Peer Review – South Australian Mounted Police

Far be it for anyone to comment on a Mounted Cadre however, in 2018, Horses have to start getting a fair deal. 2018 is my Year of provoking thought and re-flexion.

These Photos ( which I took off the TV News recently) depict a continuing pattern of a style of Riding that comes directly form the British Horse Society and bring with it ‘Learned helplessness‘ and ‘sadness’ to Horses. This is no ‘one of’ for I see it 100% of the time I see these Folk.

These shots show Officers scouring the OUTBACK!!!! during a Murder investigation ( looking for Bodies) and makes the scene even more confronting to me. For God’s sake, LET GO OF THEIR MOUTHS!!!!!…they are not Bolting!!!!!!


Once again and to prove a point, I have to ‘Photo Bomb You with Young Horses being started and having their FIRST RIDES out in the World. Check the Reins and Check the Faces.


The Mounted Police would serve their ‘Bombproof’ Horses well, if they just let go of the Reins!!….

don’t follow the most unhappy Horses of all…your peers!

Showing the fear of the big Bits.

Please find a better way Folks. Your Horses will love You for it and You will reap rewards You never thought possible!


Listen to Your Horses

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