Horseproblems Blog – 15th Oct, 2019

Victor Harbor Cropping Heavaen

15th October, 2019

Hi Folks. Hope You are well and I want to appol once again for the drama with my web site. It is not easy, relying on others.

We continue to work hard, me preparing for Summer, Weeds, irrigation upgrades, burning the waste foliage from Tree trimming etc…….


It’s been a bit of work but I am getting there now. Learnt a long time ago to not have someone else on the end of Timbers and so on. The Boss is always too busy anyhow. Here is a Pic of it so far. She can’t wait to move in, been waiting only 10 Years 😊


The Week with challenging Horses

Horses that come with baggage are an ongoing challenge for …….

for the only way to fix seriously challenged Horses that come with past drama in their mInds, is to succeed 100% of the time, not %99.


anyhow, Ellie, the Chestnut Mare. I’ll give You the full story.

Life’s Stories

She was the progeny of Donner Bella, when we lent the Mare out having failed 3 times to get Her in Foal with Frozen Semen and up to $15,000 loss. I spat it and said lease Her out to a local Lady who had a Warmblood Paddock serving Stallion, which we did and of course, straight in Foal.

Bella was in this condition when she went.


Then one Day, some Months later, Mrs. HP got a premonition that Bella was in trouble. 😒 We jumped in the F-Truck and drove the 20k to where she was being kept, having just been moved there from 200k away where the Lady previously was.

We got to the 100 acre Paddock in very steep Country and there she was, beside Herself at the Fence Line, having lost at least 150kg in weight but we suspected she had no Water. So we walked the very steep and large Property and to our disgust, found only a dirty Soakage in a Spring Fed Creek, right down the bottom, a place where the sheep could get a little drink but a Horse could not for they would have been bogged and died.

We went straight Home, got the Float and removed Her, taking Her to Gainsborough for 6 Months, for she was 3 Months Pregnant with Ellie 😢 How in the Hell she ever kept the Foal has got me! We demanded that the Lady pay up for the full care and feeding of Bella, for the duration of the pregnancy and up until weaning, where we would Halter break Her and hand Her the Foal over then, which we did.


During the Months, Mrs. HP carefully fed the Mare back up to a reasonable condition. We then handed the Foal over when she was ready to wean.

Roll along six Years later…………

She was broken in by a “Joddy Boy” and had no Mouth, plus much baggage. You have seen the Vids.

  • No Lateral Mouth
  • Throwing the Head in the Air to your Face
  • Ties up by accident but had one pull back and it was throw the Head to the roof of the Tie up facility Cover.
  • Hitting Heads on Horse Floats
  • suddenly pulling back when leading Her beneath the roof of the Tie Up.
  • Throwing the Head to the Roof in the Stables, when shooshed away for manners at feed time.
  • and more

This Week however, Mrs. HP had graduated to riding Her back to the Tie up Rail, but just then I came out of the new door to the new tack shed and it was ‘Head to the Clouds’ and running backwards, smack into the Wall behind, bending all the Iron.

Now, she was recently sold to a 60 Year Old Lady in the District, by the Breeder. She assured the Buyer that the Horse was Bombproof, had “had a 2 Year old on it”…..hunted, Trail ridden., however, she didn’t mention the baggage 🤔

Now You have seen the ridden assessment Vids but under no circumstances, was the Horse going to be made suitable for the 60 Year Old Lady, so we wanted to do the right thing by the Horse ( none of it her fault) and the Owner and take our time. She now lives here and if she turns out, Mrs. HP will buy Her from the Lady for no way will she ever ride Her.

and so on we go……… how to fix the dangerous Head problem? (hit Her Head on the Roof at the Buyers home and almost at our place 3 times.)

Well of course, she had deep set psychological problems and memories. A distrust of anything pull and this comes back to the ‘Foundation Stones” where generally, the “Joddy Boy” don’t ever consider such a thing as tying up solid……in fact, they TIE UP BY ACCIDENT, FLOAT LOAD BY ACCIDENT and much more.

So I went and retrieved my Wool Bale from the Property where we had the Victor Harbor Colt Starting Comp, for I needed to teach this Horse to “Give it’s Head’ and to stop reefing upwards.

