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 Hi Folks

How are You all? I hope well.

Thanks the Lord for living South. We have the Rain, another 8mm Yesterday and things are looking good. Here is my Horse Paddocks at Victor.






Cappo has taken over this Yard, know why?……

See that 100,000 Litre Tank???……when he has had enough of Celeste an Dulce with their Womens’ Games. for the Day, he goes and hides behind it, for a Nanny Nap 🙂 Suits Him right own to the Ground.


Both Dulce and Cappo are competing in the next couple of Weeks. Un-official, for Mrs. HP is still not a Member and won;t be until we see EA has got it’s act together.

You all know how they are in trouble all over the place because of Bullying, well they don;t change. Did You see the cheap shot put on Judy Dierks last Week, with the results of the Appeal that she put in over the World Games Team???? Disgusting!!!





Today, Mrs. HP and I spent 6 Hours raking up Hay at Gainsborough. We raked several acres. People are an endless disappointment to us and make is dispel 🙁



There is little consideration of the Home their Horses live at smiley-crying



 THE NEIGHBOUR – cont’d.


We arrived there, 24 Years ago and next to the Dressage arena was a small 1 acre Paddock. There were two Horses in there an one was foundering. Someone made a comment to the Owner and that triggered Hell to break loose, that lasted 15 Years. They went and reported it to the Owner and little did we know that he had terrorized the District for 10 Years prior, Day and Night.


He was a Mild Mannered Bloke, Earth Mover and his Sons’ Eventers. One Day, prior to our arrival, Jim drove his Truck into Gainsborough ( previous Owners) with clean fill in it. He asked if they wanted any fill but explained that there were a few pieces of concrete in it, from a footpath.

The Owner said no but go next door, he wants to build a Creek Crossing. So Jim drove around the the Neighbour, explained about the Concrete, got permission and dumped the dirt.

7Days later, he got a Summons in the Elizabeth Court, for Earth Moving to REMOVE THE FILL because of the Concrete ***** remember the Elizabeth Court for later.

It went to Court and the Neighbor ( a Professional Litigator and highly imposing in the Court) won the case and he began to terrorize that Neighbor, Day and Night, with things like cutting their Horses Tails off in the Night and so on.

Jim COMMITTED SUICIDE smiley-crying …….he then turned his attention to us, Day and Night…..for 2 Years. We would wake up and find the Arena Lights had been switched on, the Electric Fence switched off, Horses clipped to Gates by their Rugs and so on.  He would lean over the Fence, 2 Metres from the long side of our Dressage Arena and stare at Mrs. HP as she rode

When that didn’t work, he Purchased a Dirt Bike and would roar that up and down the long side as she rode, doing Hand Stands and such………that didn’t work either…..she is Dutch. He needed to up the anti………….

He started ringing, getting Mrs. HP and saying…..”It’s not You I want, it’s Your Husband”….that didn’t work either……

One Morning, Mrs. HP walked down to the Arena to ride and found the entire 100 metres of the Boundary Fence ( barbed wire, cyclone, plain wire) cut into pieces and in the Middle of our Arena. By this time we had a Restraining Order on Him, as did about 6 others and so I drove down to the Police Station, to report it.

When we walked in, there he was, waiting for an Officer to take his Report THAT WE HAD DESTROYED THE FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..and when the Officer came out and took Him into the Interview Room first, instead of us, I knew something was up that was dirty.

to be continued……….




 Jess sent me these Pics of this Week, on the Horse that smashed the Mirrors of the Indoor and put the A Level Judge in Hospital.

Way to go Jess. This Week, the next one comes, the Warmblood that bucked off the Coach recently.

This one…… over 17 Hands……






 The Black Horse and indeed this Bay, have both suffered at the Hands of too much EA lunging games and got Pissed off.


 Here is another……..






 Best of Luck Young Lady





A miniature horse named Sammy was so abused, emaciated and traumatized by the time he arrived at an equine rescue, the owner was encouraged to put him down.

wf But Darlene Kindle of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance in South Carolina wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. Though the pint-sized animal was only “skin and? bones,” Kindle saw something bigger in Sammy’s future.

And her golden retriever, Molly was besotted with the new arrival. Soon, she became the horse’s best friend.

“She very gentles introduces herself,” Kindle wrote on Facebook, in a post that got more than 400,000 views. “This is her job and she’s very good at it, as you can see.”

