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Hi Folks. Hope You are all great and are staying on top of Life’s challenges, which are many these Days.

Had my Daughter and Son in Law down during the Weekend, which was good.

Mrs. HP’s Mum and Husband are back in Holland having fun for a few Weeks.

Back to Gainsborough, teaching during the Week whilst I did some odd jobs….and…….

worked on the



has a Cold and Mrs. HP is not happy. She needs to retain his fitness and Muscle tone for two up coming indoor Events


1-20180611_114253 . …but



is fit and rearing to go. She upgrades to Prix St. Georges at the next comp, an indoor at McLaren Vale soon.


She also has another job coming up, that of tuning up CELESTE, at Halter, in preparation for being weaned. We are becoming a little cocky as we enter Adolescence. Thanks to my Daughter for this……


Capture We are starting to climb on People’s backs, here and indeed, on the lead 🙂 Time for some Rules


CAPO & DULCE are wrapped with their new Shelters, now completed and equipped with Solar and Rain Water.




Introducing the Horse to solid tying from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.






I really don;t know how People afford building or renovation these Days. It is horrendous and they are out of control.

To get a quote to build these two Shelters, from Stratco or any of the others ( complete with their absolute crap and substandard construction compared to ours ( with their cosy Council pre-approved engineering) would be a minimum of $10,000.

TOTAL COST of this Construction, complete with Marine Ply Kick boards, 125mm Creosote uprights, Solar Panel, Battery, Solar Controller, strip lighting in each, Flood Light in each ……….$2,700.

Marry a handy Husband Girls. You will save a squillion 2laughing-smilies







as of last Week, all Videos will be auto watch and with Trailers.




The word is that the C.E.O. is on leave at the pleasure of the Board. Jacqui Lang is in charge.

Great News. Let’s hope Jacquie stays on. The right one for the job and this could end the divided Industry which has seen havoc caused to the financial viability of all.





OK Pam,

Based upon the Videos ( which we would never accept to Purchase a Horse because they are too short, don;t show full sessions, no canter, etc) we find the following. Why did You buy before getting advice???

The Rider is too big for the Horse. Is she a Dealer?
The Rider cannot properly show the Horse. Is she a Hackie? and knows little about Dressage or covering up something?
The Horse does not have a ‘Head Set’ This could be caused by any number of things/ Greeness, Sacroiliac problems, uneducated Rider and more.
The Videos are all un-acceptable for Purchasing a Horse
The Horse is ‘flexed off’ throughout and never going correct.

The Horse could even be unsound, for it shows obvious crookedness ( or just a very bad Rider)

The absence of Canter is a big worry to us.
So more info required and Proper Video.

Get a good Rider in. A Dressage Rider, NOT a Hack Rider. Insist upon CORRECTNESS. Then You will see the real Horse.

The Trail Riding Video, cunningly not showing reins, shows a Horse that is not established for the Trail, ALONE. The Horse also shows a lack of establishment re boldness, in the indoor.

Get back to us with further if you want.



The Crooked Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.



Hi John,

Thank you. I don’t know who is riding the pony, I purchased her from a professional rider, however I don’t believe they are the one riding her in the videos.

I know, that’s the million dollar question, I wish I stumbled on your website before committing to purchase. I was bit star struck and trusting the professional selling her, I had thought buying from a professional I would actually avoid any of these problems. There is a very long story with it all, I owned this pony as a young unbroken pony, I sold her to the professional and after some time they said she was super super quiet under saddle and that she would be perfectly suitable for a child, even after I expressed I had sold her as I didn’t consider her a suitable childrens prospect. So I got sucked in to believing the pony had really changed with all the work put in by the professional and given that she’d presented herself to me as this superstar professional (told me she had been long listed for an olympic team) I felt I had no reason to doubt her. If buying a pony from Joe Blogg’s down the rd I would have asked for a lot more proof. She also made excuses about the videos, the one with the rider in the white shirt she said was from December and the pony was going much better now, she sent that on 31st Jan, and the other two videos she said were at the start of the week but her phone was full and she couldn’t record anymore. So I didn’t really question any of that as I was trusting her judgement at that stage.