Boof of the Week




Hi John ,
 I have been reading the fantasy of “the twelfth hour updates from Skills
Australia ” you presented in your blog.
It doesn’t take long to assess that this bullshit has been written by an
academic who obviously cannot put into simple terms the requirements of

This mumbo jumbo is NOT written by a horseman but an academic who, in my opinion, in all probability has never had a great deal of experience in breaking in multiple numbers of unbroken horses.

The unfortunate thing is, that as you say, just because someone holds a degree or carries a title (Dr of Vet etc) does not mean that they are experienced and qualified by their life experience to teach others in the practicability in handling unbroken horses, however, The general public WILL unfortunately accept the bullshit being proposed, because of the Piece of paper or letters before or after their name.

Even the topics and outlines are so airy fairy that few real horseman within the system. This is NOT to say that all those employed are
incompetent horseman BUT rather that for the most they have limited areas of expertise rather than the broader range the term “Horseman” represents in the public’s mind. Those I have had the most respect for are those who have had probably the least “ACADEMIC” training but have been the most competent around these problematic and unbroken horses because it is these
people who have have the greatest “on the ground” experience in handling these horses.

Understanding the Veterinary make up of the horse, feeding, caring and all these ancillary topics can be taught by suitably qualified academics BUT, the actual horsemanship in a practical subject best taught by a person who has the “Real Life” experience and expertise.

The events surrounding the death of the student at TAFE were and are horrific to say the least. The attempt by her family to endeavour to ensure that these circumstances are never repeated are understandable

However, I do NOT believe the This curriculum addresses these issues.

It is a shame that the Department of Education doesn’t employ and give creedance to those who have the practical life experience and instead
looks to pieces of paper as the only recognisable qualification. I can assure you that from Years of experience in TAFE NSW both as a
Teacher,Head Teacher and STUDENT that pieces of paper do NOT GUARANTEE that the person concerned has the necessary skill and knowledge to be regarded as the “GOD” when it comes to practical application. They may be skilled in the use of words BUT not the practice.

My observation of many “paper qualified” horseman left MUCH to be desired when it came to the actual practice.

One can only hope that this situation can be changed for no amount of wordskill can out play real practical horsemanship.

Kind Regards


Very interesting David. Thanks most kindly. It frustrates the Hell out of me, with what I see happening these Days. Regards


Hi Linda,

I’ve got Lizzy Bennett here treating my horse at the moment and she’s recommended running reins to build up my horses back muscles.

My mare was previously owned by a Grand Prix rider with quite heavy hands who lunged with tight side reins, so the horse was frequently behind the vertical. I’ve spent time encouraging her to stretch out her neck so am concerned that the running reins will make her think she needs to go behind the vertical for relief.

Should I be worried about this?

I’ve had a look at the website and am also not sure what I need to buy to put the running reins together.

Kind regards,

Hi Amelia,

Linda sent your email to me re this. This is a subject dear to my Heart, having had hundreds of Veterinary challenged Horses through our Hands and studying them closely…….fixing most of them too. Let me give you a couple of tips and you can Bank on them

  • Side Reins ruin all Horses below established Elementary Dressage
  • There are two systems of Dressage Riding. Two fists contact ( Heath Ryan and Dirk Dikstra) and that system ruins detrimentally and often ruins every single horse it is used on.
  • Inside Leg to outside Rein, FIXES Veterinary challenged Horses
  • Running Reins benefits all such horses
  • The Phillip Karl system ruins Horses
  • The Andrew McLean system ruins horses.

ok, so go here

The equipment comes as one.

As well, look out for a 44 Page e-book with many success stories and instructions.

I am also putting a Video together for this as well. — regards and appols for the straight answer. I haven’t the time for spin.

