HP’s Blog for Sunday 25th March, 2018


Sunday 25th March, 2018


Hi Folks. Hope You all had a good Week.

Mrs. HP has had the whip out this Week and I have been riding a Bobcat that we hired, to trick up her Horse Yards before the wet, put new base in them, spread the composted manure and seed, remove all the Tree stumps out of the Foals Paddock and re-sand Her arena, amongst other things. She’s a Happy Girl! 🙂




As is often the case with my Life, ironic and spooky things often happen with us. We talk about something Today and the next Day it happens. Indeed, two Days ago, we were watching the TV reports of the NSW Fires and I was commenting to Mrs. HP how there must have been a pathetic effort by the Fire Service because I could see that many of those Houses could have been saved with a Garden Hose and indeed a couple of People did.

Next Night, on the News, the NSW has announced an enquiry into the fighting of the Fire and a ‘Turf War’ between different sections of the CFS. How disgusting!!!!!!!!!




Even happier Wife. We got the Phone call on Thursday, to come and pick Bella and the Foal up and that she was indeed Pregnant again. He’s a bit of a ‘Gun’ that Lindsay Young. 3 out of 3. This time in Foal to Versace and this one will be for Sale so put Your order in now 🙂

Of course,  she is a Month Older now and driving there, we were wondering how she might be traveling in terms of the Halter Breaking etc and will we get Her back on the Float : Anyhow……..all went great and we had a good trip Home. Both were extremely happy to see us as the area where they were staying has had a terrible Bot Fly problem this Year and both were well and truly over it!


We are going dark Liver Chestnut with blonde mane and Tail ( as Mrs. HP does Hand Stands) bring-it-on-smiley






I had a bloke ring me Today, wanting a Trailer load of manure. I gaev Him all the directions of where to go, which he did, but when he got there, there were two electric wires across the Site, to keep the Horses out. Both with Plastic Handles for removal and casting aside.

He text Message a little later, to say he was on his way Home and that there were two wires across the Site and it was all too hard.

I texted back…..”City Folk” and a smiley Face.

He texted back to say he was a little offended but was going back to have a go at it.

I smiled and thought to myself “City Folk” horseproblems-winking-cowboy




Hi John,

I headed out today to look at a QH mare for a friend of mine.  The issues communicated to me were:


  1. Head tossing
  2. Refusing to circle to the right
  3. Refusing to go forward
  4. Pigrooting and kicking out into canter


The horse has a history, being veterinary confirmed as a hermaphrodite with retained testes, no ovaries  and externally female.  After hormone treatment her hormone profile is now that of a gelding and that issue appears to be resolved.

The horse is very overweight, solidly built and completely ignorant on the ground.  She was being handled in a webbing halter, ridden in a status fender saddle (too narrow and chair position) and a French link snaffle.

After correcting the ground issues with a rope halter and longer lead rope and achieving walk/trot/canter transitions in both directions, I saddled her with my QH tree HP saddle and HP saddle pad.

The ridden session with a properly fitting saddle, rider in a centred position and my barrel centred HP snaffle showed an unfit and overweight horse doing her best to please.  Horse and rider even had an impromptu canter when the mare offered a canter and rider calmly went with her.  Circles to both right and left were pretty ordinary but improved markedly over the 20 minutes.

Walk/trot/walk transitions were achieved from the seat and with calm acceptance.  No head tossing to be seen.

Another successful day and looking forward to seeing the horse/owner combination progress to wonderful things.



Well done Sarah. Great result!!


We couldn’t have done it without your equipment. My QH saddle has been a life saver
for quite a few riders struggling with bracing, head tossing WIDE horses.

And the barrel centred bit is so forgiving of rider mistakes – even though this mare
looked well overdue for teeth, she coped well with the occasional pull on the

And I should have mentioned the canter was to the RIGHT!!! And Nicole (my friend)
had never gotten even a trot to the right so she was in happy tears

Well done again.




