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Is not to have a ‘completely open Mind’
This is why the Side Reins are obviously the go to tool by International visiting Trainers, but it does them a great dis-service 🙁

24th December, 2018

Merry Christmas Folks, from Mrs HP, Boof, Cappo, Dolce, Bella and Celeste. We hope You have a lovely time and get the presents You have dreamt about.


We have skipped the presents part this Year, preferring to complete and appreciate our new Master Bathroom, as our joint present. Hard work and achievement.



I forgot the lovely Photos of the two lovely Horses last Week, so here they are. Mrs. HP and they, brained them and what a great way to end the Year. The Hard work, regardless of not showing much because of the state of the Ea, always pays off and for us, it is not about the ribbons at all, it is the journey and the progression of wonderful Horses, growing a Hand in height with Muscle, through correct riding. Proud of them all.

Called “Engagement”, that thing that Judges often talk about 🙂


Called “Inside Leg to outside Rein”


and called “a relaxed Legend, having just killed the faultless Gran Prix test.



I have been busy with another Warmblood that has Bucked off an EA Coach and F.E.I. Rider, who rode the Horse without a Mouth, for a Video Moment for Sales Commission and as one does, created a deep suspicion of the Female Rider.
So the Horse has been to a Male South Australian Horse Trainer….for 14 Weeks. The Owner ( a female) went to prepare for picking up, had a ride and got bucked off.


The Owner complains that she couldn’t turn the horse to stop it bucking, despite being a strong one.
I tested this one’s Mouth and yes, 3/10 for the brakes, false Mouth and in the FRAME via the SIDE REINS headagainstwall ,
and the Lateral Mouth of no more than a 3 also, with 80kg to flex the Horse.


This one and another identical one, were broken in by Irish Trainers, here on work Visa’s. Now don’t get me wrong. They do a great job on the handling side, quietness etc but they have both completely failed on the Mouthing.
This is because they are captive of their Roots, Britain and rely upon Side Reins as some of their Tools. Consequently, yes, the HORSE IS IN A FRAME ( which has no relevance to a Green Horse and something you never want, especially going forward when the Owner enters an Arena.) but all a false Mouth and sure enough, same case here.



Is not to have a ‘completely open Mind’

This is why the Side Reins are obviously the go to tool but it does them a great dis-service 🙁


Even in other times of History, unprofessional conduct may have been accepted, but surely not these Days Folks. I judge Trainers on Professionalism.
There is NEVER an excuse for a Horse dropping weight. There is NEVER an excuse for a Horse getting injured, unless a complete accident.
Ironically, I well remember another Horse owned by this Lady, that I started. I made the decision on Day 1, that the maximum length of time I could work Him, was 10 Minutes, then 15, then 20, for the level of worry and stress.
I am proud that 100% of Horses that have passed through our Hands, have PUT WEIGHT ON


and of most concern


and we wonder why Horses Buck us off Folks?…unforgivable!


and it was lovely to hear from Snip for Christmas as well. He is loving New Zealand.


and his Rider is also a Grand Prix Rider.

Hi Linda
Just touching base. Snippy is going well, took your advice re the inside leg/outside rein work and he is getting more supple and using his back and neck.
He has obviously had very good training on the ground, is very polite and not at all pushy.
I am really enjoying him. I have done a couple of clinics on him, my trainers love him.
Wishing you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas
Frankie & Snip


Thanks to another casual client of mine ( not part of the online Coaching) for posting this Video Publicly as they are always educational. Some comments for Her,

  • At 6 Seconds, note the Head Chuck resistance. When one tries to play with contact, ahead of time ( meaning prior to Trail Riding).
  • 17 Seconds, once again.
  • The Horse goes to School on these events and the unravelling of the Mouth begins.
  • or, learned helplessness………


