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SHORT BLOG THIS WEEK FOLKS. – been caught out with UN-expected duties.



HI Folks. Hope You are all well and surviving the Drought, which still rolls on here. 1.5mm last Night….Yippee!!!!!!!!! Hay Growers are going on Holidays so big trouble for the Horse Industry next Year. Don’t think that because Your District may have got Rain, that you will be fine, because they will ship it out for the big prices!


It never ends 🙂

The Property next Door ( Pinegrove Stables) has been sold at a forced Sale by the Family Court. Some disgruntled Ladies, one in particular, has assembled a handful of like minded Ladies, to go there. We sadly had to kick the Leader out because she threatened the welfare of another agistees Horse and the Police were called by that Lady. Wonderful. Psycho.

One Day I shall tell You the full story but here is a short excerpt that I had to write on my FB Wall last Night, to our agistees.



HI Folks. Hope You are all well.

I want to talk to You about the current difficulties with the Pinegrove Paddock and our Dressage Arena.

First up I want to congratulate You all for rising above this issue and ignoring the antics of some. Stay with it and it will all die a natural Death.

This is nothing new of course and brings us in fact, to our arrival at Gainsborough, 24 Years ago, where a similar thing happened, causing the then Owner, to launch into a Terror campaign on us, which lasted 2 Years, Day and Night and two Court Cases, where he cut the boundary fence to pieces in the Night and threw it onto the middle of the arena, where Linda found it next morning. He then sued us, alleging we had done it, then, when he lost that Case, he sued us again, for the “loss of agistment”due to the fence being pulled down ( when there were no horses agisted there in the first place.

At this point, I lost my sense of humor and appeared on his Summons, in the Court and to his surprise, was the first and only one with the guts to take him on, after he had terrorized the District for 10 Years ( 2 Years at a time) including the GG EQC, the property behind us ( where he committed Suicide) and worse. He got up and gave his evidence that we had removed the fence ( which took him 5 Minutes) and then I Cross examined Him for a Day and Half, to the point where there were 3 Sherriffs inside the Court and most of the Police Prosecutors, watching the Show Trial. The Judge of course found in our favor, again and gave him $4800 Costs, telling Him in his Judgement, that if he lived alongside Him, he would have a RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM.

He then turned to the Neighbor above us, terrorizing Him( a Speed Cop) and he too died of alleged Suicide’ with one Bullet in the Head and a second in a Hand.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don’t want a repeat. Back then, it was caused by two Ladies, in the same Paddock.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now……..Many Horse Owners own Horses, not to ride but to Gossip and partake in ‘Soap Opera”Please don’t go there.
I operate as a Magistrate, with zero bias and so here is the situation.

If the Lady next Door wants to ride Her Quad Bike in Her Paddock, for legitimate reasons, that is none of the Business of any of our agistees or Riders. If You don’t like it, adjourn to the Show jumping arena. It won’t last long. They all work.

I am told Jess spoke with the Owner, as she was teaching. It would have been good and Her responsibility as a Coach, to shift!!!!

Now we all know why this has started. One of the agistees, we sadly had to kick out for threatening the well being of another Ladies Horse and the Police were called. She and others with axes to grind ” are attempting to ‘fester’ things. Don’t fall for it. They are ‘psycho’s

So again, thanks for your co-operation. On the few times or when the ‘psycho’s playing games, ignore and go to the show jumping arena. It will all go away.



The Wife of the new Owner, had been riding a Quad up and adjacent to the Arena and a Coach made the mistake of asking if she would mind not doing that as she was teaching.

Round 2…..phew………..



Mrs. HP has been requested by Clients, to produce more specific subject Dressage video’s ( the hard subjects not taught a lot) and so this Week, we have been busy filming what I think is a ripper of a Lesson for any Rider.  TRANSITIONS.

She also has this one.



