstate/ had a baby and he was unfortunately out of work for several years.

Last September he went back to the Trainer for more training before I took him back, after having several years off myself. I was unable to go up and see him this time due to living interstate but my mum and sister did and said he was walk/trot/ canter with no incident. The breaker/trainer did not report any incidents. I will be ringing him tomorrow to confirm this. Both my mother and sister did report him coming back being a lot more nervous than usual and a little head shy. My sister rode him a little, although just walk and trot and said he was jumpy and nervous but otherwise fine.

About 4/5 weeks ago —— came down from NSW to SA to a trainers where he has been being lunged and in hand work (approximately 5-6 times a week). Today was his first time under saddle. There have been very few issues until today – stiff on the right side, reluctant to bend right. A little energetic and jumpy from time to time. Been fine to handle, has kicked out once or twice when picking out hind legs but not ‘aggressively’ and stopped reasonably promptly when told to. Otherwise, fine to lead, rug, shoe etc.

Today he was lunged as usual using a chambon then after 5-10 minutes (with breaks) after that with side reins for a similar time. He appeared to be moving quite freely and was listening/ responsive. The trainer then got on his back where he was snatching at the bit, being quite strong and over- bent. After a couple of minutes he took off and was bucking/ pigrouting and threw the rider off. He then proceeded to buck and run about the indoor arena where he did a loop and then ran into a large mirror at the far end of the arena, cut above his eye and his chest. He ran back up to the arena where he was caught and still very agitated/upset but stood for 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, the rider had to be taken to hospital. ——— had the vet out to stitch up his eye, who briefly checked his back and he showed no response to pressure. He had his teeth done a few weeks ago, and aside from being a bit long and sharp was otherwise ok. To my knowledge there has been no other instance of this occurring and I would really appreciate your help with this issue. It is not something I have any experience in.

I have sent a few videos of his training session today to———-

Thank you,
Kind regards,


Hi Pam.

Sad to hear about the experience Your Horse suffered.

I am a little hesitant in how I go about answering You. I have been thinking about this and discussing it with Linda ( over Dinner) and have decided to simply point You to various experiences that my Life has taught me. You are probably not aware that I own one of the most comprehensive “so called problem horse’ Sites . ( there are no ‘problem “)horses – only problem Humans, Psychologically afflicted, Veterinary afflicted or Horses with “learned Helplessness.

I can assure You, that there are two sides to the Horse Industry. I would suspect that your “Breaker’ may be from one side and with Him will be People like myself, Tom Dorrence, Ray Hunt, Jim Wilton, Kel Jeffreys, Steve Brady, Guy McLean, Young Dan James,  Pat Parelli and others.

On the other side, there will be Tom Roberts, Andrew McLean, Phillip Karl and this Bloke.

Peer Review – Dr. Andrew McLean

Peer Review – Phillip Karl Training systems

The British Horse Society – a Peer Review


Now read these

The Great Debate – ‘Starter’ on the Bit or not?

I did note that the Rider, seen here in Your Video,

had the Horse collected’…AT THE WALK  and that you used the words

“stiff on the right side, reluctant to bend right.”

“The trainer then got on his back where he was snatching at the bit, being quite strong and over- bent.”

You have therefore answered Your own questions as to why this happened.

I can assure You that the words STIFF and BEND are a complete irrelevancy to a “Green Horse” of one being brought back into work, for MONTHS of work should be put into Him prior to asking for any of those things. (German Training Scale)

So You can read between my Lines and get back to me if you desire

Don’t be concerned at all, about the Horse running through the Mirror, for the Horse doesn’t understand Man Made Mirages. He would have merely thought it was outside….a place where he would have wanted to be 🙂


PS: The Trainer is an A Level Judge and is riding without a Crash Helmet. Puzzling!



Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I believe I understand what you are saying, and I need help in re-educating myself, particularly after that negative experience, and from the look of it, quite a lot of psychological scarring for him. My sister is familiar with your website and directed me to you, and after reading a little I feel re-education (mine) is the best way for me to help ——, as I certainly don’t believe this is him (nor any horse) and certainly feel responsible for his situation. I understand this is something that will take a very long time for us both, myself in particular.

However, I also know that I will need as much help as I can get, and was wondering whether I would still be able to get in touch with —–?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately, I know his behaviour today was not himself and really want to help him/ myself in the best way possible.