I don’t have a really straight forward case if we go to NCAT, she is obviously arguing its an injury or something that has happened here (the pony did sustain a cut on her face and I can get vet clearance on that), or caused by our rider, which I feel completely contradicts the fact she was ever ‘perfectly suitable for a child’ because the rider is much more experienced than our daughter, so if she caused these issues our daughter had no hope of ever successfully riding the pony.

I can’t attach the videos of her first ride at home tonight, I will need to wait until I have Wi-Fi tomorrow.

I do feel very stupid for being so trusting and looking back now that I’ve done a lot of research I don’t feel she has done the right thing at all, and I do intend to take her to NCAT so it doesn’t happen to anyone else if I can build a strong enough case because it’s just too much money to lose, then to be out of pocket again on all of the training the pony needs to get her to the level she even basically should have been at pre-purchase.

If you are happy enough to look at my case in more depth I am happy to purchase the advice option on your horse law website and send you all the relevant info, timelines, etc if you’re happy to have a look at it all?



Just for your experience, If I were on the other side, I would kill your claim by attacking the rider, successfully. That won’t happen of course and they won’t think about that, but she made all the mistakes. Trying to make a Horse stand with 2 reins ( not possible and just makes them fractious) trying to walk in COLLECTION on such a horse….ridiculous…….NOT putting the Head of the horse down where it should be so that it wasn’t looking and much more. Flexed off as well. Hack Rider.

For You now to be successful, I would advise You to get a proper Dressage Rider ( Competitor at Advanced or above) and tell them to walk around on a PLEASURE REIN if possible, relax the Horse but if not impossible, trot on and work. Correct FLEXION, BEND, SUPPLENESS AND ROUNDNESS.  In fact, I suspect it may not be possible for a Rider to indeed achieve a Head Set on this Horse, due to possible Veterinary issues, either real or Rider induced. So that should be the next short Video. Then, if they can’t, place a Market Harborough on the Pony and INSIST upon a Head Set ( at the trot and canter)  I suspect that this then, may bring out the true real Horse or real Vet issues, so you may then easily win.

That ride ( in the Paddock and obviously within eye shot of Her Friends, is simply asking for trouble)






NEW YORK (AP) – Justify led all the way to win the Belmont Stakes by 1¾ lengths on Saturday and become horse racing’s 13th Triple Crown champion and second in four years.


The chestnut colt became the second undefeated horse to sweep the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont, improving to 6-0 in a racing career that began on Feb. 18. Seattle Slew was unbeaten when he won the Triple Crown in 1977.

Sent off as the 4-5 favorite, Justify went to the lead out of the starting gate and led nine rivals around the track’s sweeping turns. He burnished his reputation by defeating nine rivals, the most faced by any Triple Crown champion.

Bob Baffert became the second trainer to win the Triple Crown twice. He did so with American Pharoah in 2015, ending a 37-year drought. James “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons guided Gallant Fox in 1930 and Omaha in 1935.

“It never gets old,” Baffert said. “American Pharoah, he’ll always be my first love.”

Justify’s victory gives racing its second Triple Crown winner of the decade. The last time there were two Triple Crown champions in the same decade was the 1970s, which produced Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Affirmed.

Justify achieved one of the sports’ toughest feats 45 years to the day that Secretariat won the Belmont by a record 31 lengths.









” If You are in the market to buy a Horse, demand the Horse is ridden correctly flexed, otherwise, later, You may find troubles”








‘He looked at me and screamed, then he was gone’: Olympic dressage horse dies suddenly at home


Australian international dressage rider Lyndal Oatley has paid tribute to her Olympic partner, Sandro Boy, who died suddenly on Friday aged 17.

The bay gelding (Sandro Hit x Argentinus), who last competed in November 2017, was at the end of a light stretching session at home in Appelhulsen, Germany, when he died of what is believed to be an aortic rupture.

“He was in good spirits; super happy and being his usual self,” “He had finished his stretch — he is semi-retired but he likes to move. He came into walk and his hind legs became unstable. He looked at me and screamed; I ran to him as he never screams, and I got there as he went to the ground. He was gone within a minute.”

