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Hi Folks. How are You all? Hope You had a great Week.

Mrs. HP has been teaching more and Yesterday, traveled to Meadows to do a Clinic for a group of Ladies.



From Lessons, all sorts of interesting short comings of the Horse Industry and it’s teachings, come to Light and here are a few of this Week.


  • Judge doing a Clinic says ” Don’t allow the HOrse to go so low in the free Walk and stretchy Trot Circle, because it is GOING ON THE FOREHAND”Mrs. HP points out to the Pupil, that Horses can’t WALK ON THE FOREHAND as it is a 4 beat movement.
  • The other Coach ( an Advanced Rider) taught the Pupil, to “Gather up the Reins and take more Contact ” to achieve more “Collection


Mrs. HP completely disagreed with both propositions, when asked about it by the Pupil, Yesterday. In fact, when she first met the said Horse, recently, it was already threatening to ‘Put the Brakes on’ and the last thing it needed was to be HELD.

Holding Horses is an epidemic in this Country, which is why You see the Red Faced, Gut Thrusting Riders going around, kicking them to go and holding them up front for so called Collection. It is not dressage Folks and Dressage Judges everywhere, need to realize it and indeed, penalize them ( which they have never in this State at least, as I have been watching for many Years, with the hard fisted Dressage Riders winning Rugs regularly.


The Equestrian Federation, does not understand what is going on out here on the Coal Face of the Industry.



MANUEL LABOR ( the Spanish Tennis Player 🙂

I have been finally paying attention to the Property and improving Mrs. Hp’s facilities. Cutting a Door out the back of Her Hay Shed, heading to Her Wash Down Bay and via the new site for Her Saddlery Shop 🙂

The Horse Shelters are all finished and working well, although I had to run 2 strands of Electric across the front of Celeste’s for she attacked it, using it as Her rubbing Post, immediately putting a slight dent in one of the new Panels :(………..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….



and here she comes “:)


Tip-1-80x80 I have cut viewing portals into the sides of two of the Shelters, so that all Horse can see all Horses, 100% of the time, which vastly limits the walking out with a Mouth full of Hay, to see where the others were, dropping if in the Sand as they go, where now, it’s just munchies in the cosy space, all within eyeball 🙂



We had a lovely ride the other Day, perfect Weather and took Celeste, who got another tune up, such is Her cockiness ( from Mother), rearing to the Clouds on the end of the Lead Rope and trying to barrel off  (dangerous because next comes the double barrel)

So she got roped up short and had a ‘Skull Dragging” like a proper Horse, for a K or two and then decided she wasn’t so smart and on with the ride we went. 🙂



Dolce certainly is a great Roping Horse, to put up with all Her shenanigans


Meanwhile, Cappo is his perfect self, here waiting patiently for Mrs. HP to mix Him his  after ride feed 🙂



No Rain this Week but the Paddocks are enjoying the Sun in this District. If we get another Rain, things will be perfect and it looks like we could, on Tuesday…..update, a surprising 2mm last Night to freshen things up. Yay.








Hell it’s difficult to attempt to help People on an Equestrian Centre. Some think they own the place and that we need their permission to make any changes. Despite only trying to ‘future proof’ all of our Clients, some treat it like their Throat is going to be cut 🙂

Last Week, on our Friends of Gainsborough Facebook Group, where we discuss all and announce things, we requested that NO HAY be kept in Horse Floats and PREDICTED that the Theft of Hay would soon start across the Country.

Well it’s already happened Folks. Two Bales stolen OUT OF A HORSE FLOAT Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….owned by a Staff Member Folks Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. “Ya Can’t Bloody Tell em”   Lock up Your Fodder now Folks. Thieves will be rife!!!!!





As I have explained in my Float Loading article, the various systems of Float Loading ( Trailer) have their pro’s and con’s but the Tom Roberts system is one of our regular triggers for work that we do from a re-education view point.

This Week, Mrs. HP attended a Property, where a Warmblood Horse would eventually go on the Float but when the Lady tried to go around to shut the back Ramp or the Bum Bars, the Horse would barge out and consequently, she had very little successful trips.

