Premium Members Blog – 10th September, 2018

 10th September, 2018


Hi Folks, how are You all? We hope You had a wonderful Week.





I’ve commented to You many times, that the vast bulk of all of our Horse work, comes from the failed training systems of the EA and their curriculum and this Week was no different at all.



The Big Warmblood bounced out of the Float, dragging the Owner and pushing Her all over the Car Park. ( she is having trouble riding the Horse and Her Coaches of the past have not been able to help it.

It is occasionally SQUEALING at the Owner ( which means Bucking is coming soon)

So to the Lesson……..barging through the Hands of the Rider, Mouth like a “Brick Outhouse’ and dangerous. enter  International Clinician……….Martin Plewa.

Remember, the Horse is completely ignorant and running through the Hands of the Rider. The Rider is a ‘Mature Aged’ Lady ( with age related issues like most of us)

He tells Her to flog the Horse, Leg on, charge on ( the last thing in the World it needs and a major Risk Management issue)

The bottom line is that the Horse is screaming out for a Leader, for consistency, on the Ground.

“What You Manufacture on the Ground, You inherit under Saddle” ….HP

So as always, the systems taught to the EA Coaches and by the now Scientists, all ruin Horses and cause them “Learned helplessness” and therefore ‘depression’ Their Lives are Sad and they have no direction………

Mrs. HP took Him in the Round Pen first, to try and do something about his Ground Manners ( a risk management act) and then only the last half of the first assessment Lesson, on the arena. Life is too short and People break easy!


Leading Your Horse to Ulcers


Next Lesson, I have the Horse for the first half of the session.



The lovely temperament Horse, 5 Year Old. Mature aged Lady, same EA Grounding, terrorizing Horses on the Ground, the Daily wrestle with the Horse and “Learned Helplessness ”  ……….

He finally had enough and SAVAGED HER smiley-crying and he had to be put down 🙁 Yet another traumatized lovely Horse that had had enough of the fighting.

Will they ever know Folks, will they ever get it????  I doubt it………. and here is another one……….


3rd CASE


Again, the Warmblood with the EA Ground Manners and also squealing occasionally. Can’t get it into a Float….40 Minutes……Tom Roberts Method again…….. ( Let me repeat….the Tom Roberts Method DOES NOT control the rear end of a Horse)

So back to basics and Mrs. HP has been teaching the Lady Natural Horsemanship and training the Horse, again, to get out of our space.

This Week, walking on and off the Float by being driven in and being driven around the Property, jumping Creeks and so on.

NOW WE CAN RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So thanks to the EA for paying our Mortgage once more bring-it-on-smiley




and so it was, later in the Day, that Martin Plewa tried the same thing with another Warmblood, from the Victor Harbor area.

He got on the Horse, hunted it down the long side and got buried down the end, taken to Hospital and couldn’t fly Home. Warmbloods don’t like pressure, WHEN THEY ARE NOT used to pressure.

Of course, with at least now 4 Coaches buried in the last Month, no such thing as a One Rein Stop, so get buried then!!




and here is another one………




The Equestrian Coach at Echunga, that took a very difficult Horse on for training for the Client. Within a Week, it was an Angel. A Week Later, it was taken Home, all fixed but reverted back to it’s original state across the next 7 Days. The Owner got the Vet out, who conducted Blood Tests and sent them away. It was found to contain the Drug Racolin (sp)

Such is the training abilities of the system smiley-crying

all of this makes the Neighbor, easy going :)………..





The Neighbor lodged four witness statements, both would have been guilty of perjury had they dared to go to Court but just prior, they withdrew. Carol Calderwood, Maria Bootle, Michelle Long and Yvonne halfpenny. I was most disappointed when they didn’t front 🙂

The Trial was held at the Elizabeth Court and in front of a most Mild mannered Magistrate. When it commenced, there was one Sheriff in attendance.

I was the Defendant and so The Neighbour rose to deliver his argument, very imposing figure, that he had warned us to leave the Fence along and that we had destroyed it in the Night and that he had lost $3,500 in agistment, for not being able to use the Paddock whilst it was un-fenced, ( only problem was that his Agistees and Witnesses, wouldn’t front the Court all of a sudden, funny that one)

The Neighbor put his case strongly, that we had torn down the Fence, in the Night. He spoke for 5 Minutes and then the Magistrate asked me if I had any questions for Him. I certainly did.