Hi john … sorry i have been in touch … your system continually amazes me with it reliability.
I have a great candidate for your buck jumping collar … but ill leave that for another time as will be filmed .
So recently i have been very down and disillusioned … i usually have 4-5 horses too work but have been struggling and only doing 2 always clients horss and leaving my own… i have 4 but ones only 2 … another story for later .Something was missing. .. i had forgotten something. .. i never wanted horses too b a chore .Well today i remembered! !
It had finally rained good excuse for me too have day off ..
Rain stopped so went outside too check an injured mares bandages. .. and cause she was all covered in mud started bushing off the dried mud with my hand … the others promptly came over wanting the same … after a good 30 mins off just hanging out with the horses the penny dropped. .. it was what a had been missing. .. just stopping and enjoying themNo pressure no training no feeding. .. just hanging out with my mates … letting all the personalities shine 1f642
Feels like a weight is liftedAs a professional there r certainly obligations and a routine necessary for the horsds well being.Never again will i forget … one day a week i need a day off and so do they.Thanks john and linda … your available advice and knowledge has changed my life x 
HI Sal.
Good on You. I only ever worked them 5 days, for the same reason with the Horses as us. They too get burnt out. The starting process is an overwhelming thing, emotionally, for Horses, as with us. So I started slowly but ended faster than most. I’m going to assess a 6 Weeks Breaker next Monday. I never had one of those   Well done and good to hear.







PRESS RELEASE – 21.03.2018


Equestrian Australia is under pressure to reform following the damning findings of a review of the British Equestrian Federation  (BEF), given a similar governance model used by its Australian counterpart.

BEF is facing the potential the withdrawal of £21m of government funding if it does not urgently clean up a culture characterised by ‘bullying and elitism’ and a failure to modernise, according to a recent review.

Similar themes of bullying and elitism have plagued Equestrian Australia in recent times, with a Facebook and Instagram support campaign called Stop Bullying In Equestrian Sports (SBIES) growing to several thousand in a few months.

Initially aimed at the grass-roots participant, the SBIES pledge campaign quickly gained the attention of high-profile riders including Olympic medallists Megan Jones, Sam Griffiths, Olympian Lyndal Oatley and Australian World Equestrian Games team member, Brett Parbery.

A UK’s equivalent support Facebook campaign, Not On My Yard, has almost a thousand fewer followers than the Australian-based SBIES, suggesting that the problem might actually be worse downunder.

The founder of SBIES, Hannah Brooks, said that a survey commissioned by the Australian-based equestrian sports support group has received overwhelming support from hundreds of equestrians.

“I thought we would be lucky to get a hundred surveys completed but we have already had over 800 people respond. Bullying is far more far-reaching than anyone anticipated”. Currently, 85% of survey respondents report being bullied or witnessing bullying at horse competitions or associated activities. The problem appears to be across the board, from grass-roots pony club to high-level administration of equestrian bodies”. Hannah said

 Last year SBIES sought feedback from Equestrian Australia in reference to these alarming survey findings, however, the organisation has yet to respond to this request.

In addition, Brooks says the SBIES page has become a frontline support service for equestrian enthusiasts, many of whom have been left so traumatised by their experiences they have walked away from the sport.

“The stories that people are sharing, some for the first time, are truly shocking. The impact on people’s wellbeing is alarming. As a small group of volunteers, SBIES simply doesn’t have the resources to cope with the sheer volume of messages and requests we are receiving from equestrians traumatised by bullying, harassment, and favoritism. The governance in the sport is clearly broken,” Hannah said.

Despite the widespread incidence of bullying and harassment in the sport – between 2012-2016 Equestrian Australia received $9.5 million in Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) funding.

“With the issues in equestrian sports in Australia directly mirroring the situation in the UK – it’s time for Australia to clean up its own backyard, reform the governance of the sport and address the problems of bullying and elitism, once and for all”, Hannah said.

SBIES is planning to include the findings of its bullying survey and other feedback in a report being prepared for the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI), Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and State and Federal Sporting Agencies.

SBIES is currently seeking feedback from the public for this submission.

Contact Hannah Brooks from SBIES on stopbullyinginequestiran@gmail.com

Take the SBIES SurveyHERE




A couple of Years ago, a new Rule was dreamt up, making anyone who wanted to be on the State Squad, APPLY for the position.

Now I happen to think that this is a form of Mind control, echoing the Old Days.  Mrs. HP agrees and consequently, some of the best Horses are not on the State Squad. It’s just not the same anymore. It’s taken the personal achievement, being awarded for your performance, by Your Peers., away.

