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Hi Folks, hope You are all great. We have been busy as usual, Mrs. HP teaching all over the Place, including on the Internet



and continuing to train Her Horses, including almost daily, ‘Çeleste’, to keep Her from boredom, to put the foundations on Her, to keep Her attitude right for like any Weanling, they are always wanting to test the Borders and especially Warmbloods out of arrogant Mothers 🙂 Yes, half threatening to kick with the little presentation of the rear end as she Sacha’s away with the cocky Head Chuck and so on.

So this Week, she has had tying up, Boots on all Legs, Natural Horsemanship, Join Up and Stock Whip Training.

She is improving and she had better do as well :)……for like the rest of them, she is spoilt rotten ……….

ooohh, we can’t have Her without a Shelter, so I have been back on the Crow Bar this Week. Through the Rock we go :)…..but……..I haven’t gone any further for we have some exciting News lol ……Bunnings are opening here next Saturday and we all can’t wait hahahaha….how weird, the Town is excited about a Shop opening….how bizarre, but in our case, we have Bunnings Vouchers from our Credit Card points and so we shall go shopping in the new Shop, for the Timber and kick Boards 🙂


20180730_155901 20180730_160500

Guess what, they lied, we found out that the Tradies could go Today and along we went 🙂







Well she needs exercise…right????… onto the arena for a Cappo workout ( who had a short Bolt which was refreshing for Mrs. HP hahahahaha….I caught a glimpse of Him between Bushes as I was passing buy on the John Deere 🙂


20180730_114106 20180730_114358

She lapped wonderfully, for 10 Minutes and we had put 50mm electric tape up on top of the Rock walls, to ensure she wouldn’t jump…..but not down the end, where it was 7 foot high :)…..Yep, You guessed it……..away she went and back Home to Auntie Dolce



20180730_124852 lol Note the hoof prints on take off 🙂

Weeeell…the Camp had become restless, the Animals had gone ferral 🙂

I went and caught Her ( lucky I did join up yesterday…….and was putting Her back in Her Yard, next to Dolce,,,,,when from 150 metres away, where Cappo ahd been left TIED UP SOLID at the Rail, I turned around and here he came :)……still Saddled, treading on His Rope and therefore cannot move hahahahaha.

It’s a Bloody Circus around here Folks



Next thing…..Celeste has a Hay Net lol


Hell…..SHE IS GOING TO CUT HER LEG OFF……..ummmm, no she’s not, she was hobble trained a couple of Weeks ago 🙂 We have the luxury of being able to take happy snaps 🙂

The Power of Training Folks. $30,000 at risk, trained – no risk. Simple as that.




Gainsborough Celest… we can start to see where she is Heading.



 by the way,’s the “Bluff’ in the background, where Captain Mathew Finders ran slap bang into Nicholas Boudin, that’s why it is called  “Encounter Bay”





It never bloody ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would think that a Bunch of Women could get along and stick to their own Business’s on 10.5 Acres…right??????/…….no such chance.

New Owners have taken over the next Door Property and there is a handful of Professional Stirrers, who are in the Horse Industry on the pretense of loving Horses, but they really love stirring Shizer.

One of them we kicked out a few Weeks ago….for the second time over the Years, for threatening the Life of a Horse owned by another Agistee ( who called the Police would you believe) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well now they are playing Hell next door, purposely frightening Horses and Riders on our side of the Fence and exactly on the other boundary, the Agistees at the Golden Grove Equestrian Centre are also copping it and complaining like Hell.

WELL IT’S ON….Facebook……Mud Pitt for all and G Strings…..I wish lol ……what a sight, You wouldn’t want to see it.

So what in the Hell does a Bloke do now???? Imagine?? They make Your Life Hell Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


It’s déjà vu Folks. Little do they know it. 24 Years ago, same Paddock, similar silly Women acting as Teenagers, but the result lasted Years and was responsible in the end for probably 3 Deaths and a Young Man shot in the face with a shotgun full of rock salt, by the Owner of the same Property.