Molly, her owner said, “is your typical Walmart greeter. She loves everyone including all the animals we have on the farm.”


and on that subject, our













Hi John,

The seller of this pony has made me a low offer of $2500 to purchase back the pony rather than proceed to NCAT, she claims she has vets and chiro’s that will definitively state the pony is in pain in the videos where she is ridden here (the pony was cleared for soundness by a vet/chiro after those videos) and that it is not a training issue but a massive injury that has occured here to cause all of these issues. At the directional hearing she was offered access to the pony to get her choice of rider/vet/chiro etc inspect her, but she is choosing to use the videos to assess the pony rather than getting someone to come out and look at her.

She also says she has a professional that has disputed your report and written a report stating the pony was well-schooled and as described in the video in the indoor arena. She claims the rider is an amateur and the video proves the pony is suitable for amateur riders.

She presented ‘evidence’ of the pony being entered in a dressage comp under a different name of ‘Flirt’ as apparently she changed her name during her ownership, the entry form gives no description of ‘Flirt’ and I have evidence of her calling the pony ‘Flare’ the day before the competition on Facebook.

I am considering just taking her offer as I just can’t afford to continue fighting this, and even if I ‘win’ I am going to end up with this pony that I don’t feel comfortable selling on to anyone without spending a lot of money to get going and it’s very hard to fight with people that are prepared to lie. She has presented it to me as a Calderbank Offer, so she is basically threatening if I don’t accept she will attempt to recover her own costs and has advised she’s already at $5,000 in legal fees (her solicitor is a fellow dressage rider and friend of hers so I doubt it).

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you informed and let you know to keep her on your ‘dodgy’ professionals radar, my solicitor thinks she’s definetly done all of this before as she knows every trick..






ESTACADA, Ore. —Justice, an 8-year-old American quarter horse, was covered in lice and 300 pounds underweight during a veterinarian exam last year, The Washington Post reported. His genitals were so frostbitten, they still might have to be amputated.


Now, the horse is taking its former owner to court for negligence. No, that’s not a typo.The lawsuit, filed in an Oregon county court, seeks $100,000 for veterinary care and damages for pain and suffering. The money would fund a trust to help maintain his future care.Justice’s previous owner pleaded guilty to criminal neglect last year after leaving the horse outside and underfed, the newspaper said.

The lawsuit is the latest attempt to have an animal recognized in the court of law.

“There have been a lot of efforts to try to get animals not only to be protected but to have the right to go to court when their rights are violated,” Animal Legal Defense Fund litigation director Matthew Liebman told The Washington Post. The organization filed the lawsuit in Justice’s name.

In previous cases, judges have found that animals lacked a legal standing to file a lawsuit.

A chimpanzee named Tommy sued his then-owners for freedom in 2013 and lost, The New York Times reported. Earlier this year, a federal court ruled that a monkey could not sue for copyright infringement of selfies, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Those lawsuits “haven’t found the right key to the courthouse door. And we’re hopeful that this is the key,” Liebman told the Post. His group thinks Justice’s case has a stronger chance, due in part to Oregon having progressive laws for animal protection, he told the Post.











wi Chris Waller admits he is running out of words to describe the phenomenon that is Winx but the trainer found a couple of new ones after the mare dominated the first running of the Group One Winx Stakes at Randwick in front of thousands of adoring fans.

winx As she strode to the line under soft hands from her jockey Hugh Bowman, Winx claimed an Australian record 26th-straight victory and her 19th at the highest level.

“You look for signs of her losing that dominance but I haven’t seen one ounce of it,” Waller said.

“If anything I’ve seen improvement and it’s quite staggering. This isn’t about me. It’s about this amazing animal.
“What she’s doing for sport and Australian racing, we should all take a bow and say well done Winx.”

The late addition of Kementari to the field brought a new dimension to Saturday’s 1,400-metre weight-for-age race, with many predicting a match race.

jk He was no match, with the pair making their runs together at the top of the straight before Bowman revved up Winx and she dropped Kementari with ease.

As the $1.24 favourite eased clear, it was left to Invictus Prince to lead the rest.

He finished two lengths behind Winx with her stablemate D’Argento another length third and Kementari fourth.

Bowman admitted he thought Winx might have been vulnerable early in the race, which was short of the triple Cox Plate winner’s best.