Now, we have a NEW RULE. Must be the same Dreamer. You have to APPLY to be considered for the HORSE OF THE YEAR go figure. They can’t just pick the Winner because it won the most events and got the most points, they have to make Riders APPLY. In my words “Cow down bow down” as we say in the Bush. Once again, taking the entire excitement away from a job well done, the challenge and winning on your merits. All they have to do ( as if they didn’t know by being at the Dressage) to hit the Computer Button and it spits out the Winner.

Now in my opinion, that is a latent form of MIND CONTROL and therefore falling into the New Age term of ‘Bullying’ by control when none was ever necessary.

So what do we have in the State Squad then? Multiples by Multiples of Horses owned by the same People and MANY OF THEM FOR SALE as in Horse Dealing. Well I happen to believe that such seriously diminishes the value, the Class and the honor of being on it.

Why do People have to waste the time to dream up such stuff. All it achieves is to make the BEST to GROVEL, in order to get some recognition. Putin would be Proud.



When Mrs. HP won F.E.I. Horse of the Year, a couple of Years back, she wasn’t told that she had won it and wasn’t at the Presentation due to other commitments but would have moved Heavan and Earth to have been there, had she known. Now some will say to themselves, that she should have been there anyway. Fair enough, however, due to the past culture of the Organization, she never felt welcome and was always ‘ on the outer’ which was totally cemented into stone when Her Level 2 Exam was manipulated in an outrageous way. In fact, the ‘Closed Shop’ was the reason she has never been at the Dinner, in 30 Years Membership.

She remembers well, when she broke Her Leg and was laying in the Royal Adelaide Hospital and one of Her visitors was a high ranking EA Person, who came on behalf of the Dressage Committee, to announce to Her that she had been removed from the State Squad. Phew Just what she needed after a major operation with the Surgeons suggesting they may take Her Leg off.

They didn’t even know the outlook, just kicked Her off. Nice!!


which brings back memories of probably the most outrageous Bullying episode, relating to Mrs. HP

( Full story on PREMIUM PORTAL, including all the files.)




The British Equestrian Federation has been told it risks losing public funding of more than £21m after a damning report found evidence of bullying, elitism and self-interest within the sport.

The independent report was commissioned by the national governing body in October following the abrupt resignation of its chief executive, Clare Salmon, in July. She had been appointed in February 2016 to modernise the BEF but, as the report details, her approach ruffled feathers within equestrianism and she was forced out.

Salmon thanked the three-strong review panel, which was chaired by John Mehrzad, the lawyer who prepared a similar report for British Cycling last year.

British Equestrian Federation launches investigation into bullying claims

“From day one I was set up to fail by people who were deliberately frustrating the change required,” Salmon said. “I was bullied out by people driven by self-interest and elitism. This is unacceptable for an organisation receiving more than £20m of public money.”

The threat to the funding of the sport – one of Britain’s most successful at recent Olympic and Paralympic Games – is made clear at the end of the report.

“In so far that the recommendations in this report are not addressed within a reasonable period of time … UK Sport and Sport England would be entitled to suspend public funding,” it said.

In response, the two agencies issued a statement saying they welcomed the review and the “full acceptance” of its recommendations by the BEF and its 19 member bodies. “Ongoing funding will be dependent on the BEF and its member bodies acting to implement the recommendations of this review. We will keep this under close review.”

The report found that a “climate of fear” and “culture of bullying” exists within British Dressage and British Showjumping, with “broadly similar” allegations made from a smaller number of contributors about British Eventing, the British Horse Society and Endurance GB.

The report also highlights the fact the sport is too expensive, is run by small cliques and therefore struggles to retain staff.

It is the latest sports governing body to face negative allegations about its culture, after reviews were conducted at British Cycling, Canoeing, British Swimming and British Bobsleigh.




Facebook Users love to ‘go right off’ and destroy anyone who may appear to be out of line whilst working with Horses. Fair enough, but Facebook Users are appalling Judges and the majority of them have no eye and are really not even qualified to judge.

Take the Case of this Horse. It died at the Hands of a Trainer ( where it had no doubt been sent because of problems, which you can bet were caused by the Owners) and the Trainer made a bad call by putting side reins on it and letting it get trapped. It flipped and died on the spot.