They are still acting inappropriately, fighting and spending Members money on Lawyers. Disgusting. They will never change. Thank God they haven’t got ours to waste at the moment….any Friends of ours……many. The Organization is back in the News Paper Today 🙁




Mrs. HP has a visiting Horse this Week, for further education, while Owners are away on Holidays. Lovely little Filly.

She is alongside Celeste and they are getting on well. Last Night, they both came into Stables for over Night, due to Storm which didn’t come.







I heard that but didn’t know how heavy the Daughter was. Pity my Wife wasn’t near You 🙂

Make sure you Video in high definition
That the Video Person knows where the Zoom button is and uses it.
That the Camera Person must not point the Camera at the ground in case something untoward happens!!!!!!!!
If a Phone is used, is MUST be held sideways
The Rider should ride a couple of laps on the PLEASURE REIN first.
Then pick the horse up and DEMAND AND INSIST upon correct flexion 100% of the time,

and ROUND 100% of the time.
Showing multiple upward and downward transitions on all Paces, especially Canter trot, trot Canter.
on both Leads, equally.
Show trotting on a PLEASURE REIN and if the Horse pee’s off, good.

I am predicting incorrect Canter Leads one way and hope to see that. Simply have the Rider calmly come back to trot and re-try each time. The more incorrect Leads the better, for Your Case.

Tell the Rider, this is not about making them look good, but the horse look bad, but without helping it to be bad.

You mentioned NSW Court. Is that right????…for there are different forms of expert witness pre-ambles.




Hi John,

I have got some extra time to submit more documents if need be for my case.Unfortunately Sue fell off a horse and cannot ride at the moment and her daughter believes she is too big for the pony.

I have a couple of other riders I can try and I will let you know how I go.




hey john – im about to copy you into a new business that has started up in her SEQ – where they are not letting people see or ride horses before they buy – you buy by putting a deposit on the horse and then paying in full before they ship the horse to you – is this even legal? thanks

PJ: SWEET, PLACID, BOMBPROOF QUIET CONFIDENCE BOOSTER / BEGINNERS HORSE : $3000 PJ’S VIDEOS, (WE WERE RAINED OUT!! SO PENDING) PJ COMES WITH: ~ Full Money Back Lifetime Certificate of Guarantee. ~ Lifetime Re-selling Credit. ~ Lifetime Professional daily support, Lifetime Framework tutoring & training courses tailor made to buyers needs. ~ Australian Studbook Registration Information ~ Studbook brands & markings registration page ~ Full studbook pedigree chart ~ Full ASB registration page & record. PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT RESULTS: PJ is a very sweet, kind, quiet natured, friendly boy. You can ride him with no gear at all and halter & lead bareback out on the road or anywhere. Non-spooky, great with traffic, farm animals, horses going past him in a grouup etc. Great out on trails and the road on his own, great in groups also. Very predictable & sensible. Loves to explore new areas. Enjoys trail riding. RIDER SUITABILITY: Anyone. COLOUR: Black. WHITE MARKIINGS: White star. SEX: Gelding HEIGHT: 15.3hh Approx AGE: 9yo VICES: Vice free. CONFORMATION: Stunning, quite thick set yet elegant also. WASHING: Very good, enjoys a wash. GROOMING: Enjoys being groomed. TRANSPORTING: Loads, travels & unloads well. TYING UP: Very experienced, good. CATCHING: Good, comes to you, loves people. HANDLING HOOVES, SHOEING & TRIMMING: Very good, great to handle feet, lifts them for you, currently barefoot. LUNGEING: Experienced but does not require lungeing prior to working, just jump on and go. Does not need to be kept in regular work or to be lunged prior to riding to remain quiet to ride. WORMING: Very good. RUGGING: Very good, no need for halter. AROUND DOGS & OTHER ANIMALS: Experienced around dogs, sheep, goats, turkeys, wallabies & kangaroos, rabbits, large birds etc, very good. AROUND NOISY MACHINERY & TRUCKS: Very experienced around noisy machinery & trucks. Great. SADDLING & BRIDLING UP: Great Likes being geared up to go for a ride. VARIOUS RIDERS: Has been ridden by many different riders of various abilities easily. MOUNTING & DISMOUNTING: Awesome, very quiet, no need to hold. RIDING ON A LOOSE REIN: Ridden in all paces on a loose rein and also loose halter and lead bitless and at liberty, can ride on a loose flapping rein in all paces. RIDING ON A TIGHT REIN: Experienced being ridden on a tight rein with contact also. Soft. RIDING ON THE BIT: Experienced being ridden on the bit. RIDER MOVING AROUND IN THE SADDLE: Very good & tolerant, non reactive. LEADING & HANDLING: Gentle, quiet, sweet, compliant. DRESSAGE: Foundational. Balanced in all paces. Some on the bit work. TRAIL RIDING: Loves to explore, great out on trails, very good even on his own, Can ride bitless, bareback halter & lead also out. OPEN FARMLAND RIDING: Awesome, laid back & placid, can ride bareback halter & lead & at liberty also. RIDING BAREBACK HALTER & LEAD: AMAZING. Can ride out on trails etc, very predictable, non spooky, laid back & placid. RIDING IN GROUPS: Very good, non-reactive with horses galloping past etc. RIDING ON OWN: Very good, placid, non spooky, predictable. PADDOCKING IN GROUPS: Experienced. Very good, lovely and friendly. STABLING: Experienced. Good ON OWN: Experienced. Good. HYPED COMPETITION SETTINGS: Experienced. Very good. BREED: Purebred Thoroughbred. REGISTERED: Yes registered with the ASB. BRANDED / MICROCHIPPED: Yes. DNA TYPE RECORDED FROM BIRTH: Yes LIFE NUMBER RECORDED: Yes DATE OF BIRTH RECORDED: Yes