Although an aortic rupture is the most likely cause of death, Lyndal does not plan to find out for sure with an autopsy as “I want him to be in peace”.

“Utterly heartbroken and have no words,” the Olympic rider, who is married to Swedish international rider Patrik Kittel and is expecting their first child, wrote on Instagram.

Lyndal has partnered “Nissa” since 2012, competing at the World Cup final and the Aachen CDIO5* in 2016 and representing Australia at both the London Olympics in 2012, and the Rio Olympics in 2016 — the pair’s final international competition together.

“He changed my world. He taught me so much, made dreams come true and was my rock,” Lyndal wrote in a tribute to the gelding. “He died unexpectedly and quickly today while still making sure all around him were ok before very quickly leaving us.

“He had a cheeky sense of humour and gave me all the dreams a horse girl could ever ask for whilst still being his own person… and for that I loved him more! My world will be very empty without him and I can’t begin to imagine it without him.”




Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, the former Chief of the General Staff, was injured after falling from his horse during Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

Lord Guthrie, 79, was treated on The Mall by paramedics after appearing to collapse and slip from his steed.

He was taken to hospital, where aides said he was “being well looked after”.


Lord Guthrie, who was taking part as Colonel of the Life Guards, was Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, from 1994 to 1997, and Chief of the Defence Staff from 1997 until his retirement in 2001.

The incident took place close the Victoria Memorial, at the top of the Mall, in front of dozens of people waiting to watch the fly past and appearance of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

3s Pictures show Lord Guthrie on the ground, as officers rushed to his aid while another officer leads his horse away.

Emily Dance, 22, said: “We were standing further up the mall and we saw the guy on his horse, and his posture was just sloped, he was lent back at a 45 degree angle. We spotted him way off. He looked like he was going to faint.

uk “Once the Queen had gone past we then followed her up the Mall, and we got closer and heard from people near us that he was shaking, and people were propping him up, next to him.

“He was behind the Queen, and just in front of the monument he fell off, and there were loads of paramedics and they put a screen up as well. Then we thought, something bad is really happening. “

Will Berry, 22, added:  “There were a pair of policemen next to him, within that crowd, keeping their eye on him all the time.”

John Nichol, the former Iraq prisoner of war turned author, said: “Really hope all is OK – a nicer General Officer you could not hope to meet. Wishing you well Sir.”

During Lord Guthrie’s military career he saw service with the Welsh Guards and the SAS and was closely involved in military operations in Northern Ireland.

He advised the Government on the conduct of the Kosovo War and also cautioned against a British invasion of Zimbabwe to remove the then-dictator Robert Mugabe.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said that Lord Guthrie was receiving medical attention.3s

Meanwhile, a 51-year-old woman was arrested for a public order offence after an item was thrown towards a procession at Trooping the Colour, Scotland Yard said.





Second Supreme, the horse who went to four-star with Pippa Funnell and was latterly ridden by young British rider Chuffy Clarke, died on the cross-country course at the Equi-Trek Bramham Horse Trials today (Saturday, 9 June).

8i “It is with great sadness that we announce that number 126, Second Supreme ridden by Chuffy Clarke and owned by Jonathan Clarke, passed away whilst competing at the Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials in the British Horse Feeds under-25 CCI3* in Yorkshire at around 1400 on Saturday 9 June 2018,” said a statement from the event.

“Second Supreme, a 16-year-old gelding, stumbled and collapsed after jumping fence 24, a trakehner, and subsequently passed away. His rider was uninjured. The exact cause of death is unknown at this stage but is suspected to be natural causes.”

Second Supreme started his eventing career with Czech rider Jaroslav Hatla, who took him up to advanced level. He joined Pippa in 2013 and the pair won the CIC3* at Ballindenisk together in September that year.

The following season he was 13th in the CCI3* at Bramham and fourth at the same level at Blenheim. In 2015 he moved up to four-star, with his best result being 23rd at Badminton that year. In 2016, he was eighth in the CCI3* at Bramham.