This new Owner, has no idea what is festering within his Domain but he sure as Hell will soon 🙂 Little does he know what trouble they will cause Him.




I guess this is a good Night for me to relate some of the stories of what went down back then. You know the start of it, 2 stupid Woman, shit stirred over the Fence with other agistees and sparked up the DEVIL.

Little did we know, we had only just arrived….Mrs. HP was 20 but we soon found out. He had terrorized the entire District for 10 Years and these two Women triggered his attention to us.

2 Years, Day and Night, he gave it to us. He had given the Golden Grove Equestrian Centre 2 Years, would jump the Fence during the Day and Grab the Owner whilst teaching Learner Riders, lift him off the ground and scream at Him……..then he started on the Owner of the Property behind.. Jim McKecknie…..Earth Mover, Sons Eventers…….he was terrorized day and Night. Horses were getting their Tails cut off and then Jim made the fatal mistake…….he drive into Gainsborough with a Truck Load of Fill and asked the then Owner ( who would often have to lock Herself in the House for fear of the Neighbour) if she wanted the fill. She said no but go next door….”John is wanting to put in a Creek Crossing “….so he did…….

Fine said John…..dump it right here……”but I want You to know that it has a few pieces of Cement in it”….that’s fine, just dump it here…..which he did.

A Week later, he was sued in the Courts, for the removal of the fill, because it had concrete in it. $4,000. and on and on it went.

The Neighbor ( was so adept at commanding the inside of a Court Room that he ran rings around Jim) and won the case.

Jim committed Suicide.

to be continued……..

I wonder if these stupid Woman have a Clue of what is possible in this World?????





” Change Your Weanlings Paddocks and Yards, almost every Day. Never play STABLE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “





Training the Horse and Human to the Stock Whip from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.








Hi John O’Leary, just to confirm contact and a  few details—further to our brief conversation this afternoon.

 In the following  email I will  record  the situation with our stallion in the care of Dora Ryan of SA.  Some of it I know first hand from Dora, but some I have been told by people who in most cases are more computer literate than self or they have contacts –so technically is ‘hearsay’.  

I understand that as you might represent us –or help us with recovering possession of our stallion, that you would become our lawyer and that therefore everything is confidential. Please correct me if I am wrong.  

And , we don’t expect you to help us for nix so probably need to know your hourly rate please.

Looking forward to hearing from you—when you have that athletic youngster under control—haha.  Does he/she have  jumping bloodlines? lol

Kind regards, Pam (New Zealand)



Hi Pam,

Yes, here is the youngster, escaping 🙂  up the wall 7 foot 🙂

Yes, confidential to a point. I often use the Power of my Site or Facebook, to go on fishing exercises. Many times, this brings to an outcome, without any Courts.

Treat this as an assessment.

I would need a  DOT POINT LIST ( keep it brief) on dates, times, places, horse, monies etc.

The Story sounds a bit weird up front, where a Person in New Zealand, would send a Horse to Crap Country in the driest State on the driest Continent on the Planet 🙂





A fencing guide wire that caused a fatal riding accident was not viewed as a hazard by the contractor who left it out over night, a coronial inquest in the Christchurch District Court has heard.

On Wednesday, Paul Addie told the inquest into the death of Nicola Pellett, 47, that he did not expect people to be riding horses in the section of the Mandeville sports grounds on which he was working in early August 2015.

1527726867988 So he left the guide wire – there for a new fence – out overnight.

The following morning,Pellett and a friend were riding in the area when Pellett’s horse stood on the wire, knocking her off and causing a fatal head injury.

Addie, who has been a fencing contractor for about 15 years, said he had been contracted to a range of jobs at the Swannanoa facility, including erecting a new fence.

He began work on it during the afternoon of August 5 and left the guide wire out when he left that evening, planning to be back early the following morning.

However, due to a frost he did not return at the time he expected to, instead doing some paper work before going to see about another job.