HI again Pam, all is never lost.

Do you have access to a round Yard where You are??

Can You Float Him easily enough?

Prior to any decisions, an assessment needs to be made and especially regarding the integrity of the Mouth, for the Horse should not have been allowed to Buck in the first place. Other things need to be assessed as well. The overall integrity of the ‘starting assets’ on the Horse. Then, only, can we give You the opinion regarding the future.

Warmbloods, especially big one’s, MUST have a breaking in that means business. They are big, arrogant and spend half their time in mid air. MANY Warmbloods Buck. They think Buck when things go Pear shaped” and the key to them is to put the Tools on them whereby You can shut them down. They are also very good judges and do not ‘suffer fools”as well as expecting to be taken on and challenged for they hate ‘same old. At this point, I sound like a Warmblood 2laughing-smilies

Let me know


UPDATE – the Horse is now at “Gainsborough’ and I am assessing it on Thursday, after Vet.





Some  ‘private video” so that You know once and for all, what a Horse with Sacro damage looks like and how they communicate to us Humans.




  • Sold to a Lady in Queensland, by a SA Coach.
  • The Vendor refused a refund, denying there was anything wrong with the Horse.
  • I forensically examined the ‘For Sale Video’ and caught the Coach in some dropped frames, having precisely the same problems as shown in Quld.
  • A Summons was issued and the Vets declared the Horse unsound.
  • The Vendor is tied to Legal Family Members.
  • An F.E.I. Rider doing what I asked of Her ( that being to insist upon the Horse to travel CORRECTLY) as evidence for the Court.
  • Lesson with the Coach upon arrival
  • The Vendor blames Saddle Fit.
  • Video of a Horseman riding bareback.
  • The financially struggling Purchaser, walked away in the end and was left with the Horse.





Hi John,
I would also suggest to this lady that she keeps a copy of all her text messages AND downloads them into hard copy (and have them verified legally by a legal beagle) just for future reference . Only so that she can verify all she has done to try and resolve this issue without conflict .


Thanks David. I presume you are reacting to my Blog. You know you can comment on that and I moderate it and approve it. regards




Have you ever seen a reaction like this in a foal .. I’m thinking it’s not the first time it’s been haltered & had pressure on the rope .. what’s your view on this type of antic


That’s a simple one. Foals are not ready for and should never be asked, for proper “give to pressure the sophisticated type, for they NEVER understand it. So the Halter causes the release of endorphins and they fall over. Just the same as in “The Endorphin Tap” I could however, do this with our Foal, for it has advanced past where this Foal is, but these People cannot ask this of this Foal. Poor little one 🙁

You will note, that after it fell down, they were STILL swinging off it’s Head. Must be British Horse Society People.

I did notice the whites of its eye .. so the endorphins caused the freeze response as in a reaction to fear rather that fight ..


Learned helplessness

Thanks for telling me that .. learn something new each day 1f60a




The Case of the escaped Horse, tied to a Horse Float, at a Competition, within the Trailer Parking area. The Horse was tide to twine.

It escaped and galloped over the back of a Lady, severely injuring Her with permanent injuries.

I will be giving evidence that tying Horses to twine is a “Risk Management’ issue.



John! I backed my first horse with Nicole!



Well done Em. Great effort and thanks to Nicole Bortulossi in Sydney, for helping out. Regards









ble-e1527206517704 A horse was left “bleeding profusely” in the road after it bolted and collided head on with a car, the RSPCA said.

Its owners are thought to have left the scene following the collision, according to the animal charity.

The horse suffered open wounds but is recovering in RSPCA care.

The seven-year-old mare was part of a procession in Wolverhampton on Sunday, which included several traditional horse-drawn carriages.

The procession was going along Great Bridge Road, in Bilston, when the horse is thought to have bolted.

The impact of the crash smashed the windscreen of an oncoming vehicle and left the mare lying in the road. The family in the car were unhurt but the car was badly damaged.

Captude RSPCA Inspector Vicki Taylor said: “The horse was lying in the road and bleeding where the smashed windscreen had cut into her front and legs.

“This was a shocking sight and she was clearly suffering.”

Insp Taylor added: “When I arrived, the men with the horse had already left.

