Premium Members Blog – 22nd April, 2018


HI Folks. Hope You all had a wonderful Week. We have been under pressure, as usual…..always fighting off the ‘Parasites’ of this World as our Daily Lives become more and more controlled by ‘the system’


Thoughts to the Anzacs




The cool Change Saturday






Do You realize that we are all being eaten alive  by ‘Parasites’ If it is not the Fed Govt, it is the State, if it is not them, it is Local Govt but at least they are all up front as they continually dip into Your hard earned Weekly income, conspiring to devise ever new ways to relieve You of your money, but what about big Business? They are out of control and MOST OF THEM are untrustworthy, conniving, cunning and deceitful operations who are really ‘Con Men’ for You can’t ever trust a word they say.

So not only do they continually dip into Your income , but they make Your Life Hell as You have to continually fight ‘wild fires’ in Your Life, as You realize they are getting at you. Who are they?????

Well the Power Companies, with the Govt are the modern Day ‘Ned Kellies’ of the World as they carry out probably the greatest con and rip off ever on a Society, robbing us all Blind, daily. ( Normally owned by China)

We were lied to and conned by Government, to go about funding Solar Panels across our roofs, to save money but it didn’t turn out that way. Case in point.

We have a 6KW system and a 2 Person (frugal) Home. Our rebates are down to 6 cents and last quarter, we produced and basically gave them 1500KW of Power, into the Grid, at 6 cents a KW at the same time as getting a Bill over $300 because they sold us our own Power back, at 40 something cents a KW. Go figure that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&*()_+)(*&^%$#^&*()_,,,,,but wait, there’s more……

I finally got 2 seconds to look at our Power Bill ( from my Daily running like a Mouse in the Metal Ball) as I fund ‘The Parasites” I see  ( since Solar) 27,000 KW. 17,000 of that was used by us on general use. 10,000 was used by our Hot Water Service…………..BUT HANG ON A MINUTE, WHAT ABOUT THE SO CALLED J TARRIF????/….you know, the CHEAP POWER that comes on during the early hours of the Morning??????/……………………..”Pig’s Arse”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are conning us with this as well. The HW comes on in the afternoon as well, during a quaint explained time called “Step 2’

So we turned off Gainsborough Hot Water and immediately got $190 Credit last quarter. So we have turned off our Hot Water here, this week, to experiment. The Hot Water in the 360 Litre normal unit, LASTED 4 DAYS………not having to have it’s Guts boiled off twice daily, as they do, at 40 Cents a KW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now, we are turning it back on when the water gets only warm, BOOSTING it for a couple of hours during the Day ……

AT 6 CENTS A KW, using our Power.

Have You any idea how much Power is being wasted across the entire Country, every Day, on this Hot Water heating system?????????????????????? Never hear the Greenies’ talk about that one!!

The Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I could go on all NIght on this……….next Week LG Electronics and JB Hi Fi. We spent the whole Day on these Bustuds Yesterday, finally winning……but why do we need to SAD

QUESTION……are the Parasites eating your Super like White Ants’??

anyhow, back to the real World, the physical………




I have completed Mrs. HP’s Shelters in Her Horse Yards, all ready for the Iron and Kick Boards ( bugger, Stratco making in Melbourne and have to wait 2 Weeks Grrrrrrrrr) but at least the ‘hard slog’ is over and once more ( living in hope) I shall put away the Crow Bar and Long Handled Hovel….somewhere the Boss cannot see them 2laughing-smilies







It has been a real struggle for Mrs. HP, to prepare Her Horses for the up-coming State Championships, with the Heat that we have been having this last Week. Ridiculous.

We know, that to make Horses too Hot, with their developing Winter Coats, is to penalize them for performance and to turn them off trying, on the arena and at competitions. Horses are not stupid and remember everything. They are perfect judges of fairness and mark You down if you are unjust, devising tactics to protect their own welfare, if the Human will not.

So they have now both been clipped, to help.




Some of You may have read where I help Ladies around the World, to start their Own Horses. There have been many successes and a lot of them are broken in better than paid Professional Trainers.

This Week, I want to Show Case just one of these Ladies and show You what a well started Horse looks like……..’Amateur style’


DIANNE GIRVEN – Queensland


Bear in Mind, as You watch these, that the dark Bay Horse that she is riding, as Her own Roping Horse, was also broken in by Dianne. Not Her Reins, not the ‘True Unity’, note the Horse being Her Partner and telling the Chestnut off.  ( the mark of a Proud Horse )

German Warmblood from Grandview Sport Horses. SA.