It was 10.30am at that stage and at 4pm, I still had Him in the witness Box, beside Himself to the point where there were now 3 Sheriffs in the Court and indeed during all of the Lunch breaks of the other Courts, sundry Police Prosecutors and Lawyers were attending our Court, to see the Show Trial 🙂  As I said, I had finally had it with this Thug and decided to bury Him. I had done my homework.

Amongst the things that I questioned Him about ranged from his Shooting a young Local, in the Face with a Shotgun that he had removed the Lead from and replaced with Rock Salt, the fact that 3 Horses that back then I had found for Clients to buy but were agisting at his Stables, having been mysteriously injured during the Nights. One with Acid Poured on it’s Rump, one stabbed in the Chest and another cut from the inside of the Mouth, out through the side of the Lips. Two of them belonged to David Lynch, the owner of the Golden Grove Fodder Store.

Also, that he had gone onto the Property behind Him, when he was terrorizing Jim McKeckney and cut the Tails of Horses off, during the Night and that he had sued Jim, in the Elizabeth Court after setting Him up with he Truck load of clean fill, a Case he won, so impressive was he in the Courts, suing multiple other People according to the Sherrifs on that Day, who were giving us the inside running for they had done their Homework on Him.  Hence the increase in numbers of them in the Court as the Day went on and his Temper became more enraged with my questioning.

Ironically, the Magistrate that had heard the Clean Fill Case and had found against the Neighbour ( with Jim committing Suicide later) WAS THE VERY JUDGE THAT WE WERE IN FRONT OF THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Judge must have been shocked with what he was hearing.

My witnesses were all there of course, including the R.S.P.C.A., who You will remember had photographed the Fence for me, Weeks prior to it’s destruction and after The Neighbour had sent me a Letter, UNSTAMPED and via the current Greenwith Post Office ( remember the Dead Police Officer) signalling to me that they were his Mates, warning me to not touch the Fence. ( they are still in the Greenwith Post Office.

Remember, the Fence was a broken down, fallen down buggered old rusty Barb, Plain and Sheep wire, with Droppers.



Mr. Neighbour, can You describe to the Court, the condition of the Fence, prior to it’s destruction?

A. Yes, it was in good condition, perfect.

Q. Describe it’s construction

A. It was in perfect condition for Horses, none ever got out.

Q. So not fallen down or in need of repair?

A. No, we were agisting Horses in the Paddock with no problems ever ( they weren’t though)

“You Honor, I have the R.S.P.C.A. outside, waiting to give evidence about the condition of this Fence, for I had them photograph the Fence, prior to it’s destruction, due to the warning Letter I got from the Plaintiff and not knowing what he was up to. I would like to product those Photos now, to the Plaintiff

WEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLhe erupted, screaming “That proves it Your Honor, HE RIPPED THE FENCE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incidentally, this is the exact double of the Neighbor


I then took Him through one Photo at a time, asking for his reaction to the Fence laying down, Horses leaning over it and almost falling through, rusting old 100 years stuffed Fence 🙂 He was off his Titties lol and one Sheriff turned to me and gave the slit the throat sign.

He was cross examined about turning on our arena Lights in the Night, turning off our Electric Fence Units in the Night, walking onto the place in broad daylite and eyeballing Bell, hooking horses to gates with their horse rug clips and much more. He was cross examined about the shooting, about walking straight into our front Door and into our Kitchen one Day, threatening us, about the Phone call to Mrs. HP It’s your Husband I want, not You” and much more. He was cross examined about 5 Restraining Orders against Him, belting his Wife up in the Nude, on the front Lawn, about being done over by a whole Bikie Gang who roared into his Home one Day and much more.

The Case was adjourned until the next Day.

Next Morning, I launched into Him again. I had found his so called agisted Horses, Hidden at One Tree Hill, where he was paying agistment. His witnesses weren’t there, they had pulled out, very smart Ladies. Of course Carol Calderwood later had Her own restraining Order against Him and went into hiding. The Property was recently auctioned by the Family Court. in a Fire Sale.