This Bitch should be outed!! smiley-cave-man


Hi john.
Not sure about YouTube login address. Don’t think we have one I just watch stuff!
Was keen to see the video though prior to using the buck stopper. Clear how it goes on but interested to see the horses reaction when they first ‘test’ it when bucking. Have an odd one (horse) at the moment. Big strong Clydey x breaker. No signs of girthyness etc and didn’t buck with saddle or roller. Reasonable to get on first ridden session. Good lateral bend on ground and above. Little sticky in feet getting his back end moving around (my first movements on horse for first ride) walked out ok, bend to a stop, not too flinchy with my movements. Trotting however he bucked the house down. Unable to bend him to stop the buck. Long story short is I didn’t know how their reaction was when they feel the strap during first buck and if it were particularly more dangerous than it already was if on their back when that happened. Anyway thanks for your time and product

Interesting Darcy. For Your interest (if interested 🙂 I am not a subscriber the “Bend on the Ground” as they flex and Bend type thing. I have seen more than my fair share of Horses Buck People off and impossible to stop Bucking, that had all the “Bend on the Ground”. I have seen Pro’s get dumped, using such systems ( The John Lyons Method for one). Hell, here is Pat, being FLUNG OFF due to the amount of resistance in his Lateral Mouth ( which of course is impossible to have with a Rope Halter) Don’t tell Him I said that 🙂

Check out 48 Seconds for the Bending Mouth…..not!


Just what we need, some more Bureaucracy hahahaha. Way to go 🙂

Private Advertiser
Fixed Term Contract (3 years)
The newly established Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority is seeking a suitably qualified General Manager to oversee the management of the Horse Tram service.
The General Manager role is a full-time position and the successful applicant will be required to:
Manage the adminstration of the Authority including delivery of strategic objectives, stakeholder management and reporting to the Authority’s Board on operations.
Assist with the implementation and compliance of all relevant legislation including the Authority’s Charter, Budget, Business Plan, policies and procedures.
Monitor the care, maintenance and well being of the eight horses currently in the team.
Manage all staff and volunteers including tram timetables and overall management of operations.
Manage the maintenance of horse trams, horse barn, track and capital assets.
Establish policies and procedures relating to work, health and safety.
Applicants would preferably have skills in either marketing and tourism; commercial business and financial management; people management and communication; horse management and/or husbandry.
An objective of the Authority is to “provide the very best service in the field of tourism while providing the best environment and workplace for horses, staff and visitors”.
For further information about the position and details of how to apply visit or call the Interim General Manager, Victoria MacKirdy on (08) 8551 0500.
Applications close at Spm on Friday, 4 January 2019
Independent Board Members
Private Advertiser
Independent Board Members are required for
the Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority
The City of Victor Harbor is seeking independent board members for the Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority which is responsible for the operations, business development and marketing of the iconic Horse Tram service.
Expressions of interest are being sought from people who have extensive experience in marketing and tourism, commercial business, financial management or horse husbandry.
The Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority will hold a meeting at least monthly. A honorarium will be paid for each position. The terms of appointment for the successful board members are as follows:
two (2) positions for 24 months; and
two (2) positions for 36 months.
Applications close: Spm on Friday, 4 January 2019.
All applications and resumes should be forwarded attention to Victoria MacKirdy, Interim General Manager, Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority by email to or post to PO Box 11, Victor Harbor SA 5211.
For more information on these positions or to view a copy of the Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority Charter visit or contact Kyla Walker on 08 8551 0500.