Well done Dianne. Proud of You!!!…and Tux.






Hi John,


In November last year I bought this stock horse, Cinnamon, for my daughter to ride and as a general spare horse as he had easy paces and a great temperament.  His downside, he is a windsucker and he came with a “miracle” collar.   I spent a few days stressing out watching him windsuck even with the collar on and then I bought one of your collars.


The first photo of my daughter riding him  was from late November last year, maybe 2 weeks after we purchased him.  As you can see he is heavy in the neck and light in the hindquarter.


The photo from today shows a remarkable change (for me).  The heavy neck muscle has disappeared and instead he has improved the shape and strength of his hindquarter, his colour has changed and his overall condition is much improved.

Thank you!


PS:  I know she is without the back cinch, but if you want to take that up with the teenager….. please feel free


Lol to the Teenager 🙂 I guess she is going to read this lol.

4 Comments re the Photos. All constructive:

  • The Young Lass is riding too short.
  • The Back cinch etc, should NOT be removed, for one day she may become the “Human Javelin” and I have seen hundreds in my Life.
  • She may relax a bit. Let Her Hips go, for she isn’t in the Show Ring and the Horse is not “on the bit’ anyway.
  • and…..she is trying very hard to ride on a ‘pleasure rein’ but struggles due to a past Life and influence. That is not a pleasure rein although I must give Her credit for trying.

Thanks Sarah. Well done….on more fronts than one 🙂






Dear Maureen

I had to report back to you after receiving an ecstatic call from Emma at the livery yard. This is a woman who is soft at heart but tough on her horses and refuses to learn anything new. I managed to get her to watch your DVD – amidst lots of huffing. And after 2 short sessions with the front hobbles our crazy box walker (the worst she has seen in 30 years) is calmly eating all his breakfast (a first in a year), standing still whilst being tacked up (a first) and not box walking at all – reduced to a mild weave of his head over the door. 

She cant believe it and we are all over the moon.

Thank you thank you. 




Half Breed / Western influence.






1-20180420_150615-1 We happened behind this brand new Float Yesterday. It was traveling like a fish, empty. Lord knows what if there were Horses in it. Check out the wheels 2laughing-smilies




” Don’t follow the rules of the Climate to clip Your Horse, if it is a performance Horse. Ride them Hot and You will train them to NOT”




Handbrake-for-Horses Yet again,the absolutely fruitless thing that ‘English Discipline” Riders’ just have to do, thinking that they are making a nice Photo.

The Horses must see a Camera appear and say to themselves “Oh God, here we go, the ‘Hand Brake’ is coming on right now. Brace my Jaw’

No matter how You look at it, it is wrong. It is unfair on the Horse, it destroys Mouths, it ruins Muscle Tone and it makes the Photo crap. Why do they do it?

They do it because it is the strongest form of brain washing that I have ever see. That a ‘fashion’ with no real basis of training, can take over the World and be so potent that you can’t influence it, has always got me wondering………….and on that note, this Week comes……




There is an ‘English Discipline’ Lady, who has been dying the “Death of a thousand cuts” via being humiliated in front of the ‘Peers’ at the Hack Shows, where the 14 Hand Pony won’t load. She has half done the right thing, asked for help and as always, we give the advice and try and guide Her.

I told Her that she is a victim of a system that is anti Horse Training and that she should make some immediate changes and all will be ok. Toss the Web Halter, Toss the Puppy Dog Pony Club Lead Rope, ‘get down the rope’ and so on..

Well to Her further frustration recently, she went to load Him again ( to go to a comp), short for time and he not only refused to BUT….he Reared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  with the 6 foot ‘Puppy Dog’ Lead Rope made of ‘Fair Floss” and with a Lady 5 foot high hahahahahaha….the stuff that ‘Worst Nightmares’ are made of bring-it-on-smiley

She urgently contacts us ( too late)…..”bring a Rope Halter to the Show” 2laughing-smilies ……anyhow…….we went to the Show and here is what my disappointment is 🙁

The Kid competed and came back out to the Float Park, where Mum was chatting with Friends, about 20 Metres off to the right of my F-Truck. I saw the Kid standing there endlessly, doing this……


but at least with submission.. The little Horse was communicating, figgity, wouldn’t stand, Head chucking, laying the Ears back even and all the Kid could think of was to walk around a Circle and represent to look beautiful, while Mum and Friends saw nothing.