This then is the failing of this system. …..yes, the tap, tap on the Shoulder, to come forward, was inventive and advanced for it’s time, but it only controlled the FRONT END of the Horse, never the BACK END….and indeed, if You look at the Book, where the Trailer Loading system is discussed, and are very observant, in one of the photos, You will see a tiny Face, Peeking around the right Hand side rear of the Trailer. I know who that Face belongs to and she was no doubt there, assisting in stopping the Horse from shying it’s rear end around the Corner off the Float and off the Ramp.

Indeed, one Day, I went to pick up two totally unbroken and feral Horses, from Kuitpo Forrest, to take Home to start for the Owner. Of course we were having some troubles at the start and luckily had them in Cattle Yards, when pretty soon, a Member of the Mounted Cardre of the SA. Police, who happened to be there, marched up and asked to show us how to do it, He was using the Tom Roberts Method, on Feral Horses!!!!!! ( which of course have no idea what the Hell being tapped with a Whip on the Shoulder means.)

Anyhow, 90 Minutes later, after gradually losing his Temper and starting to flog them, he finished with them around the far end of the big Hay Shed, the opposite end to where we had started, in total failure. A Week later, when he wasn’t around, we went there and collected them in 10 Minute.

Time and time again over the Years, I have been asked to help load Tom Roberts system trained Horses, at the end of the Dressage Days, precisely because of the fault, where it doesn’t control the rear end of the Horse.

So I strongly recommend that You never use it. Find a better one.

Anyhow, Mrs HP successfully loaded the Horse, with the Parelli system, for she had been doing weekly lessons with the Owner, for a few Weeks, due to the Horse taking liberties and graduating to ‘Squealing” ,,,,,,,and You know what that means……..once again, caused by the Equestrian Australia Leading the Horse training.




and so this Week, Mrs. HP decided to train Celeste. Now remember, she has been doing Weekly Parelli Training as well as other, with Her and so we got the Float out and to Her surprise, the whole thing was over in 30 Seconds. I’ll show You the sequence of Photos 🙂


So it’s “all over Red Rover for the Weanling. Done and Dusted and ready to Ride 🙂 Simples






We have long noticed, that Horses, if allowed to, easily train their Owners….the majority of Owners in fact.

On the subject of the waste of Hay, Horses and Humans are very fussy Beasts indeed, so within a flash, Horses will have You where they want You. Most fall for it.

If You change Hay, Horses can and do turn up their noses. If it is the wrong Breed of Oat, they will also. If dampness, old age and many other things, they will start wasting.



If the Owner, cleans up the Mess and takes away the half empty Hay Net, replacing it with a new one, they are done. It only takes one Day.

Now we are in a Drought Year and the NSW Farmers would dearly love the wast of Hay by the hundreds of Thousands, across this fair Land. It is sacrilege to allow it, not to mention expensive.



Tough Love must always be on the Menu. If we see it happen, we will not feed that Night or feed very little. If a Horse has been in the Grass Paddock during the Day ( like Cappo Today for 2 Hours) then he has a very light Hay Net Tonight and NO LUCERNE….he has had his Lucerne, in the Paddock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So save Yourself a lot of Money and control the weight of Your Horses at the same time. It makes sense.


I announced on Facebook, to warn others of the theft. Check this out Folks….from the Woman who owns the Horse Float where the Hay is stored ( which they were asked not to do last Week) and her Bales were stolen.


who advised you that this happened I m able to be there on Thursday when you come down as I am having surgery on my shoulder that day

John O’leary Do You realize I own the place and am not an agistee??????

Disrespect Folks 🙁





This makes my Heart Happy……

Hi just a whole hearted Thankyou . I bought you sand colic recipe ages ago and after the long dry season we have had thought this is it time to give it a go. Followed it to the letter and very happy to say that 7 of the 10 passed loads of sand with no discomfort at all the other 3 no sand so guess they aren’t the vacuum cleaners the others are. One filly in particular been unhappy and out of sorts for some time , couldn’t be oiled due to ulcers demeaner changed literally over night her runs dried up immediately and 2 days later sand started to clear. Others sand took 2/3 days to move sand another the next day . No horses showed any discomfort. My horses are predominately paddock run with hay adlib. Have put anyone who asks onto your site . So Thankyou. Yours Sincerely Veronica









Well done Jess Demzuk. Happiness and Trust is!!