Pony Club SA: The aims of Pony Club is to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sports connected with horses and riding. -To provide instruction in riding and  horsemanship -To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self-discipline in the members. Visit Facebook and website

Surely not????????????? smile_omg-1


EA Chair Statement to Members
At a meeting held on Thursday 12 December 2018, the Board of Equestrian Australia (EA) decided to convene a special general meeting (SGM) on 4 March 2019. This is in accordance with clause 12.1 of the EA Constitution. Notice has today been given to the EA Branches.
As members EA wish to advise you the general business to be discussed at the SGM is whether Judy Fasher, EA Chair, David Lindh and Colin Chantler (the Directors concerned) should be removed from their positions of office as Directors of EA.
The chairs of the five state branches (the Five Chairs) who called for the directors’ removal gave as their reason that they had ‘lost confidence’ in the directors. The Directors concerned have not been communicated with by the Five Chairs giving reason or basis to the reference to a loss of confidence.
Removal of the Directors concerned from their position is a very serious matter which should not be undertaken lightly, especially with no reason yet given to the Directors concerned for their removal.
Please contact your EA Branch directly if you wish to have a voice regarding EA’s governance as best practice, and if you wish your Branch delegate to remove the Directors concerned, or otherwise. Your Branch board is your representative on EA matters.
On behalf of the Board of EA may I wish you all a very good, and safe Christmas.
Judy Fasher, Chair
Equestrian Australia


Submitted by Janeth Flowers on Thu, 13/12/2018 – 4:19pm
Dear Members,
As Chair of your Board I wish to acknowledge the contribution Jacqui Lang has given to the organisation, in particular,  over the last 6 months in probably our most difficult time for many years.
I take this opportunity to wish her well, and thank her for her contribution to the Board over the last two and a bit years, and on behalf of all members wish her well and advise you all she has decided to step down from the Board.
Please find attached a statement from Jacqui Lang. 
Peter Graham
Chairman ESA

Apparently, it was this Photo on Facebook, that triggered events.  Dangerous place FB 🙂



Things are going great Folks!!






12 months ago my husband and I bought a Welsh Pony for our 11 yr old daughter. We live in Roxby Downs . This is our first horse so we are very new beginners.
Felix is a little stubborn bugger and certainly makes us work.
I need to retrain this boy as he is not very good being tied up as he has reared and flipped himself before, plus the worst problem we have which I really need your help with is the fact that he does not like his back feet getting touched / trimmed , mainly his offside foot is the worst and it is very hard to get near and lift.
The last experience we had with the farrier was traumatic for me as he flipped over and then kind of got hung up before the rope loosened then the farrier needed to get him on the ground with 2 people restraining him while he got it trimmed. This is not something I want to go through every 8 weeks. Im a very nervous owner around him when he is in this state.
Please help or send me in the right direction.

Hi Donner. That doesn’t surprise me at all. This is not unusual. The Horse simply isn’t trained properly. Doesn’t have the ‘Foundation Stones’, which is often the case with small Horses, started by default under Saddle, without proper processes. Clearly, basically none prepare such Horses for Leg work. Everything that this Horse is doing, shows that. None of my unbroken Horses do that. Thousands. How come?
So Yes, I can assist You and the lovely Horse. Not a problem.

next-week-e1545554901528 Video education piece on the training of this Horse. Second by second.


Hello. Currently designing a three horse float to be build and would like to pick your brain. All angle loads I’ve seen are horses heads to the left. Is this because we traditionally lead horses from the left and that makes them easier to load that way, or is it following overseas market blindly? In my way of thinking, a horse with their head to the left on an angle load is standing slightly down hill due to Australian road camber being high on the driver side. Also why a single horse should be loaded on drivers side in a straight load. I’ve tried to google any research into this but haven’t found anything other than apparently they travel best backwards, not an option for a three horses float. Would love any ideas you have onthe subject.

I’m probably the wrong one to ask Sophie for I am no Fan of Angle Floats. Just about every Horse that comes up our driveway, in one, is stamping and banging. I recently had one here that even despite the Bays being changed, on less angle, he still COULD NOT fit without his Head jammed on the Wall and half turned around to the right. Poor Horse!!!

Generally, Horses Faces are planted against the Wall. The World flashes past the Blind side of their eyes ( that would be good) and with no chest rail to save them., they use their Heads as the Brakes. So you couldn’t give me one.

