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Hi Folks. Big Week. She’s got me on the Crow Bar again and up here, I have fond memories of the Bluestone beneath the surface, when I build Her Yards on arrival. It’s Shelters in the Yards, get ready for Winter she said 🙂

Anyhow, coming along, I have all but two holes dug and uprights in so this Week, should be finished. Happy Wife??? bring-it-on-smiley ….happy Horses.






Yay, the best Scones, Jam and Cream in the South!! We nominate, just for the Scones 2laughing-smilies

Anyhow, Mrs. HP gave Dolce one more run before the State Champions and did the two Advanced. There were only 2 in it, but that wasn’t the point anyway. We were there to give Her some more Miles on the Clock and to gain more confidence in the Ring, to have Her catch up a little with some of Her opposition in the up coming State Champs.

Mrs. HP was very happy with Her scores and I was happy with the Judges 2laughing-smilies ….seriously, they were very accurate and close throughout, so well done.

72% and 78% something. Very encouraging but she did go well and it did Her good too.

Very big turnout, went all Day. Great Club.





I heard a comment about the Arenas at Southern Vales, along the lines of “Horse not used to HEAVY GOING.”….well, they are not ‘heavy going’ at all. They are wonderful. Perhaps People would like to ride on Tarmac instead. I know where the longevity of the Horses will assured and it will be at Southern Vales, not on hard tracks. The Arenas are no where near as heavy as Mrs. HP’s arena.






The ‘Natives have been getting restless.

Fully Grown Women fighting like spoilt Brat Kindy Kids. What is it about Women in the Horse Industry, that have to constantly Bitch with each other. Yes Women!! It’s a Women’s World and in my experience, rarely do you see a Bloke involved.

The have been the 2 going at it for Weeks now, down the  back Paddocks. On and on, almost daily, ruining my Wife’s Life. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Well last Night, to my shock, one of them called the Police. How disgusting!!!!!!

Mrs. HP had them down for a ‘Group Therapy’ meeting this Thursday when she goes down to Gainsborough. Well the Meeting now won’t be necessary for one of them are “On their Bike’ and the other one will be as well, if she sticks Her nose in anyone else’s business again.

Why is it that You get these Bitches in every Equestrian Centre in Australia, when all thy have to do is have fun, enjoy their Horses, chill out after work and go Home content????





I’ve had the pleasure of helping out Budding Horse Trainers over the last Year and last Week we started with a lovely black Filly by Bluefields Florino on it’s first Day of work and Mouthing.

7 Days later, ‘Young Tierna’ returned back with the Horse, having ridden it the Day before in the Round Pen and she followed me and Dolce around the Arena for 10 Minutes and then straight out the Gate and had a tour of the Property. We could have gone for a Tour of the District. Well done Tierna.









Congrats to the New Zealand Lady who designed this new Saddle. Nice!

Bespoke by Horse problems Australia
Bespoke by Horse problems Australia

Another New Zealand Client designed Half Breed Saddle.












You may have heard me say often, that dodgy Horses just go around and around, from ‘pillar to post’ as new Owners always like to try their Hand at proving that the last Person who had trouble with a Horse, was not as good a Hand as they….but they almost always fail.

We have labelled hundreds of Horses unsound across our Career and on hundreds occasions, People have tried to prove us wrong. Sadly, they have failed on 100% of occasions…..and so we have another…….but notoriously terrorized by People. This is the Horse……advertised this Week.




This is a particularly good example of what goes on in the Industry and why I injected Lawyers into the Industry many Years ago, to attempt to stop the Crooks, but because of the lack of intent by Equestrian Australia and other bodies, the work has largely failed. You can’t stop Humans’ from doing what they do.


It was sold many Years ago ( despite our recommendations) to a Pupil of Mrs. HP. $19,500

We viewed the point of sale Video of the Vendor showing the Horse and could see Veterinary concerns within it as well as the Vendor only showing the Horse being lunged in one direction.

It arrived and soon was refusing to go forward, chucking the Head and indeed, violent rearing.

So Mrs. HP and I attended and I Video’d Her ride, for our “Listen to the Horses” DVD’s and during that ride, it was completely obvious to us that the Horse was unsound. We advised them to immediately contact the Vendor and demand a refund. However, ( as many do) they did not, saying ( for the second time in my Career and ironically concerning the same vendor) “Oh, it was only Grandmas inheritance)

So they sent it to Cooper O’born for a period of re-education but Cooper sacked the Horse as unsuitable.

