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A Mum, lead Her 6 Year Old down around the Arena, to present to the Judge. (being the first time out for the Little one)

“Madam Judge says, “You know I could eliminate You for this???”, to which the Mum explained that it was an encourage Show and the Child’s first experience at entering the Sport.

When are these Walruses going to get it through their thick belligerent Heads that this is not the way to behave at an Encourage Show, especially when You are the Head of Judging for the State!! If the Madam had half a brain and the Sport placed firs in Her Mind, she would go to the President later and suggest a Rules Day at the Club, to bring everyone up to speed on the latest F.E.I. Rules, but no, it’s all Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So will the 6 Year Old go on to spend Her Half a  Million Dollars in the Sport???????????

3rd September, 2019

Hi Folks,

Well, we had an entertaining Week once more, never stops around here 👍 Never a dull moment and never bored. A mixture of Horse Sports and for me, continual upgrading of facilities, Gardens, Tree Planting, preparing for Summer and so on.

Still getting a few mm of Rain and the Paddocks are looking ok. Mrs. HP got limited permission to graze this Week 🤔🤔



Well, time flies and we wouldn’t have done anything about Her yet, but due to the Work experience Gal here last Week, we thought we would bring Her in, as well as the fact that she is now already 16 Hands.

So I decided to Mouth Her over 4 Days x 10 Minutes, so that Mrs. HP can lunge Her when she is ready, however, due to my AAA assessment of Her wonderful attitude, I talked the Boss into jumping on Her Saturday, before taking Her back to Her Mummy Sunday. Oh, by the way, the other reason we brought Her in was because we wanted to treat Her for Sand and You can’t in the Paddock, for Bella would eat both lot’s 🤔🤔

Anyhow, check this out for temperament and give the Mouth a cursory glance whist at it 😉

No editing!!!! 👌




You have me talk about this before. Recently, there was a rogue Photographer at the McLaren Vale Indoor Comp and for reasons unknown to me, they just threw all of his Pics onto the Net, no matter how bad lol. Thank God Mrs. HP’s Horses were looking OK as he snapped, which brings me to the exact point of the ALTERNATE SYSTEMS of Training Dressage.

Now those who ride Dressage, look for help far and wide and latch onto this Trainer or that Trainer and therefore, the way of going of the Horse, directly reflects that Trainer and such that we only have to look at Horses now, to tell who is probably teaching them.

So early in my Premium Portal, I wrote an article for You, which said this……..


The only Dressage Training system that protects Horses

Have a read of that and now read this…………

THE HORSE TELLS IT ALL. You don’t have to listen to the People. It’s pure logic Folks. Now check some of the Bodies of Horses, a result of different systems of Training Dressage.

Now, in this State, two Trainers of the ‘two fists’ Club, have won all before them for 20 Years. The Judges have all thought things were wonderful but let’s ask the Horses again….

This lovely little Duccio horse, has come to Mrs. HP this Week as the Lass has run into a Wall. She has reached Medium/Advanced but now knows she can go no further. Why????? simple, the Horse needs ‘true collection but he cannot for he is from the HELD 2 fisted Club.

So let’s ask the Horse????????? I cleaned his Yard Tonight. He has had extensive Training and Riding, hasn’t he???? Medium/Advanced???????? Then he should have a great Muscular Body, shouldn’t he???????


and now this one? At Advanced.


Anyhow, the little Horse is here for a few Days work, to get the Lass back onto the right Track, the opposite one that the Judges reward


You can’t get cadence in Trot, if You Block in front, because they block their back and that stops the movement.

The Little Horse has the ability to go Grand Prix but You can’t get Passage if you block in the front, for You get the Rump jumping and the front staying down. Bring back many memories??????

and so to Today’s Video…… the way…….see any similarities to Cappo????? They are related.





( The Hi-Jacking of Australian Horsemanship by a Group of Scientists who are not qualified to comment.)

To: Diana McNaughton <>

Hi Diana

It was nice to speak to you today. This is such a difficult project and I am aware of some the challenges you and your colleagues face trying to write units which are clear , measurable , safe and  not ambiguous.

It has come to my attention that the newest units (which you advised me have already gone to the Dpt. of Education ) which include the performance criteria below with the elements highlighted red which refer to a single, specific recognised method of horse training .This is very different to the wording of the Performance Criteria in the new Racing units – Please see below in yellow highlight   .

How is it that in a Racing horse training unit ( as far as I can see there is no specific unit ( or pre-requisite )for training a thoroughbred from unbroken to able to race please correct me if I am wrong – and would that mean that these new horse training units would apply to their diplomas? ) the word ”determine ‘ is used instead of ‘Investigate ‘ and “Methods used to evaluate performance are described and implemented. “ is used rather than Apply evidence-based equine learning theory to the education and management of horses?