So all they achieved was to train the Pony that the Hack Show is a bad please to be and that she shouldn’t load onto the Float next time, in fact, rear and escape, for after doing a great job in the comp, they are just going to put the Hand Brake on in the Car Park.

Oh dear……”Ya can’t bloody tell em”  Phew






Oh it’s so hilarious. Yet another of the hundreds of Thousands of unsound Horses out there and being ridden by Fools






” Horses only look to be our Partners. They don’t plan to exploit. Those thoughts only come via mis-communication from Humans











( It pays to keep the eye peeled) We don’t tread in Pot Holes and don’t even trot on corrugated Roads


A woman ended up in hospital after her horse fell into a pothole on a country road in Oldham.

llsw Sherrie Hopwood was left with nasty facial injuries following the incident near Daisy Nook Country Park.

The 57-year-old had taken her horse Jay for a ride around the Daisy Nook bridal path when it stepped into the pothole on Crime Lane, which was full of water.

Sherrie said the horse’s knees gave way and it fell, sending her crashing face first into the ground.

Speaking about the incident, on April 4, businesswoman, who lives in Bardsley, told the M.E.N: “I was flat on my face, I tried shouting for help but there was no one around.

“I managed to force myself up to get up.

“I was very lucky because Jay didn’t panic. If she had, she could have killed me.”

Sherrie was later taken to hospital.

Jay suffered cuts to the knees and legs and was checked over by a vet.

Sherrie added: “It was raining and there were puddles everywhere. The road is disgraceful, it’s very uneven and full of potholes.

“So many people use these routes for riding, there’s always horses around and it’s dangerous.iis

“I’ve been riding for more than 50 years and I know a lot about horses and riding.

“I’ve never had an accident like this before. I didn’t expect to fall down a pothole but when they are covered in water you just don’t see them.

“I could have easily been trampled on and killed. Something needs to be done, I don’t want anyone else to get hurt.”

Sherrie says Jay is now on ‘box rest’ and is waiting for the green light to ride again.

Oldham council’s neighbourhoods boss Helen Lockwood said officers have since inspected Crime Lanes, but did not say whether action would be taken.

“We’re sorry to hear what happened to Sherrie and her horse and we wish them both well,” she added.

loe “Inspectors have visited the scene to assess the damage. Unfortunately, over recent months some of our roads have been left damaged due to the persistent cold and wet weather.

“We look after more than 850km of roads, which is a huge task. We are also realistic though – potholes will appear and we are aware of this.

“We have a fantastic team of trained, dedicated staff working on our roads using innovative machines, which are making repairs quicker and cheaper whilst causing less disruption to motorists.



seje A prominent Perth veterinarian has denied allegations that he engaged in unprofessional conduct — including over the sudden death of a pony after a controversial cosmetic procedure — in six complaints lodged by clients and senior veterinary surgeons.

The Australian is not suggesting Dr Max Hall, 33, has engaged in any wrongdoing. However, he has been the subject of two recent determinations of unprofessional conduct by the industry regulator, the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Western Australia.

In one of those cases, the board reversed an earlier decision to take its allegation to the State Administrative Tribunal, the independent body that ­reviews the board’s findings and can impose a penalty.

In the other case, the board withdrew an action it launched in the tribunal against Dr Hall in which it alleged he engaged in unprofessional conduct over his treatment of horses.

The vets board is also accused of stalling its investigations into the equine specialist, who is the subject of several other complaints that are yet to be determined. Dr Hall is well connected in Perth’s equestrian community and is regularly described as “charismatic” and “charming” by clients.

When contacted by The Australian, Dr Hall said all complaints against him had all been “100 per cent” rejected by the board.

He suggested other Perth vets had commercial motives in making the complaints about him.

“I’m a new business here in Perth and there’s a lot of veterinarians out there trying to have a go at people making it on their own,” he said.

Along with his brother ­Garnett, who is also a veterinarian, Dr Hall applied last year to appear on the hit show Bondi Vet and recently filmed a segment with Dr Harry Cooper for an upcoming episode of the Seven Network’s Better Homes and Gardens.