He said the frost would have made it difficult to start his tractor, while also making the ground where he was going to drive the fenceposts in hard, so he decided to wait until the morning warmed up before going back.

Addie said he understood members of clubs based at the sports complex had been told that he was working there and to avoid the area where he was erecting the fence, so he did not think the wire, which ran along or close to the ground, was going to be a significant risk.

He only found out after the accident that the grounds were a public reserve.

If he had known the paddock where he was working would be used by people riding horses he would not have left the wire out, Addie told the Coroner Sue  Johnson.

Addie did not put up signs telling people to keep out.

He said because there had been other contractors working at the sports grounds and that there were other hazards lying around, including off-cuts of timber and stacks of pvc pipes, he thought that it was an obvious work area that people would realise they should not be in.

Addie said it was his usual practice to keep guide wires as close to the ground as possible so they would be less of a trip hazard.

He thought it was still easily visible, particularly as he had used what he described as orange “dazzle” paint on the ground at about six metre intervals along the length of the wire, both to mark where the posts would go in as well as identifying the wire as a hazard.

The accident led Addie to change his approach to site safety. He told the court that he was now “over-cautious” about any potential risks.

During his evidence Addie expressed his condolences to Pellett’s family for the difficult time they had experienced since the accident.

He said it had affected him personally but that was nothing to how it had affected their lives.

Yesterday’s proceedings were a resumption of an inquest that was adjourned in May.





A family whose prized horse was killed when it fell through the floor of a ‘death trap’ £65,000 lorry have received a five-figure settlement.

LER Carole Mutch was transporting eventer Gorsehill Echo to a friend’s farm when it fell through the horsebox’s 1.8cm plywood flooring in March 2015.

The horse, thought to be worth £35,000, became trapped between the double wheels – breaking its leg and severing its hoof and had to be euthanized while still stuck inside the vehicle.

Ms Mutch claims Alexanders Horseboxes, who built the £65,000 lorry, cut corners when fitting the 18mm wooden flooring without the correct support.

0W Ms Mutch, whose son Harry is a professional event rider, is now calling for the law to be changed so all horse vehicles are required to have sturdy aluminium floors.

Alexanders Horseboxes said they do not accept liability and said it was important vehicles are correctly maintained and not neglected.

Ms Mutch, from Whitley Bay, Northumberland, said: ‘I think they murdered my horse.’

She continued: ‘The day we lost Echo I saw something I never ever thought I would see.

‘When I could see that his tail was touching the ground I knew how bad it was.

‘The fire service that attended that day had to use 400 gallons of water to clean the blood from the back of the lorry.

PSE ‘My son and Echo had a very special bond and they had a very promising future ahead of them.

‘We were all so devastated and even now we miss him so much.

‘He was a horse of a lifetime when he had finished his job with Harry he would never have been sold, he would have stayed with our family. He was a horse in a million.

‘I struggled for a long time afterwards and couldn’t leave the house or sleep. Even crossing the road sent me into a panic.’

PY Ms Mutch added: ‘I believe they cut corners putting a plywood floor in. Why plywood was ever on the floor is beyond me, the advert the horsebox was built from states alloy plank flooring as a standard feature.

‘My horse trusted me with his life and I thought I was doing the right thing by spending so much money on the lorry.

‘I loaded Echo and another horse onto that death trap that morning. I really had no idea there was only 1.8cm between them and the road.’

Ms Mutch had been taking her son’s two horses to her friend’s farm in Jedburgh, near the Scottish Border, so they could be exercised when she felt a bang and thought the lorry had blown a tyre.

She was quickly flagged down by a passerby, who informed her she could see the horse’s tail lying on the ground and it looked like it had fallen through the floor.

Echo’s hind leg had fallen through the floor and between the double wheels, causing a fracture above the hock, its hoof to become dislodged and extensive bleeding.

A local farmer friend who was close by had to put the nine-year-old event horse down after it became clear the animal would not recover and was suffering.