An Irish showjumper who tragically died after a car accident in Belgium last week has been described as “one of life’s great guys”.

Many in Ireland’s equestrian community have paid tribute following the death of Jack Dodd (25).
The young man passed away on Wednesday in a Netherlands hospital as a result of injuries he sustained in the accident.

One of Ireland’s best prospects, Dodd won the FEI European Championships in Arezzo, Italy, as part of the Irish team in 2014.
He was also selected in the International Young Riders Academy, a prestigious position in showjumping reserved for talented young athletes.

Horse Sport Ireland CEO Ronan Murphy paid his respects to Dodd’s family and recognised the Mayo man’s talent in the saddle.
“Jack Dodd was an extremely talented and hard-working young man and was much loved by all who met him,” he said.

Irish Showjumping development team manager Michael Blake said: “I and everybody else are devastated at the tragic news of Jack’s passing.
“I offer my heartfelt sympathy to his parents Trish and David, along with all of his family and numerous friends.

“Jack, we will miss you terribly, you were truly one of life’s great guys.
“Rest in peace, heaven has gained an angel.”




Irish Olympic rider Jonty Evans remains in the neuro intensive care unit of Beaumont Hospital following a heavy fall on the final day of the Tattersalls International Horse Trials.

The 46-year-old was rushed to hospital after he fell from his Rio Olympic ride, Cooley Rorkes Drift, in Ratoath, Co Meath, on Sunday.
The British-based eventer was second going into the deciding cross-country phase of the George Mernagh Memorial CIC 3-Star competition, and was just five fences from home when the accident occurred at the second element of the final water complex.

The incident occurred when the horse hit the flagpole coming out of the narrow brush element and the pair jolted sideways on landing.
Evans, who was hanging sideways on the near side, hung on but fell off the horse just as they reached the top of the ascent mound.

It’s understood the event rider landed on the right side of his head and shoulder and nearby medics raced to his aid.
The athlete was quickly attended to and assessed and within minutes, both a helicopter and an ambulance were called to the scene.

British star William Fox-Pitt, who suffered a severe head injury in a fall in 2015, also hit the deck at the same fence which proved challenging throughout the competition.

Evans was first taken to Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown before being transferred to Beaumont for further treatment. It is understood that he remains in the neuro intensive care unit.
Evans’s horse was uninjured following the fall, which happened at the second part of a water complex.
A statement from the event organisers said: “Irish eventing rider Jonty Evans, who fell at fence 19b, the second element of the water complex in the CIC3 competition at Tattersalls International Horse Trials, was transferred to Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, for further evaluation. Cooley Rorkes Drift was uninjured in the fall.
“Following initial evaluation in Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, Jonty Evans is being transferred to Beaumont Hospital for further treatment.”

The Team Ireland Equestrian Facebook page gave similar information yesterday evening, adding that Evans “remains in a stable condition”.

A further update from Tattersalls yesterday said: “Following further evaluation at Beaumont Hospital, Jonty Evans is in the neuro intensive care unit and his condition is being monitored and treated.”
He produced a brilliant performance to finish ninth in Rio but his horse was subsequently put on the market by its owners so Evans set up a successful crowd-funding campaign which pulled in £500,000 (€570,000) to keep the ride on the gelding.




A pair of horse-drawn traveller caravans caused a tailback of around three miles in Cumbria.

bd Dash-cam footage filmed on June 5 shows the two traditional vehicles trundling along the A66 near Appleby-in-Westmoreland on their way to the annual horse festival in the area. a long queue of cars, lorries and vans trails behind the caravans. Up to 10,000 travellers from around the flock to the village in the north of the country for the fair. The main purpose of the event is for buying and selling horses.






The B.C. SPCA is recommending horse-drawn carriages be banned from Victoria streets following an incident last month in which two horses struggled to find their footing after one fell, taking the other down with it.


“Permitting the continued operation of horse-drawn tours on busy streets places horses at risk of injury or death,” B.C. SPCA CEO Craig Daniell wrote in a letter city council will consider Thursday. “If tours continue, they should only take place in the safer park environment to reduce dangers to public safety and animal welfare.”

