Horseproblems Australia – Blog 7th January, 2020

Hi Folks, Happy New Year to You all and our deepest sympathy to all of those affected by the Fires. It’s a terrible thing 😥

The Fires

Today, we have the Smoke, drifting in from Kangaroo Island

Fire ‘Bugs’ should be strung from Gum Trees. 🤬

We made the following observations across the TV coverage.

  • Trees should never be above Gutter Height, within 70 Metres from your Home.
  • Pine Trees should be declared a Pest and should all be cut down, replacing them with Natives.
  • Sprinklers save Homes and indeed saved Megan Jones Indoor Arena (installed by James Gardner before he sold the place. Many other successes were recorded.
  • Fire Fighting Pumps are not expensive any more.
  • Hoarders were burnt out across the Country and deserved what they got.
  • Dirty Gutters burn Homes.

Horse Training Online


This is the Young unbroken Horse that I had shown You a few times previously. Remember, he was attempting to bite the Owner when attempting to get on Him bareback and other aggressive behavior. This from the Owner re this Video below.

Im taking bundy’s a happy boy in this vid ?? I am thinking he is i gave him a little wash down lol

My Reply

You are going to think I am grumpy

but I have to say the truth or I do you no good.

He needed the rake across the head for running across the yard and shaking his head like that.

He needed the rake PRIOR to daring to walk in the stable>

He should never have been allowed in the stable, for leadership reasons as well as danger reasons

and I hear You yelling at Him, whilst in there somewhere

So bit of work to do Mate.

No thats why I asked the question i didn’t want to smack him because i thought he was having a happy moment because he just got washed down and all the salt and dirt that came off him lol i would have done that too jumping around unfortunately i didn’t see him come in till he popped his head in the door i told him to piss off and he walked straight out John

Watch the Body language, shaking the head and trying to beat you to the door. Don’t ever allow him in the stable while you are in there. That will solve much.

Quiz of the Week Results – Winner Jo Hall…

From Jo Hall…

Hi HP, you know I love a good quiz….Thanks to Emma for sharing her vid for educational purposes. I can relate to this scenario and I have a horse that is more “wo” than “go”! First thing I noticed with Emma’s horse was the constant tail swishing- part flies maybe?

Part the horse is communicating to the rider that he is not comfortable methinks. This behaviour becomes more obvious when asked to move into faster gaits and the horse goes completely hollow with head in the air and back collapsing under the saddle. He just doesn’t want to canter AT ALL (I can certainly relate to this!).

I also noticed the rider rising on the incorrect leag on both rein- is this an unsoundness issue or rider error? Right rein is weakest and Emma spends more time on the stronger left rein (Yep, I’m guilty of that). The horse is relaxed at the walk and I can tell that he would be happy to move forward if everything was working in his favour. Yep, I have experienced all of this…IT got to a point where my horse was refusing to move forward and developed soundness issues that no Vet, Chiro, physio or Osteo could pinpoint.

I started addressing possible causes one by one. A tedious process but necesarry and a very good learning experience. Consider the footing- is your horse shod? Maybe the surface is too hard and coarse? I found my horse preferred riding on grass compared to a hard and coarse sand arena with varying depth. I put shoes on my horse during our training period then removed in Winter- this did help, he was more willing to go forward but I still had issues with canter….So I checked my saddle fit. My saddle was too long and too narrow- the narrow gullet/tree blocked shoulder movement and the saddle was too long so that when he moved into canter, the end of the saddle dug into his loins which resulted in resistance. I fixed the saddle which resulted in a more relaxed horse that was happier moving forward in all gaits.

Emma has a good riding posture with quiet hands. Although, the horse is never taking a correct contact and lacks suppleness. In this case though, I think if the horse was forced into a frame by the rider shortening the reins forcefully in order to make it round, we would see more resistance from the horse such as complete refusal to move forward, rearing or bolting and bucking.

I would certainly rule out ulcers. Is he girthy? Again, ulcers? Saddlefit? Worms? Sand?
I also gave my horse a dose of the sand colic remedy.