Regarding the left side facing though, yes, we copy the Yanks and we face the same way as them hahahahaha. Donald Trump would be impressed indeed 🙂 Regards


Hi John, Stupid question I’m sorry……. When working in the running reins how do you stop them coming into a small circle? If I try to send them out wider they tend to want to Canter. Cheers Paul

3:14 PMThe coming in on the lunge is of course caused by never being off the leg, riding flexed off or not wanting to carry the weight on the inside hind and it being less comfortable than the normal way of going.
Teach it to stay out, with a whip, flicking on the shoulder when they cut the corner.
without gear on. Having trained that, only then put gear on
If breaking to canter then, as they do, first teach the Yo Yo Game and be lunging with a 20 foot rope ( with no gear on) train the horse to slow down, stop or even stop and back up, via the yo yo game. I’ll do a video for you.
Then, you have the Tools


Thanks. The kids think I’m a big slowy with technology!
Hoping the collar fixes my TB. Need to be able to tie up for washing, ulcer guard and my club!!!
Merry Christmas

Listen Mel……I have no idea about the story with your Horse but there is far more to it than just thinking you an tie a horse up with a problem, just because you have got a Tying up Collar on.
The collar is important, as it protects the Horse from Nerve Damage, psychological memories of pain which thus triggers pull backs and even the rupture of the Guteral Pouch.
So what is the story????
If it is general tying up training, go watch this one.

PLEASE NOTE –  the footage you see in this TRAILER, is NOT my system. One has to watch the full video.
The Vid you purchased, is for the explosive Pull back Merchant, so have a think about what you are dealing with.


” The Holy Grail of Horse Training, is the ‘SPEED OF THE RELEASE’  which is why true ‘Lightness’ is only available to Disciplines other than the English”




Who wants the short Grand Prix Test?
A special report from Christopher Hector…
Next weekend, at Olympia, the short Grand Prix test designed by Richard Davison will be revealed to the world, but already some of the world’s leading dressage identities are united in their opposition to this latest attempt to dumb down dressage.
Here’s what the world’s number one dressage rider, Isabell Werth, has to say:


“I have always said, this shortened test is not the option. I don’t believe it’s true that we will get more media, more spectators, more sponsors, if we cut the test. We have six minutes for the Grand Prix, and to do it in three makes no sense, and the most important thing is that it is worse for the horses because we can’t show the horses in the way we should show them: first of all we have to show the basics, and then we have to show the Grand Prix exercises in a proper way – and in three minutes it is just rush, rush, rush, and it is more difficult then for the weaker nations than the top nations. It makes no sense at all, and I am quite sure, it can’t be the future.”
“I said, if they show me a contract for one hour premium time with the short Grand Prix, then we can discuss it, but it is nothing, just political stuff.”
But why is this happening, I have met no-one who thinks it is a good idea…
“It is just a few who think we have to do something new, and make something which in their opinion is more interesting, but I am sure it is not the truth, they are just trying to change something but what they are doing makes no sense.”
Monika Theodorescu is German national coach and a former Olympic gold medallist, she says the new test is not even a Grand Prix…


“I’ve been reading through that Grand Prix and I’ve been practicing it this week with one of the riders who is going to show in London, and I think it is just not a Grand Prix.”
Everyone says this is a bad idea, so why is it happening?
“We’ve been through this many times already. I don’t think this latest move is the right way, because I don’t think there will be many more spectators. If there would be a TV contract to prove that TV really wants this, and they will really show whatever short version on TV, if there really is a contract, then we could think about it and restructure a new Grand Prix, but this one that they are doing in London, it’s maybe one minute shorter, and I don’t think it is a nice test and it has nothing to do with Grand Prix.”
“Mr Kemperman (Frank Kemperman, director of the Aachen CHIO, and chair of the FEI dressage committee) says ‘why do we need three times piaffe, if I have seen it once, then I have seen piaffe’ – but there is one transition coming from extended trot to passage and piaffe, there is another transition coming from passage to extended walk, which is very difficult, there is the next transition coming from collected walk to passage, then piaffe again and then going into canter from passage, and all these things are important. It’s not just piaffe here, piaffe there, it is all together, and we need all these exercises to school the horses, to have a proper training of the horses, proper riding and also the judges need it to get the horses apart. I just don’t think it’s a Grand Prix what they do there, it’s a test with piaffe / passage, but not a Grand Prix.”
Christoph Hess is one of the key spokesmen for the correct principles of dressage, a trainer, an international judge, a lecturer and educator, Christoph travels the world spreading the message of civilised, horse friendly, dressage, he is no fan of a shortened test, in fact, he has a few things he’d like to add…