NEXT WEEK…..the Exhibit A, the Photograph of the Ariel view of Gainsborough and Pinegrove, and the sacked Police Officers Wife at our Wedding with a well known  Level 2 Coach ( who I caught that Night at the reception, outside in a Car with a Bloke ( who he had never met before the Wedding Night ) Oh yea, fun, fun, fun 🙂



” This time of Year, with the Green Grass, don;t be feeding Lucerne. Save Your money ”









There has been a big debate on my Facebook, about this Video

Ironically, the very next Day this Week, we decided to take Celeste back to Her Mum’s Paddock, in the hope that Mum wouldn’t allow Her to drink Milk any more.

Next Week, I will show You a Video of the  opposite end of the scale, from the EA and imagine if I had have been “Leading by the Beard” hahahaha….I would have been swallowed whole by Donner Bella 🙂




Dressage Coaching Online


Mrs.HP had fun teaching Young Katy in Scotland last Night, the Half Pass, on a Horse she had broken in with my help. Well done Katy!






Glen Stibbard the Crooked Horse Dealer, still at it.







A senior constable was allegedly chasing a driver on a mobile phone at a high speed without sirens before his patrol car collided with a luxury Mercedes driven by the wife of a prominent racing figure.

4FBB292C00000578-0-image-m-84_1536155453488 Gai Vieira, the wife of racehorse owner Bert Vieira, was rushed to St George Hospital in a critical condition after the crash in Cronulla in Sydney’s south on Wednesday.

Her two-year-old grandson was a passenger in the car at the time but was uninjured.

Ms Vieira’s son Trent took to social media on Wednesday night in a desperate search for answers. 

4FBB294B00000578-6138613-Gai_Vieira-a-3_1536239992610 4FBB295400000578-6138613-Bert_Vieira-a-1_1536239991347

‘We have been told allegedly the police officer that hit her was travelling approx ‘140km’ without his sirens on and didn’t have a chance to use his brakes at all,’ Ms Vieira’s son, Trent, posted on Facebook.

‘We are appealing for any witnesses of the accident to please make contact with me.’

A critical incident investigation has been launched.

Police have publicly appealed for dashcam footage of the crash.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said police had received a number of different eyewitness accounts of the crash, which occurred at the intersection of The Kingsway and Connels Road at Cronulla.

He would not confirm whether the police car was ‘under lights and sirens’ at the time.

‘We will be interviewing the driver as soon as possible and we’ll be interviewing the other witnesses concerned and we’ll be reviewing the dashcam footage which has been given to us  by a number of independent people,’ Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

‘We’re looking at everything in relation to this investigation. We’re looking at where the Mercedes was in the crash, we’re looking at the speed of the police vehicle, we’re looking at the lights and sirens.’

The senior constable behind the wheel of the patrol car was treated for minor facial injuries.





A woman from Orange Walk Town was killed in a freak accident yesterday.  Today Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett shared what Police have gathered so far about the accident.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Yesterday sometime around 5:30 pm Police was called to an area in San Felipe Village where a horse race was ongoing where upon arrival one Evelina Sulima Celiz 36 years was seen with injuries. She was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital I believe where she eventually succumbed to her injuries while undergoing her treatment. Initial investigation reveals that a horse race was in progress when Ms. Celiz attempted to cross the track somewhere after the finish line and was ran over by one of the horses that was involved in the race causing her injuries.”

Celiz was an employee of NEMO and Love News spoke with Minister Edmond Castro who said she was a hard worker who will be dearly missed.




NORTON, Mass. (AP) — A man has died in a bull riding accident.

00-story-bull-riders-msg The incident occurred Wednesday evening at the New England Rodeo on North Washington Street in Norton, Massachusetts.

Police said the man — identified as 35-year-old Evaldo DeSilva — was riding a training bull and was wearing protective gear. Witnesses told police DeSilva fell from the bull onto the ground and was stepped on by the bull.

DeSilva was transported to Rhode Island Hospital by the Norton Fire Department where he later died.Police said the incident remains under investigation but that it appears to be a tragic accident and that no foul play was involved.