HI Karen. This is most unusual and one completely understands Your reticence. I share it with You. If a Buyer, did in fact commit, under such circumstances, they would of course be at risk, for more reasons than one. The future will soon prove all




Hi John,

Just wondering if you could help me. I know there is now a law in Australia if you are a business and you sell a horse and it is not as you say. I read the article in horse deals a while back. I have a new client that has just bought a standardbred for $2500 as a bombproof beginners horse. I have just been and assessed it. And it is not a beginner horse. It is dangerous. It kicks it rears, it has a bad attitude. She contacted the seller within a week and said the horse is not what she said it was. And of course she bought it sight unseen. It is from a business. Just wondering if you have the legislation on hand that requires horse businesses to refund clients the money if horse is not as it was sold to be

Kind Regards



HI Lee-Anne

The Horse comes under the same Legislation as a Fridge. The Consumer, however, you have to go through the procedures. First see if the Seller will take it back. Then issue a ‘Letter of Demand’ and in this State, 21 Days are required for that. Here, the Court will send it themselves and costs around $30. Then, you will see their attitude. Then to Trial if they won’t negotiate, where you have to prove it. That is where I can help. So where are you at?

Hi John,

The seller has made a refund of money and we returned the horse.
Thanks very much for your reply.


Well done. Good outcome!!!





Sarah Waugh died falling from a horse. Not in an open field by herself. Not on a slippery, high-traffic road. Not trying anything crazy, daring, or risky. The 18-year-old pre-veterinary student sustained fatal head and neck injuries riding a lesson horse during an organized beginner’s level class.

Bay-no-Mouth The horse, Dargo, was a 4-year-old Thoroughbred that had raced six weeks before the accident, placing seventh in a field of 10.

With better risk evaluation in the industry and a heightened understanding of equine behavior and learning, tragedies like Waugh’s death could be prevented, said a risk management engineer specializing in industrial safety.

“There was no risk assessment of the horse at the time of purchase” by the lesson program, said Meredith Chapman, a PhD candidate at the CQUni Rockhampton campus in Queensland. “And Sarah had had fewer than 50 hours of lessons. She was so inexperienced. We need to get into people’s heads and see why some people perceive some things as riskier than others.”