Ms Mutch, who helps son Harry run his own yard in Whitley Bay, said: ‘We had nothing but problems with the box since it was delivered in September 2012.




A Lewis County couple has filed a federal lawsuit against Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland and organizers of the Columbia Spring Jubilee Horse Show, alleging violation of their constitutional rights.

jdr Husband and wife Jason and Tawnee Preisner, who work for the Horse Plus Humane Society of Hohenwald, allege the defendants violated their First Amendment rights at the annual Tennessee Walking Horse show June 1 at Maury County Park. They ask for an injunction to prohibit Rowland and others from intimidating and threatening them in a public setting.

The suit was the second filed against Rowland related to the show. Attorney and animal welfare advocate Clant Seay’s 2016 First Amendment lawsuit against Rowland has been scheduled for trial Nov. 6. The sheriff has asked a U.S. District Court judge to dismiss the case. Seay is legally representing the Preisners in their case.

se “Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland and his deputies conspired with and colluded with Columbia Spring Jubilee Horse Show Chairman David Sisk and Maury County Horseman’s Club President Callaway Dial,” the lawsuit charges, “to intimidate, threaten and interfere with [the Preisners] in their exercise of theIR constitutional rights.”

The Preisners were among protesters in Maury County Park on June 1 who were calling attention to the treatment of the horses competing in the show. After the protest ended around 6 p.m., they bought tickets to watch the competition.

her “After watching the horses in the show ring for a short time, [the Preisners] decided to go for a walk,” the lawsuit says. “There were no signs that forbid [their] free movement within the Maury County Park.”

As the Preisners continued to walk, they came upon an area that an unidentified man told them was off limits.

“Only owners, trainers, exhibitors and riders past the line,” the suit says they were told.

Tawnee Preisner asked, “Where’s the sign? Is there a sign saying that there is no public back here? It is a public park. We can walk wherever we want.”

A deputy’s police cruiser met the couple as they continued to walk, the lawsuit said. They were told to stay out of areas restricted by the show’s management.

“The sheriff’s deputy drove beside them and escorted them out of the area,” the lawsuit says.

The Preisners sought assistance from Seay, a Mississippi resident who was videotaping horses during the show. He asked deputies to call Rowland.

When Rowland arrived, he asked for Dial to join the conversation with Jason Preisner and Seay, the lawsuit said.

“Dial explained that the ‘restricted area’ was for the safety and protection of persons,” the lawsuit says. “Mr. Dial said, ’I’ve gotta be able to protect everybody here … to keep everybody safe.”

The Preisners were standing in a place where no sign was posted, advising them not to be there, Seay told Rowland.

“Sheriff Rowland gave a lawful order and threatened to arrest Jason Preisner and Seay if they did not moved from the location.”

Seay told The Daily Herald that Rowland’s order limited the Preisners’ freedom of movement. He said the Lewis County couple work to rescue horses at public auction that have been abused, finding them suitable homes. Otherwise, many would end up in a slaughter plant, he added.

“The Preisners’ lawsuit is not about money. It only seeks nominal damages from Sheriff Rowland and Maury County,” Seay said. “Their lawsuit is about the priceless freedom that Americans are provided by the guarantees afforded them under the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

“In my opinion, Sheriff Rowland took an oath to uphold the U. S. Constitution, but unfortunately, he seems to quickly forget that oath when it comes to catering to the wealthy people who are behind the ‘Big Lick’ Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses.”

Rowland said Thursday he has not been served with the lawsuit. However, he said Seay, who leads the animal welfare group Citizens Campaign Against Big Lick Animal Cruelty, is an attention-getter, hoping to raise money for his cause through protests and lawsuits. Seay bought an advertisement in The Daily Herald on July 18 that accused Rowland of ignoring reports of a starving horse. Rowland is up for re-election, with Election Day on Thursday.

According to reports from the sheriff’s office, deputies were sent to the farm in question on Baptist Branch Road in Mt. Pleasant, beginning on July 7, to investigate the case. Deputies reported the horse owner had one animal that she loved and did not want to euthanize.