It was then sold for Pennies, to Tye James, who must have realized the foolishness of attempting to ride it, so He put the Mare in Foal to achieve a Sale. SOLD – in Foal to his Stallion. for $1500.

Guess what?……it got agisted at Gainsborough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We soon identified the Horse, got the Story from the new Owner and WARNED HER STRONGLY, to not attempt to COLLECT the Horse, for it will rear…………….yep……….she rode it of course ( they can’t help themselves 🙂 and “Ya Can’t bloody tell em” listen.2 ……..whereby the Mare threw Herself over backwards on our Cement Tie Up Rail facility.  SAD …when the Bridle was shown to Her.

So the proud new Owner, SOLD THE HORSE in Foal and as a BROOD MARE, to NOT BE RIDDEN.!!!!!  We have a Text Message confirming this, dated this Week, with the previous Owner being most upset to see the Horse being sold as a Riding Horse for she “Sold it for Peanuts”

and so here it is, large as Life, this Week, on myaushorse. The Perfect Riding Horse!!!!!!!  I don’t know who the Seller is as they are keeping their identity pretty close to their Chest.

So steer clear Folks. Don’t join the long cue of entrants in the “Prove HP wrong Club” hahahahaha. Doesn’t happen bring-it-on-smiley

So Folks, never forget to …..






Same registered Stud. Up and coming new Young Rider, this time Grand Pappy’s Money, $20,000. Yet another bright Young Rider leaves the Horse Industry.

Update…..after a while, this one went to Bill Harbison, Vet, who agreed with us. The Mare went to Stud.





Deborah Ferguson The only unsound horses I have ever owned were vet checked 🙁

John Oleary Deborah Ferguson Yes Deb. I saw a couple of comments on this Thread about the necessity of getting Vet Checks. While that is true and necessary, they DO NOT guarantee that the Horse is sound.

During the Week, I noticed an advert here, for a Warmblood ( from the same Vendor) that “Comes with a full set of X-Rays.

In fact, while X Rays are great, they DO NOT guarantee a sound Horse.

The other observation I would make, from a sample across our Career, is that “Most unsound Horses DO NOT show lameness”

So I completely agree with You here.





Hi John!

Thanks so much for responding to my text!

I’m just putting my VCAT case together… a horse was advertised as 6yo, and it turns out she’s actually 9yo.
I have all relevant documentation providing proof!!!
Had I known the horse was 9yo, I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT HER.

So, I’ve asked the sellers (providing evidence) that they either give me a full refund and I return the horse immediately, or they give me a partial refund and I keep the horse.

I paid $5K for the horse. She is extremely green, and can hardly be mounted safely (good thing I can hang on, seriously!).

So, I guess, my first question is.. should I return the horse now before VCAT hearing? Or, should I keep the horse in case I lose the VCAT hearing?

Your help very much appreciated!! 🙂

Kindest regards


So if you are already involved with Vcatt, do nothing. Let the Court supervise it.





HI John,

Absolutely no worries, happy to help. 😊


Horse Law

If I need help with a horse purchase that we feel does not live up to the horses description given in looks, behaviour & attitude, are you able to help assess where we are? Purchased from ‘After the Cart”, Internet Standardbred Sellers, via Facebook

The horse arrived here a week ago and not once has shown a glimpse of the horse the person describe (Life After Carts) Paid for him on the 29th of March & he arrived here on the 6th of April.

I have photos & descriptions of posts on her face book page & our private messages and have taken photos when he came off the transport (Champions Horse Transport) and photos & video of behaviour upon and after arrival at our property. She has refused to take back the horse and give me a refund. HER WORDS *Unfortunately we do not have the finance’s to purchase Cruise back.* *I can not be held responsible for the situation that has accrued at your property.*

And yes I have done the wrong wrong thing and purchased sight unseen and yes Im either having a blonde or senior moment or a midlife crisis as I have followed you for a long time and should have known better. ☹

If you are able to guide me as to where do I start once?

Thank you for your time & help again

” Ya Can’t bloody tell em” Phew






” Separation Anxiety” can be caused by a lack of confidence in the Leadership of the Owner. “




It’s a little unusual for a Dressage Queen to take a Horse that is beside itself, having been removed from it’s Mate at the Float, for the Lesson, but last Sunday, Mrs. HP ( who get’s frustrated with frailty) took the Horse from a Lady, rather than cancel the Lesson and proceeded to give it some Natural Horsemanship teachings, all over the Park, including side passing along Fences and more.

