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Hi Folks

Linda and I hope You all had a lovely Week and that You survived the onslaught of the Government demands that we all live with these Days.

10mm of Rain and we a re wrapped. Tanks pretty full now and our lovely Neighbors ( who’s Tanks have been over flowing, have allowed us to pump across from their Properties, with a 200metre Polly and fill ours. Mind You, we do have a lot of Tank storage. 408,000 Litres in fact :)….but a lot of Trees to look after. Especially this coming Year, with NO run off Rains.

Been busy with Re-education Horses all Week. All of the Dressage Queens with Warmbloods 🙂





DOLCE VITA upgrades again – Intermediate 1.

Yesterday was a very interesting Day indeed. We arrived and got the Horse sorted and then wandered over to the Rail to watch some of the Horses warming up. One Horse in particular ( a new one to the State and just purchased) caught our eye immediately. Mrs. HP said to me “That looks like a H—— Horse”  ( from NSW) and I too was having visions of H——— too. The Horse had a Young Rider on it and was obviously a Grand Prix trained Horse as it kept offering passage or Piaf whenever there may have been a conflicting aid from the Young Rider, trying to get to know the new Horse. Later, we were told it had cost $150,000 ( I hope she does well but I would have killed such a sale)

I now know which Horse it is and have taken this Photo from the For Sale Video.




I have also, a training Video of the Horse, showing fear because it made a rare mistake.




Anyhow, we were very pleased with Dolce, who successfully made the step up to Prix. St. Georges and Intermediate 1  but don;t know her true score because of mistakes in adding up during a rush at the end. We don’t need to know scores however as it the progression and the training that interests us.





a couple of the harder movements….




I hate talking about this and haven’t for a long time ( it damages my Wife)  as I could see improvement over the last 12 Months but Yesterday was an absolute disaster for the Sport and leads me to say that it has come to an absolute dead end. The system does not work anymore and those responsible for the training of Judges in this State, for the last 30 Years, should be remembered for the partisan and negativeness that is seen these Days and the Cement Boots stuck in the 60’s.  It’s all they know and the ridiculous half percent rule totally brought the end Game to any possible Judging adventurism.

It has become an absolute joke and was such Yesterday. The sad part is that Yesterday was presided over by A Level Judges smiley-crying

I have to be very careful for I don;t want to break the Heart of the lovely Young Rider with the new Horse for she deserves all the encouragement she gets and good on Her for having a crack at the higher levels but at the same time, Judges do a great disservice to such Riders, providing a false sense of the real World, for we can quickly come crashing down when the Interstate Judges arrive at the big Shows and reality sets in.

In one of the tests, one of the two Judges had the Horse at 59% ( approx) but the other had it on 68% ( approx) when throughout the entire test, the poor fried Boy was offering Passage in many movements, passage in the walk pirouette, passage half pass, passage trot, all over the Park, in a Test where there  is no passage. On Her Facebook Page, you can see that she actually believes the 68% Judge ( good on Her) but the Centre Judge did not and we completely agree with Her. It’s just not fair Folks 🙁

anyhow, time will prove all but I shall keep you up to date later.

Now this is not about the young Lass.. Not Her fault and not the fault of Her lovely Horse. Her Family are supporting the Horse Industry with badly needed financial support. ( I would however have loved to have seen the money go to another source, a more deserving one)

I know who’s fault it is for the Horse told me when a Strapper was seen to enter the warmup arena upon entry and exit, for the Horse to be clipped onto a lead rope ( where it immediately lost it’s composure due to certain memories.)

There is no excuse for this and it ruins the already ruined Sport.  ( I hope the 68% Judge does not teach He!!!)





We had a lovely Horse visit this Week, half an hour for me and an hour with Mrs. HP.

This Horse, yet another, was Bullying his Owner, barging Her all over the place and being arrogant under Saddle as  well. Of course, none of it the fault of the Horse but the failed ground systems of Equestrian Australia. They have been coming through forever, they will keep coming, especially as fast as thinking Horse Trainers around the World fight to make things better for the Horse, You get Members of the Club, teaching the exact opposite and consolidating the failed systems. McLean being the main contender. I am yet to see a Happy Horse in the Hands of any used McLean system. ( Tom Roberts system of course)



Anyhow, he was a lovely Boy and responded as expected, changing his attitude from ” Learned Helplessness” to offering responses and thinking about them once more, rather than Wrestling with Humans……..which leads me into one of this Weeks Videos.