Coun. Charlayne Thornton-Joe, council’s lead on animal welfare issues, is recommending city staff report back with information council might need to fully consider the SPCA recommendation.

“Whereas in the past people have mentioned exhaust fumes, the heat, the walking on pavement, the care of the horses [as concerns], in their letter, they don’t refer to any of those being an issue,” she said.

“The major issue is that the streets are getting busier and maybe drivers are being less patient and because of that can be a danger to the horses and to the passengers.”

Thornton-Joe said most of the animal welfare recommendations she has brought to council have come from the SPCA.

“In the past, the B.C. SPCA has never asked me or asked council to ban horse-drawn carriages. They’ve only asked us to bring in certain guidelines to ensure the safety of horses and the passengers,” she said.

Other SPCA recommendations include:

• Horse-drawn vehicles be limited to those that require only one horse.

• Establishing procedures for urgent situations.

• Requiring operators to complete incident reports, which would include a description of what happened, location and witness details.

• Requiring operators to have an emergency kit for each carriage, containing an extra halter, four traffic cones and first aid kits for both people and horses.

Daniell said video of the May 4 incident at Ogden Point in which one of a team of two horses fell “posed a serious threat to public safety and the animals’ welfare.”

The video appears to contradict statements released by Victoria Carriage Tours, he said.

While the company initially indicated both horses remained calm and patiently waited for handlers to remove their harnesses, the video shows otherwise, he said. “The handlers prompted the horses to stand while still harnessed, putting them at further risk of injury.”

Veterinarian and equine specialist Bettina Bobsien, asked by the B.C. SPCA to comment, said she was concerned about the apparent lack of emergency training displayed by the handlers.

“The harnesses should have been removed immediately, not after the horses had been struggling for at least five minutes on the pavement,” Bobsien wrote.

“Helpers were not directed to stay away from the leg side of the down horses, putting them at significant risk of injury.”

Victoria Carriage Tours said the incident occurred after a bus pulled up directly behind a trolley being pulled by the horses.

As the trolley was prepared to move forward, it rolled back and hit the bus.

The collision caused the harness to slacken, knocking horses Chris and Matt off-balance. Chris fell, pulling Matt down with him in the middle of the road.

Tally-Ho Carriage Tours issued a statement Tuesday pointing out that the incident did not involve their business.

“The [B.C. SPCA] letter primarily focused on recommendations to improve safety procedures for horse-drawn operations; however, one sentence contains a concerning blanket statement that the city consider shutting down the entire industry. We are confused how safety recommendations suddenly jump to a statement that potentially puts our business at risk,” wrote owner Donna Friedlander.

“In every aspect of our operations Tally-Ho follows strict procedures and precautions to maximize the safety of our horses, staff and the general public. We operate under the guidelines of a comprehensive, 70-page Policies and Procedures Manual, a copy of which was provided to [councillor] Charlayne Thornton-Joe prior to the commencement of our 2018 season. This manual includes specific emergency procedures; instructions on documenting incidents; daily checks that safety kits are on each carriage; internal restrictions on operating areas that go beyond current regulations; proper handling of horses; and detailed horse and staff training programs that were developed with leading equine experts.”

Tally-Ho is a board member of the Carriage Operators of North America, which oversees best practices in the industry, wrote Friedlander.

“We are a progressive company that continually implements advancements in the carriage industry and sets high standards of ethics and care. Tally-Ho exceeds both current and proposed regulations. The industry’s safety record is outstanding at only a 0.00001% incident rate over the last 20 years.”




A TODDLER is in a serious condition after being kicked in the head by a horse on a farm near Gympie.

The boy was taken from the scene at Lobwein Road, Lagoon Pocket, about 4.30pm on Tuesday in a stable condition but the Queensland Ambulance Service later said his condition deteriorated to serious enroute to Gympie Hospital, the Gympie Times reports.





A 51-year-old woman has been charged after allegedly riding a horse to a Logan bottle shop while more than four times the legal alcohol limit last night.

