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21st May, 2018





Back to Gainsborough this Week and this time the priority was the Weed Spraying Broad acre of all Paddocks, to knock the new Seasons baby Marshmallow and others. It’s an endless battle due to the Pigeons, who bring the Seeds from the Feral Council and Wetland areas down at Bolivar. Council wouldn’t realize that of course. I sometimes wonder why we bother. Most don’t. I know it doesn’t get appreciated. Anyhow, all done, thanks to the John Deere and the Mobile Unit. Unfortunately, the withholding period for the new Poisons this Year, is 14 Days but at least Owners have Weed free Paddocks to look forward to and no risk to their Horses. I know the Horses will appreciate it!

My second job was to install a 200 watt Flood Light to cover the entire back Carpark and Round Pens for the Folks at Night. We had one put up a couple of Years ago, by the resident Electrician but it died a few Weeks ago. This Week, a new Flood Light for the Front Car Parks. Nothing like Security 🙂

The other job I have this Week, is to replace the last few wooden Rails on the Property, with Galv Rails that won’t rust and Horses can’t chew them. The eternal Battle to keep a Horse Property looking good is to stop Horses being Wood Beavers. They just love Arsenic!!!!









All is not what it may seem when some Vets’ conduct pre-purchase examinations. Yes, the Vet’s responsibility is to the Purchaser, never to represent the Vendor. All good, but both sides expect a single message, for both sides for the Vendor has to pick up the pieces later and try to work out how to proceed, how to treat or how to re-position the Horse for future attempts at Sale. ( within the parameters of the Consumer Law)

The ‘Purpose for use’ is all important when it comes to upholding the responsibilities of the Seller, when selling a Horse, so I mean by that, a Horse that maybe shown to be unsuitable for Dressage as it is conformationally challenged such that nit has trouble achieving a Head Set, can be fine as a Trail Horse where it won;t ever be asked to ‘Collect’

However, both sides of a Deal, expect the SAME message from a Vet.





Hi John

Some great feedback from a customer this morning:

HP Relief D Ring with Hooks: Thank you for making such a quality bit available. My young Ngati Awa type gelding has extremely fleshy cheeks and other bits pinched this tender soft tissue. His sensitive tongue did not tolerate much pressure and other bits impeded his swallow – causing a continuous out-flow of saliva during training. He “tolerated” and accepted other bits but only due to his forgiving nature. This new bit has changed everything. He drops his head and takes it from my hand like a piece of apple. The drooling has ceased. His head carriage is relaxed and signals are direct and discreet. Make no mistake – I spent a fortune on quality bits (including Myler) and I did not have great expectations. This has been a real success. Nancy



All the best



Horseproblems Saddlery NZ
fb Horseproblems Saddlery NZ


Thanks Katherine. Well done! Lovely to hear.



I rode in Myler Bits for many Years and tested them much. In fact, I popularized them in this Country and as a result, they put this on their Home Page for 12 Months



I found them wonderful and a huge advance in Bits, leaving the Age of the JOINTED SNAFFLE, behind.

1-Nutcracker. .

However, I made certain changes to them, responding to what Horses were telling me and the result has been outstanding.

Thanks Katherine for yet another great result








Thanks Paul Dopper/ Yes. In order of merit as to the most important things on the Pony Club Curriculum…..Grooming, bandaging, rugging. What would be immensely useful would be to add some useful things to it, Feeding, Veterinary, Psychology, ‘learned helplessness, Pasture Management, how to buy Hay and more.





“When picking up the back Leg of a Horse, especially one You do not know personally, NEVER place the left Hand on the INSIDE of the back Leg, a most sensitive area!!! You are increasing the chance of being kicked, injured or killed.

Put Your left Hand on the Hip of the Horse, so that you can feel it’s intent,push off and be thrown right if it attempts to kick, run your right Hand all the way down from the Rump ( letting it know you are coming, take hold of the Main Tendon half way down the Cannon bone and ask for the Leg to be lifted

One more thing, PINCHING Horses to get them to lift a Leg, can also get You kicked. Rather, train them properly”







I have seen it many times, having attended many Presentations at the Dressage Champ Shows, show after show, the same old F.E.I. People taking home all the Rugs, never an Amateur getting one. It ruins the Industry. I have been harping for Years now……

by the way, congrats to the Industry now starting to arrive at looking after the Amateurs and splitting classes. Wonderful…..but back to the presentation……..