I must congratulate Mrs. HP for getting Her Head around NH and indeed being able to re-educate so called problem Horses. Congrats to the Owner, who is very excited and sent this Photo of Her achieving success on Her own and saying “She has found a whole new set of skills







The C.E.O of Equestrian SA has left. She has Lawyer’d  up, something not new to Her. Thanks God the Woman has gone and whoever employed Her should be Hung from the nearest Gum Tree for they only had to ring prior employers to get a Line.






I am not normally a prescriber of time off the ‘Breakers’…or indeed ‘spells’, until You get a complete handle on them but on this occasion, given the Ulcers ( which I will bet he has) you can’t. He will need to run the complete course and from memory, that is longer than 2 Weeks too.

I really think he had tried his best to break him in. I had a couple of people warn me whilst I had my horse there saying he was a fake and had no idea, my gut instinct was telling me to go and pick him up the first week, but the breaker kept reassuring me that he was going well.


The best shot now is to let us see some general footage of the Horse and for You to test the Mouth. I notice that the Gentleman initially got on the Horse in a PC Halter and so we need to eliminate that, for your safety.

Yes, he was flexing the Horse, NH style, in that Halter, but with advance and retreat and taking the feel as Pat would say but this is what they don;t generally get, that when a Horse goes to bury You, there is no time for advance and retreat ‘take the feel”and the ounce of pressure”…all the buzz words, You simply need to bury the Head of the Horse in Your back Pocket and have them not bury You.

Go here.








The good Judge approached Mrs. HP Yesterday, at the Dressage, to ask how the Horse was going. She passed on that he was going fine and now ridden flat work and trail ridden where ever they like.

He made the comment, that…..”He had been riding Him at the Walk, for 9 Minutes, before he erupted into the Bucking fit and that whilst he was on the Ground and the Horse was still bucking, the Horse came at Him but he was able to shew Him away with His Whip.

I remember making the comment at the time, that I had seen the Video and that the Coach was riding the Horse around as a Dressage Horse in a Dressage Horse, COLLECTED, and AT THE WALK, we now know for 9 Minutes. Well that would do it Folks.

“Breakers’ do not appreciate “On the Bit”until such time, ( way down the track) where they are trained it. They have every right to complain, when their Neck is screwed in and no doubt aching, on the first few rides, when they have zero knowledge of why someone would do that to them. They must perceive this as an assault on their comfort… for a whip???????

Anyhow, he is going like a Dream now.








” Be acutely aware of buying School Masters. “School Master” mostly means ‘stuffed’ and cannot do it any more.






15 Months Old and with Ulcers. – in Victoria.






So……the Neighbor next door to us but on the high side, was a good Friend and operational Speed Cop.

One Day he walked into the GREENWITH POST OFFICE, to get his Mail and noticed a selection of THONGS with the Brand Name THUGS, on a rack, for Sale. I don;t know how he knew it but he held one in his Hand and asked the Post Master if “The Neighbor” made these Thongs”  ( which he ha an was selling them online). Glen didn’t think anything more about it, just having conversation, but a short time later, a pair of Thongs, in Glen’s size, were hung on his locked Gates, with a Card from the Neighbor, saying one word only……ENJOY!! REMEMBER THOSE WORDS FOR LATER……….

That started a Terror campaign on the Speed Cop, leaving us alone.



Time passed by  and one Day, I walked out my front Door and saw a never seen before, Male Person, with long Hair and a back pack on, walking uphill past our place, in the direction of Glen’s.

Some time later, I had to go down the road 2k, to get some Diesel for my Bobcat and as I filled the Can, I looked across the Road and saw the same Dude, walking back towards Adelaide, disappearing over the Hill towards Garden Grove.

When I got Home, I saw an Ambulance at Glens House and a Police Car. I walked up and spoke with the Officer, asking what had happened. He informed me that Glen had committed Suicide, inside the Home, ( whilst his 4 young Boys were in the house) but that there had been 2 shots. One through his Hand and the other through his Head 🙁

Ironically, around the same time as this, also at Greenwith ( and remember that the now Greenwith Post Office used to be the Golden Grove Post Office, just down the Road and where I had been Hand delivered without Stamps, the warning letters from the Neighbor, prior to the fence matter)



By Chris Salter
October 05, 2006 01:00am

A SOUTH Australian police officer has been arrested for allegedly handing out confidential information to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

A WOMAN who put her AFL footballer husband “on the straight and narrow” is the police officer at the centre of corruption allegations linked to outlaw bikie gangs.

Deborah Lee Buckskin, who was married to former Port Adelaide player Fabian Francis, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday.