Officers from Springwood attended a tavern on Wembley Road at Logan Central around 11:30pm in relation to a woman refusing to leave the licensed premises.

Upon arriving at the business, the woman allegedly rode the horse through the drive through section of the tavern and appeared heavily intoxicated.

yyyi The woman was arrested and transported to Logan Central Police Station, where she allegedly provided a positive BAC of 0.226 per cent.

Officers walked the horse back to Logan Central Police Station whilst the female was processed before council workers assisted in walking the horse back to a Marsden address.

The 51-year-old woman was charged with being in charge of a horse whilst under the influence of liquor.

She is due to appear in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on June 26.

Police want to remind the public that drink driving does not just mean a vehicle, it can include a horse.




CARTER COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– A horse is safe after walking off a cliff.

3d The Grayson Fire Department, along with Grahn and Olive Hill, responded to the accident Monday after they learned a horse had fallen into a canyon.

They said they had to use a system of pulling about 25 feet on an 80 degree incline to get the horse out.

Once out, the unscathed horse walked back to the barn.





An experienced dressage rider warned her riding partner about a fencing wire laid across a paddock just moments before she fell from her horse and suffered fatal head injuries.

Mother-of-two Nicola Pellett, 47, died in hospital five days after the accident at North Canterbury’s Mandeville Sports Club, near her Swannanoa home, in August 2015.

8k An inquest into her death today heard a harrowing account of the tragedy, in which police found no criminal liability. WorkSafe also didn’t pursue enforcement action.

Pellett had gone riding with her friend Athena Fisher on August 6, 2015 when they decided to “take a nosey” at a cross-country event in a neighbouring paddock.

Fisher told coroner Sue Johnson they were riding at a walking pace, “catching up, laughing as you do” and crossing a Eyreton Pony Club paddock, leased from Mandeville Sports Club, when Pellett saw the wire.

Canterbury inquest officer, Constable Rob Stokes said a fencing contractor had partially erected a fence the day before, putting a strainer post either side of the paddock and a tension wire running between them.

The wire was left on the ground overnight. In some places, the wire was above the undulating ground.

“When Nicky saw it, she said, ‘Athena, just watch out for the wire’,” Fisher told the inquest.

Pellett’s horse, Tiny, had “bizarrely” got the wire caught in its shoe, she said.

Fisher described how the wire was around the horse’s leg and had caused her own horse to get “quite antsy”.

She saw the hind quarters of Pellett’s horse start going down and rushed to tie up her horse.

“It wasn’t rearing. It was weird. When her horse started going down… you just panic, because you just know it’s not going to be good,” Fisher said.

When she looked back, her friend was lying on the ground.

“It all happened so very fast,” she said. “It still sends shivers down my spine.”

She yelled her friend’s name but got no response. Running to her side, she found her unresponsive.

“She was snoring so I knew it was pretty bad.”

Emergency services were called and Pellett was flown to Christchurch Hospital with serious head injuries. She never regained consciousness and died five days later.

Police and WorkSafe investigated.

Fisher said there were no signs saying they shouldn’t be in that field on that day.

“If there was a sign saying, ‘Don’t enter’, we wouldn’t have,” she said.

WorkSafe inspector Bridget Murray admitted today it was a “difficult” investigation under the “limitations” of the old Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

The replacement Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has a more “modern approach”, she said, which would have required the fencing contractor to communicate a site-specific safety plan with the sports club.

The inquest has been adjourned and will likely recommence in July.




An accident with a horse and a broken cart in Sofia ended with a mass battle on Vladimir Vazov Blvd on Sunday.

ye In front of bTV, Tsvetan Petrov, the one injured, commented that what happened was “absolutely absurd”.

“I had no intention of getting physical contact, the horse with the wagon hit the car in the front and I wanted to see where the guy was, so we could call the traffic police.” There is no problem with the car because it’s with insurance, we just had to call Traffic Police, to fix the documents. But this guy did not want to listen, he started to hit me and hit me, “Petrov told.