One F.E.I. Rider ( with the Million Dollar Horses) kept winning Class after Class and was throwing them down in the dirt and grass seeds, sitting on them, awaiting the next Rug. Not a good look but very indicative of the situation…… after dragging EA into making changes, here is a new one that they should implement urgently.


NO F.E.I. RIDER should be allowed in Prelim and Novice, at Shows where prizes are given. ( mainly Champ Shows) They don’t need to be in these Classes and shouldn’t be. This is the incubator of the Industry, where ‘Newbies’ who are entering the Industry get a ‘rush of Blood’ with some success, which triggers them to go out and spend squillions in that Industry, just like the first time Punter attending the Races and going Home with a pocket full. You are hooked.

You won’t find my Wife competing in these Classes where Prizes are given. She may go once, twice at the max, to show Young Horses and then Elementary immediately.

What is worse, is that they even keep Horses back and back, that are competing anywhere up to Advanced, just to ‘Ribbon Hunt’ at the Championship Show.

Time for the Industry to do something about this too.


stop-press   SA Dressage Queen and Serial Rug Hoarder strikes again, next Week for the Autumn Champs.


  • Wins both Prelims and got Prelim Championship Rug at the State Championships, thereby being the BEST HORSE IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA.
  • Last Weekend, Horse appears at Southern Vales Dressage, winning both Elementary, convincingly, with over 70% for both, beating into second place another State Squad Member,
  • Now next Weekend at the Autumn Champs, she has the Horse entered in the Preliminary.
  • In fact, both State Squad Members have their Horses entered in the Champs next Week, in PRELIM.

So they are destroying the Industry Folks, stopping it growing. Don’t worry, we get the disappointed telling us their tales, almost every Week.

but wait, there is more………

If the Equestrian Australia is asleep at the Wheel on this Subject ( which I have proved many times) now this Week, we have yet abother (rich) Person, leaving the Industry, at the Hands of another State Dressage Queen, uncontrolled by Equestrian Australia. You can’t tell them Folks, they have read this, don’t You worry about that ( to quote Jo)

Peer Review – Equestrian Australia Code of Ethics

UPDATE – the horse is now dead!


So this Week, low and behold, we have a Horse arrive at our Property, for a Lesson. The Horse was featured in probably the biggest Soap Opera Fight on Facebook, by 2 South Australian State Squad Members, over a Horse sold by one to the other and Bucked off the Grand Prix Rider who rides at National Level.

Well Folks, the Horse arrived here this Week, having been sold by one of the State Squad Members and having caused the Young Rider to LOSE HER CONFIDENCE, with the Mother ( who has spent squillions) TO GIVE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ($25,000)

The Family is moving back to the City and OUT OF THE HORSE INDUSTRY. Thanks to the State Squad Members who are “Serial Pests'”



Why in the Hell should I have to writing about these things??? Damaging my own Wife’s Career with kick back???? The EA need a giant kick in the Ass….still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






So many Horses suffer from this but are not identified, by Owners, Coaches or Judges. They are everywhere and as I said, without looking for, I saw 7 at the recent State Championships.




Basically an older horse 17 yo TB mare, who I would like to bring into light pleasure riding – if she is ok.  She has not been ridden for about four years.  Have just brought her in from 6 month’s agistment a week ago and revising ground manners and getting some weight on her.  We have owned her for 11 years so know her very well, kind quiet mare.  Was my daughter’s horse for pony club so yes flexed off etc…

Getting vet out in another week to do teeth and check her over, X-rays as you suggest also.  I suspect that she has problems as her top line is awful. She also had a fence accident 15 months ago and lacerated the front of her hock on the right hind and the cannon bone on left hind, all healed now.

Will send photos and videos this week, I want to educate myself through this evaluation process.  Save her and me the heartache if she is not up to anything.  In which case we are fortunate to be able to keep her as a pasture potato.