Last August the vets board wrote to one of Dr Hall’s ­aggrieved clients, Perth horse owner Sally Buktenica, to inform her it had upheld a complaint of unprofessional conduct in relation to Dr Hall’s treatment of her six-year-old mare Coco.

In her complaint, Mrs Buktenica ­alleged Dr Hall misdiagnosed the extent of a leg injury suffered by Coco in an accident and that his assessments and examinations were cursory and incomplete.

Board registrar Sue Godkin wrote in response: “The board will be referring the matter to the State Administrative Tribunal ­alleging unprofessional conduct by Dr Hall.”

But Mrs Buktenica was shocked and angry when the board wrote to her again on February 23 to tell her it had changed its mind about referring the case to the tribunal, which has the power to impose disciplinary action against veterinarians.

“The board … determined that it is not in the public interest to refer an allegation of unprofessional conduct to the Sat against Dr Hall on this occasion,” Dr Godkin wrote.

Mrs Buktenica said she was given no reason why the board had dropped the case.

She described the regulator’s response to the many complaints against Dr Hall as “woefully inadequate” and “extremely slow”.

In a separate case, the board decided in February not to pursue a case against Dr Hall in the tribunal despite its determination that he had acted unprofessionally in his treatment of several horses at a Perth equine clinic during 2014 and 2015.

The case went to mediation in the tribunal last year but the board withdrew from the case on February 19 without providing a reason to the complainant, a senior Perth veterinary surgeon who alleged Dr Hall’s surgical treatment of the horses was “grossly negligent”.

The board is also yet to conclude an investigation into a complaint made in August 2016 by another Perth equine specialist about Dr Hall’s alleged role in the death of a pony, which left its owners deeply distressed.

In that case, it was alleged that Dr Hall injected the horse with a painkiller in a cosmetic procedure known as “tail blocking”, which paralyses the horse’s tail in order to reduce movement during show events.

Tail blocking has been banned by equestrian bodies due to the risk of infection in the horse.

In his complaint to the board, made in a statutory declaration, the equine vet said his practice had attended to a pony that presented with colic and died suddenly after admission.

The owners told the clinic that Dr Hall had days earlier performed a “tail block” procedure on the horse.

“I asked Dr Hall whether he did in fact ‘tail block’ this pony, to which he confirmed that he had injected the tail area of this pony with an agent (sarapin) in order to reduce tail movement and ‘tail swishing’ while being ridden and competing,” the vet said.

“He also indicated that he had treated other horse(s) in Perth with the same procedure.”

Dr Hall told The Australian he was unaware an allegation of tail blocking had been made against him.

“I think you’ve got a lot of your information really confused,” he said. “I haven’t really had any problems, so you’ve got to get your story checked.”

The Australian has seen two other complaints about Dr Hall and spoken to another horse owner who is preparing a formal complaint.

Mrs Buktenica has filed a separate complaint against Dr Hall over his alleged misdiagnosis of another horse she owns.

The Australian is not suggesting these allegations are true, only that they have been or will be made against Dr Hall.

The vets board declined to say how many complaints it has ­received about Dr Hall. “All complaints received by the Veterinary Surgeons Board about any registered veterinary surgeon are taken very seriously and fully ­investigated,” Dr Godkin said in a statement.



Couple suing Charleston horse carriage company after wreck, reported injuries


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — Two people claiming they were seriously injured in a Charleston horse carriage wreck in 2016 have now sued the carriage company for negligence.

Anna and Leonard Mallardi filed separate lawsuits Wednesday against Palmetto Carriage Works, the company that owns and operates the carriage the Mallardis were riding on when they say they were injured.

The lawsuit claims Palmetto Carriage Works and its employee, Samantha Woodard, were negligent and reckless leading up to the July 17, 2016 crash on Tradd Street in Charleston.

Per the lawsuit, the Mallardis claim the carriage company is culpable for their injuries because it knew the carriage was unsafe, but didn’t adequately maintain or repair it.

The Mallardis also accuse Palmetto Carriage Works of failing to properly train Woodard, who the lawsuit goes on to claim was negligent for failing to maintain control of the carriage and for operating it at a “high and excessive rate of speed.”

The Mallardis say their injuries came when the front left wheel of the carriage “detached,” and Woodard lost control of the carriage. The carriage, drawn by two mules, wound up striking a brick façade and a fire hydrant along Tradd Street.


According to her lawsuit, Anna Mallardi claims she was thrown from the carriage by the impact with the bricks and hydrant, resulting in broken bones in her foot.