The Horse gave up completely, forgot it’s Mate and then went through the Lesson like a Prince. Thus proving the TIP OF THE DAY.

Remember Folks……”What You Manufacture on the Ground, you inherit under Saddle” HP.




Horseproblems Australia









A little girl is in hospital after a horse bit off her ear in South Australia.

The four-year-old had her ear bitten off at the Fairview Lodge Animal Rescue Shelter on Yatala Vale Road on Sunday about 1pm.

She was rushed to hospital for treatment.





Top riders are adding their voices to calls for the Dutch government to save thousands of “starving” horses and other animals.

mkkg Britain’s Fiona Bigwood and Hans Peter Minderhoud of the Netherlands are among those speaking out on behalf of the equines, deer and cattle kept in a large nature reserve in coastal province Flevoland, while Charlotte Dujardin has also called for action.

The site is reclaimed marshland and those campaigning on its inhabitants’ behalf say it is not suitable to support the large number of animals living on it.

“I just can’t sit back and do nothing when these animals are starving,” Rio Olympics team silver medallist Fiona Bigwood, who has been alerting people to the animals’ plight, told H&H.


“The Dutch are desperate to help them but they’re being arrested and fined if they try to feed them.

“It’s heartbreaking; we can’t just let animals starve to death in this day and age.”

Local campaigner Cynthia Danvers told H&H the reserve covers thousands of acres but much of this is water. It was enclosed in the early 1980s, after which horses, cattle and deer were introduced.

“And of course they’ve multiplied so there are thousands now,” she said.


“[Officials] have killed 3,000 animals in the past three months because they were starving to death. They won’t let people give them more food because they say it’s nature.

“The winter here hasn’t been that bad but the ground’s salty and bad, and there are too many animals. They even started eating bark from the trees but now there’s nothing left.

“There are a lot of people in Holland who don’t want them to starve so they started coming to bring them hay – then the government started arresting people for it and fining them.

“They said if we feed them, they will feel better and breed, and then there will be more animals, but for lots of people, that’s a very strange thing to say.”

A petition has been launched calling for the Dutch government to make changes.

Cynthia said that after sustained campaigning, and meetings with the provincial government, officials did start giving the animals some hay.

“They didn’t want to but we made them,” she said. “But it’s not enough. People are still trying to feed them but they’re building more fences.

“Money isn’t a problem – lots of farmers said they’d donate hay – but the province said it wasn’t good enough. They said nature should do its work, but how can it be nature when there’s a fence stopping the animals going anywhere?”



A teenage girl is in a serious condition at a Wellington hospital after falling from her horse and being kicked.

The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter was called at 10.30am to a girl who had sustained head injuries after coming off the horse near Takapau, in Central Hawke’s Bay.

Hawke’s Bay Today understands the horse kicked her in the head as she fell.

A rescue helicopter spokeswoman said Intensive Care Paramedics from St John attended to her at the scene before she was flown to Hawke’s Bay Hospital for further treatment.

A Hawke’s Bay District Health Board spokeswoman said she was in a critical condition in intensive care at the hospital, before being transferred to Hutt Valley Hospital in Wellington yesterday evening.

A Hutt Valley spokeswoman this morning said the was in a serious but stable condition in the hospital’s intensive care unit.



Leading horse trainers Danny O’Brien and Mark Kavanagh have won an appeal against their doping bans after a Victorian tribunal ruled Racing Victoria did not follow proper testing protocols.

In January last year O’Brien was given a four-year ban and Kavanagh was suspended for three years by the Racing and Appeals Disciplinary Board.
Today the bans were overturned by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), which found Racing Victoria had substantially departed from proper cobalt testing procedures between April 2014 and August 2015.

Four horses being trained by O’Brien and one under the watch of Kavanagh recorded excessive levels of cobalt in 2014.

Cobalt works in a similar way to the performance-enhancing drug EPO, boosting the horse’s red blood cells and therefore its endurance.
It can also occur naturally in horses, but at a very low level.

VCAT Judge Greg Garde was satisfied the trainers were not aware veterinarian Dr Tom Brennan had administered the cobalt to the horses in a pre-race drip.
He said O’Brien and Kavanagh were not negligent in relying on the vet to administer the drips.
Dr Brennan was last year found guilty of administering the cobalt to the horses and banned.