Best regards





Hi John

Thankyou for your reply

I will try to be brief

Sold my horse approx 3 weeks ago
Lady came and viewed him and watched Nicole ride. Then got on in arena rode him fine and they went out for approx 45min trailride. Returned hapoy with no issues

Horse is nervous and sensitive. Has hind end issues. Nicole remouthed him and taught him one rein stop. I have had no issues with him in the8 months since then other than he is spooky. Disclosed to buyer he has to be one reined mounting and he has no confidence and is a nervous horse.
They buy him and he is trucked from sydney to Qld over 4 days. Leaves wed arrives sun
He settles for a couple of days and they were away for a further 6 days.
They get back and try to ride him. Apparently mounted fine and horse then reared when asked to move forward . The husband fell off.
He has never ever reared like this before.
They messaged Nicole who advised to check saddle or for pain.
They stated they don’t trust him and I offered to buy him back at full price. They said they would think about it. Last weds she messaged to say she would be returning him. I asked if we could make arrangements over the phone. She said she would call me. I spent from weds to sunday messaging, calling and trying to arrange his return. In the meantime they have sent him to a trainer so I asked if they could leave him be as he was being returned to me. She sent me message accusing me of selling unrideable horse who also wont get on float. They roped him on the float to trainers.
I again offered full refund and to arrange transport and asked for address and bank details to arrange. No reply. So sunday I again sent another message saying If I hadn’t heard anything in 24hrs I would assume she was keeping him. Again call to discuss please.
She went crazy mad and sent me huge message about how I sold her a dangerous horse I lacked empathy and how busy she is so she will not jump when I say jump. That she will not be dictated to about her horse. All my messages have been polite.
I left it one day and messaged her yesterday with one last attempt to please contact me so I can arrange transport and that I did not want any conflict at all.
No answer at all.
I am a total loss as what to do from here. I fear she will try and sue for selling her an unrideable horse even though he was fine when she tried him. She knew he was nervous and she knew he had previously had mounting issues but as long as you one reined to mount he had been fine for months. I have no money to fight this if it gets to that point but she is very well off. I don’t know what to do. I am going insane with worry about what will happen next when all I want is to buy him back and move on. She keep saying she is out of pocket but I don’t understand how as I woukd pay for everything. How long do I leave it before I try again. I don’t want this hanging over me for weeks.

Any advice would be so very very appreciated.

Thankyou so much

Kindest Regards


Send them another message, withdrawing all offers and that you won;t be responding to them again. Site two reasons. That they have failed to respond to your continued offers to assist and that due to the Horse going to another Trainer, the integrity of the matter is now flawed. Should they want to proceed, You will meet them in Court and let  Magistrate decide.







I found you on youtube and have enjoyed your videos.
I have a question about a video you uploaded, showing
Art2ride Will Faerber working with a horse. I have followed Art2ride
for a while to help my horse get over his back, I have only done
lunging to help my horse stretch. My question is you put his video
on your youtube page, I guess disagreeing with his training. I wish
you would have explained your purpose for uploading the video
no comment from you, I am very interested in your opinion of 
this video. I really like Linda’s video on (over the back).
I hope to here from you, always searching to learn approaches
to help my equine partners.
Thank You in advance
Mary Anne
Senior Rider


Hi Mary Anne. It’s been a long time and my appols for not writing more on it. I shall rectify that.

Hi Mary Anne. Appols for the confusion.

I cannot find that Video. Can You please send me the Url. I want to refresh my memory but essentially, the Horse was unsound.

I have taken a stand against this over the last 10 Years, to drag Trainers out of the blame the Horse era and to educate them. I see it the World over. I saw 7 unsound Horses at our STATE Dressage Championships the other Week and I wasn’t even searching. Here is one in the warmup with my Wife.

Let me know and I shall point out exactly for You.











” The Horse knows Your Moods, 24/7 and in real time. Mood plays a big part in Horse Training and indeed competition. Suddenly sending nervous vibes to a Horse as You enter the ring, will only diminish your performance. Stay Cool. We are playing for felt, not Cattle Stations.






Horseback riding requires healthy backs—not just for horses but also humans. In fact, human back health can have direct implications on equine back health, as well as the horse’s welfare and performance.

That’s why French scientists recently evaluated how riders of different experience levels used their spines during riding. They found significant differences that should influence the way coaches train and doctors treat, for the benefit of all backs involved.

The recent study results will allow trainers to help riders evolve safely in their discipline without harming their spinal columns, said Patrick Dubrulle, DC, sports physical therapist and chiropractor in the Functional Reeducation Clinic, in Beutin, France.