It’s been a journey that’s for sure. Even when these issues have been addressed, the horse needs time to undo the incorrect muscle development which has occurred over time due to compensating for poor footing, poor health, incorrect saddle fit and training etc. After 3 years I feel that my horse has been mentally and physically rehabilitated back to healthy functioning. He is now building some topline because he’s developing the correct muscles and becoming stronger because he is able to work over his back correctly with relaxation. Now we’re working on the impulsion 😉
Jo 😉

FROM Dianne Girven

Hi John
Rider is constantly on incorrect diagonal
Horse not wanting to go forward or step under with hind quarters. To avoid going forward in the trot he canters and lots of head shaking and resistance. I noticed this was always on the left rein – example: 7.20 8.15 and 9.45 on the video. Also seems the left hind hangs a little longer in the air than the right hind. Doesn’t bring it through as much and puts weight on the riders left inside leg when on the left rein on corners and when asked to go forward. So crooked on this rein. This was a bit similar to Ally (not sure how to spell) but it was on the right rein with Ally – crooked and leaning against linda”s right leg.
The horse’s head also nods at times up and down indicating an unsound horse (also on the left rein). I would get a good chiro or body worker out to check it out. So what is my reward hahaha. Im not sure about the ulcer thing. I don’t there there was too much of a reaction. I have seen obvious symptoms for ulcers, like kicking out and ears back.

Yes Dianne. We told Her to first go and treat for SAND COLIC and test for Ulcers and then go back to the ridden work later on.

So relevant to Jo Hall’s comments about Sand……..and our view of the Ulcers……..

Veterinary assessment Online


New case of an unsound Horse being Purchased for $6500 from Milang way and from a Horse Transport Company outfit. The Horse also has to have a number of Teeth removed, due to Gum Disease. We do hope the Purchaser has VICTORY 😁

Be careful out there Folks.

Flare up

Regarding the Young Linda Pupil with the Horse that Linda fixed in the one ride and then fixed it again in one ride, well she has just fixed it again via an Online Lessons. So what is the Problem?

Simply a lack of quality Coaching through Pony Club and by others and the learned riding styles as inherited from their Peers, especially those who attend PC or the hacking scene, where most all ride off their Hands.

This is what this lovely Horse objects to and starts to escalate the threats for not listening. We are very pleased to see some influence on the Young Lady here, with the wonderful pleasure rein for a job well done. The ultimate reward and the German Training Sale at it’s best.

Tip of the Week

“Hosing down Your Home, any earlier than 5 Minutes before the Fire front hits, is a complete waste of time, money and effort 😕 Just install Sprinklers and if You want advice, go to my Facebook Thread. “

You do not have to spend a lot of money. Trust me!

Boof of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week

It’s been full on here for 4 Days, taking steps to rectify any Tree that is ABOVE GUTTER HEIGHT around our Home and along our Boundary Fence, 4 Pines, dotted here and there among the Gums and 30 feet high……not any more 😃


Photo of the Day


The Nut Case Greenie Neighbor

What could it be? It started with Cardboard on the Ground, then Sand, then 2 layers of Car Tyres, then Gravel, then Sand, and now Shade Cloth!!! Could it be ‘Rabbits’?????? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sadly for them, we had a District Councillor visit, to check our Fire Track and he was quite interested in this. He writes to Officials in the Council Today……

Good morning Victoria, and Chris,
Attached photos are of northern boundary fence of O’Learys, looking north into neighbour back yard. O Learys have arguably the best fire protected property in VH due to the prize horses they keep and train.
Neighbor first laid car tyres along entire boundary fence which is rabbit proof netting with barbs on top. Then neighbour partially buried  tyres with sand, now has put shade cloth on top of tyres and partially covered with sand. The neighbour has several other stacks of car tyres in the yard, which if they caught fire would create a massive plume of fumes over O’Leary property.
I assume that this form of disposal of used car tyres is not the proper way to recycle tyres.
The O’Learys are writing to the neighbour with their concerns, but is there anything the Council can do about the tyres?
Best regards

Will be interesting to find out what it was 😶😶

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