Meanwhile, Leonard Mallardi claims he fell to the pavement and suffered leg injuries while trying to get out of the carriage to help his wife. His lawsuit doesn’t elaborate upon exactly what injuries he suffered, other than to say injuries to one of his legs and a knee.

Woodard told a different story in her statement to police. A Charleston Police Department incident report shows Woodard claims the incident began when the rubber exterior of the wheel — not the wheel itself — detached.

According to police, Woodard said the sound of the metal wheel on the pavement after the rubber came off spooked the mules, causing them to start galloping and leading her to lose control of the carriage.

After the carriage crashed, police say Woodard told them she instructed all passengers to stay aboard the carriage. Police say Woodard told them Anna Mallardi ignored the instruction and jumped off the carriage, leading to her injury.

The police report makes no mention of Leonard Mallardi being injured.

Attorneys for the Mallardis claim they both suffered “severe disabling injuries … mental anguish, emotional distress, disfigurement and other debilitating injuries” requiring surgeries and long-term medical care.

The suits also claim the Mallardis lost wages and future wages, and will endure future pain and suffering … mental shock, emotional trauma, and mental anguish.”

Palmetto Carriage Works owner Tommy Doyle declined to comment Thursday on the lawsuit, saying it is company policy not to comment on pending litigation.

In a 2016 interview following the incident, Doyle said the company does have a training protocol for the rubber coming off the wheel of a carriage, but said even the most experience carriage animals will spook.

“Even your best trained animal, it’s gonna startle,” Doyle said. “It’ll startle the driver. It’ll startle anybody on the carriage — it’s like a bang.”

A court hearing in the case has been set for October, 2018.






UPDATE: No charges in found horses near Bentley
Responding Ponoka veterinarian says horses were in healthy condition.

Some details surrounding an incident involving two horses found inside an overturned stock trailer northwest of Bentley have come to light.

Kathi Issler from the Bentley Fire Department reported that at 5:23 a.m. on Sunday morning, April 15, Bentley District Fire Department was called to the scene on Highway #771, near the intersection of Highway #20 just northwest of Bentley.

A concerned resident nearby called 911 and investigated the scene to discover a stock trailer on its roof with two horses still inside. Upon fire crews’ arrival it was noted that no tow vehicle was present so Sylvan Lake RCMP and Ponoka veterinarian Trevor Hook, of Central Veterinary Clinic, were called to assist.

float-accident-1 In an interview on Thursday, Hook said he brought his horse trailer after crews said there was a need for one. When he arrived at the scene he was relieved to see the horses appeared to be calm and in good health considering the potential severity.

“They were both stable and bright and alert,” said Hook.

The horses, which remained remarkably calm, were carefully extricated, examined and moved to the clinic for evaluation.

The biggest thing Hook was looking for was any major injuries to the animals. He says it takes 12 to 24 hours before the adrenaline wears off and other injuries may surface.

However, besides being thirsty and hungry initially, the animals were okay. “They were quite fortunate. The trailer was upside down so it could have been worse.”

The horses have been returned to their new owner.

As for the horses it’s believed they were bought through the Top Gun Horse Sales and it appears Sylvan Lake RCMP were able to reach out to the new owner.

In speaking with K-Division about the incident, investigators say no charges are being laid. RCMP declined to comment further about the incident.





A woman died after she was thrown from her horse during a riding lesson near Frome, an inquest has heard.

img3 Julia Papadopoulos, of Shepton Mallet, was taking part in a showjumping class at Hill House Farm in Buckland Dinham when she fell on September 9.

The 54-year-old suffered from multiple injuries, including a severe brain injury, respiratory arrest and a cerebral artery dissection, and died two days later at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

At her inquest at Somerset Coroner’s Court in Taunton , assistant coroner Tim Hayden read a statement from riding instructor Sophie Dickinson, who had been teaching Ms Papadopoulos for the previous five years and was overseeing the lesson on the day of the tragic accident.

Ms Papadopoulos had been riding as part of a group of four in the indoor arena at when her horse, which she owned, misjudged a jump at a grid, clipping the top of the jump and throwing the rider off to its right.

Julia was found unresponsive and stopped breathing, requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from two other members of the group while help arrived.

Ms Papadopoulos was airlifted to hospital but her condition deteriorated and she was pronounced dead two days later.

