Pony Club Hands


Pony Club Hands are formed, often on the hard side and with many other habits that largely last a life time.


I realize that many of you accuse me of ‘Pony Club Bashing’ but remember, everything I say is for the Good of Horses and the good of the Kids. Every Day, around the World, countless combinations suffer needlessly.

Virtually every Week and this Week twice (which has prompted this) I get cases of so called PROBLEM HORSES. Read this……..here is the latest March 2020.




here is another


and some others over time……


Case 1.


Mrs. HP assessed a lovely Bay Horse that was being horrendous to ride for the Pony Club Rider, despite them being to two Hacking Coaches in the past few Months. The Horse was kicking up in the rear end, completely frustrating, throwing it’s Head in the air and generally being a Nightmare for the Young Lady.


Mrs. HP rode the Horse and advised Jed to ride it along certain lines, which he has been this Week and there has been a complete turn around in the happiness of the Horse and she is going lovely. Well done Jed. The Young Lady is having two rides this Week, under instruction of Jed and then Weekly Lessons thereafter, to re-jig her and to remind her what she learnt from a couple of Years of Mrs. HP Lessons prior to us shifting to Victor. We do understand the Peer pressure influence at Pony Club though and the incessant chanting of Pony Club Coaches to “TAKE UP A CONTACT” and the ‘ STRAIGHT ARM RIDING’ that is the fashion and with habits like this ingrained.


A Week Later after work done


From the Owner


Hi Linda Just wanted to say thank you to you and Jed !! wow Holly has come so far in that short week, It’s amazing to watch the videos of the first day you rode her to yesterday with Emily having her first ride,, I have to say Jed is fantastic, really stoked with how he has been with holly and helping Emily, even just helping her at feed time the other day he saw holly (as holly would always invade Emily space and she just let her) Jed saw this and said to me lets try that again went and got a whip and showed Emily how to get holly out of her space, it was great! Explains if you don’t have respect at feed times it all stems from there !! Emilys first ride yesterday went so well, he explained things to Emily that she understood and I could see she understood it, she had her working with her head down in walk and trot and you could see she got what he was saying and how to keep her down, she said to me after the lesson with the biggest smile on her face I understood that mum and said she really liked how Jed walked around with her explaining it made her understand it (finally) woohoo!! We have bought her home and we will be having a lesson next week with Jed and would like to have regular lessons as I think Emily will really benefit with having Jed as an instructor!!  one that has ridden Holly also so knows what she is doing etc So again BIG thank you to you both for sorting out our poor girl, and now know Emily is on the right track ! Cheers Sharon and Emily Xxx



Case 2


Hi John Hope you are doing well. I have a problem with my horse and it’s the first time it’s happened since I bought him (only had him for 2 months). It scared me to absolute death. So I have a 17h warmblood gelding. When I first got him he had 0 manners. Up until today I THOUGHT I had progressed a fair amount with him, he will need now (2m behind, not on top of you), you can bridle him, he will lower his head, give to pressure, he will yield his shoulders over and rump etc, and most recently I’ve gotten him to change direction in the round facing me, not his bum. Today’s scenario: I didn’t ride. I pulled him out of his paddock as usual, gave him a massage in the stable complex and the a bath. I was walking him over to the long grass (literally only a few metres of steps) and he reared straight up in the air. I thought perhaps a miscommunication but then he repeated the rearing and added striking. Totally baffled I knew I wasn’t moving anywhere without some ground work so I put him into the roundyard. Again lucky for me as I was petrified and totally baffled it was only a few metres away. I start to do my usual ground work stuff with him to see where he is emotionally etc., changing direction, sending him out. It didn’t last long before he decided NO I am not changing direction, turns into me and goes straight up again and striking. I tried to send him back out but he wouldn’t go and just went right back up again. By this point I was shaking as for the first time ever I thought he was going to really hurt me if not kill me. I felt at any minute he was ready to run right through me. I swear he had this look on his face “I’m 600kg silly woman, what are you going to do about it”. I got out of there and left him in for a few minutes so I could calm myself. I knew I couldn’t leave him in there so I decided to calmly just take him back to this paddock.  

Thankfully no rearing on the way back. I am so scared to go back and see him tomorrow but I need to fix this. Please tell me how. I thought maybe I should send him to —– (as I am in WA) if I can’t do it myself. I also want to send him back to where he came from! I have to also say that NO behaviour is very common with him, He gets ignorant and will have the no i shan’t conversations with me. He is also naturally built uphill and just thinks UP. if he sees something in the distance he is 3m taller. in his paddock his head is up like a massive security guard. Also under saddle he has only tried to do a couple of little bunny hop rears but vie just growled and pushed him forwards and he gets on with things. Please help. Alex

I asked for a Video of the Lady Riding this Warmblood Horse and snipped a couple of shots from it.




