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HI Folks, hope You had a lovely Week and the World was kind to You.


Those of You who have followed my Blogs over the Years, would know that most of my Predictions come true, in pretty quick time. Now more than one again but this one will be of interest to You.

I predicted that Victor Harbor would become the ‘Boom Town’ and it has already, with Properties selling fast and prices rising. I may have also mentioned to You about the Rural Lands of the Fleurieu Peninsula and how that due to ‘Global Warming’ and the Weather patterns, this will become the ‘Centre of the Universe’ for SA and of that there is no doubt at all.

Now, this Week, 3 different 100 acre or so Properties that came on the market, were all sold before the release Day ha ended. Unheard of! The Agents tell me that Houses are selling in a Week!

Now just wait for the duplication of the Victor Road 🙂 $$$$$$$$$


Article of Day – Warning to all Horse Trainers

and thanks to Tammy Cunningham in Tasmania, who just alerted me to this face.

I rest my case………

Photo of the Day


Horse Training – ‘The Paralowie Breaker’

To his great credit, he says this……..

Lol and please dig into me with all of my stuff ups please i want to get this right and bundy and all to willing to have my ass whooped for stuff ups mate ive been trained very badly and need to have it kicked out of my head lol

Good attitude ‘Young Fulla’ and You know that despite my ‘Barking’ it’s all meant the best. ok………..first of all, just for balance, here is 2 Weeks ago

so this Week……..

  • Get the Smoke out of Your Mouth. Not a good look, not Professional and not fair on the Horse.
  • 3 Seconds. Perfect Hand and Arm position, just the Reins a Tad short.
  • 22 Seconds…Horse is a Legend! Reins pretty perfect and good Hand with softness in the Fingers. Well done.
  • Now here is where you come unstuck. 3 things are habit. First, Your Rein Hand moves too low, Your arm therefore going stiff and so Your Hands lose the sophistication.

    The Rein Hand should NEVER get below the line of the wither!. Your Rein Hands also become too abrupt, losing the softness of the feel and this is compounded by the third issue (the most damaging one), that of a failure to release the outside Rein.

    That is what is blocking and confusing the Young Horse, as well as shocking Him, due to the abruptness of the aids.

    These 3 things are your main problems, throughout all Vids.
  • 30 Seconds. – don’t EVER lean forward and for some reason, You do it often. It’s anti-productive and one Day will ensure You staring in the “Human Javelin” competition 🙂
  • Eject ‘Neck Reining’ from Your mind as ‘Green Horses’ understand none of it. 🙂

    You don’t do this enough. I would have spoken to this Horse probably 50 times and stroked it 50 times, across both Vids. Trust me, my speed of Training comes from precisely this area!
  • Another thing to watch Chris, is the speed in which You take up the Contact. At the moment it is a bit abrupt and actually shocking the Horse, rather than the gather up ( as fast as you like) but the last inch, before contact, has to put the brakes on and go soft, so there is no snap between the Reins and Bit. I hope You understand that.
  • The ‘Green Horse’ doesn’t understand ‘Neck Reining’ so don’t be pushing your outside Hand over the Neck for all that does is lock up the outside Rein and instead of the turning aid, You are giving two aids, turn and STOP. That equals frustration and confusion and then of course, ‘Learned Helplessness‘ and you know what that leads to, don’t You? 🙂

  • and finally, at 1.23…….. DON’T ever ask a Horse to go one place but let it change Your Mind and go another 🙂 Naughty Boy 🙂

Well done Chris. You are off and away. Now You just need to get your Mate from the Zoo to follow Your lead and You can ride together hahahahaha 🙂 Now to break in those other 2 🙂

So this Subject of Hands and Arm position is the single most important influence of being an AVERAGE Trainer or a GREAT Trainer. Here are just a few pics from some of the Legends (and myself accidentally)


Of course, I can guarantee You, that if any Rider thinks they can gain submission by lowering the Hand , I have only ever seen the opposite result, resistance.


Now Cruising

Quiz of the Week – Results

Last Week, I asked Your opinion of the Video of the Horse for Sale by an F.E.I. Rider/Trainer/Coach. I had a number of letters but none of them picked the pre-required topic that I had set in my Mind. Yes, several commented on the obvious fact that the Horse had several problems:

  • A concern about submission
  • A fear of the Canter Transition
  • Generally unsound

however, I was looking for the observation of the Rider, strategically ‘see-sawing’ the Mouth of the Horse with much Power, during crucial times and normally when Her back was to the Camera, not coming towards it. This showed a decided prior knowledge by the Vendor, that indeed, the Horse was in fear of ‘Collection’ to the point where a Kid can ride it and look like a champ (and certainly was) but just don’t try to gain ‘Collection’ for it won’t happen. That then proved by the via failed Video editing at the end, seeing the Vendor screaming at the Horse and indeed, the Horse thinking ‘Bolt’ once more, as it did with the ‘Learner Rider’

I am however, sending out a free copy of an appropriate DVD Set, to those Folks who had a go.

Dressage Training Online

Hi Linda!
Hope you are well 🙂 i am sending you a little clip from today, I feel like progress is slow but I have been hacking quite a bit at the moment as all the fields around us are being cut so making the most of it. Have included a few changes and some passage —–
 I feel that the changes are getting better slowly, still had a few lates but got two decent ones on the hard rein that I think show some progress at least, we seem to be getting less tense I think too 🙂

Do you have any pointers that I can go and work on or do you think I need another lesson asap? 