“The horse was female and approximately 32 years old,” the sheriff’s report says. “She has been in declining health for some amount of time. The owner has had her 18-20 years and has a deep emotional attachment to the horse and in no way was neglecting the horse. She loved and cared for her horse and simply did not want to have her put down before she absolutely had to.”

The horse was humanely destroyed July 11, the report said.

“Due to the horse’s age and arthritis, it was decided it would be in the best interests of the horse to have her euthanized.”

The Daily Herald advertisement cost Seay about $600. Rowland said that’s a low cost because Seay will ask for donations based on sympathy for what allegedly happened at the horse show and with the euthanized horse.

“There are rules and regulations to any event. Whoever is having the event, renting the facility, sets those,” Rowland said. “I am looking forward to a judge hearing this case as well.

“This gentleman — Mr. Seay — makes his living off of this. He is not an advocate for that group. He is a leech who is taking advantage of those people. Their heart is in the right place. His is not. He is making a living off of that. He has a big following of people around the world and is taking advantage of their good intentions.”






Stormy Daniels is sued for $1 million over claims she smeared her horse trainer as an animal ‘killer’ and falsely accused her of breaking into porn star’s home

liyy Stormy Daniels claimed her former horse trainer ‘deliberately’ left one of her animals in a flooded field to die and broke into the porn star’s house to change her wifi password, court documents reveal.

The porn star, 39, also stands accused of calling former event rider Ellen Doughty-Hume ‘autistic and mentally challenged’ and of harassing clients using her Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center business.

Daniels, who is currently embroiled in a divorce battle with third husband Glendon Crane, 41, is now being sued for defamation, business disparagement and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

A lawyer for Doughty-Hume told that the equestrienne, 33, is looking for up to $1m in damages, as well as the chance to clear her name.

jrrr According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Kaufman, Texas, on July 13, Daniels had kept up to seven horses with Doughty-Hume at her ranch property in Rockwall.

In June 2016, one, named Bailey, was killed in a flash flood. According to Christine Renne, Doughty-Hume’s lawyer, Daniels was compensated via her insurance and brought further horses to the livery stable shortly after the accident.

But in September 2016, she removed her animals from Doughty-Hume’s yard and then, in December 2016, began posting what Renne describes as ‘false accusations’ against the trainer on equine website, Chronicle of the Horse.

The post, which dates from December 21 2016, is titled: ‘My horrible experiences with Texas horse trainer/instructor Ellen Doughty-Hume’ and goes on to accuse her of deliberately leaving Bailey to drown and of turning out another horse, Ziggy, in a hailstorm leaving him with ‘a career ending injury’.

lro Daniels also accuses Doughty-Hume, a former eventing champion, of leaving her barn in charge of an eight-year-old child, ripping off clients and being ‘a negligent and dangerous disgrace to horses, riders and the entire sport of eventing’.

Renne says all of the claims are unfounded, telling ‘Stormy Daniels went on a very public social media campaign trying to destroy my clients.

‘Originally it was confined to the horse community so everybody who knew my client knew that the allegations were patently untrue – we vehemently deny anything she posted on social media at any point.

‘When she didn’t get any satisfaction with her initial results, she escalated the matter and started posting things that were even more heinous.’





Top hunter professional John French is healing in the hospital after a horse rolled on top of him at the Showpark Racing Festival CSI**, held in Del Mar, California, on July 25. French was finishing his round when the mare he was riding tripped and rolled on his right side, breaking seven ribs, puncturing a lung and spraining his foot.


htthu “I finished my round and basically was coming back to the trot and gave the horse a pat—then the next thing I know the horse was going head first into the ground,” said French. “I went off to the side. I was kind of close to the ring fence and hit the ground pretty hard, but I was trying to protect my collarbone [which he broke in May]. I was thinking, ‘Oh I think I’m going to be OK.’ ”

But then the horse fell and rolled over toward the fence where French was. “Basically the horse fell on top of me,” he said. “And the horse was kind of stuck there. It couldn’t roll back. It seemed like a long time, but I guess it was like two or three seconds. Then [she] got up. I couldn’t breathe—was making all these noises and gasping for breath.”