“It’s been a while since she has run over this distance. It is a bit short of her best,” he said.

“Glyn Schofield on Kementari and I came around the corner together. I thought I was near my top. She was struggling at the pace of this distance.

“But when she balanced up and saw the winning post, what can I say, she is incredible.

“You see the crowd building from the start of the day. Parents are bringing their kids out to see a horse of the calibre we may never see again.

“I’m lost for words. I am so proud of her.”
Matthew Smith, the trainer of Invictus Prince, was also a little lost for words trying to describe how it felt to run second to a champion.

“I’m trying to keep a lid on it,” he said.

“We had a plan for him but now we might be switching to our second plan.”

In the lead-up to the race, both Waller and Bowman had been bullish, saying Winx was perhaps better than ever.

But the trainer admitted to one concern, not just for Winx but all horses with the prevailing drought in New South Wales.

“It has been hard for all of us with the drought and the hard training tracks,” he said.

“I haven’t really let her go in track work because of that, so we are going into races a bit blind.”

The other thing Waller puts in perspective is her winning streak, reminding people of the previous record holder.

“Black Caviar was unbeaten in her career and she will always have that,” he said.








A HORSE was killed following a road accident near Eglwyswrw yesterday (Thursday, August 16). Dyfed-Powys Police were called to a single-vehicle accident on the B4329, near Crosswell, at around 5.30pm.

A box van carrying a horse had fallen around six feet over a small bridge. Sadly the animal died as a result of the incident. No serious injuries were suffered by the driver or passenger and police say no offence was committed. The fire service also attended.

The road was closed for several hours while the vehicle was recovered.





A two-year old stallion was humanely euthanized by park officials Wednesday after the pony showed signs of succumbing to injuries it sustained in an accident in an accident last week.

The pony, called Adriana’s Yankee Prince, was discovered down in a salt marsh unable to stand yesterday morning, according to the Assateague National Park Service Facebook page. A car struck the horse on the evening of Aug. 6 causing a leg injury that appeared to be minor, according to park officials.

“He was kind of laying around the parking lot for a few days. Someone warned us because we were bringing our kids to kind of watch out for that,” said Denise Cashman, a visitor from Yardley, Pa.

“We were sad and I didn’t really want the kids to see it. I was also sad that there was nothing they could do and he was just kind of laying there in the parking lot.”

The population of wild ponies on the island is now 78. So far this year three horses have died at the park, two of which were presumed dead or missing after a population count in July.

“You want the best for the horse. You don’t want the horse to be in pain. If there’s no remedy, the horse should probably be euthanized and put out of its misery. It’s sad but I think it has to happen from time to time,” said Evelyn Kirby of Kent Island.

It’s a sad reminder to visitors of the island to be more cautious on park roads. Pony patrol officers were out on the park’s main road corralling some of the horses running wild through the street and instructing drivers to not pull over on the side of the roadway.

“Just respect them. In my view, they’ve got the right of way. If you’re enjoying the area, which is what it’s here for, you don’t want to be at high speed or driving erratically anyhow,” Kirby added.

Census studies are performed six times a year in February, March, May, July, September and November. Ponies not found for multiple census studies are presumed missing or dead.

Read the full statement from Assateague’s National Park Service:

“The 2-year old stallion (N2BHS-AO, Adriana’s Yankee Prince) involved in a motor vehicle accident last week on Assateague Island had to be humanely euthanized on August 15, 2018. The horse was reported down in the saltmarsh and unable to stand early Wednesday morning. This loss brings the total population of the Maryland herd to 78 horses, including 20 stallions and 58 mares. Two additional horses were missing/presumed dead after the July census, N9BFQ “Braidwood” and M6L “Dani”. There was one mare known to be pregnant in 2018 based on test results from last November, who foaled in April. No other mares are known to be pregnant at this time.

The National Park Service completes a full census of the horse population in Maryland six times per year, in February, March, May, July, September, and November. Managed as a wildlife population, the Assateague horses are free to roam over approximately 27 miles of the barrier island and can be difficult to find at times. During each census, horses are identified by their distinguishing characteristics, mapped and counted. Individual horses that are not observed during multiple census periods are presumed dead. The purpose of the census is to monitor the overall population dynamics of the horse herd in support of the long term fertility control program that was initiated in 1994.”





