Horseproblems blog 28th august, 2020

Hi Folks, hope You are all well and had a lovely Week.

We had 60mm of Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It’s been unreal. The Crops will boom this Year and the environment is jumping out of the Ground…….and that means Weeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 Here we go again 🙂

It’s been an extremely busy Week with Horses left right and centre. Never a minute to waste.

There has also been way too much drama in our Life which is very sad indeed 🙁

Gainsborough Soap

The last Week has been a sad one 🙁 Our lovely Manager lost the plot and seriously and unprofessionally abused one of our Clients at Gainsborough and of course the “Client is always Right” He also lost his cool and behaved irrationally, in the company of another Clients Horse and no Horse deserves that, especially an unbroken Horse 🙁

The silly part of it is that it was all over an unbroken Horse that now resides on the Property, which the Staff Member tried to catch to put out in the Paddock but despite all efforts, couldn’t. I had met and caught Her the Week before and assessed Her as having been given a too aggressive handling prior to arrival (and indeed arrived under weight and with Lice, from a Paint Breeder in Mt Gambier)

Now the Staff Member was non horsie and only just learning Horse handling and made the mistake of continuing to try and catch the Horse, for longer than a minute or so, for if you haven’t got the goods, don’t continue on as you only do more damage. During the frustration, he went to the Text Message, to blame another Agistee, for basically ruining the catch ability of the Horse, for this Person had done some Round Pen work with the Horse the Week before, (with my permission) for the Owner is also non horsie. The ranting and abusive tirade was most inappropriate and indeed, showed a Personality side that one would be concerned about around Clients Horses, so for that and much more, we sacked Him. ….since then, he approached and personally blamed a mentally fragile Lady and owner of the Horse, directly blaming Her for his demise. 🙁

So to last Saturday.

I was to show the Owner how to catch the Horse, how to lead it to the Round Pen and how to simply and at least, chase it around for it cannot be yarded without exercise. Into the Yard we walked and up came the Horse, as large as life, even giving me a ‘loving nip’ whilst we were discussing how to Halter it and so on.

We then proceeded to the Round Pen where I gave Her a lunge and immediately saw that the work done the Week before by the other Client ( I call Him the Paralowie Cowboy 🙂 had indeed been most effective. Every Picture tells a story!!!!


and the Horse never Lies

The Horse never Lies!

I have never been able to work out, why People at Equestrian Centres just don’t enjoy their Horses and forget all about the pressures of the big City. Hell, it sure mustn’t be that difficult???

Horse Starting for Learner Riders

Í must say, it’s new, it’s stressful, it makes one Plan tactics upon the Pillow but it can be very stimulating and indeed, satisfying.

Horse 1 this Week

I have mentioned this one before, owned by the “Kissing Vet” of the future (hopefully moving to Victor Harbor) The Pony has a mortal fear of what is behind Him and anything to do with his rear end. Blind Panic. You see it here……..(all that happened here was that he trod on a hanging latigo tail.)

I have had the pleasure of working with the Young Lad (16 years) and he is going to be a Vet. I named Him the “Kissing Vet” and it will probably haunt Him for the rest of his Life now, but it showed to me a true love of the aggrieved Young Pony who has been through a very unjust training Life prior with instructions to the now Owner upon hand over, to bash Him if he steps out of line. He couldn’t be successfully led from his Stable to our run around paddock.

So I worked with Him again Yesterday and we started to work on the “fear in the rear end” ( normally caused by first rugging accidents) and Tonight, I got this message from Him 🙂

Hi John it’s Seb
I just want to thank you for the training you are doing with Lucas, but more so, I want to thank you for what you have taught me.

Prior to today, Lucas was terrified of rugs. He wouldn’t let anyone get close to him at all with one. However, today I put hobbles on him in the round yard and slowly and gently introduced the rug. I used empathy and gave him a lot of kisses 1f618 afterwards.
Now he’s walking around his yard as if it wasn’t on at all.

I know this doesn’t sound too significant, but it felt amazing to help Lucas work through something he was worried about and make it the normal. I don’t believe I could have done any of this without the guidance you have given us. Through the work we have done, I have been able to find my strongest passion and I deeply thank you and Linda for that 1f600 1f600

Thank you

my reply

wow Seb. Wel done!!!!! There was recently a rug intro accident at Gains, because of the wrong systems, so well done. Very proud of You. You and Your Mum are a “breath of fresh air” You need to shift to Victor Harbor where Nice People reside 1f642 Indeed, we desperately need a Vet here, Today!!!! 1f642

Your idea was great. I should have thought of that. The Rug will hugely fix his rear end drama.

Well done again. Bravo.

Introducing the first Rug to the Horse

I have met many Horses that have suffered severe psychological effects from introducing the first Rug when it has gone wrong, fallen off, wrapped around the back Legs and more. Indeed, I met another one just a Week ago.