Well who is the most at fault???

I would most likely have been the only one on the Planet, who looked further than the emotion and I found that the Trainer, although partly responsible, was way down the list. The Tie down and other training mechanisms found within the ‘English Disciplines’.

FACEBOOK deleted the Thread, obviously because of a Complaint and didn’t even communicate with me. They are losing the Plot. Very good at interfering in American Elections but not doing the right thing by their Clients who are only trying to educate to HELP HORSES. and save others.

Another Video has emerged, showing the FIRST SHOW. and it is here that an observant viewer should be asking serious questions about those involved with the Horse…..like…..what in the Hell is all the editing about. If it is that bad with editing, what was it like before???? What are they so trying to hide and why even put the damm thing on the Internet in the first place.?

Go to Facebook for the discussion……https://www.facebook.com/horseproblems




  • The true stories about the alcoholic Cowboys and their antics
  • The full EA appeal documents and records, involving the ‘fix’ of Mrs. HP’s Level 2 Exam, when she was ‘wired for sound’ and how one Level 3 was dismissed and not even present, so the other could Lie on the Official Exam Documents.
  • The forensic examination of the Video of the Horse that died when trapped in Side Reins recently.
  • The sad un-professionalism of many at the top of the Industry
  • Video of cruelty at the Hands of a Professional Trainer
  • and more
  • and the Article of the Week, taking a forensic look at why the Performance Horse Industry ruins the Soundness of their Horses








” Don’t ever use Side Reins on a Horse that is at all suspect, ‘Green’ or resistant’ The risks of rearing over backwards and dying are huge!”





I was reading it and it says that this horse was already on her property and the owners sold it to this guy and he wanted it to stay at the property so she sent him a new contract via email as that’s all she had and his mobile but he refuses to sign it. She is not allowed to get rid of the horse and he is threatening her saying bad things will happen if she tries to sell it. She has contacted the previous owners and they still have his paperwork so even though he has paid the horse is not in his name but M— is too scared to put it in her own name and sell it As may come and harm her family. She has been told she has to carry on feeding this horse as it’s on her property. She said she will email you. Wow some people !! I would never let anyone stable at my place they all sound like nutters lol








Horse owners have launched a $53 million law suit against the pharmaceutical company responsible for developing the Hendra vaccine.

hendra-300x241 The owners, from New South Wales and Queensland, are claiming that Zoetis Australia PTY LTD did not provide adequate warnings about the potential side effects of the vaccine on their horses.

Half a million doses have been administered to horses across Australia since 2012.

About 1,500 horses have experienced adverse reactions and have not been able to return to their regular work.

The barrister instructed by LHD Lawyers, John Rowe, said Zoetis failed to inform horse owners of the potential side effects and have breached the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act by failing to properly trial and test the vaccine before its release.

“The reality is the vets that administered the vaccination initially didn’t give the owners any warning at all,” Mr Rowe said.

“Many of the horse owners would not have agreed to the inoculation had they been warned of the possible side effects.”

“The reality is the vets that administered the vaccination initially didn’t give the owners any warning at all,” Mr Rowe said.

“Many of the horse owners would not have agreed to the inoculation had they been warned of the possible side effects.”
Class action a risk: company

Damages are being sought for any individual horse owner whose horse was effected by the vaccine resulting in death or loss of use.

Michael Hyland, special counsel for LHD Lawyers, says the owners that are part of the class action had suffered significantly.

“It’s had a profound impact on the horse owners and it’s something they are struggling to come to terms with,” Mr Hyland said.

Zoetis has issued a statement saying the vaccine wass “safe and effective” and “no vaccinated horse has contracted the Hendra virus”.

The company said it has not been notified of a claim and a class action would put people and animals at risk.

“Attacks on vaccination have the potential to put the lives of vets, the horse owning public and horses at risk,” a spokesperson said.

The Hendra virus has killed 103 horses and four people across 60 separate outbreaks in QLD and NSW





A HORSE has died after eating urea that had been illegally dumped on a stock reserve in NSW.

Another two horses were affected but survived.