A report from Marietta Gill, environmental health officer at Mendip District Council, said that there had been no suggestion that Julia was not a competent rider and that there was no evidence to suggest that there had been any health and safety failings on the part of the riding school.

Ms Papadopoulos had been wearing safety equipment, including a riding jacket which inflated when she fell from the horse and a helmet.

A letter read out by Mr Hayden from Julia’s father said: “Julia always had an interest in riding and showjumping, which she regularly enjoyed when she was growing up, and it was no surprise when she returned to the sport around ten years ago.

“Julia was well aware of the risks of riding and took precautions to manage them, but sadly accidents are part of the sport and this was a particularly unfortunate one.”






BALLSTON SPA — A career con artist who once involved a Schenectady police sergeant in a car scam was sentenced Monday for another case of fraud, this one involving a harness racehorse, authorities said.

dkkd Anthony F. Aubin, 27, of Clifton Park, appeared in Saratoga County Court Monday and was sentenced to two-and-a-half to five years in state prison after his January guilty plea to one count of third-degree grand larceny, a felony.

The sentence is to run at the same time as a 2-to-4-year sentence related to an Albany County scam, making his total term two-and-a-half to five years.

Saratoga Springs police arrested Aubin in October on charges that accused him of stealing $5,000 from a man in June.

Aubin led the victim to believe he was purchasing “claiming rights” to two different harness horses at Saratoga Raceway, police said. The victim paid Aubin but later learned one of the horses pitched by Aubin was actually retired, and the other was already owned outright by someone else unconnected to Aubin. Aubin had no direct connection to either horse, police said.

The horse fraud happened during a two-week period when Aubin was free pending sentencing for the Albany County scam, the one connected to former Schenectady police Sgt. Jonathan Moore, police said.

In that case, Aubin was accused of attempting to defraud car dealerships in Colonie out of expensive vehicles in September and October of 2016. Police said Moore was a witness in that case, not a suspect. Moore, however, later resigned.

Aubin pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument in that case and was sentenced to two to four years in state prison in July.





An upturned horse trailer was found near Bentley – with no truck attached.

kkdk At 5:20 a.m. Sunday, the Bentley District Fire Department was sent to an accident scene

on Highway 771, near the intersection of Highway 20, just northwest of Bentley.

A concerned resident had called 911 to pass on information about a stock trailer that was discovered on its roof – with two horses still inside. Fire crews’ arrival found no tow vehicle present, so RCMP and a veterinarian with a horse trailer were called to assist.

eey The horses, which remained remarkably calm, were carefully extricated, examined and moved to a secure location where they are being held until their owner can be notified.




OKLAHOMA CITY – Cam Douglas has seen his share of danger.

He’s been a Marine Sgt., served overseas, an undercover narcotics agent and K-9 cop.

Who could have ever imagined a large, but friendly barrel horse would be his greatest threat?

“I’m a tall, chubby guy. My horse turned sharp. He went one way. I went the other. And I hit my head on the way down,” said Douglas.

He hit his head on a steel rail, fracturing his skull, breaking his neck and a legend of other, critical injuries. The prognosis was bleak.

“My wife and family were told five or six days – I was not going to survive,” Douglas told News 4.

Family and friends kept an around-the-clock bedside vigil, praying for a miracle.

After months in the ICU and rehab, though, Douglas somehow beat the odds.

He’s now back to work as a police detective, and there is one mystery, in particular, he’d like to solve.

For months, he’s visited fire stations and stopped at accident scenes, hoping to find the unsung heroes who saved his life. It was not until recently, he finally met the EMSA medics and firefighters who came to his rescue.

News 4 was there for the reunion.

“You guys are family. Different uniform. Different job. The first thing someone told me out of the ambulance was, he’s off duty OKC PD, and that’s when your heart sinks because you know it’s somebody who wears a uniform, someone who watches your back when we take care of other people,” said EMSA paramedic Donald Wood.

Everyone acknowledges Douglas is a walking, talking medical miracle.

“I have to get back on the horse. That’s what the movies say, so that’s what I did,” he said.

Back on the horse, living each day as a gift and thankful for the team of EMSA paramedics, firefighters and doctors who helped saved his life.




ARCADIA, Calif. – Xten, a 3-year-old maiden colt, was euthanized on Friday after being involved in an apparent collision during a workout that led to the cancellation of training on the main track.