“By knowing the ‘spinal behavior’ of their students according to their levels, coaches can adapt their teaching so as to make it more pertinent, leading to better outcomes for both rider and horse—as this ‘customized’ pedagogy will consequently result in better respect for the horse via more harmonized riding and better use of aids,” he said. Dubrulle presented his team’s research during the 2017 French Equine Research Day, in Paris.

In their study, Dubrulle and his fellow researchers investigated 47 riders’ spinal movements and angles as they rode a simulator horse. The three categories of riders included novice (little to no riding experience); intermediate (having lessons about twice a week for several years); and expert (competing at national level, riding several times a day). The riders chose their own saddles and stirrup lengths.

The researchers placed sensors at four positions on the riders’ spines: the cervical (neck) vertebrae (C4), the thoracic (rib cage) vertebrae (T1), the lumbar (lower back) vertebrae (T12), and the sacral (seat area) vertebrae (L5).

They identified fixed points on riders’ backs—regions where movement gets blocked—that vary according to experience level. Specifically, they noted that:

Novice riders, anticipating a fall, grabbed onto the horse with their legs and blocked their pelvic region. They moved their spines back and forth, with up to 33° of variation, and they leaned forward as far as 16° ahead of the vertical.

Intermediate riders maintained a slight fixed point in the pelvic area while developing a new one between the shoulder blades. They showed focalized movement in the lumbar arch to accompany the horse’s movements; this put them at risk of significant lumbar pain, the researchers said. They showed less forward-backward movement, only about 20°, and they only leaned forward to about 6° in front of the vertical.

Expert riders blocked their backs between the shoulder blades. They kept their pelvic area loose and used their hips, rather than their lumbar arch, to follow the horse’s movement. Their forward-backward movement only reached about 5°, and they rode upright at only 1.3° ahead of the vertical.

Based on those findings, the researchers recommended coaches and physical therapists target specific areas based on riders’ ability levels:

Work to increased pelvic mobility in novice riders;
“Free up the legs” in intermediate riders; and
Lighten up expert riders’ upper backs around the scapulae to give more finesse to hand movements affecting the horse’s mouth.
“Our study allows us to confirm the absolutely necessity of differentiating all the interventions regarding the rider, from medical, pedagogical, athletic, and equine health and welfare points of view,” Dubrulle said.

Julien Gouz, director of Société Kinestesia in Verton, France, and Christian Roquet, equestrian studies director of Ecoles Militaires Saint Cyr Coëtquidan in Guers, France, collaborated in the study.







Almost 60 neglected horses, including two deceased, were found at a horse stable in Earlham Thursday night, according to authorities.

ooh Nine of those horses, which were discovered at the Lemontree Welsh stable, were deemed to be in exigent need and were taken to the Animal Rescue League headquarters in Des Moines. The rest remain on the stable grounds, pending further investigation.

Jimmy Lee Lemon, co-owner of Lemontree Welsh, has been charged with three counts of livestock neglect and two counts of failure to dispose of animal remains.

i7 Lemon has been released and has a court date pending, Earlham Police Chief Jason Heimdal confirmed. Multiple phone calls to Lemontree Welsh stables seeking comment were not returned.

Thursday’s seizure marks the second time Lemon has run afoul of the law in regards to his horses. In 2016, he was charged with failure to dispose of animal remains when four dead horses were found on the Lemontree property. The deceased animals “had been there for several days,” according to court documents.

In that case, Lemon pled guilty, served no jail time and was ordered to pay $100.

kklf Lemontree isn’t a registered business with the Secretary of State, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether horse breeders have to obtain licenses from the state to operate.

Ariel, one of the Lemontree horses now recuperating at the ARL, has 21-inch-long hooves that are so protracted they curl back into her front ankles causing painful cuts and bruising. Growth of that sort takes at least five years, said Jay Wilson, the ARL’s animal intervention coordinator.

Another horse, Fudge, has such bad dental issues that he is unable to chew feed down enough to swallow and is forced to spit out almost all of his food, said Jessica Jorgenson, an ARL employee.

Most of the almost 60 horses — which ranged in age from about 1 to older than 30 —  were obviously malnourished with visible ribs and hip bones and extreme hair loss, said Wilson.