Capturea-300x184 NSW Rural Crime Prevention detectives said the compound, which is used for nitrogen application in farming, was dumped on the Waterloo Stock Reserve at Bellata, south of Moree in January.

“The dumping was in close proximity to a water hole,” a spokesman said.

“The dumping of urea or grain is not permitted on stock routes and poses a threat to stock.

“Intentionally or not, you have a responsibility to ensure this does not happen.”

Rural Crime Investigators are also working with officers from the Environment Protection Authority with this investigation.

Anyone with information about the illegal dumping is asked to contact Moree Rural Crime Prevention Team on (02) 6757 0869 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.




For at least 10 Years, we have been advocating the ditching of whips in Thoroughbred and Trotting Racing. It is against all Training regimes.



Changes in Australian harness racing which moderated whip use did not harm winning times, researchers have found.

The University of Sydney study team, which analysed the winning times of 133,338 harness races, identified a long-term trend over nine years of increased frequency of both fast and medium winning times in mile races, despite whip use being more tightly regulated part-way through this period.

re-300x188 In fact, after tighter whip rules were introduced, the odds of a good time (under 1 minute 55 seconds) actually increased.

The trio, writing in the journal PLOS ONE, noted that the use of whips in racing was subject to debate, not least because of the prospect that fatigued horses cannot respond, rendering the practice futile and inhumane.

Racing industries maintain that whip use is a form of encouragement and that the rules of racing that govern their use safeguard horse welfare.

The study examined trends over time in the frequency of medium and fast race-winning times in Australian harness racing between September 2007 and August 2016, when whip use was more tightly controlled.

The first change, introduced in January 2010, moderated whip action so that horses were struck with less force.

In October that year, an amendment reversed this change for the final 200 metres of races to allow for more forceful whip strikes, except in one racing jurisdiction.

However, those amendments were eventually reversed in May 2016, restoring the first rule change in all harness racing jurisdictions in Australia.

Despite whip use being regulated from the start of 2010, a long-term trend of increased frequency of both fast and medium winning times over a mile was noted during the study period.

“Even after adjusting for this trend, all whip handling codes were associated with greater odds of winning times being less than 1:55 minutes compared with the pre-2010 period.”

Additionally, the periods immediately before and after introducing the most stringent regulations were compared.

“This revealed that, when introduced in 2010, these regulations were associated with faster winning times. Their re-introduction in 2016 was associated with no significant differences.

“Despite concerns that tightening of whip regulations might reduce performance, none of our analyses revealed any significant reduction in either fast or medium winning times in races following the tightening of regulations governing the use of the whip.”

The findings question the supposed need for whips to improve racing performance, they said.

For their analysis, the researchers classified winning times as either slow (over 2 minutes), medium (between 1:55.1 and 2:00) or fast (1:55 and under).

Analysis of the 2015–2016 racing season showed no significant change in the proportion of fast, medium and slow winning times before and after a tightening of regulations, and no significant effect of whip handling code changes on the proportion of winning times faster than 2 minutes.

“While track surfaces were not subject to major improvements over the course of the study, a small number of relevant tracks were subject to changes in their circumference, turns and camber.

“These changes may account for some, or perhaps all, of the improved times at these tracks. Were this the case, the data would still demonstrate that any hypothetical slowing of winning times, after tightening whipping rules, is insubstantial compared to improvements which may be gained by improved track design.

“From an animal welfare perspective, provided such track modifications do not endanger horses, this is clearly a preferable method of improving times when compared with relaxing whip regulations.

“The current study provides evidence that improvements to the welfare of horses participating in harness racing can be made, by restricting the use of the whip as a noxious stimulus, without resulting in slower winning times and, by extension, a less marketable entertainment experience.

“On the contrary, the reduction or even elimination of whip use may improve the acceptability of harness racing to an increasingly animal-welfare conscious public.

“The current findings raise more questions about the need for the whip as a performance aid in racing and may assist racing authorities in considering the evidence over whether to remove whips from racing altogether.”

They noted that a previous announcement by Harness Racing Australia in December 2017 that it would ban the use of the whip, other than for emergency use for safety reasons, was rescinded due to widespread driver and steward concerns about maintaining safety for drivers and horses.

The study was a collaboration between the University of Sydney and RSPCA Australia. The study costs were met by RSPCA Australia.


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