“It must have been a shock to be involved in an accident like this but these men essentially abandoned this horse to die.”

Captuare She added: “Thankfully there are no obvious broken bones and the equine vet is positive she will recover despite the open wounds which may take a while to start healing.”

The charity has asked for anyone with information to come forward.





Most horses find it difficult enough to just land a win at the racecourse but one victorious runner at Ripon was still so full of running he tried to run all the way off the course.

s8f The Richard Hannon-trained Tigre Du Terre landed a runaway success in the Owlerton Greyhound Stadium Novice Stakes at 16:30 on the card at the North Yorkshire course under Silvestre de Sousa this afternoon.

That success was the fourth of four for the Brazilian-born jockey on the day. It was the easiest of the lot, too, as the talented 3-year-old demolished his field of rivals and suggested he might be seen in better company before too long.

He was so full of beans, however, he got himself into a bit of strife. After passing the post the horse bucked off De Sousa and went rogue, before being picked up on AtTheRaces cameras, when could be seen going on a jolly run through a car park and aiming for an exit gate.

Cars could be seen passing at speed outside the gate and the horse would have presented a grave danger to both himself and the public if making it to the road.

Thankfully there was a steward on the gate who’d obviously been around a wild horse or two in his day, and he soon had him by the reigns.

Middleham Park Racing, the syndicate that owns the son of Le Havre, took to social media to sing his praises.




THREE horses were killed when they escaped from their field and charged into the path of oncoming traffic.

llslssy The carnage began to unfold when the animals ran onto a busy motorway in Golling in the Austrian state of Salzburg.

In the most horrific incident, a horse was killed instantly when it smashed through the windscreen of a German family’s campervan.

Shocking pictures of the aftermath of the collision show the dead horse sticking out of the badly-damaged vehicle.

The 45-year-old German driver and his 13-year-old son, who was travelling the passenger seat, both suffered serious injuries in the late-night pile-up.

ldo Emergency services said a total of four horses ran onto the motorway, with heavy rain making it difficult for motorists to avoid them.

A second horse died at the scene following the freak accident while a third was hit by a lorry and was found near the motorway.

The lorry driver was uninjured and pulled off at the next motorway service station.

A large emergency services operation was launched with one horse successfully rescued and returned to its owner.


Fire brigade director of operations Peter Schluet said: “The fourth horse that survived the collision could later be found and caught in the area of a slip road.”

Around 30 firefighters in five fire engines took part in the emergency response along with police, paramedics and vets.

The road was closed for two hours with paramedics providing first aid for the injured father and son before taking them to hospital.





Catt Jolley had been riding Axel since she was 15.

puy They won Jolley’s first first-place ribbon together. Their birthdays were only one day apart — Axel would have turned 18 on Thursday.

Now Jolley is marking her 26th birthday on Friday, mourning her friend.

Axel was one of 16 horses killed in a fire at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Stables over the weekend. The cause of the blaze is still being investigated.

“I felt so helpless, knowing he wasn’t able to be saved or just feeling the pain as I thought how terrified he must have been smelling the smoke and not knowing what was going on,” Jolley said.

Jolley volunteered at Saturn Stables in St. Catharines for roughly three to four years, completing her high school co-op hours and taking regular lessons, all the while growing increasingly closer to Axel who was living there at the time.

“I still remember when my dad drove me out there and when I first saw him, I knew — That’s the horse. That’s the horse that will take me places,” she said of Axel, who was originally known as Maxx.



s9s A man has been seriously injured after being thrown from a horse yesterday (Tuesday). Emergency services including an air ambulance were called to the scene on the A271 by the Boship roundabout in Lower Horsebridge at 5.50pm.

The rider, a man in his 60s, was air lifted to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton with potentially serious injuries, said SECAmb. The incident happened after the black horse was reportedly spooked by something. There was significant delays on the road as the animal ran through the area, drawing a cart. Police received a number of calls from people seeing a horse-drawn cart with only a dog on board. The horse eventually collapsed in London Road, Hailsham, said police. But officers who attended the scene said the horse was back on its feet and would be seen by a vet.





The head of the Italian equestrian federation’s (FISE) dressage department has been temporarily suspended after he was arrested as part of a financial crime investigation.

Cesare Croce served as the president of FISE from 1996 to 2008, taking over as dressage head in 2017.