“Seeing ponies in these conditions is heartbreaking, and they clearly did not get this way overnight,” said Tom Colvin, the ARL’s CEO. “There is absolutely no excuse for what these ponies have gone through.”





Britain’s equestrian community has been warned about a horse-selling scam that has cost victims tens of thousands of pounds.

Fake adverts are being posted on reputable equestrian websites luring potential buyers by supplying copies of “ownership documents”, pictures and videos of the animal.

On agreeing to buy, victims are contacted by someone claiming to be an agent of a transport company, who asks them to pay the purchase price and shipping costs either by money transfer or a direct transfer of funds into a bank account.

The adverts usually claim that the horses are located in the UK but buyers are then later told the animal is somewhere else in Europe. In one case a victim lost £6,800 after paying for a horse from Germany.…
I have heard that you can’t really appreciate the good times without the bad. I guess that’s true, but some days are so terrible that you have to just focus on getting through it alive.

One day that sticks out in my mind, is the day that a friend from college asked me to ride one of her family’s horses in the local church’s trail ride. The volunteer fire department in the town was going to be having a barbecue at the end of the ride, and I was very excited to go.

ou When we met up with her family and the church group, I was still very excited about the trip. Then I saw all of the people jumping up on their horses with no trouble, and I started to realize that I was going to have an issue. To say that I had put on “the freshman fifteen” would be an understatement. I had easily put on double that, and I knew there was no way I could pull all of that weight up onto a horse’s back.

To get onto the saddle, I had to have a step ladder and two volunteers. I was embarrassed as I had ever been, but I was relieved to finally be on the horse. Well, that relief was short-lived because about three seconds later the horse took off and started bucking every which way. I held on for dear-life as the horse carried me through a field. The more it bucked the tighter I held on. Finally, one of the other riders got to me and stopped the horse. The entire group was watching as I walked back from across the field, and I thought that the day couldn’t get worse. I was wrong.

They let me ride a different horse for the trail ride, and I was happy with that decision. Until, that horse began to walk on the paved road. It was as if the horse had roller skates on its hooves. One step a leg would slide out to the right, I would be flung forward into the saddle horn which would jam into my sternum, and then the horse would clumsily recover for a few steps and then the next step a leg would slide out to the left. This went on for several miles. Then another horse came along beside me, and the rider asked if I was doing OK. His horse got close and with its back leg it kicked me square in the middle of my shin!

I screamed and shouted a couple of words that I had to ask forgiveness for later. I was certain that my leg was broken. Thankfully, a small wagon pulled by a mule came up and the man driving it said that I could ride with him. I laid in the back of the wagon the rest of the way.

Finally, we arrived at the volunteer fire department. I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I decided to hop out of the wagon. I missed the iron-step completely and landed face-first on the ground. When I woke, I felt like I had been beaten from head to toe, but I was alive. I had never been so happy to get back home in all my life. Needless to say, I haven’t ridden a horse since.

Less Bible and more fitness would be most helpful Madam





JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) – Court documents are providing more details in an animal cruelty case that happened earlier this month in Johnson County.

roore Sergio Rodriguez Chaga, of Kansas City, KS, has been charged with animal cruelty and criminal damage to property. He is accused of and has confessed to ramming a stick inside the vagina of the horse, according to court documents.

Documents say authorities used witnesses and surveillance video to get a description of the suspect.

They go on to say that once contacted by police, Chaga confessed to placing the stick inside the horse.

He told police he did not do it out of malice toward the owners.

He’s back in court on May 17.

The veterinary bill for the owner of the horse cost at least $2,000, documents state. The incident happened on May 4.




WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. —The owner of a horse that was shot and killed in Winston-Salem on Friday night says that she’s shocked, horrified and confused because of what happened.

Wendy Weeks owned her 12-year-old horse Jelly for the last two years. Jelly was shot and killed on Friday night after two or three vehicles drove through the Muddy Creek Greenway, shooting at nearby horses and damaging property at the greenway. Another horse was shot during this incident and is expected to make a full recovery.

dllff “It’s horrifying that somebody can do something like this and the depravity involved in all of the steps that it took to the point where you’re just mowing down innocent horses. Like why? How is that in any way satisfying to another person? I mean I can’t understand,” said Weeks.