Hi Katy,

Ok with the passage work you need to do less steps , like only one or two and immediately go out.When you ask, hit him behind the saddle on the croup to get the jump. You also need to ride tighter corners and are best doing the passage steps straight out of the corner as that collects him naturally. He is shortening but needs to start doing more. Also his lengthen trot needs to be more uphill now.

Changes are definitely getting calmer. However he’s not forward enough in his canter. He is shorter but needs more quickness. That will help immensely for the changes. Whilst you are riding out in the fields a lot right now ,do the changes out there. Ask for a change , ride on in canter , wait until balance and collection is reestablished and then ask for another and so on. Long straight lines are ideal for doing lots of changes and not hassling the or stressing the horse.
So get those spurs before I see you next. 

Cheers,Linda xx

Life’s Stories – ‘some day’

We were good Friends with Him and His Wife. He was a Union Boss and She a Lawyer. Dave Garland and his Wife. This Story is about Dave. His Wife was the other victim 🙁

He pleaded with us to Lease Gainsborough and finally we weakened. There was one proviso, made a number of times going forward to remind Him, that if ever he struck trouble, changed his mind and wanted to get out, that he gave us at least 3 Months warning for it’s not an easy thing to change Management at an Equestrian Centre and HP was not getting any Younger and the last thing he needed was a bunch of hard physical work, especially now he and Linda lived at Victor Harbor.

Dave decided he was going to be a Horseman and started to work on various Horses. I helped Him out plenty, even doing live Video Lessons with Horses. He showed potential and I was happy to think that I may be injecting another Horse Trainer into the Industry because God knows, we need them!


His Wife was a hard worker and was teaching Riding and working a number of Horses, as well as going to Her Day job, working as a Lawyer for the Government. We could see she was becoming drained and were worried about Her.

We always gave them notice when we were coming down and we gave them our Home on the Property as well, having full confidence in them. We would visit and the place always looked clean and tidy. I didn’t go around inspecting.

Then one Day, about 2 Weeks prior to Christmas, Dave rung Linda and said that he wanted to come down to Victor Harbor, to discuss the Business. Linda asked Him not to as she was just about to travel to ‘Dressage Festival (Victorian Championships)’ to compete, in Melbourne and didn’t want any distractions, however, he still came.

He sat down on the Lounge and related that the Business had fallen short about $35,000 per annum and that he couldn’t make a go of it. He gave notice and dropped the Property into Linda’s lap, having to move back there, on 26th December, 2015. What a wonderful Christmas and New Year that was. 🙁

Within 4 Weeks, Linda increased the viability of the Property, $35,000 per annum by increasing to the prior occupancy rate of agistors that we had always experienced. The Truth began to come out. We had noticed that there were more than normal, Religious Folk agisting but the full impact was only just being realized. He hadn’t done a scrap of maintenance in 18 Months 🙁 I found Trees across Fences, electric fences buried in Manure Piles, wrapped around Star Droppers (that will stop them conducting and not make them work well ) and God knows what else!

  • Linda was picking up Rubbish for a Month as she walked around doing Her job.
  • I found out that he was spending 4 Days a Week at the Victory Pentecostal Church, not at Gainsborough, studying to be a ‘Preacher Man’, not a Horse Trainer
  • I found that he had not done Óne Stick’ of Maintenance on the Property and it took me 4 solid Months and 12 hours a Day to get the place back to the standard we demand.
  • That every time we were coming down, he got the Agistees to rake up leaves and sweep, to give the impression things were going wonderful
  • The Home had become ‘Blue Tak Central’ with Posters stuck to walls throughout.
  • In the Office, he had painted black with a special paint a metre sized black board on our wall, with his jobs for tomorrow and I will never forget the last Point…… was “SOME DAY” 🙂
  • He would be home all Day and when the Wife would come in after working all Day in the city at 6pm and then riding and training Horses, she would come in side and the dishes would not have been done and bless the thought, nor had Dinner been cooked!!
  • and his poor Wife had a nervous breakdown 🙁

anyhow, he finally Got his Way and he is now a “Preacher Man” no doubt telling all around how they should run their Lives 🙂


Tip of the Day

Ride Your Horse ‘above the bit’ and You are causing progressive back damage to Your Horse


Video of the Day

Never run asks together Folks. Give them time to think, relax, work it out, give them relief, rest and only then start. Never go the 10 for any request. Only ever start at the 0-1. You will see ha”lf way through, …”What the Hell do You want”…… Learned Helplessness commences 🙁


It is less confusing to the horse, to ‘take the feel’and just hold it for the give, for take repetitive taking diminishes the learning power of the horse because change influences concentration.

1.04 – Good move, to go to the 45 degree angle, to assist the horse to move the feet.

1.08 – Ceasing the 45 degree can waste the thoughts and intentions of the horse, thus increasing the difficulty 1.16 –

Here is the important message from this Video. RELIEF did not come. The Rope needs to be dropped to the Ground, rest, relax, thinking, relief and only then, re-approach. You will find that the Horse is twice as smart next time than the first time. and this is the continuing message through this Video and what eventually commences the ‘Learned Helplessness’ for when complete relief does not come, the educational line is blurred for the Horse.

THE LADY Great approach. Well done. Softer, Cooler, slower and the rest. So to improve this Handler, all she has to do is to drop the rope after the give. 2.20 – lovely feel but the rope didn’t give, therefore the signal is lost.

2.27 – There is no problem taking the scale of feel up, providing the relief comes. On Zero to 10, it matters not where you end, if relief is on the instant.

3.08 and on-wards – extend ‘dwells’ longer and give relief greater. Learning will quickly accelerate then. Great effort though!!

Catch You next Week Folks. Take care.

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