She presented her work at the 2017 International Society for Equitation Science Conference, held Nov. 22-26 in Wagga Wagga, Australia.

sarahanddog Many industries benefit from regular, in-depth safety and risk assessments, but the horse industry lacks such quality investigation, Chapman said.
“The (Australian) Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) framework has provided effective risk management and accident prevention techniques in ‘high-risk’ workplaces, like mining, construction, and road transport,” she said. “However, the WHS framework has not been systematically applied to horse-related work and nonwork contexts.”

So, Chapman instigated a retrospective look into Waugh’s accident in an attempt to reveal the contributing factors. While those factors might be specific to that case, they might reveal details about overall risks and safety oversights in the industry, she said.

Chapman applied quantitative data analysis to each possible accident-cause factor that her investigation revealed as being a “failed WHS Critical Safety Standard,” she said. In her investigation she identified numerous uncontrolled or unrecognized events leading up to Waugh’s accident, latent conditions, human error, and poor decision-making with regard to risk management and organization.

Five elements seemed to be key contributors to the accident, Chapman said:

Lack of adequate supervision;
No individual training programs;
Poor communication;
Inadequate risk assessment; and
Numerous organizational failures, including inconsistent WHS practices.
“There was no accredited training program in the facility,” Chapman said. “There was no first-aid certificate. There was poor understanding of how a young horse learns to work as a lesson horse after a career on the track. There was no understanding of the horse’s ability to stop. And these are just a few of the many issues we uncovered that work like holes in Swiss cheese to weaken the whole system and lead to failure. We need more effective risk controls than just putting a helmet on.”

Chapman hypothesized that if just one of the contributing factors had been removed, Waugh’s accident could have been avoided and she might be alive today. Recognizing these errors could help prevent similar tragedies in the future.

“Horse-related fatalities in work and nonwork contexts can be reduced through industry collaboration, regulation, and the united presence of cohesive safety standards,” she said.


Peer-Review These results could have been deduced in 5 Minutes and of course misses most things, once again because Scientists are not equipped to see for they don’t understand in the first place……like just a couple of things I have in my Files…….


Major Sacro Problems


Plastic Drums as Jumps



Stirrups too big for Sarah


no chin strap with a snaffle


Riding on hand on a race horse….for what????? Ridiculous!!!!!

and much more. Not to mention ZERO MOUTH





Horse Starting Online

37117213_10212232869197771_2715091794101534720_n Scotland.

Well done KATY. Way to go Girl!!!!!




” The Horse is 6 inches too long. The Owner says “She loves to Trail Ride”…and she does……but she isn’t so keen on Arena Work……why?………You know the answer”










CAULFIELD Cup winner Jameka has claimed a victim as she gets closer to her return to the racetrack — her trainer Ciaron Maher.
Maher was riding Jameka in her warm-up work on Friday morning when he was thrown off, breaking his femur at the ball connecting the hip socket.

He was operated on yesterday afternoon.

“Jameka is feeling incredibly well and fresh at the moment — I was just warming her up in a trot when she spooked and whipped around,” Maher said.

“Nobody has ever fallen off Jameka, so she had a quick trot around looking pleased with herself but not really knowing what to do.”

Maher returned to training in May after a six-month suspension for not knowing conman Peter Foster had owned horses in his stable, including Azkadellia.

Maher has had to shelve plans to ride in next month’s longest horse race, the 1000km Mongol Derby equestrian.

But he said the main thing was Jameka didn’t have any ­issues from the incident.

It is believed the champion mare will have a jumpout at Caulfield later this month before a program for the spring is locked in.

The winner of $4.87 million, Jameka has not raced since dominating last year’s BMW, and was recently sold back to her breeder at the Magic Millions National Broodmare Sale.

Maher will watch three-year-old colt Jukebox resume in the Sir John Monash Stakes at Caulfield today from hospital.

Assistant trainer David Eustace said they hoped Jukebox would successfully kick off a campaign leading to Group 1 races or The Everest.