Trainer Tim Yakteen said on Friday afternoon that Xten was found to be suffering from neurological issues and could not be saved.

At approximately 6:30 a.m., Xten was involved in an accident shortly after starting a workout. The horse fell on the backstretch and was attended to by a veterinarian and a group of outriders, track employees and exercise riders for more than three hours before being transported by horse ambulance to the backstretch hospital.

At times, Xten appeared to be unable to rise to his feet while he was being treated on the racetrack. No other horses were believed to be injured in the collision.

Xten, winless in four starts last year, was owned by breeder Stetson Land Company.

Friday afternoon, Yakteen praised the efforts of veterinarians and track employees for aiding Xten after the accident.





Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service has been called to Gloucester after reports of a woman being injured in a horse accident on Wednesday, April 11.

The helicopter was seen flying over town around 1pm on the way to meet the ambulance at Gloucester Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.
It’s reported the ambulance is transporting a 43-year-old woman who has had a fall from a horse onto a barb wire fence.

She has reportedly suffered pelvic and associated injuries along with lacerations.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter clinical team will treat the woman before flying her to John Hunter Hospital for further treatment.

There is no report on her condition at the time of this publication.




A horse rescue owner is demanding answers after she said someone broke into her property and attacked her horse.

Cynthia Gilbert, owner of Track to Trail Thoroughbreds, noticed her horse named Stevie was acting differently last night while he was in his paddock.

When Gilbert and her team approached him, they noticed he was shaking and covered in blood.

“Anyone can hop over a fence. He was right in front of one of the homes, which makes it all the more baffling where somebody would come and do that,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said Stevie was cut 15 times and had to be stitched up.

“There’s nothing in there other than wood and sand, so there’s nothing for him to be cut on,” Gilbert said. “I have no explanation for that and his tail appears to be cut by scissors. So, it leads you to be a person.”

Stevie, a former racehorse, was always full of energy and always wanting to play, Gilbert said. But since the attack, he’s not the same.

“If you look at his eyes they are a little … it’s not that normal spark,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said veterinarians confirmed Stevie was not hurt by other horses.




ST. GEORGE — Police are investigating the death of a young horse that the owner believes was dragged behind a vehicle, causing injuries extensive enough to have the animal put down Sunday night.

eeee-1 “We are investigating a suspicious incident involving an injury to a horse that was found with two broken back legs, and we are following every lead that we can dig up,” Sgt. Sam Johnson, interim chief of the Colorado City Marshal’s Office said.
Drag marks and blood stains mark the road near a pasture from where a 2-year-old horse may have been taken, Colorado City, Ariz., April 15, 2018 | Photo courtesy of Jacob Hammon, St. George News

The incident occurred between 8 p.m and 8:30 p.m. Sunday on a property just west of Colorado City, Arizona, where an unknown individual allegedly entered a privately owned field where cows were grazing, along with the 2-year-old horse.

The gate to the pasture was left open, property owner Jacob Hammon said, allowing the cows to leave the grazing area and wander along the roadway, while the filly either wandered out of the pasture on its own or was removed from the area intentionally.

Hammon said he believes the horse was tied to the back of a vehicle and dragged from the property. The horse’s hind legs apparently became caught in the cattle guard and fractured as the vehicle continued over the guard without stopping.

The horse was dragged at least 20 more feet, Hammon said, until it was left on the side of the road where it was found a short time later by a passerby who contacted police.

“It appears the horse was dragged looking at the way the legs snapped and the drag marks and blood found along the road,” Hammon said. “They proceeded to drag her out of my place about a quarter of a mile with her thrashing, where they took their rope off and left her.”

Officers then contacted Hammon’s wife who responded along with a Mohave County brand inspector. They found the horse alive but in shock, and the animal was put down at that point.

Hammon said he has no idea why anyone would do something like that.

Johnson said the investigation has yielded multiple leads that are being investigated, but added that there are details that may not align with the scenario of the horse being dragged behind a vehicle. He said, however, that it’s too early in the investigation to eliminate anything as a possibility.

“We have information that we are following up on that came in today, and we can only assume what happened to the horse until we have the evidence to determine what actually happened.”

The Marshal’s Office has additional resources to investigate the incident, and Johnson said they are working with agencies and livestock officers with Mohave County as well.

No further details are being released at this time, as any information released prematurely may jeopardize the investigation, he said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Colorado City Marshal’s Office at 928-875-2695.



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