Prosecutors will allege Buckskin, 34, of Greenwith, is one of a group of people involved in passing on government information to motorcycle gangs.

The woman, 34, who is based at a Tea Tree Gully Police Station, was arrested yesterday and charged with abuse of public office. ( SAME POLICE STATION WHERE I GOT THE UNIFORMED OFFICER SACKED)

She was suspended from duty and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court this morning.

The officer was one of six people charged yesterday following a joint operation by the police Anti-Corruption Branch and Organised Crime detectives.

Confirming the arrests last night, a police spokeswoman said it was alleged the “abuse of public office offences relate to the release of confidential information”.

“It is further alleged the information released was provided to people engaged in organised crime with connections to motorcycle gangs,” she said.

The Advertiser understands the operation was triggered by intelligence revealing girlfriends and wives of outlaw motorcycle gang members had deliberately sought employment throughout the South Australian public sector to obtain confidential information.

This included seeking positions with police, the Motor Registration Office, the Correctional Services Department, the Courts Administration Authority and the Land Titles Office.

Police also suspect female associates of motorcycle gang members have successfully applied for jobs within utility organisations Telstra and electricity and gas providers.

Once they have been employed and obtained security clearances, the women have had access to the details of such items as drivers’ licences, motor vehicle registrations, property ownership, criminal records and the location of prisoners.

Police surveillance has found that such information has been provided to motorcycle gangs, which have been able to use it for criminal purposes, such as extortion and drug dealing.

The arrests yesterday followed a concerted effort by police to clamp down on the increasing prevalence of outlaw motorcycle gangs across South Australia.

A spokesman for Police Minister Paul Holloway said he had not been given any information about the charges.

Opposition police spokesman Rob Lucas called on the Government to reveal the extent of the corruption involving outlaw motorcycle gangs.



Some time later, we were paid a visit from the Homicide Squad. I reported my suspicions and gave a statement but found out later that the Death was put down to Suicide.

Now remember!!!!!!!!!….we had not been bothered, at all, by the Neighbor, for Years, ever since the Day in the Courts. Total Peace. Remember the News Story above…….and here this……….

We had a Post Office Box at the Surrey Downs Post Office, where we would go Daily for the Mail.

We did so this Day and there was a Parcel to be collected, which we did and when we got back to the Car, opened it up……..You know what was in it??????????…….

2 PAIRS OF THONGS and a Card, with ONE WORD……”ENJOY””One pair in my size 10 and one pair in Mrs HP size 6. ( You work that out)

cont’d next week………..








Our Chief Executive,  ( British Horse Society) Lynn Petersen has a passion for horses and in her spare time loves riding her own horse, Teddy.

Unfortunately, she was involved in a horse riding accident over the weekend, and suffered a number of broken bones. Lynn is in good spirits and is now recovering from her injuries.

Everyone at The British Horse Society wishes her a very quick recovery.





Horse left for dead by acid attack finally has her bandages taken off after £30k pioneering surgery that used FISH scales to nurse her back to health

4461124-6194717-image-a-11_1537561963010 Gambolling free and chomping grass to her heart’s content, Cinders the wonder horse is a sight to behold.

Her red eyes are the only obvious sign of the horrific acid attack this one-year-old cob pony endured.

In five months she has made a remarkable recovery from the brink of death, thanks to the generosity of the public, the skill and devotion of a transatlantic medical team, and a ‘world-first’ operation involving the skin of freshwater fish to treat her burns.

4461126-6194717-image-a-18_1537562060785 Cinders is now healthy and happy and following the success of her pioneering treatment she will today start a new life with a horse-loving Yorkshire family.

There seemed little hope for this poor foal when she was found dumped in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in April.

4461128-6194717-image-a-19_1537562076789 She appeared to have had a chemical substance such as acid thrown in her face, causing shocking injuries. She was desperately underweight, weak and in poor health from parasites, and required blood transfusions to keep her alive.

The RSPCA sent her to the Rainbow Equine Hospital in Malton, North Yorkshire, where vet David Rendle and his team contemplated whether Cinders, named after Cinderella, could be saved.

They decided to do everything they could to help Cinders following a remarkable public response to a JustGiving internet appeal to fund her treatment which raised £30,000 in a few weeks.

4461122-6194717-image-m-17_1537562048730 Three operations, lasting a total of ten hours, followed and involved vets from Britain and the US, NHS plastic surgeons and nurses.