“He hasn’t put a foot wrong in his lead-up to this and Ciaron is very happy with his preparation,” he said.

Eustace said although the son of Snitzel had shown talent on the track, he still hadn’t fulfilled his potential.

“He’s always shown he’s a very fast horse — he’s got the potential to get up to a higher level,” he said.

“He’s first-up and he’s ready to go.”

Jukebox, who will be ridden by the in-form Craig Williams, has been backed from $4 into $2.80 favourite with the TAB.



A pregnant horse is dead after being deliberately let loose and scared onto the highway in the middle of the night.

The horse’s owner, Nic Lewis, said someone has cut a hole in the boundary fence, alongside State Highway 1, near Turangi.

The mare was struck by a truck and died instantly

“Looking at where the wires were cut, you could

r5 see where Billie’s hooves landed on the other side [of the fence],” she said.

“There’s huge, sliding skid marks. There’s no need for a horse to be galloping unless they’ve been put under duress and chased.”

The truck driver who hit the mare, called police at 2am. The horse’s body was removed from the road.

“In a sense, I’m glad it was a truck that hit her and not a family,” Lewis said.

“If it had a been a family car, no-one would have walked away from it.”

Billie was thought to be pregnant when she died, Lewis said.

gg Nic Lewis jumping with the mare, Billie, who was scared into the path of a truck on SH1 in the dead of the night on Thursday.

Lewis, who owns nine horses, said the second horse was not stolen.

She believed she knew who had cut the fence and scared the horse on to the road, she said.

1531443034564 The mare, Billie, was scared into the path of a truck on SH1.

She had contacted the Taupō Police about the matter and was awaiting a response, she said

A New Zealand Police spokesperson confirmed that an officer had attended the accident but were unable to confirm if there was an investigation underway.





Two horses were killed and their riders seriously injured in a road accident last Sunday (8 July). The incident took place in Southwest Ranches, an area near Fort Lauderdale in South Florida, US, which is densely populated with horses and stables.

888j A man driving a Toyota Tundra pick-up truck collided with the pair of riders as they crossed, killing both horses. A nine-year-old girl and her trainer, 62-year-old Joy Shupnick, were both badly injured.

The child, Camila Manrique, was airlifted to hospital and the instructor taken by road ambulance.

Mrs Shupnick’s husband Curtis Finn said she suffered a concussion, a gash to her left foot and broken ribs, but that she was conscious when she arrived at hospital. Mr Finn reported that his wife is a volunteer instructor with American Horse Trails — a riding school in the area — and a “very experienced” rider.


777777-300x239 Local police officer Major Dale Engle said both horses died at the scene and that the riders suffered life-threatening injuries. He added that traffic homicide detectives are investigating the crash.

The stretch of road was shut for more than five hours following the incident.

The two deceased ​ horses came from American Horse Trails, according to owner Herb Garcia.

The nine-year-old ​rider​ was wearing a helmet which police said may have saved her life. Her father, Miguel Manrique, was also riding with them but he and his horse were unharmed.

Ms Manrique remains at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, where her condition is said to be good.

g777-300x182 An eye-witness who “pulled up right after impact” told H&H the horses “passed [away] within seconds on impact” and that the vehicle involved in the accident was “destroyed”.

The driver has been identified as 24-year-old James Frederick Rink.





The owner of a filly who was doused in engine oil in her stable in a bizarre attack has called incident “beyond understanding”.

Oil1 Tristan Cluett arrived at the West Sussex stables he rents with his business partner Tony Clements on Monday afternoon (2 July) to discover three of their horses had been let out of their boxes.

His normally quiet rising three-year-old coloured cob Gypsy was found too frightened to be caught, and was was covered in oil.

“Tony’s seven-year-old daughter Lola went into the yard first and shouted that her riding pony Pixie was out,” said Tristan, “Then we found an oil can in the stable.