The Shying Horse

My name is Kaylene my friend Tania (Whirlwind said hello) said to ask you for help with my horse..
 I just trail ride but have come off 7 times due to spooking… My problem is he and I are very relaxed he walks lose rein head down.. But all of sudden no warnings he jumps sideways… Now sometimes I’ve worked out why n sometimes not.. Once he smells a dead pig in ditch he’s reaction is so violent .. He moves so fast..but if he seeing something in distant its OK we can handle it as you say in your problem solving.. But if its instant dog jumps out behind Bush or he sees something instantly he just jumps… I’m just to old and I don’t want to start riding hanging on… I don’t know what to do. 
Thanks for your time n hope you can help.. Kind regards


HI Kaylene, give ‘Whirlwind’, my kind regards. Hope she is doing great.
Re Your Horse, first off of course is to have the Horse scanned for Ulcers and they cause shying.

If not, get the eyes of the Horse checked ( by the same Vet at the same time.
If given the all clear, prepare the horse in the round yard, for two things.

To have the top Mouth so the Horse can’t run through your Hands at all…and

introduce the Horse to spurs and make sure it knows why.

Then, the moment the horse shies, stop all forward movement and immediately and demanding, Leg Yield the Horse back to at least the point from where it came from and then turn it loose again
The key to these is to have them more respecting of your Leg, than the fear of what is on the side. Do that and they give up.

Mrs. HP’s Mum’s new Saddle

New Product

Breaking in Roller Pad

I came up with this for my own use. Some may find it useful.
I keep getting asked. So Roller, Roller Girth and Roller Pad.


Had a tack cleaning day recently! I think pretty much all my gear came from you!It’s so good to buy good quality and never have to buy it again!



Took my mare to her first novice, only bloody won the class with 71.09%! . Katy Mackay


Halter Starting

Well done Girl. Lovely


Hi John,
I was doing a bit of research and came across your webpage!
I’m wanting to turn an old tennis court and surrounding area into an area!
I have a few questions/issues that I need to problem solve and was wondering if you had any advice..

1. Surface.
The existing tennis court has ontecarn surface.
It has good drainage and on an existing excavated area.

– what would be best way to go about going over the existing ontecar surface? Can the sand go straight on top of this?

Would it matter the material for the new base surrounding the court?(once bricks are knocked this is approx 100ml below)

Hope this makes sense!!
I have attached a photo of said tennis court

Many thanks!!



Thanks for getting back to me! 
Ontecar is like what the French open is played on(sorry that’s my best description?!) it has quite good drainage(seems a scoria base and then a fine grit layer/brick dust over top) 
Sorry I’m terrible at describing this!! If it’s easier I could get my husband to ring you? 
Cheers,  Megan 

Ok, thanks Megan. Yes, now I know it. I would just run 4 inches of Sand over the top and take the Gamble, but first, put the Horses in their and chase them around at the Gallop. Then properly photo the area where their hoofs damage the surface and show me what the surface does and how find it breaks.

It holds up reasonable well as you can see in one of the photos, a (fat!)horse has been living on 1/2 of the court.. I was thinking hopefully just putting sand on top too.  However, the thing I am struggling with is I want to make /extend the size of it out beyond the existing surface of the tennis court to make a bigger arena.. how do you think it would be best to extend the base surface? Could it be done out of a different material? Then sand over the whole top?
Cheers,  Megan

OK, we agree. Regarding the outer perimeter of the Court, you must have a base and that should commence at the same depth that the Scoria does, which means you may have to have a Bobcat skim off some dirt first, then the base to the same level as the existing and then the sand. Regards


Take action on welfare or face enforced change warns ex-minister Tracey Crouch


Tracey Crouch believes racing is “deeply rooted in the social and cultural fabric of many countries”Edward Whitaker / of 1By Bill Barber5:31PM, OCT 7 2019

Former sports minister Tracey Crouch has told racing it needs to “embrace the welfare agenda” or face the prospect of having change forced upon it by policy makers.

Conservative MP Crouch, who was instrumental in bringing about the government’s reforms of the levy system, as well as the decision to reduce FOBT stakes to £2 from £100, was speaking in a keynote address at the 53rd International Conference of Horseracing Authorities in Paris, where equine welfare across the world formed a major part of the agenda.

Unable to attend in person due to the political turmoil in Westminster, Crouch, who was this year appointed as an independent member of British racing’s Horse Welfare Board, spoke via a video in which she said racing was “deeply rooted in the social and cultural fabric of many countries”.