After her chemically burnt head was cleaned up in an initial operation, Dr Jamie Peyton from the University of California flew to Britain to apply her pioneering fish skin technique to a horse for the first time.

She brought with her skins of the freshwater fish tilapia which had had their scales removed, sterilised and stored in the fridge.

The skins have been used as a cheap and effective dressing on human burns victims in Brazil and more recently by Dr Peyton to treat bears burnt in Californian wildfires.

The fish skin forms a protective barrier to retain moisture and aid pain relief and is a source of collagen, which promotes the skin’s own rebuilding process.





A GRANDMOTHER killed a “monster” alligator in revenge after the beast ate her miniature horse.

Judy-Cochran-731242 The mayor of Livingston in Texas, believes the gator had eaten her miniature horse around three years ago.

In her county, registered gun holders have permission to hunt the reptiles for three weeks during hunting season in September.

The granny decided to target the massive creature and with the help of a trapper lured the gator to the riverbank using a scented dead racoon.

“That’s a monster,” her son-in-law, Scott Hughes, can be heard saying during video on Facebook of Cochran aiming her shotgun at the animal.

“Nana, you better hit him good, because that’s that horse-eater.

“Get him right behind the brain.”

Ms Cochran didn’t miss and killed the alligator instantly.

“You have to be a good shot, because he could just come walking up on the banks,” she said.

“They told me to shoot it right between the eyes, and I did.

“One shot in the head, and he went under.

“Typically, they do a death roll, and roll over and over, but this one didn’t.”

She now plans to mount the head in her mayoral office, make boots from the animal and eat the remaining meat.





THIS is the bizarre moment a horse towed the shell of a 4×4 down the street with a passenger still inside.

cart Footage shows the rusty car on a makeshift trailer being towed through Dublin.

THIS is the bizarre moment a horse towed the shell of a 4×4 down the street with a passenger still inside.

Footage shows the rusty car on a makeshift trailer being towed through Dublin.




‘A foolish mistake’ – Weston man who punched horse vows to ‘get back on track’

imagell A 23-year-old Weston man who had his face plastered over the national news for punching a horse hopes to teach children how a ‘foolish mistake’ can ‘potentially ruin your life and your reputation’.

Scott Spurling, of Bristol Road Lower, appeared at North Somerset Courthouse on September 6 and pleaded guilty to punching a horse, a police officer and a man in Regent Street after the England vs Croatia World Cup semi-final match on July 11.

He was ordered to carry out 10 weeks of a community order and was placed on curfew for the same amount of time.

Scott has exclusively spoken to the Mercury to apologise for his actions and said how he hopes to ‘turn the negative experience into a positive’.

The former youth worker had a difficult upbringing but with the support of another youth worker, he was able to turn his life around and wants to teach other children to do the same.





MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. –  Authorities say a drunken southwestern Missouri man badly injured a horse by dragging it behind his pickup truck until he was stopped by angry witnesses.

Sasha Martinez told KSPR that she, her daughter and a friend saw the horse tied to the pickup Saturday as it drove down the road next to their Wright County home at 15-20 mph. She said she thought it was odd, but hoped the driver was going to drop the horse off at a nearby home. Martinez said about two hours later, they saw the truck driving down the road going the opposite way. She said her 12-year-old daughter went out to the road and started hollering “Mom, the horse has dropped and he’s dragging her.”

Martinez said the driver wouldn’t stop until she stood in front of his truck and grabbed the grill.

When two Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers arrived, they found several people arguing with a man who was holding a horse with severe road rash injuries over most of its body, trooper J. Piccinino wrote in a probable cause statement. The horse’s bloody hoof prints and the drag marks indicated that it had been dragged and walked up and down the road for about one-half mile.

According to Piccinino’s statement, the truck’s driver, 63-year-old Curtis Campbell, said he was pulling the 15-year-old mare Fox Trotter with his truck to “train her.” When the trooper asked how the horse was injured, Campbell said it had laid down and he was trying to get her to stand up, but he said he didn’t drag the animal. When the trooper asked Campbell a second time how the horse was injured, he said it was hurt in a pasture and continued to deny that he had dragged it, Piccinino wrote.

Campbell, of Mountain Grove, was charged Thursday with animal abuse, driving while intoxicated and failing to register a motor vehicle.

The statement also said Campbell failed two blood-alcohol tests.

Campbell’s attorney, Joseph Passanise, said in a statement that Campbell, known as “Dowe,” has lived in the Wright County area of more than 30 years, has a reputation for being a kind and helpful neighbor and has no prior criminal record.