“We looked in the other stables and there was oil all over the floor, so we walked out to the fields to check the horses. Gypsy was pure black, she was saturated in it. Normally they come running up to us but they wouldn’t come anywhere near.”

Gypsy had to be washed “eight or nine times” with washing up liquid to remove the oil, which still is not completely cleared from her mane.

“Our main concern was to get it off her in case it burnt her as we didn’t know if the oil was dirty or there was something else in it. She’d been stood all morning in the heat with oil all over her,” said Tristan.

“Tony’s sister is a vet so she came down to look at her and said she seemed OK but to keep her out and check her for rashes and marks. This weather really doesn’t help if their skin is irritated.”

While Pixie and Tony’s driving horse seemed unharmed, Tristan believes Gypsy had been mistreated in the attack.

“She’s only just coming back to herself now,” said 29-year-old Tristan, who runs a used car dealership alongside Tony. “Lola has a sit on her back and would spend hours plaiting her tail and she wouldn’t move. I could have walked down a high street with her.

“I think they took liberties with her because she was the calmest one, and that’s what hurts the most.

“We’re giving her a bit of time now just to chill in the field and find herself again.”



CRUSHED TO DEATH  – 12 year old


LOS ANGELES Authorities say a horse ridden by two children in Los Angeles reared up and then fell on them, crushing one girl to death.

Authorities say 12-year-old Yolanda Ceja died at a hospital shortly after Tuesday night’s accident at the Lake View Recreation Center.

Her 4-year-old sister was hospitalized in critical but stable condition with a possible collapsed lung. She is expected to survive.

KCBS-TV reports that both girls were riding and their mother was guiding the horse when for some reason it reared up. The girls slid off and the horse fell on them.

The 12-year-old had no pulse and wasn’t breathing when rescuers reached her.

Authorities haven’t determined what spooked the horse.




Obrey Motowylo taken off track in ambulance after falling out and underneath wagon

JI9 A chuckwagon driver is in good spirits but still in hospital after breaking his scapula at the Calgary Stampede during the GMC Rangeland Derby on Tuesday night.

Obrey Motowylo was run over by his own rig when it tipped and he fell out, just as the race got going.

He required medical attention and was taken off the track by ambulance. Hospital officials in conjunction with the Calgary Stampede say Motowylo was also being tested for possible back injuries.

This still image capture from the video shows the moment Obrey Motowylo, at the bottom of the screen in a yellow jacket, begins to fall out of the wagon at the start of the eighth heat. (CBC Sports)
The accident happened during the eighth of nine heats, when the veteran chuckwagon driver was leading the race and rounded a corner, Stampede spokesperson Kristina Barnes said Wednesday. A video of the race shows the fall.

“With three other wagons coming around and a lot of people not knowing about that fourth wagon being stopped, I guess the initial reaction was to make sure the person on the ground was safe and then get that wagon stopped,” she said.

Outriders, one of whom was Motowylo’s own son, were able to stop the horses. Other drivers offered to calm down and water the horses, Barnes said. The Stampede is looking into whether the horse reins got caught up in the wheels.

chuckwagon-accident This still image from the video of the eighth heat of the Rangeland Derby on Tuesday night shows driver Obrey Motowylo, in a yellow jacket, lying on the ground after falling out of his wagon and appearing to be run over by it. (CBC Sports)
Officials moved the veteran driver off the track as he would have been in the path of the other three rigs as they raced toward the finish line about a minute later.

Motowylo is a father of two who runs a farm and a ranch northwest of Red Deer. A chuckwagon veteran, he now in his 15th season of racing. In last year’s Calgary Stampede championships, he placed second overall.

Another chuckwagon racer, Codey McCurrach, was set to drive Motowylo’s wagon in his stead on Wednesday. Motowylo received no time for the missed race on Tuesday.

obrey-motowylo-run-over-by-chuckwagon Obrey Motowylo was taken off the track by ambulance after an accident during the GMC Rangeland Derby Chuckwagon Races on Tuesday night. (Vernon J. Chiefmoon/Facebook)
Barnes said the chuckwagon drivers are a close-knit group, with strong relationships with each other. Since Motowylo’s injury, she said they’ve been stepping up to help.