An increase in the number of horses straying onto roads has been linked to a lack of grass caused by the heatwave.

kiii Police say they seized six strays in Gravesend and another eight in Ashford this summer.

They were also called to an accident near Hartlip last month where a horse that had strayed onto a road had been hit by a car and had to be put down.

A police spokesman said: “Officers attended along with a vet and due to the injuries sustained by the horse it was humanly destroyed.”

Posters have been put up where the animals were seized to find the owners and remind them to make sure fences are secure.

Kent police has a new horse seizure policy to locate owners of strays.

Rural Inspector Dave Smith said: “Since the new horse seizure policy was introduced in November 2017 the Rural Liaison Team has efficiently managed the retention of seized horses in Kent.

“By ensuring seized horses are only in our possession for a maximum of 21 days, we have seen significant financial savings for Kent Police.

“When owners come forward to claim horses found straying on the highway, to cover recovery fees, they are required to pay a fixed tariff in cash before horses are returned.”

Rural PC Darren Reed was involved in a seizure of a horse in the Sittingbourne area, which was loose on the road, and a similar seizure in Maidstone.

Officers put Horse Seizure Notices up nearby to try to identify the owner.

Images were also circulated on social media and the Kent Police Twitter page.

As no owners came forward and 21 days passed, the horses will be rehomed.

Eighteen horses have been seized since the new policy started, with six returned to owners, 10 rehomed and two the subject of continuing inquiries.




The trainer of a racehorse who was injured on the road when a passing van failed to slow down has urged drivers to be more considerate.

999 Seven-year-old Jonjoela was spooked by a van as she was being led back from the gallops to Tracey Leeson’s Blakesley yard on Tuesday morning.

Tracey told H&H that rather than slowing, the van continued past, “making the horse even worse”. The mare got free from rider Gina Swan, slipped and fell.

“She got so spooked that Gina couldn’t hang on to her, and that’s why she got loose,” she said. “There have been a few accidents on this road with cars as it’s a fast bit of road.

“Thank god two other cars came to a standstill. There was a nice lady from one of the cars who stopped to make sure she was ok. ”

Jonjoela sustained multiple scrape injuries and is being treated with painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

“She’s extremely sore and stiff as you can imagine,” Tracey said. “She’s got a nasty deep cut on her front leg, some nasty scrapes around her knees and a very sore hock. She’s also ripped the skin off at the stifle area which is red-raw.

“I pray she hasn’t done anything too serious. It does look like it’s just very badly bruised. Touch wood, she’s a tough old bird – it really could have been a lot worse.”

Jonjoela, who pulled off shoes in the accident, had been due to race soon.

“She was originally due to run at Worcester today and the only reason we didn’t have her entered was because they didn’t get the rain that we had hoped they were going to get,” Tracey said. “The mare was in cracking form so it’s a real shame she’s had this setback.

“I can’t get the farrier to come and shoe her while she’s in this mess, it’s just not fair on her to be made to pick her legs up. We’ll have to wait and see how she gets on before she’s entered for another race.”

The racing yard relies on the 50-yard stretch of road to get to the gallops.




A racehorse stabled with Lincolnshire-based National Hunt trainer Chris Bealby has suffered serious injuries as a result of a hit-and-run incident near his yard in Grantham.


The gelding, an 11-year-old called Bennynthejets, was at the head of the string of five making its way to a nearby gallops last Saturday (16 March), when a lorry belonging to the DIY chain B&Q tried to overtake them.

The trainer, who was bringing up the rear of the string,  “It was a very narrow lane and there simply wasn’t enough room for vehicle of that size to pass safely. The lorry struck into the lead horse, dragging him behind it briefly. The driver just drove off.”

Bennynthejets, a five-times winner under rules who was due to be campaigned in point-to-points this spring, sustained deep tissue injuries to his hindquarters.

“He often acts as lead horse because he is so good in traffic, but he had no chance. Our vet has done a brilliant job patching him up, but we are not sure yet whether he will race again,” said Mr Bealby.

As well as informing the police, the trainer tweeted the news, warning other riders in the area to watch out for the vehicle.

“The response was overwhelming — the next day I heard that the driver had handed himself in [to the police],” he said.

B&Q has confirmed that it is investigating the matter.





A spokesman for the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society has confirmed that eight people were injured yesterday (Wednesday, 15 August) in an incident involving an escaped horse.

A horse taking part in a competition – on the second day of the Pembrokeshire Show – threw its rider and jumped a fence into the crowd.