French knew immediately that his chest was injured. “I could feel the ribs breaking,” he explained. “On my right side, when she rolled back over I guess, I broke every rib except for one.”

The owner told French she saw her mare get her right leg stuck behind her. “Instead of tripping out in front of her, she tripped with her leg back, so it’s like she went straight down,” he said.

The Paso Robles, California, professional who runs Waldenbrook Farm in Templeton, California, had just returned to the show ring after his collarbone injury. His collarbone hadn’t completely healed, but with the doctors’ permission, French got back in the saddle and was planning to compete at the Platinum Performance/USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship in Lexington, Kentucky, on Aug. 16-18 with Laura Wasserman’s Skyhawk and Hiller Farms LLC’s Center Court.

“The doctors told me with the collarbone, because it wasn’t healing very well, they said, ‘Keep going, and in five more weeks, if it’s not healing we’re going to talk about doing something else. Just don’t fall off,’ ” said French, 56. “I fell off last week, and I fell off this week. I don’t usually fall off. It’s not the kind where you get spooked or bucked—it’s just tripping. It doesn’t matter how good you are; nobody could have stayed on.”

Doctors were concerned about air escaping his right lung on Wednesday and considered putting in a chest tube, but it appears that his lung has little nicks instead of a puncture. And despite harming his ligaments in his right foot, French has been encouraged to walk to help with his breathing and his broken ribs. The recovery period is estimated to be about eight weeks.

“I think I’m giving up on this year,” French admitted. “I might show in the fall, but this is probably at least eight weeks off. Do I show up at indoors, or do I just stay home and wait for next year and get totally healed? [But] you won’t see me at Derby Finals. I was so looking forward to it.”





A two-year-old horse had to be cut from a horsebox by firefighters after he became stuck while trying to jump over a partition.

jyu6 The bay had become wedged on top of a fixed breast bar in the rear-facing small lorry and could only be removed by cutting the roof off the box.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) were called to the scene at a yard in Isle Lane near Bicton in Shrewsbury at around 8.45am on Tuesday (17 July).

The horse, called Moo, was sedated by a vet from Stretton Hills Veterinary Practice before he was lifted to safety by a crew of SFRS’s trained large animal rescue specialists.

In a statement, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews released Moo safely by cutting away the roof and lifting the sedated Moo out of the box with our rescue tender.

“After letting Moo regain feeling in his legs, he was released from the harness and escorted into a nearby field where he’s now recovering.”

yt Moo was reported to be doing well after his ordeal, which lasted more than an hour and a half.

A spokesman for SFRS said it was one of the few fire and rescue services in the country which has a dedicated large animal rescue team.





VINCENT, Ala (WIAT) — A Vincent family wants answers to how their horse died back in June, and they firmly believe it was no accident.

The Patterson family is devastated of the loss of their horse, Captain, who they only had him for 2 months when they found him dead.

56 Hallie Patterson has grown up on her grandparent’s ranch, taking care of the horses, and just a couple of months ago, she finally saved up to buy her first horse.

“Since I bought him, I was really happy. I had something that was mine and I could ride and do anything with, so he meant a lot,” said Hallie Patterson.

The night of June 3, Hallie said she saw Captain outside doing well, but the next morning, she saw the worst.

“I called him like I always do and he’ll usually come but he didn’t so I walked by the pasture and saw him laying there and I instantly knew he was gone because he was stiff and bloated already,” said Hallie.

Hallie and her family said they know their horse was stabbed and that it wasn’t an accident because of how the halter was cut and hanging in the tree.

