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After 18 Years and 10 of those Years doing a Blog Daily, I have “run out of puff” and having now 2 of them, I realize that it is too much work. I couldn’t go for a ride with my Wife Today.

So this will be the last NORMAL BLOG. As You know, I have fed the experts their ideas since 2001 and want to now, for the first time, look after us and our Solid Friends.

So this will be the last PUBLIC BLOG and from next Week, everything will be on the PREMIUM AREA, giving me much more opportunity to use Video etc.

Thanks to all, for the support over 18 Years and 4,066 Blogs, I hope You understand.

Thanks for the good times.

Regards HP


MY thanks to the Government for the two Volunteer awards for Service to the Community.


The HP BLog will now be found here.

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Hi Folks, how are You?….I hope well.

The Weather is starting to tone down ( thank God) and we have been having a lovely 23 Degree Week and a wonderful Easter coming up.

We have had  an interesting Horsie Week as well, both of us.








Mrs. HP has been teaching an Owner, on a newly delivered and freshly started Warmblood and although only 10k from Victor Harbor, it interested me that the Property was 3,000 acres. Quite a different environment, as seen in the Photo here, with the Horseman showing the Paces.

20180326_124710-e1522547097849 It made a refreshing change for me to sit down and watch another Trainer at Work 🙂 The Horse went well, was off the inside Leg and cantering circles. Good job.

During the Week, Mrs. HP has been teaching and guiding the Owner through the into stage to the ‘Green Horse’ and even went out on a Trail Ride, with Mrs. HP riding the Kid’s Pony 🙂 Plenty of area to Trail ride here and all Sandy. Flat work wherever You like, pick an arena 🙂




Meanwhile, I had a Saddle fitting Horse, to check out an American Saddle that had been purchased on the Net and the Horse had swelled up behind the Saddle after a long ride.

Many things come into Saddle fitting and they all influence the challenge. I don’t know what actual ‘Saddle Fitters’ do or what their job description is as I have never seen one at work but I find a number of points are highly relevant. They are and were Yesterday:

The Conformation of the Horse
The Conformation of the Rider and their weight control efforts to assist the Horse
The Riding position that the Saddle puts one in, which determines how much whack there is at the back of the Saddle and how much weight is distributed to the rear, rather than the Rider being ‘Balanced’ ( which is the case with most Half Breed and Stock Saddles, a problem area)
The Saddle Pad ( in this Case a Western Saddle Pad) and in my strong opinion, these DO NOT SUIT Half Breed Saddles.  In this case it was long and hitting the Loins.
How the Saddle sits on the Horse>

My answer to the Owner ( who I got to Saddle up and ride a little) was that the Saddle does not suit the Horse, for multiple reasons.

I then checked the back of the Horse and found it to be sore. No more to be said.

Historically, Australian Stock and Half Breed Saddles have put People in the wrong position, which hasn’t helped Horses. Here are some examples.



the opposite is explained here






Tomorrow, I have a Trainer coming with an Owner and an unbroken Horse, to assist the process and give some guidance for the degree of difficulty is heightened. Should be interesting. Lucky I tricked my Round Pen up last Week when I had the Bobcat here.





There is always plenty going on at a large Equestrian Centre and things have been true to form as You get “The Natives getting restless” as almost all those gathered are of the Female Breed and that makes for an ever interesting psychological study. Power struggles, People sticking their Beaks into what is not their business, Cat fights and all sorts of more 🙂 I often wonder why People just don’t enjoy their Horses lol.

I am expanding a Yard for a Lady with a big Warmblood, ready for Winter and this Week dispatched most of the composted Manure for outlying Stables as well as Seeded.





As we suspected, we are going to shed the Chestnut and go Dark, with the Bling and the Blonde bring-it-on-smiley



1-IMG_7250 1-IMG_7263 1-IMG_7309



EA has released a ‘Heat Policy’, as seen below.



Horses exercising and competing in hot environmental conditions can be affected by heat stress.

When environmental heat conditions are adverse, exercising horses require appropriate cooling measures to safeguard their welfare.

The primary responsibility for the welfare of horses competing and exercising during hot weather lies with the rider of the horse. Riders must always take action to prevent, manage and treat heat stress in their horses.

Event organisers are responsible for providing adequate facilities and information that riders need to safeguard the welfare of horses. Access to ice and cooling water during competition is a compulsory requirement that arises under certain environmental conditions.

To assess the risk of heat stress in horses, the FEI uses the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
(WBGT) Index.


The timing of events/competition must be considered. Competitions or the “high exertion phase” of the event must be held during cooler parts of the day, that is between 7.00am and 11.00am and/or after 4.00pm

Higher level competitions should be run in the coolest part of the day. Schedule the most demanding competition phases when it is cooler.

The lower level competitions generally make lower demands on horses

Access  to at least two wash bays with freely running water via hoses Shaded areas/shelters each horse may need to be hosed with two hoses for 20 – 40 minutes if heat stressed.


Well of course, in the majority of Dressage Venues, these things don’t exist. No hoses, no running water, no shade. I don’t know how the authorities are going to achieve that.

I asked the question recently, regarding the Mt Crawford Dressage Club, “Why has there been no Trees planted at these Grounds…..ever?….especially when it is in a ‘high growth’ and ‘high ground water’ area? …The answer was that the Trustee doesn’t want Trees Planted smiley-smokin   I keep saying it, but Clubs simply have to own their own Lands. Perhaps they will finally make that happen now the Liberal Government is in and the Horse Hating Labor Govt is gone…..we live in hope!







MARCH 20 – A man was injured in freak horse accident on a property 85km west of Rockhampton. The 31-year-old’s horse, tied to timber rails, reared back and lifted the railing from the posts, hitting the man in the head and upper body, causing serious injuries.





” Putting a Back Cinch on Your Saddle will assist in movement and therefore, Horse torment “

The Back Cinch – dangers and benefits




Horseproblems Australia





Horseproblems Australia

Congrats to the Young Lass on the Grey, this end of the Line. Keep letting the others torment their Horses Kid. Way to go





  • Private Video
  • Quiz of the Week.
  • Article of the Week
  • Video – how not to get caught
  • Video – Bad Hands
  • and more







Just finished reading EA financials OMG !!!!
1.7 million for wages, with 7 people getting paid $150, 000 EACH. Only $7000 of the $255,000 going towards making eventing safer and over $150,000 in dept !!!!!
Now what the hell has 7 people on $150,000 wage done for the equestrians of australia ????? For gods sake, I am sure many of us who have volunteered every ounce of ourselves for our sport, have done more for the equestrian community in one week for free than these 7 Flaming Flamingos !!!!!
edited to add the link for you all.


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