A memorial for Jelly has been placed in the spot where she was shot and killed on Friday night.
Two stolen vehicles were photographed in the area during the incident. One of the vehicles, pictured below, is a bright yellow 2002 Ford Edge Pickup and the other vehicle is a dark blue or black 1988 Ford Bronco. A third stolen vehicle allegedly involved in the incident has already been recovered.

“It’s horrifying that somebody can do something like this and the depravity involved in all of the steps that it took to the point where you’re just mowing down innocent horses. Like why? How is that in any way satisfying to another person? I mean I can’t understand,” said Weeks.

A memorial for Jelly has been placed in the spot where she was shot and killed on Friday night.

Two stolen vehicles were photographed in the area during the incident. One of the vehicles, pictured below, is a bright yellow 2002 Ford Edge Pickup and the other vehicle is a dark blue or black 1988 Ford Bronco. A third stolen vehicle allegedly involved in the incident has already been recovered.








So excited too read but better finish horses first !!
All caught up on your blog 🙂
Lent a neighbor a few off your dvds .. she dropped in today too tell me they the best training vids she seen .. most send u asleep ! Never u john !!
Now for an actual training q … ive got a 3yr old stb here for retraining. .. poor little bugger has been tongue tied in the past … hes terrible for sticking is toungue out and wave it around. . Cant blame him ..i actually have just been ignoring. .. we just on end off 3rd week .. hes gotten massively better has been mouthed trail ridden(including alone) leg yeilds .. just started on arena … but with running reins or any sort off contact he does it still …
Poor little horse was also so confused about paces .. wasnt sure wether too trot pace or canter .. should have filmed him .. never seen anything like it before ! Now hes found trot wow can he trot (hes about 14.2h and lovely confirmation )… like sitting on a wb … imagine this made pacing training totally wrong … he actually came from nz … so had big life for a 3yr old.
But the toungue … should i just continue too ignore ? Hes mainly going too b a trail horse for a 12 yr old girl
HI Nic. I would completely ignore the tongue so I won’t go into it. Train the 12 Year Old to ride as a PROPER TRAIL Rider and the Horse will probably come good Himself, over time, with confidence. He has a nervous aspect to the tongue as well.

Do You think it is possible to train a 12 Year Old Girl to ride like us/? Not if she’s been to Pony Club!! They are almost impossible. Get Her to read a few of my articles of late, like
Awesome thanks so much … that was my instinct .. just ignore 🙂 he improved massively. .. first time i put the bridle on i was amazed how far he could stick his toungue out !!

Thats the million dollar q w the 12 yr old … she not a pony clubber (miracle ) .. but does like too hoon around the paddock. .. is nervous on new horses … so we shall c … i dont know hows shes going too w his paces either .. shes coming off a pony then an old pretty much unsound standy … but i know the family so hopefully they listen … lovely little horse someone who compete in the off the track comps would do very well
Many People, within the category of the Standardbred Folk, cannot ride the movement of them. This is a shame for the Horse, for that is what then ensures the grab of the Mouth, the balancing off the Hands, if riding “English”, which is yet another reason why the Kid should not.


Sad but true … their nature and price attracts worst riders 😞
Ill keep u updated 🙂
Cheers for article … ill send the link … and hopefully they keep reading. .. all your articles r wonderful


Success. .. the 12 yr old girl listened and they went along perfectly. .. this is on the way home from an 1.5 hr trail ride



Well done Nic. Great job!






Hello John, l’m after some advice please? I have a gelding who was gelded correctly, 5 years ago. He still has stallion behaviour, will tease mares over a lane, screaming, kicking, striking. Will herd geldings, has put ine through a fence, rips rugs off horses. Had been aggressive towards me on a number of occasions. Vet has suggested trying Regumate but states it may not make any difference. Just wondering what you have to suggest? And yes l have considered putting him down. Kindest regards, Debbie

Well Debbie, Life is too short. You can’t live with that. I would not. It’s all downside. Danger to the Horse, Danger to the other Horses, ‘Risk Management’ issue and more. He wouldn’t last one Day here.



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  1. diannegirven says:

    Thank you John for your blog each week. I have had to train my farrier to pick up Tux’s feet from his fluffies. lol. He won’t pick up his feet unless you tug on his feather. All that hair down there had to be there for a reason.

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