99999-e1534641176784 As a result there were eight casualties.

Five people were taken to hospital including a 12-year-old boy and an 83-year-male. None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

Medical crews on duty at the Withybush showground helped treat the injured along with other members of the emergency services. An Air Ambulance attended the scene but was not required.

The chairman of the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society’s trustees, Mike Davies, said: “At the moment our thoughts are with those who were injured.

“We also want to thank the emergency services who were on the scene very quickly and assisted the injured.”

He said there would be a full review into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Mr Davies also paid tribute to members of the public attending the show who reacted to the accident in a calm and helpful manner and who rendered valuable assistance.

He added that the show would continue as planned today (Thursday, 16 August).





SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. >> An exercise rider and her trainer say they’ll seek damages for injuries she and her horse suffered from an accident allegedly caused by demolition work done in violation of the city’s noise ordinance.

Heather Coots says she had just started galloping an unraced 2-year-old colt, sired by a Kentucky Derby winner, on the back side of the Oklahoma Training Track when a heavy piece of equipment struck a house being demolished at 100 Fifth Ave.

Coots says the noise spooked the horse, which took an abrupt turn, throwing Coots to the ground, causing a painful tailbone injury. The frightened animal then ran through a track opening onto Fifth Avenue where it slipped and sustained a serious ankle injury. The incident occurred at about 8:40 a.m. Tuesday. Coots filed a formal complain with city police on Thursday.yh-boost

“What kills me is there is a code,” Coots said. “C’mon. You’re knocking down a house. You don’t think that’s too loud? People’s lives are at risk. If this was Johnny Velasquez, if this was one of the horses in the Travers it would be big news that a horse and rider got hurt because of something like this.”

City officials say demolition was done by Lake George-based Ellsworth & Son Excavating, Inc. Company officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

“They were unaware of the ordinance,” said city police Lt. Robert Jillson.

The incident is under investigation in consultation with head city Code Enforcement Officer Jack Donnelly. The construction firm was issued a warning, which is typical for first-offense violators of a city ordinance, Jillson said.

City Public Safety Commissioner Peter Martin said code officers weren’t aware of work taking place, so they couldn’t determine if the noise exceeded limits established by an ordinance enacted last year. The ordinance prohibits any building or construction activity that creates noise of 60 decibels or higher from 7-10:30 a.m., from April 1 through Oct. 31 of each year. The ordinance is for the south side of the street, adjacent to the track, from 56 to 130 Fifth Ave.

This was the first such incident since the code was adopted, Martin said.





Page showed KHOU 11 the spot where she says thieves made their way onto an adjacent pasture then cut the barbed wire and pushed back the metal fencing to gain entry.

gghj8 The humans aren’t the only ones mourning the loss of Storm. The horse’s mother, “Remy”, occupies the stall next door to Storm, and likely saw her baby getting stolen, according to Page.

“I’m sure she put up a fight because she doesn’t know who they are,” Page said. “But I don’t think it was a one-man-job.”

Page says four horses were stolen from the stables last year but were later located in North Houston.

KHOU 11 checked video surveillance from a nearby business but it did not catch the theft.

All of Page’s other horses are branded but she says they had not been able to brand 3-year-old Storm yet.

Page says she will soon take her other horses to the veterinarian who can implant chips that show a horse’s current location at any time. Page says the chips cost $50 each.

“I can see why they took her,” Page said. “She’s beautiful.”






TUMALO, Ore. – A Tumalo horse that got three legs trapped in a cattle guard prompted some impromptu teamwork and a successful rescue effort Tuesday morning, Bend fire officials said.

Bend Fire and Rescue was dispatched around 8 a.m. to the area of High Mowing Lane for an animal rescue, Captain Jeff Jenson said.

The crew arrived to find the property owner on scene with her horse, which had three legs trapped in a cattle guard.

With “great teamwork” from the Bend Equine Medical Center and Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies, the horse was sedated and successfully removed from the cattle guard, using extrication tools, Jenson said.

The horse was removed safely and at last report did not appear to have any obvious fractures, he said.

Jenson said Bend Fire and Rescue wants to thank the Bend Equine Medical Center “for their prompt and professional response.”

“This call for service is an example of the broad spectrum of emergencies that Bend Fire and Rescue meets every day,” the captain said in a news release.


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