Alvina Shiel, 68, was injured when she fell off her horse, named Troy, and suffered a broken neck and damaged spinal cord.

Now recovering in Southmead Hospital, Bristol, Clevedon-based Alvina was reunited with the 18-year-old horse, who she had seen every day for two years, in the car park.

Her daughter Shelley Sterckx, 37, arranged with medics for Troy to visit Alvina, nicknamed ‘the Galloping Granny’ by friends and family, in his horse box.
Alvina said: “I’m determined to get back on my boy. If not I will have to sit on him with the reigns in my mouth.”

She added: “It was the most amazing feeling that I have ever had. I love him so much.

“It didn’t sink in for a long time that it was going to happen. It was just so emotional.

“I actually touched him and fed him. He’s a good boy anyway but he was very much out of his comfort zone with what was going on in the car park.

“He didn’t put a hoof wrong.”

Her daughter added: “I one hundred per cent believe that Mum will ride again.”

Shelley said: “It was incredible watching her being reunited with Troy. They’ve both missed each other so much.

“They’ve got an amazing bond. We had the conversation with the hospital, because Mum sees him every day.

“She’s gone two weeks without seeing him. We’d done video calls with Troy in his field but it was not quite the same.

“We spoke to the doctors and nurses and they were incredible, and believe that seeing the animals is good medicine.”

Troy visited his owner on Monday, with a section of the car park cordoned off especially.

Shelley added: “It fell into place quite well and quite quickly. She has broken her neck and has spinal cord injuries.

“When it was happened, she was paralysed from the elbows down. They don’t know how much feeling she is going to get back.

“It’s going to be a long road. When she comes out of intensive care she will go to a rehabilitation clinic in Salisbury for a few months.”

Grandmother-of-two Alvina has now regained feeling in her left toes and can move her arms following the accident last August.

Shelley added: “We are just hoping she will make much more progress. We just don’t know how much feeling is going to come back.

“I’m looking after Troy at the moment and he looks really sad because he’s missing his mum. When they saw each other it was incredible.”

Alvina was speaking to BBC Points West.




A HORSE was sadly put down after a ‘freak accident’ on Brean Beach. 

Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard were called at around 1.30pm on Monday (August 28) to assist a horserider who had fallen after their horse sustained an injury.

The horse riders were enjoying a ride along the beach when one of the horses struck a soft patch of sand that gave way causing its front leg to break.

The rider fell face first into the sand as the horse fell to the floor.

After the fall the horse became distressed and unpredictable and a brace was fitted onto its leg.\

At the same time Burnham RNLI treated the fallen rider and the Coastguard Operations Centre in Milford Haven requested an ambulance.

The Coastguard set up a cordon around the horse and shielded it from view with their vehicles and police helped keep onlookers away and sent traffic up and around the incident to ensure the horse and its rider had privacy. A spokesman for Burnham Coastguard, said: “Sadly with the kind of injury sustained the only thing to do was to keep it calm before the vet arrived where it was humanely put to sleep.

“Once the ambulance arrived they assessed the fallen rider further and found her to just be suffering from a few minor injuries and was ok to go home.

“The second horse was loaded onto the box and taken home while a second wagon was used to remove the now deceased horse.

“Once all units were safely off the beach, we were able to stand down and return to our station where we set about maintaining the kit from the early morning call out to ensure we are ready for the next call which you never know when will come in.

“Although there was soft sand in the area this wasn’t the cause for the injury, it was just a terrible freak accident.

“A sad outcome to the day for this group of riders who were visibly upset with their loss.”

If you need help while at the beach or along the coast, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard




GOSHEN, N.Y. (AP) – A New York woman has been sentenced to two years in jail for the deaths of nine horses on her upstate New York farm.


Jeanne Ryan was sentenced Thursday in Orange County Court, where she was convicted in July on 10 counts of failure to provide sustenance.

Authorities say nine horses died at her town of Goshen farm in 2017 and a 10th horse nearly starved to death.

The 52-year-old Ryan blamed her son for failing to care for the animals, but the judge who convicted her after a bench trial found that she was responsible. Ryan is now legally barred from owning animals for 15 years.

Authorities executing a search warrant last year found the horses dead and decomposing in a barn on Ryan’s property.



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