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A teacher was killed when she was thrown from her beloved horse
A school teacher died in a freak accident when she was thrown off her horse – described as the “love of her life.”

Animal lover Jayne Goodwin, 44, was heard shouting “she’s going” before falling from her “flighty” six-year-old Friesian Kali on January 9 last year.

However, coroner David Hinchliff said the mare had developed a habit of suddenly setting off before her rider was properly mounted. “She put her leg into the stirrup, but as she went to lift her right leg over, Kali raised her head and set off at a fast canter.”

Ms Goodwin was heard shouting “Oh Christ, she’s going” as the horse bolted. 🙁

Well of course, NO HORSE we ever ride would even think about it let alone do it.!!!





God knows how Horsemen around the World can ever influence the traditions of Britain, perhaps only shock tactics, so I apologize. So much about their teaching equals Bolting………

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    • The failure to teach how to Mount Horses WITH CONTROL
    • The substandard Mouthing systems
    • The lack of knowledge of how to Re-Mouth Horses and to RETAIN THE INTEGRITY OF THE MOUTH
    • The ‘Learned Helplessness’ inflicted upon their Horses, and


  • The priority being Lovely Uniforms, wonderful Grooming, expensive Crops rather than HORSEMANSHIP!!!!!




The origins of the bolting horse are always found in the “foundation stones” put on the horse by the “Horse Breaker” or in the education process that shortly follows. If a horse never ever gets a victory, it will never think it could ever remotely be successful at an attempt. This is why “The One Rein Stop” is so important during this imprinting process.

The true bolting horse is rarely seen. Most are really not bolting but running through a rider’s hands, bad brakes, major resistance, rider too weak, evasion etc.

The true bolter is the horse that goes flat out in a straight line, brakes totally failed and no possibility of turning the head or neck of the horse to circle it. It also may run through fences whereas horses that are not truly bolting will turn or stop at the last minute.



MOST BRITISH BOLTING HORSES are only ‘run aways’ or lack of control, fast Canters etc.

Many British Horses, suffer from LEARNED HELPLESSNESS because they are NEVER ‘off the Bit’ and so never ENJOY their Life or ride. They don’t know what a PLEASURE ride is!!!!


Regardless of which category you may be experiencing, there are certain things you can do to protect your safety somewhat. These are:


    • Firstly applying the brakes. If these do not work, give up on that quick and try to circle the horse. Both of these things should be done immediately one feels they are in trouble but only done for short time. Hanging off the head of a horse that is running away is pointless and really only will cause you more problems. If both of these options do not work, go to step two.
    • Throw the reins away totally. I mean, release all contact on the horses mouth to a completely loopy rein. Sit as relaxed as possible under the circumstances. This often has a completely reverse affect upon a horse and suddenly shocks it into thinking that it has been left to its own devices, it is the complete leader and it is making all of the decisions. Often, this increased response.
    • Never jump off!! Why purposely injure yourself when the future may hold a brighter ending? You jump off there is virtually 100% chance of injury, stay there and that chance is seriously diminished providing you follow the next pieces of advice.
    • Never sit forward. Sit back. Throw your fee and legs out front like a “Cowboy”, have you toes up and be ready for a sliding stop. When and if the horse comes to a fence or other obstacle it has a few decisions to make. Stop at the last minute, turn left or right, jump the fence or crash through it and possible fall. In three out of those four options, if you stay there you will not be hurt and so your chance of injury has been diminished by 75% from your jumping off.
    • Hold on to your safety strap, mane, martingale strap or front of the saddle with all your might. Be ready for the left or right turn and change your weight violently into the opposite stirrup to counter balance against the forces.


Above all, keep your cool if possible, DO NOT SCREAM, ever!!!



but at the end of the Day, well trained Horses and well trained Riders’ DO NOT ever experience ‘Bolting Horses’

I sincerely hope this never happens to you……the Tools for Your personal safety are found on this Site!!!!!!


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