A statement from FISE said he had been suspended while the police investigation is carried out “in which it is hoped that Cesare will prove his own extraneousness”.

Italy’s financial police department in Monza arrested 30 people on 21 May on suspicion of offences including tax and bankruptcy crimes, fraud, money laundering and corruption.

The investigation was sparked by a complaint in October 2014, dating back to an incident in 2010 in the town of Brianza.

On behalf of the local judicial authorities, the police have started investigations into the management of about 40 companies belonging to a corporate group belonging to well-known building contractor Giuseppe Malaspina operating in the province of Monza and Brianza.

Officers are looking into the issue and use of invoices for non-existent transactions by the companies totaling around €95 million, with assets of approximately €234 million.

Police have seized 28 real estate units, company shares and financial assets, worth a total of €9.3 million, and are aiming to confiscate up to €10million to make up for the amount of tax that has allegedly been evaded.




A woman was thrown from her horse after it was spooked by a herd of cows and bolted over a nearby wall.

sgj The accident happened on an isolated bridleway in Greetland yesterday when the horse was panicked by cattle in an adjacent field.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service were called to help the woman who suffered potential back injuries. They were assisted in the evacuation of the casualty by 15 team members from Calder Valley Search and Rescue (CVSRT) and one from Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association (UWFRA).

kkg Despite the warm weather, the injured rider became cold so emergency services wrapped her up to help raise her body temperature.

To ensure her comfort she was placed on a vacuum mattress before being carried on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance at a nearby farm.

The casualty’s mother later thanked the emergency services for their help, calling them “heroes”.

It is thought both rider and horse escaped without serious injuries.



A Linton couple involved in a horse riding accident has thanked emergency crews after a week in which the Victorian public’s treatment of paramedics was thrust into the spotlight.
Mark Lutnant and Deanne Jackel were riding on their farm when Mr Lutnant’s horse, Jasper, suddenly broke into a canter before kicking its back legs, throwing him onto the ground.


“He’s a big horse and with that kick Mark just went flying into the sky. It was shocking,” Ms Jackel said.

ZZ Mr Lutnant thumped onto the ground, writhing in agony and growing pale as he struggled to breathe.
Panicking, Ms Jackel dialled triple-0 and remained on the phone for the next 40 minutes until three road ambulances and a helicopter arrived.

“Those paramedics saved his life, because I don’t know what I would have done. I would have had to walk kilometres to try and get some help because it was just us two,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to leave him. I was concerned I would have to do CPR.
“I was amazed by triple-0 operator as well.
“The woman was fantastic. I was on the line to her for 40 minutes because they had to find us.”




The occupants of a car were fortunate to escape injury and even death when the car they were travelling hit a horse in the early hours of Monday morning.

llsjldjf Shawn Herbst, spokesperson for Netcare 911, said the accident happened around 2.30am on the R25.

Reports from the scene indicate that a light motor vehicle and a horse were involved in a collision. There were no injuries from the vehicle, but the horse was killed, Herbst said.
All necessary authorities were on.











7 thoughts on “Premium Members Blog – 29th May, 2018

  1. says:

    In Tasmania, to win Horse of the Year you have to nominate yourself. It doesn’t go to the best horse if the owner doesn’t fill in paperwork and send it in!
    Also, the State Squad members have to nominate too. If the best horse and rider combination doesn’t nominate (and pay a fee) they are not on the squad!

    1. It used to be an honour, to be recognized for good performance. Now you are not. In this State, you don’t have to nominate for Horse of the Year and nor should You. You have to compete at a list of certain big Shows. There is a ‘Horse Dealer’ with Multiple Horses ON THE STATE SQUAD. I think that should not be allowed. Horses for sale should NOT be on the State Squad, using the honour for financial gain.

  2. Sarah Brien says:

    Hi John,
    Can you asses a horse for soundness or suitably for the job just on photos or do you need video?

    1. Suitability for the Énglish Disciplines’is easily able to be done, via vid and photos. When nit comes to the Trail Horse, it matters not really. Regards

      1. Sarah Brien says:

        Thanks, will organise something.

  3. diannegirven says:

    Awwww that poor little foal. Nice introduction to the world for it. What a fruitcake on the end of that lead rope.

    1. It is a little known thing Dianne. I mean the Humans never learn this one. Sad for them.

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