So I wrote this……


HI Alex.

Remember, I am freely trying to assist you. You DO NOT NEED Horse Trainer, you need Riding Lessons. You are terrorizing the Horse with your lack of balance lack of an independent seat AND FIXED HANDS with the Old Arms stiff and pointed to the Ground (See My Blog only two weeks ago) Your Horse is looking to please but he gets no relief from his tries.

His Foundation stones are not there as he is NOT OFF THE LEG. You CANNOT go around ‘flexed Off’ with the Horse Dropping the Shoulder like that. NO SUPPLENESS equals frustration, stress and coming to you soon will be one of two things. Bucked Off as his yelling at you isn’t heard or Veterinary Problems caused by your Riding. Go read the articles on my Problems Index on all of those key words.

The Rearing is him starting to Shout at you for he is not being heard. Shouting Loud now comes (rearing and striking) and soon there will be SCREAMING when he Bucks you off. So, if you are still with me and haven’t thrown the Laptop across the Room and got on a Forum about me and want Help, we can solve your problems.


I just had my Wife look at your Videos and she completely agrees!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, not a lot of Riders can ride the movement of Warmbloods and to do so your Core Strength has to be Good and so too general fitness. Office Workers would struggle without added athletic preparation. PS. has his Teeth been done? Regards


Haha I’d never get frustrated with your response your honest! And I come to you for help because I know you and Mrs hp are spot on. You know I’m glad it’s me and not him because he is a great horse. You’re right his movement is hard to ride to and I am trying really hard not to rise so bloody high, not doing that on purpose. It’s disgusting to watch. I have recently been working on the yielding from the ground before I get on. Getting him to unlock his shoulders and move over too. Helps immensely. I was getting lessons with a great instructor but she is sporadic as she travels so much. I’m getting one this week with another one instead who’s niche is young WB’s. I did his teeth the first week I got him because of that head tilit he does. I actually thought it might have been bridle lameness? Anyway he had been going around with half a wolf teeth jabbing into the side of his cheek which created an abscess. Poor guy. Same week he got his saddle fitted, he is due again from the change of shape and I get him massaged every other week because he gets tight, probably from me now I look at it. I use your running reins to lunge him which works wonders, I did this yesterday after our “conversation” on the ground/air and got up him when he tried to change direction on his own. As you put it, I grew horns. He was great, as usual. I have my market Harborough (that I also got off your site) I think I might stick with riding in this in between my lessons. I’m off to read those bits n pieces now – thankyou!



Well done indeed. There are not many of you left!!! many let their feelings get in the road of the One they Love…..the Horse 🙂 To put it in the ‘Nut Shell” Pam, the Horse is simply frustrated to the point of not liking you any more, and it is now telling you so. It is doing that because of the ‘learned helplessness’ the Horse finds itself in, due mainly to your HANDS which is caused by your instability in the Saddle, caused by the Movement of the Warmblood (which you are no doubt not used to) That and precisely the slight habit that you have, of the “Pony Club Arms.

(Go back a Week or so and read the story of the other Horse in Helplessness. I would strongly suggest that you do get Lessons BUT NOT ON THAT HORSE for that would compound your situation and be also UNFAIR on the Horse.

Why subject the lovely Horse to yet another Coach. So that you know, the frustration of the Horse is coming from it periodically try to please you and actually put it’s Head down for you, in answer to the confused contact BUT WHEN IT DOES it is met with more confusion and no SOFTNESS AND REWARD AND RELIEF.

Therefore, “learned Helplessness” Get your fitness up, get your position tuned up, your leg strength, your Core strength and for goodness sake GET THOSE ARMS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Terror of Horses all over the Country. 🙁



So Kids…..please learn that unless you ride like this……NOT LIKE THE RED LINE!!!!!!!!!!!

for if you don’t, YOU HAVE BAD HANDS and Horses Hate People with Bad Hands!!!!!!!!!!


Here are a couple more. What do you notice about all of these Photos? “Learned Helplessness’ caused by the continual and diminishing periodical softness and breaking at the Poll but no relief coming to the Horse and Sadness setting in. Look at their Faces People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



No doubt You, the Reader, have noticed the Sad Faces of all of the above Horses. Now here are a few Picesof People with Good Hands. NOTE THE FACES of the Horses. They tell it all.




As I said, I meet distressed Horses Daily. Here is Today’s where this Lady is suing the Trainer who broke the Horse in, for a bad job. Say no more!!!!


So if you LOVE HORSES, do them the ultimate favour and ignore all Pony Club Coaches who tell you to get your Hands down low!!!!!!




Listen to Your Horses