So it goes to say, how impressed I am with the Young Lad’s success here and the ongoing improvement that it is going to bring to the Horse. Hell, it brings me relief of the MInd as well :)…..for I have had visions of Him Sailing off into the Sunset on a Beach somewhere, galloping over multiple Sun Bakers en-route 🙂

Hi John, we would love to move to victor, when I’m a vet we’ll see what happens 1f600 . Yep, I could already see that he was becoming more relaxed around his rear.

Horse 2


Another lovely Horse last Weekend. The Lady had just Purchased it and went to the Forest. The big Old Roo jumped out as they do and the Paint left 🙂 ……….NO ONE REIN STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so I assessed and re-mouthed it in one Lesson for Her. The Horse had ZERO LATERAL Mouth. None. Did not know how to flex, like so many English Horses. Now it does and she used the Tools on the next Ride.

Horse 3

Another lovely Horse, real character, here for assessment.



Do u like my invention.. mare would load but freak and race out if tried to close back… taught her to solid tie then this .. also fixed horse that went over chest bar previously

Thanks Kid. Well done on the Lateral thinking of “Problem Horses” and your good efforts. Thinking “Outside the Square”…..the “Holy Grail” of Horse Training.

I promised You some FEEDBACK and here it is for Your Professional Development…….OBSERVATION is also one of the Arts of Horsemanship and as such, it is very testing to send me Photos lol, for I see everything :)……such as………

Well done on the Idea

No Boots on the Horse. I would in fact have both my Work Boots and my Breaking in Boots or Foat Boots on the front Legs of that Horse in this circumstance. You know that the real danger is that it will through it’s front Legs if it goes off.

Second, I would have Safety Belts on it.


The Yard – too Hard and I note that the heap of Sand in the background, has been there for a long time. Time to start shoveling 🙂 Protecting Horses always


Here, thought must be given to the comfort of the Horse and preventing injury. Having a Rope Halter OVER THE BUCKLES of the Chinese ‘Crapland Halter’, is most unfair and could indeed cause the Horse to do exactly the opposite to what You are trying to train in the first place, thus ruining Your work. More about CRAPLAND SADDLERY later


Twine is not an option and gives a bad look to the perceived PROFESSIONALISM of the Trainer. It also shows Risk.


Interestingly, the KNOT on this Rope Halter, is incorrect and causes real risk. This know slips and allows a Horse that is pulling back to slide the Nose Band of the Halter to slide down, over it’s Nose, into it’s Mouth and I have seen a Broken Jaw as a result. The Knot is not the BOWLINE ( The Horseman’s Knot) and the only one that does not slip or that you can indeed undo after a Horse violently pulls back.

Consumer Watch

Crapland Saddlery

During my work at Gainsborough, on a number of unbroken Horses over the past few Months, I have cringed at some of the substandard equipment being sold to Clients by Crapland. China!!!!!!! There have been many but here is a typical shot from last Weekend


For Old Fashioned Saddlery and the best Rope Halters and Leads, go here Folks. Made in Australia!

but back to the Young Trainer who sent me those Photos, well done. There are not many who can “think outside the square” and if you can’t, you can never be a “Problem Horse Trainer”…………”Problem Horse being a Horse with People Problems” 🙂

Continue to strive for PROFESSIONALISM for there are also not many of those in the Horse World either. Attention to Detail of the Property that Houses one’s Life Work is paramount!!!!

Crooked Horse Sales

I was relating the Story about this Horse, delivered by a Dora Ryan but using another female as the Vendor. She told the innocent Buyer to “Don’t listen to John & Linda” :)…..and of course we know why.

Advertised as a 3 Year Old and arrived looking about 7 Months Old. Now sold at a loss of over $2,000 but reportedly a 2 Year Old, fed on Salt Bush. Poor little Bugger!!! 🙁


Pony Club Committees behaving badly

They tell me the “knives are out” at the Gums Pony Club at Marrabel, with the females in the Mud Pit and the Male back up Team, issuing threats around the place. Lovely stuff but sadly, often seen when Humans start throwing their weight about and behave like Politicians’ …..Kids, smack them all behind the Ear and tell them to stop ruining Your Pony Club!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow up and stop acting like Children. Hell, the Kids should take over the Committee!!

Tip of the Week

If You are leading a Horse and You stop for a Chat, where ever your Feet land, DON’T EVER let the Horse move them. Keep Your Feet firmly in one spot and You are likely to have a well ground mannered Horse.

Horse Assessment

As I said, we are more busy, not less. Horses are pouring through here.

We had a lovely Lady come this Week and Her Horse has been occasionally threatening or trying to Buck Mum off.”

We asked Her to lunge Him and within 5 Seconds, as he set off, he ‘squealed’. The Horse provided the answer to the assessment, right there and then. If You ever hear a Horse ‘squeal’ in the presence of an Owner, you can BANK ON 2 things.

  • The Horse has lost respect
  • Ground Manners are almost always the reason.

“What You Manufacture on the Ground – You inherit under Saddle

Victor Harbor of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week

New Road across to the Horses and Horses out and in Heaven after a Season of locked up Paddocks.

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