O’Brien calls for racing overhaul in Victoria
Outside the tribunal, O’Brien said he and Kavanagh had never intended to break the rules and they had been vindicated.

trainers-300x200 He said Racing Victoria had vilified and bullied them and their families.
He also said the decision “had thrown a light on the behaviour of Racing Victoria, the breaches of the rules that they in fact have engineered throughout this process”.
“It’s time [Victorian Racing Minister] Martin Pakula took a hard look at what’s happening in the racing industry in this state.”

O’Brien said he had not ruled out taking legal action.
Racing Victoria acting chief executive officer Giles Thompson said the organisation was disappointed with the decision and would review VCAT’s reasons before deciding the next course of action.

Kavanagh said the emotional and financial toll on him had been “incredible”, and his training operations had been reduced to about 20 per cent of what they were before the charges.train-300x200

Mr Pakula said changes to governance and integrity at Racing Victoria were already underway following a review of the industry.
“I can understand why Mr O’Brien is very animated this morning … but I don’t intend to get in the middle of a spat between a trainer and the [Raving Victoria] integrity department,” he said.
“If they [the integrity department] are going to pursue matters that they believe need to be pursued, no matter how high profile the subject of that is, then they are going to upset people from time to time.”

After being handed their suspensions, O’Brien and Kavanagh immediately lodged an appeal at VCAT.
They were also granted a stay allowing them to continue to compete until a verdict on the appeal was reached.

Both trainers have runners at Flemington on Saturday.
In December last year, Racing Victoria chairman David Moodie resigned after it was revealed he gave Kavanagh information about the cobalt investigation.

Kavanagh and O’Brien are two of the biggest names in Australian horse racing.
Kavanagh trained Shocking to a Melbourne Cup win in 2009, and they have both won the Cox Plate.

O’Brien also won the 2007 Caulfield Cup with Master O’Reilly.

In March last year another high-profile trainer, Peter Moody, was cleared of deliberately administering cobalt to one of his horses, but was found guilty of a lesser charge.
He was handed a six-month ban but decided to walk away from training completely.





A tourist couple have been killed in a freak road accident involving a horse and carriage.
The Americans, in their 60s, were on a family day out with younger relatives when the tragedy happened at the Gap of Dunloe, Co Kerry, yesterday.

kkkkure They are understood to be of Irish extraction but lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

Victims Rosalyn Joy Few (64) and her partner, who has not yet been named, were with a group of six, which included Ms Few’s daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

Gardai are attempting to establish the exact cause of the incident.

hurs-300x220 A senior source last night told the Herald that early indications are that the horse became startled and bolted.

As a result, the occupants were thrown from the carriage and fell down steep terrain, suffering catastrophic injuries in the process.

Emergency services rushed to the scene, but the couple were pronounced dead soon after.

The driver, a local man and experienced jarvey, escaped serious injuries but is understood to be deeply shaken.

Gardai were last night continuing to inform the victims’ next of kin abroad about the tragedy.

Ms Few’s daughter was travelling in a separate carriage and came across the scene moments after the accident, but did not witness it.

“The deceased are a couple from the US, and they were around 3km into their journey when the fatal incident occurred,” the source revealed.

“They were with another group who came across the scene in the immediate aftermath.

“They are absolutely distraught, as you can imagine.”

It is understood that the family group had begun their day out at the popular Kate Kearney cottages, which are located around 3km from the scene of the incident.

The bodies of the two victims were transferred by hearse to Kerry General Hospital shortly before 6pm yesterday evening.





A riderless horse collided with a vehicle on Wednesday night on a busy Roseburg street.

Sergeant Jeff Eichenbusch of the Roseburg Police says at about 7:20 p.m. the owner of the horse was resting beneath the Oak Street Bridge. Eichenbusch says the horse got spooked by some birds and began running towards Harvard. The animal ran into the path of a car at the corner of Harvard and Madrone. Eichenbusch says the horse collided with the front of the vehicle, crashing through the windshield, and ending up on the roof of the car. The accident caused very extensive damage to the car but the driver and her passenger were not injured.

Eichenbusch says the horse sustained a significant laceration to its throat and was transported to Bailey Veterinary Clinic. Eichenbusch says the horse is expected to make a full recovery.

The horse’s owner, a 33 year old man, was cited for having livestock at large.