We saw here at Frankfurt how the walk pirouette in the Bürg-Pokal was crucial in showing the education of the horse, but we have this push from the FEI to get rid of all these ‘boring bits’ – is this dangerous to dressage?
“I agree 100%, but first I have to say, I like that we have more than one Grand Prix, but I think that it is very important that we have all these movements so the judges can see, is the horse trained in the right direction, yes or no? At the end of the day, if we just have movements on the straight, medium or extensions in walk, trot, canter, piaffe and passage, it is not a Grand Prix.”
“I think you are right, we need the pirouette in walk, maybe only one pirouette, we need rein back at least, or schaukel which is much better, which is much more of a challenge, and one movement that I know no-one likes it, but flying change in medium canter, and one more thing, I like it very much if during the test, maybe on a circle line, you give the reins. I think we should see that suppleness is more important than three times piaffe, I think two times is enough, with transitions – I love it, we need it, but I think we need the basic things as well.”
“Another thing I like very much is in the extended trot and canter, is to give the reins, and re-take the reins, so you see that the self carriage is there, the good riders I am sure they have no problems, but to bring the not-so-good riders into the right direction.”
This issue is important. We live in a world where everything is being dumbed down. What the marketing gurus, who are the FEI, don’t seem to realise, is that a large part of the appeal of equestrian sport is that it is not instant whiz bang of the moment, it has the appeal of an earlier time, a time when it was considered a virtue to take hasten slowly, to do things correctly, it’s very ‘old fashioned’ feel, is a large part of its appeal. Dumb it down and you still won’t get some massive TV audience, all you will do is wreck something that remains beautiful and difficult and enthralling, a living tradition of horsemanship, and correct equitation.
Want to see the test? Hit the link:
Ex-top flight jump jockey who was WhatsApping a friend about horses when he crashed into elderly couple to leave them with life-threatening injuries is jailed for nearly three years


An ex-top jump jockey who texted a pal ‘about horses’ moments before a devastating crash which left an elderly couple with life-changing injuries has been jailed.
Fearghal Davis – who rode for famous race-horse owners J P McManus and Sir Robert Ogden – was ‘looking down and fiddling with his mobile phone’ while speeding around a blind bend.
The 32-year-old then ploughed head-on into a Citroen Picasso which tried to swerve out of the way, a court heard.
Elderly couple William Savory, 77, and wife Rosemary, 76, had to be cut free from the vehicle when emergency services arrived before being rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary.


But Davis – who had an illustrious career on the jump circuit – fled by this point, leaving his wrecked Ford Focus at the scene in Gate Helmsley, near York.

A jogger said he saw Davis – whose hands and face were soaked in blood – ‘being picked up in a navy-blue car and being driven away’ from the crash site.
The Irish ex-jockey – who works at David O’Meara stables following his retirement from professional horse-racing – was arrested the following day at his home address.
He claimed to have no recollection of the crash because of recurrent memory loss following a riding accident he had at the age of 18.
Forensic analysis of his mobile phone showed a series of incriminating text messages sent between the former jockey and some of his friends.
Davis admitted two counts of causing serious injury through dangerous driving and was jailed for 34 months at York Crown Court on Thursday.