“There’s no way you can rub a straight line through a halter. That takes something sharp that is double thick there and evidentially they had a doe knife and they tried to cut where it’s triple thick and didn’t make it all the way through,” said Lisa Patterson.

Alabama law enforcement agency said they have consulted with a veterinarian and although they don’t know for sure what happened, they don’t suspect foul play, but the Patterson’s disagree.

“Seeing his halter I knew someone killed him. Somebody could maliciously kill my horse that would hurt nobody,” said Lisa.

“He was angel. He never did anything,” said Hallie.

The Pattersons said they want to know who did this and why because if someone did stab and kill Captain, than they believe that person could be capable of worse.

If you know anything on this case, you’re asked to call Vincent Police Department.




A Rockford area man was placed on probation for dumping antifreeze in his neighbor’s horse trough in what was described as a dispute that got out of hand. The horse did not drink from the tainted trough.

DGU GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A Rockford area man who tried to poison his neighbor’s horse with antifreeze was sentenced Monday to five years’ probation and ordered to pay $4,000 in restitution for what his attorney called a dispute that got out of hand.

Kevin Roy Greenwald, 59, “thought that maybe it would just cause the horse to have a bad day,’’ defense attorney Jonathan Schildgen said. “He wasn’t trying to kill the horse; didn’t want to kill the horse.’’

The horse did not drink the tainted water. Greenwald’s actions were caught on surveillance camera, which lead to a felony charge of animals – killing/torturing. The offense is punishable by up to four years in prison.

“Just because you have a dispute with your neighbors doesn’t give you carte blanche to poison their animals,’’ Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Jay Quist said. “This matter has to be taken very seriously.’’

Greenwald was sentenced to five days in jail and credited for five days already served. Sentencing guidelines recommended a jail term of between zero and three months. A condition of probation requires that he have no contact with the neighbors or their livestock.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department was called in mid-September to investigate a trespassing complaint filed by a couple who live near Greenwald on Nine Mile Road west of Young Avenue NE in Kent County’s Cannon Township.

The neighbor said he witnessed Greenwald on his property. When he checked his security cameras, he noticed Greenwald “near the water container that his horse drinks out of,’’ court records show.

“When they checked the water container, they noticed a green substance was in the water,’’ Kent County detective Adrian Sybenga wrote in a probable cause affidavit. “I interviewed Mr. Greenwald, who admitted to pouring a quarter gallon of antifreeze into the water.’’

Investigators say there was no indication the horse drank the water.

Greenwald told the detective that he was mad at the couple “due to past neighbor problems,’’ court records show. “Additionally, he was mad that their horse had got out of the pen.’’





The taxpayer has spent €91,000 euthanizing horses in Limerick so far this year.


Figures show 107 out of 118 horses seized in the county have been put to sleep.

There are calls for the Department of Agriculture to develop a national strategy on horse management to help tackle the problem.

Sinn Féin Councillor for Limerick City East, Séighin Ó Ceallaigh says it is an ongoing problem.





CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (WSET) — A fire department in Chincoteague said Thursday that a horse died in an accident at the carnival grounds.

The pony, Butterfly Kisses, died Thursday afternoon when they said she slipped, fell hard to the ground, and broke her neck after sliding into a fence. She was running from another horse who was chasing her.

A veterinarian and cowboys were on the scene in minutes.

Don’t hardly know where to begin. We had a great swim and a great auction, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I guess things going so smoothe was too good to be true. I am so sad to have to tell you all that Butterfly Kisses tragically died this afternoon after a freak accident in the pen at the carnival grounds. Riptide was chasing her, as she was running she slipped, fell hard to the ground and slid into the fence breaking her neck. The vet and cowboys were right there within minutes. No chance of survival. She was euthanized and her body was taken back to Assateague where she was buried. Many of you have asked about her foal. We have a blessing in disguise, baby was bought by a local family who owns horses. They immediately came and took the baby home. Baby has already started on a bottle and will be supplemented. We have already heard the negative and the positive as we expected. We feel that we manage this herd very well. It was an accident that has really broken our hearts. I ask that you please keep any negative comments for another day, this has been overwhelming enough and we need to process this and please keep these ponies and cowboys in your hearts. Thank you!

looo Since there was no chance for survival, Butterfly Kisses was euthanized and her body was taken to Assateague where she was buried.