It’s the second time the horse was in the news on Wednesday. At 3:20 officer contacted the owner, who was riding the animal on Northwest Highland. The rider had a failure to appear warrant for his arrest but the officer let the man go after citing him, due to the fact that he was on the horse.






New details have emerged regarding the practice of a Booragoon vet who was deregistered and ordered to pay $200,000 in damages earlier this month.

The State Administrative Tribunal found Elizabeth-Jo Willot Vickridge guilty of breaching the Veterinary Surgeons Regulations Act between July 2010 and February 2013, after she was found to have allowed a veterinary student on work placement to perform surgery on live animals.

fpfJPG-300x191 The watchdog released details of its judgement last week, revealing a number of her clinic employees were permitted to perform ultrasounds, sterilisations and euthanasia when she was not present at the practice.

In one particular case, the judgement said an employee, who was not a registered veterinary surgeon, approved veterinary nurse or authorised trainee vet nurse, had performed an act of euthanasia.




sse An extended horse trailer carrying at least 19 people who illegally crossed the US-Mexico border crashed in Southern California over the weekend, with six immigrants being taken to nearby hospitals with “moderate” injuries.

According to Fox News, the trailer had entered the United States just moments before the accident; with local residents saying they witnessed “more than a dozen” people “fleeing” into the mountains after the incident.

“After a search of the area authorities were able to round up most, if not all, involved, said Border Patrol Agent Eduardo Olmos. CHP and Cal Fire reported 18 individuals, while Border Patrol said there were 19; the reason for the discrepancy wasn’t immediately known,” reports Fox.

American officials added the driver of the truck hauling the horse trailer has yet to be identified and were unclear if he or she was currently in US custody.

It also remains unknown how and where the undocumented immigrants crossed into US territory.








I will NOT float this horse again without restraints to stop him rearing and getting his front legs over the chest bar. Very interested in your safety belt system and would appreciate information re cost, fitting, etc. Thank you John.

Yes, of course use the Tie up Collar but they alone, indeed tying up, does not stop Horses going over the Chest Bar. Only the Safety Belt system that I invented a long time ago.

Thank you, John. I was planning to use the tying up collar in a similar fashion, if you think that would work. However, if the safety belts installed in your new floats are available for purchase, perhaps I could have them fitted to my Crisfloat straight load. Is that possible?

No, I don’t sell them. They are my invention, for my floats. You don’t need them. People are frightened of rope. Trust me, rope is fine. however, you can get quick release type safety belts and install them but I don’t know about the FIBRE GLASS as to fitting or strength.

My plan was to tie the horse to the chest bar after securing the 2 rings of the collar together, then using 2 ropes from collar rings to tie to right and left sides of chest bar so he can’t rear and get over the chest bar. Also tie from halter in usual way to tie up ring in front of float so he can’t get his head under the chest bar.

In my experience, they can still get the Legs over. I have never seen that system work, but I have personally experienced at least 30 Young Horses attempt to go over the Rail and fail, over the Years. Interestingly, from a training perspective, I have noticed that the maximum number of attempts any of them ever made, was 2 and 100% of them thereafter, never tried again.

As part of my observations which always interest me, I found that at least 50% of unbroken horses or weanlings, did attempt to go over the Bar.

Here are 3 such weanlings, way back when I was testing all of this, just leaving their Mothers and traveling down a 6 lane highway with B Doubles etc, IN AN OPEN FLOAT.



Thank you, John, for all the time you have given me with your advice – I really appreciate it. My Messenger has been down and I have just been able to access your message (6.20 pm Thursday). Have just returned with Rebel in the float visiting friends about 40 minutes away after securing him to the chest bar (left and right) with the tying up collar, plus the usual forward tie from the halter. He stood in the float for about half an hour while I chatted to my friends, with other horses calling out to him, and, although he was restless and tested the ropes, he could not rear, so he gave up and stood quietly. Travelled home and unloaded without incident. I will use the collar whenever I float him anywhere, just to be safe and sure. Thank you again so much. Jan.


Your tying up collar is a valuable piece of equipment – everyone should have one in their gear. So glad I bought it. You are a legend, John. Cheers.






New horsey means shopping right?  2 things to keep a gal happy

Saved him from the doggers truck – another unwanted Standardbred that was being thrown away


Well done Sarah. What a ripper. Every ‘Big Girls’ Dream 🙂

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