“He denied to be guilty of anything -” I just waved my hand to stop, to come to the car, and he did not want to stop and talk, he literally started with his fists, and another Roma person came out from a taxi, screams to me why I’ve begun to beat this guy, and he has attacked me and I had no choice – I had to defend myself in some way, “Petrov also said.

Two more people tried to help him, but they also suffered some punches. In his words, at one point the assailants were a dozen.

“It happened out of nothing, and it was really terrible, but fortunately my girlfriend was in the car, she locked in and immediately rang 112,” Petrov added. 15 minutes after everything was over, an ambulance came, and only then a patrol, the victim said.

He added that at some point, after being knocked down on the ground, he lost consciousness. There are serious bruises of the vertebrae, arms and body, a slight skull fracture, a wound very close to the carotid artery. “They could have literally killed me,” he said.

Tsvetan’s friend Petya says she called 112 times a few times.




ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma – A Beggs woman died after she was kicked by a horse Tuesday night at Will Rogers Downs.

sty Deputies said Jennifer Petersen’s death has hit the racing community in Claremore hard, it’s a tragedy people who work with horses said could happen to anyone.

Juan Montelongo lives in Claremore and has been training horses his entire life.

“Every horse is different and you just have to do the best you can with them,” said Montelongo.

He didn’t know Jennifer Petersen but said it didn’t take long for news of her death to travel throughout the Claremore equine community.

“It was a terrible accident … accidents happen so quick,” Montelongo said. “This horse is, they are very unpredictable, they can do different things anytime. I mean you just have to be careful around them and even when you are careful you get hurt.”

Deputies said 42-year-old Jennifer Petersen was loading a horse into a trailer at the Will Rogers Down Racetrack when the accident happened.

“At some point, she got behind the horse and the horse struck her directly in the chest,” said Sergeant Wes Jones with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

First responders started CPR the moment they got to the scene and didn’t stop for more than an hour, refusing to give up on saving Jennifer’s life.

“Between Pafford, Fire, and Hillcrest they did an excellent job, worked together and did everything they could to save this lady’s life,” Jones said.

Jennifer died at the hospital.

Montelongo said what happened to Jennifer could happen to anyone regardless of how much experience they have around horses.

“I have a 4-inch scar in my ear from a stud that I took care of for 5 years,” Montelongo said. “One day I went inside the stall to feed him and he just jumped and kicked, and kicked me right in the ear.”

“I just give my prayers to all of her family, we will keep them in our prayers,” he said.








Hello again! Had another huge win the Snag yesterday. Loaded them both up went to —- down the road unloaded, yarded and fed, loaded back up no hesitation then home,all went perfectly! Have also ridden him by himself twice only up the dead end road and back. He made the decision to go up my friends driveway to her house were he stood while I chatted then made our way home! Could’ve never done this 12 months ago! x

Well done Fay






Afternoon John,

I was seeing if you could help me out with potential fixes for a mare I have.
She is a 12 year old stock horse mare I bred and broke in, lives in an 80 acre paddock with 4 other horses, she has a great nature and temperament – my 11 year old daughter rides her.
She goes on the circle to the left nicely, but when going to the right throws her head around, ears back, tail swishing etc and also will stretch her head right down to the ground occasionally as though looking for relief. Sometimes it feels as though her back end stumbles/collapses.
I definitely want to fix her up as she is good for my kids, plus handy enough to campdraft occasionally, can leave her for months and she is good to go.
Any advice/direction would be much appreciated.


HI Tim

Go to this page ( token help) and then furnish us with all the required info.

Veterinary Assessment Online

take a look at what we would need.



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Horseproblems Australia Blog 14th june, 2021

Hi Folks. I never thought I would see the Day, where the wonderful Internet that I first saw in 1999,...
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We now live in the Age of the 6/10 end Product. I rank Horse Starting out of 10. Over the...
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training the green horse

Each Year, Thousands of Young Horses make their way into the ridden World. The majority of Owners are ill equipped...
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The jointed snaffle bit

We live in an alleged "Enlighten time" of Horse Training and yet, from the World of Horses that I mix in, I see important advances ignored by many. Hence articles like this one.
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