Butterfly kisses left behind a foal that was bought by a local family who owns horses.

They immediately came and took the baby home. It is also on a bottle and will be supplemented.

“It was an accident that has really broken our hearts,” the officials said.






A MAN is recovering in hospital after suffering multiple injuries to his body when he fell off his horse at about 11.30am on Monday, July 23.

iy The rider, who is in his fifties, was herding cattle on a property southwest of Kingaroy when he came off his horse and fell to the ground.

A Sunshine Coast-based RACQ LifeFlight helicopter landed in a nearby field where it met the Queensland Ambulance Service ground crew who had transported the injured man from the accident scene.

The rider was in a stable condition when he was airlifted to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.




The New Brunswick horse community lost two long-time members this weekend in a tragic crash that also claimed the lives of two horses.

ly Eldon Rideout, 69, and his grandson, Michael Goodwin, 23, were killed on July 21st along with two horses they were hauling to the Hospitality Days festival in Bathurst, a horse pulling event.

A 77-year-old Labrador woman in the truck that collided with them on Route 11 near Belledune was also killed, and a 73-year-old man was injured.

The cause of the accident is unknown; an investigation is underway.





JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ark. — The Jefferson’s County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an animal cruelty case after a woman found her horse shot by a crossbow.

It’s the sound of horses that give away the pasture off Bartlett Road, you’d never see it tucked away in the woods.

Once a safe spot down a trail from her house, Jennifer McDonald now won’t leave her horse Dusty alone in the pasture.

“I don’t know how anyone could do this,” said McDonald.

The secluded sense of security pierced by someone who shot the 13-year-old Palomino.

“I honestly didn’t know what it was at first,” she explained.

McDonald noticed Dusty bleeding above his right eye when she got home Sunday night. She rushed Dusty to the vet where x-rays confirmed her worst fear.

“Someone had shot him with an arrow,” she said. “It fractured bones as it was going, and it just stuck in his skull.”

Vets were able to take the arrow out , now it’s evidence for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s disheartening just to hear that somebody, in my opinion, is purposely trying to kill a horse. By the nature and the location of the actual shot, right above the right eye, it could have been fatal,” said Maj. Lafayette Woods with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Given how private the pasture’s location is, deputies are narrowing down their search for whoever fired the arrow.

“Someone who was familiar with the area, knew the horse was there and knew the owner wasn’t home,” Maj. Woods added.

McDonald found the back part of the arrow in the pasture and investigators are hoping they can pull fingerprints off it..

Stitched up and back home, Dusty is on the mend but McDonald says the next 10 days will be key to see if he’ll make a full recovery.

“I want whoever did this to have to look my horse in the face, and look me in the face because this was not necessary,” she said.

For McDonald it’s the scars you can’t see that will take the longest to heal.




A 30-year-old motorist was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after the collision in Thamesmead this morning.

gfggf The victim, in his 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene on the A2016 Eastern Way.

The horse had to be put down after being seriously injured, police said.

Cops added that they are working to trace and inform the dead man’s next of kin.
Would like to thank the vets from the Royal Horse Artiller

A London Ambulance Service paramedic Dan Walker said: “Would like to thank the vets from the Royal Horse Artillery in Woolwich for assisting us in a terrible tradgedy in Thamesmead today.

“You went above and beyond the call of duty, thank you.”

Officers have appealed for witnesses to come forward, especially motorists who may have dash-cam footage.




One person has been arrested after gardaí discovered what has been described as “quite a large horse” being transported in the back of a van in Dublin.

d0s Store Street Roads Policing Unit stopped the Ford Transit van for having no insurance.

It was also discovered there was a horse being transported in the back.



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