He was also given a four-year driving ban.
Prosecutor James Gelsthorpe said Mr Savory had slowed down at the bend as a precaution but Davis’s car came straight at them on August 10 last year.
Mr Savory tried to swerve out of the way but it was ‘too late’ and the cars collided on the single-track road.
The couple’s Citroen was ‘flung’ onto an embankment and Mrs Savory was ‘crumpled up’ inside the car.
Mr Gelsthorpe said there was no proof that Davis was over the drink-drive limit, but the defendant later admitted he had had a few drinks before the crash at about 3.30pm.
But in the moments before the crash, Davis sent a Whatsapp message to a friend ‘regarding a horse’, a court heard.
Prosecutor Mr Gelsthorpe said: ‘The defendant’s phone records indicate that leading up to (about 3.30pm), he was sending WhatsApp messages to (a friend) regarding a horse.’


Three-vehicle crash involving a horse float left one woman injured and blocked the southbound land on the Barton Highway near Nanima Road on Friday afternoon.


The accident on the Barton Highway on Friday afternoon.Credit:Jamila Toderas
Emergency services were called at 1.30pm to the crash, 15 kilometres south of Murrumbateman.
Police said the injured woman appeared to be in shock but was walking around at the site.
Traffic banked up as police respond to an accident involving a horse float on the Barton Highway.Credit:Jamila Toderas


Traffic was diverted on the highway, with motorists being directed around the crash site into the northbound lane.


Tributes pour in for horse rider who ‘died doing something that brought her great joy’

Tributes have been paid to a horse rider who ‘died doing something that brought her great joy’.


Linda Sandercock, 64, from Launceston, fell from her horse on Friday, December 14, at Hayne Cross, Lewdown in Okehampton, and died in hospital the following day.
Linda’s family have since paid tributes to her, and have set up Just Giving Page in her memory, with donations going to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, which has so far raised more than £2,000.
In a statement, the family said: “Mum loved horses, anyone that knew her would know her passion for all things horse-related and she worked tirelessly to provide the best for us as children.
“As we left home and the horses at home dwindled she still was immersed in the horse world, both heavily involved in southwest and national Pony Club tetrathlon, the local agricultural show and point-to-point.
“She rekindled her love of riding and died doing something that brought her great joy and freedom. Mum was to all who knew her quite possibly at her happiest and prime.
“She is loved by so many, and will be sorely missed. She leaves a huge hole in many hearts.
“Whilst the family are grateful for all the messages of support, we would like to request that in lieu of cards, gifts and flowers that donations are made to Cornwall Air Ambulance.
“Mum was a proud Cornish lady and the rural way of life was hers. Without this valuable resource we may never have had the chance to say goodbye.”


Sen. Ron Caldwell, R-Wynne, suffered a broken pelvis in a horse riding accident Monday and has undergone surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, two of his colleagues said Wednesday.
Caldwell was in good condition at UAMS on Wednesday afternoon, a UAMS spokesman said.
Your subscription supports journalism that matters.Subscribe now for unlimited access to
Sen. Gary Stubblefield, R-Branch, said Caldwell was initially taken to Forrest City after the afternoon accident and was then airlifted to UAMS.
Caldwell has undergone two surgeries so far and is expected to undergo another in the next few days, according to Stubblefield, who said he spent about five hours with his Senate colleague Tuesday.
During a legislative subcommittee meeting Wednesday morning, Sen. Bruce Maloch, D-Magnolia, announced that Caldwell “does not need visitors at this time.”
“He has had a couple of surgeries … and will have more. I think he’ll have to have a plate. His pelvis has been broken. But anyway, just keep him in your prayers during this time,” Maloch said at the end of the meeting.
tubblefield said he thinks Caldwell will be back in time for the legislative session, which starts Jan. 14.
“I think he’ll need some help,” and senators will ensure that that assistance is provided, he said.
Caldwell, 67, has served in the state Senate since 2013. He currently serves as chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee, and is to become chairman of the Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee next month.

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