“On the side where the Weather is not, cut viewing windows in Your Stables and Shelters. Horses were not made to be isolated!!!!:””….something the Hackies should learn





Warm up for the Body challenged Dressage Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.






Prior to us buying Gainsborough, the Property was owned by Ann Simons and was called Company Creek Farm’ and “The Neighbor” was already at his work, terrorizing Her, where she would regularly have to lock Herself inside the Home and call Her Husband.

One afternoon, she was having Her Daughters Pre-School Birthday Party, when the SA Star Force smashed down the front Door of the Home, armed with Riot Shotguns and Armelite Rifles, but they had gone to the wrong House, for the was “The Neighbor”that they were looking for. Some time earlier, He had caught a young local Lad, from the Home at the Corner of Golden Grove Road and One Tree Hill Road, raiding his Drug Crop and when busted, ran to his Car and screamed off up One Tree Hill Road, with “The Neighbor” in full persuit, catching Him on Seaview Road, where he ran Him off the Road and with a Shot Gun that he had removed the Lead from a Cartridge, shot Him in the Face through the Window. He had filled the Cartridge with Rock Salt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was charged with attempted Murder but terrorized the Family so badly in the run up to the Trial, that he got off, for they were too fearful give evidence.

So Her was well versed before meeting us and primed to do it. Little did we know.

In the immediate run up to us buying Gainsborough, he had also terrorized the Golden Grove Equestrian Centre Management and would regularly jump the fence in a rage, grabbing the Owner, Paul Stewart, lifting Him off the ground in front of a Pupil and screaming at Him. A Nutter indeed. Thank God I had met them all prior.

FAST FORWARD back to the end of last Weeks installment.

We walked into the Tea Tree Gully Police Station, to lodge the complaint for the Boundary Fence being in pieces in the middle of our Dressage Arena, but “The Neighbor”was already there, at the Counter, awaiting a Police Officer, so that He could lodge a report THAT WE HAD DONE IT.!!!!!!

It was at this point, that my psychic kicked in, for when the Uniformed Officer took Him into the interview ( for 45 Minutes) when it was us that had the Restraining Order on the Neighbor, I knew something didn’t add up.

When we were invited in to lodge our complaint, I could tell that he wasn’t on our side. Something was wrong……..(remember that thought for later) but we completed the complaint and left.


About 2 Weeks prior to the fence being cut up, I received a Letter from ‘The Neighbor” warning me to leave his Fence alone, for I had started adding some white palings close to the Gate, for the entrance.

I was consulting to the RSPCA then and had two Officers at our Place one Day. I don’t know why, but I had them completely photograph the State of the Fence, from one end to the other, run down buggered barb, sheep wire and plain wire, with droppers laying over and broken cement Posts. ( remember that thought for later)

7 Days Later, we got a Summons in the Elizabeth Courts, for damage to the Fence, to the amount of $4,800. I appeared on the Summons and prepared to go to Court…….

cont’d next Week





Court action coming to a South Australian Lady who doesn’t quite feed proper.




I purchased a horse from the Mathoura depot horses in transit a month ago, fully paid and was due to get the horse 3 days later. Date was again pushed to next week and then the week after and now the week after again. No issues with transport on my end but they keep dragging on the time period. She is due here on the 1st sep and they are now saying it’s $200 for agistment which was not mentioned until now and they need it paid asap or else they won’t bring her in this week. I’m worried they may have sold her on or something has happened to her or they’re just doing it so I’m forced to pay the agistment. I’m not sure how to go about it because the fact that she stayed for a longer period of time has nothing to do with me as I had transport organised, it was on their end.






No News is Good News :)….next Week



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