However, she added: “Today norms are being challenged and societal expectations are evolving faster than ever before. Horseracing’s leaders must be alive to that revolution, and how it impacts the attitudes of policymakers.”


Tracey Crouch: “Today norms are being challenged and societal expectations are evolving faster than ever before.”Eamonn M. McCormack

Crouch said racing had a “social licence” to operate, which depended on the sport understanding its duty of care to horses.

“If horseracing fails in this, that licence can easily be revoked,” she warned, adding: “My mailbag as a politician is often the best barometer of attitudes. 

“Increasingly, animal rights organisations and their supporters are filling that mailbag with concerns about horse welfare, including racing and especially around major events.”

Crouch said racing needed to better communicate what it does to ensure horse welfare, as well as countering emotional challenges from opponents with clear evidence.

She also said the sport needed to see things from a wider perspective.

“This is not about appeasing opponents but understanding how the public and politicians outside of the world of racing will perceive welfare,” Crouch said.

She went on: “It is only right that outside, and challenging, voices contribute to improving welfare. You either have informed debate in racing, leading to proactive and reasonable change, or have change forced upon you by policymakers, distant from the intricate detail of the industry but reactionary to public opinion.

“This is a turning point for the industry. It is time to embrace the welfare agenda, otherwise a generation of racegoers will be lost and an industry susceptible to decline.”


BHA chief executive Nick Rust chaired the International Conference of Horseracing AuthoritiesEdward Whitaker

The session was chaired by BHA chief executive Nick Rust who told the audience that while not everyone would agree with Crouch’s thoughts, they reflected the views of many policymakers in Britain, “and we are hearing stories from around the world that suggest that she and our government won’t be alone”.

Rust said: “It feels like a momentous time for the topic we are discussing and we have a chance to inspire and galvanise real momentum and co-operation across world racing in dealing with what I believe is the biggest challenge for our sport.”

The BHA has received criticism of its role as regulator regarding equine welfare from within and outside the sport, criticism which Rust addressed.

He said: “In Britain at the BHA we can sometimes be accused of being too negative or perhaps pessimistic with regard to the future of welfare and its perception, and sometimes are accused of bringing some of the adversity publicly upon our sport.

“I respectfully say that this is absolutely never our intention. We care deeply about our sport, are here to ensure it is sustainable in every sense of the word and to grow in the years to come. 

“We are here to champion as well as safeguard our reputations, help build coalitions within the sport and partner with respected welfare organisations. There is always a role for critical friends.”


The issues surrounding Santa Anita were discussed at the International Conference of Horseracing AuthoritiesEdward Whitaker

The current crisis facing racing at Santa Anita in California, equine fatalities and the use of the whip were discussed during the session and Rust returned to the international theme of welfare.

He added: “Whilst the situation on equine welfare and its perception in our individual countries differs, whether you are facing immediate pressure in your country from changes in consumer outlook now or not, it’s pretty certain we will all need to face up to this challenge over the next few years.

“The climate is changing but there are also huge positives and now is the time for international co-operation and leadership.”

2 thoughts on “Horseproblems Blog – 15th Oct, 2019

  1. says:

    RE: Take action on welfare
    I watched (quite by accident actually) A Very interesting but concerning programme on TV last Night (thurs 17th Oct 2019) by the ABC. I believe that from the reports shown and the video viewing content in this documentary that Racing Australia and /or Racing NSW will see the “S**T” hit the proverbial fan in a BIG way.
    Whilst I admit I only have this Documentry as the information supplier,based on the evidence they supplied , I would find it very hard to believe that the information they supplied in relation to the Racing Industry’s disposal of ex race horses through the doggers and slaughter houses was NOT true. Prominent People they interviewed within the industry were saying one thing however, in every other instance from the people they TRIED to interview from slaughter houses and sale yards when the questions were posed after the journalist identified herself and the employer, the phone was hung up and no answers were given over the phone .
    I note that in the late chanel 7 news tonight, the 18/10 2019, some reference was made regarding the racing industry and its “care ” for ex race horses. Unfortunately I was not actually in the room watching the news to be across the actual facts stated but I will try to go back and check the actual content.

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