“There’s always an element of danger but this kind of thing is very, very uncommon. The drivers, they never want something like that to happen, especially for themselves but for their animals,” Barnes said.

“So they’re always driving as safely as they possibly can but occasionally these things happen. It’s very, very rare, though.”

Barnes said the Stampede has medical teams, veterinarians and security personnel onsite in case of any emergencies.





POWELL (WNE) — Members of the Park County Search and Rescue helped rescue a Powell couple from the North Fork backcountry on Saturday after they were bucked off by the animals they were riding.

Jenkins Clarkson, 59, and his wife Heather Clarkson, 44, had been riding a mule and horse, respectively, in the Sweetwater drainage of the Shoshone National Forest.

The Clarksons were about 2 miles north of the Wapiti Campground when their animals threw them off and headed back toward the campground, according to a news release from the Park County Sheriff’s Office.


Two hikers spotted the Clarksons’ riderless mule and horse about three-quarters of a mile up the Sweetwater Trail, the release said. The hikers brought the animals back to the campground and called authorities around 3 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Office found a vehicle belonging to the Clarksons at the trailhead and learned the couple had gone riding in the area earlier in the day; Search and Rescue was then activated, with a ground team dispatched to the Sweetwater Trailhead and a plane deployed from Yellowstone Regional Airport to look for the couple.

Personnel in the aircraft spotted the Clarksons at the second crossing of Sweetwater Creek around 3:48 p.m., but “the creek had swollen to the point that they were unable to cross,” said Lance Mathess, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

A local outfitter was summoned and he brought horses and several riders, which allowed Search and Rescue to bring out the Clarksons on horseback.

Heather Clarkson suffered a separated shoulder during her fall and was treated and stabilized prior to being brought out; Jenkins Clarkson was uninjured.




SOUTHWEST RANCHES, FLA. (WSVN) – The 9-year-old girl who was riding a horse when a vehicle struck in Southwest Ranches is now in good condition.

The 9-year-old girl continues to recover at Memorial Regional Hospital, Tuesday, after the horses she and her instructor were riding were struck and killed by a distracted driver.

The instructor, Joy Shupnick, was also transported to the hospital and remains in serious condition.

Officials are investigating the incident.




Motorcycle driver suffers brain injury after hitting horse in NW Houston
The Houston Police Department said horses came out of a nearby ditch and by the time the man noticed them, it was too late. He was thrown from his motorcycle after he ran into one of the horses.

HOUSTON – A motorcycle driver is in very critical condition after he ran into a horse Friday night.

The accident happened on Little York Road about 11:20 p.m.

The Houston Police Department said horses came out of a nearby ditch and by the time the man noticed them, it was too late. He was thrown from his motorcycle after he rain into one of the horses.

Police said he was transported to Ben Taub Hospital with a diffused brain injury.

According to witnesses who were driving behind the man before the accident, they tried to alert him by honking at him but he had on headphones.





A Canterbury woman has a broken neck and spinal injuries and may never walk again after being flung from her horse three weeks ago.

1531027616318 A close friend, who did not want to be named, said the incident near the Waimakariri River north of Christchurch had stripped her friend Barbara Coates of all independence.

Coates and another friend Ros Lugg, a qualified horse riding instructor, were chatting and riding together at Baynons Brake horse park near Clarkville, on June 10.

Ros Lugg is calling for rule changes after her friend was left in intensive care following a horse riding incident.
Things were like any normal ride until a medium-sized dog jumped out of the undergrowth directly ahead and began sprinting towards them – startling the horses.

098 Lugg fell off quickly, cracking her ribs and Coates was flung from her horse suffering a broken neck, serious spinal injuries and “shattered” arms. She spent 23 days in intensive care and was transferred to Burwood Hospital on Thursday.








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