“This has been an unfortunate incident and (Campbell) is deeply ashamed for bring this kind of attention to himself, family and community,” Passanise said. “Animals have been a big part of his life and he has always treated animals with love and care. He would never intentionally or knowingly cause injury or suffering or fail to provide adequate care to result in substantial harm to an animal.”

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Kinder said the injured horse was taken to a veterinarian in Mountain Grove. A woman who answered the phone there said the clinic could not provide information on the horse’s condition.




‘I’m very pleased with the timing’: British Olympic gold medallist announces pregnancy

British Olympic dressage rider Laura Tomlinson has revealed that she is pregnant with her third child.

hkyi H&H columnist Laura and her husband, the international England polo player Mark Tomlinson, are expecting the new addition to their family in the middle of January. The couple already have a four-year-old daughter, Annalisa (pictured with Laura, above), and one-year-old son, Wilfred.

“Mark and I are excited to be expecting our third child in mid-January, and I’m very pleased with the timing, as it will hopefully allow me to be back in competition for next season,”

A member of the gold-medal winning British team at the London Olympics in 2012 with Mistral Hojris (Alf), and also winner of the individual bronze medal there, Gloucestershire-based Laura has spent the past five years successfully juggling motherhood with bringing on her young grand prix prospects.




GRAPHIC WARNING: A horse that got stuck in a ditch upside down has been rescued by 12 firefighters and a digger.

1537409031821 The horse was in a paddock near Arrow Junction, near Queenstown, when it is believed to have been spooked.

Arrowtown fire chief Murray Forward said 12 firefighters from Arrowtown and Frankton were involved in the rescue about 8.15am on Thursday.”It ended up upside down in a water table with netting wrapped around it,” Forward said.

Horse rescues were not common for the brigade but Forward said it was the third time he had been called to rescue a horse in trouble.

1537409031821j A vet was called to sedate the horse before the rescue got underway.

Forward, who owned local company Base Contracting, brought in a 12-tonne digger, which happened to be sitting on a site nearby.

The digger was used to dig a trench next to the horse. The horse was then put on a tarp, rolled onto slings and lifted out with the digger.

1537409031821jf Fire officer-in-charge Greg Potter said it was a “very good save”.

“It fell on its back — right upside down. It couldn’t have got into any worse a spot. It would still be there if we didn’t have that digger.”

1537409031821dd Once the horse was pulled from the ditch it stood up, walked away and started eating grass and making manure, he said.





A speed reduction scheme has been introduced after a horror crash involving a car and two horse riders in Witcham last year.

puiuiui It comes after shocking footage obtained by Cambridgeshire Live, showed a horse flying into a 360 degree turn after being hit, knocking two riders to the ground.


An extension to the 30mph limit zone was launched on Friday (September 21) with county councillor Lorna Dupré, members of the Witcham Equestrian Centre, a representative of the British Horse Society and Patsy the horse.

The scheme was designed and implemented by Cambridgeshire County Council, supported by Witcham Parish Council and was entirely funded by the community.

Witcham Equestrian Centre, who owns the horses, worked with the council to change the speed limit from 40 to 30mph in various sections and install new signage at a cost of £5,000.

The accident happened around 11.30am on Friday March 3, when a blue car travelling on the wrong side of the road collided with two horses.

The car can be seen pulling up to the side of the road towards the end of the footage.









Rider killed, horse put down after being hit by driver in Bluffdale construction zone

(KUTV) — A young driver hit a man on horseback Monday evening in Bluffdale, causing fatal injuries, the Unified Police Department said.

Residents in the area say the construction on 13800 South is dangerous—and so is the bright sun in the evening.

A young driver hit a man on horseback Monday evening in Bluffdale, causing fatal injuries, the Unified Police Department said. (Photo: KUTV)


The driver told police the sun was blocking his eyes when he hit the man on horseback.

The deceased rider was identified as Venancio Avila, a 36-year-old from West Valley.

Because of construction, Avila had been riding in the road instead of on the roadside, said UPD spokesperson Sergeant Melody Gray.

He was struck by the young driver traveling westbound, Gray said.

After hitting Avila and his horse, Gray said, the driver pulled over and was cooperative.

te Scott Anderson, who lives in the area, said he saw the ambulance go buy in Monday on 13800 South, stopping just south of Bangerter Highway, where the crash happened.

Anderson followed the ambulance and said he, too, found it difficult to see with the angle of the sun on the road.

“Completely blinded by the sun. Could not see the road. Could not see anything,” Anderson said.

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