Under “2 Apply Knowledge  “the  racing horse training unit states “types of conditioning and training programs for racehorses.’  What training programs are these exactly ?It appears they are not defined for this unit? Do they exist for the RTO to apply?  In the new horse training unit below it states” Analyse and apply knowledge of equine ethology and learning to specific education methods, systems and techniques.’ Which is a very specific training method.( and not the only one available – just the only one which has been tested to some extent scientifically ( The World Equitation Science Association  is a charitable entity and while there are schools and universities teaching this it isn’t the only horse training method. I wonder if the training programs of thoroughbreds and warm bloods for the racing industry have such a prescribed equine learning theory which they use as the only one which is tested?

Similarly in the racing unit- RGRPSH420A – Participate in implementing racehorse exercise programs (Release 1)

Methods used to manage individual horse’s temperament and behaviour are evaluated.”  Is used rather than “actively source current evidence-based information on equine learning theory and welfare to inform practices

Also I noticed that the now no longer used term “ breaking in’ in used in the unit RGRPSH420A as stage 1 of possible training?

I am aware that my concerns about particular wording in these new horse training units may be unfounded , but I felt it was worth pointing them out –  if the racing units do not require the application of  evidence based equine learning theory to educate and manage horses why do the horse training units under ACM? Could this be a potential problem into the future  – in that if this is deemed to be the only acceptable scientifically tested method of horse training /welfare management then shouldn’t the racing industry units be required to use it ? Just a thought.

I look forward to your response and any clarification of this issue you may be able to offer .It is ten years since my daughter Sarah’s preventable death and all I have advocated for ( and continue to advocate for ) are better practices, more  due diligence and a focus on safety within all units of competence. I am always asking “ tell me if I’m wrong and why”

Please feel free to contact me on 0437 044 056

Kind Regards

Juliana Waugh AM

Hi Juliana,

To assist You to understand what is involved, I have quickly jotted down these things for you.





Pat Parelli


There are dozens but some of the main one’s are:

Jim Wilton
Kel Jeffreys
Guy McLean
Dan James
John O’Leary
John Chatteton
Steve Brady

Steve Jeffreys
and many more…….
They all differ and some aspects are better than others.


It is possible to achieve a 10/10 in starting a Horse, HOWEVER, only if the full suite of beneficial systems, taking the BEST from all Training systems around the World. To explain.

If You start a Horse with the so called MCLEAN SYSTEM, you get about a 3/10

  • add on Monty Roberts JOIN UP and you get 4/10
  • add on Stock Whip Training 5/10
  • add Jim Wiltons LEG RESTRAINTS TRAINING and you get 6/10
  • add on TRAINING THE LEG YIELD during starting 7/10
  • add BUSH BASHING and roads 8/10
  • add Pat Parelli’s NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP GAMES 9/10
  • add John O’Learys Mouthing system and now it is a 10/10 with Air Brakes

such that it is simply not possible for the horse to BUCK or BOLT and all dangers are gone.
So here is the problem.

If this Skills stuff is about a Horse Trainer EMPLOYER, getting a TRAINEE and then teaching that Trainee how to start a Horse and they are the Lady in the Video at 1/10, then all those Trainees are 1/10.

If you devise a system, where the BEST FROM ALL SYSTEMS are put together into a BEST PRACTICES PACKAGE, you get Trainees turning out Horses 10/10

That is what I thought it was all about, but after spending 6 hours watching a screen where they replaced this work in line 7 and that word in line 8, all day, I am buggered if I know.

Best of Luck with making “Head nor Tail”  of it all……..


There is yet another Rearer here, sent back from Melbourne, after being started at great expense, 

Indeed, it was the Young Lass in that owns the above Pony, that was called into ride it after it arrived, showing problems recently.

A Phone call to the Trainer, decided that the Horse simply needs a spell, after 8 Weeks Starting time 🤣🤣

It reared to the Clouds with the Young Lass, who sacked it.



Could you please watch this video. I bought this horse being told super quiet anyone could ride him and 15 Hands 5 years old quarter horse stock horse cross. He came and has been here just over a week and is spooky at everything is only 14.1 and has already flipped himself totally over backwards tied up. He is also being dominant horse to me. Should the trainer take him back and cover the transport costs and refund me?

. I have told her everything he has done and she says out of character and how weird
He was $3000 and link goes to video I sent.

Bit cheap for such a performance Horse. Didn’t you suspect that/????


The Vendor is swapping the Horse for an Older Horse. Well done. The Purchaser needs to grow a Brain and stop buying GREEN HORSES.



I thought it was all over. The Government had been forced to do as they had promised for 30 Years so I finally felt closure to the whole saga………but then one Day, I got a call from a Detective in the Company Fraud Squad, Police Headquarters and could I come in for an interview. I almost collapsed in shock. At least they had the decency to not drive out and arrest me, they gave me some respect, obviously knowing part of the story by this time.

So I drove into Adelaide and was ushered into an interview by the two Detectives, certainly brought back memories for me. Now, You will remember, that I told You that the only offence against the statutes, that I had ever committed in my entire Life, was the swearing before a Justice of the Peace, that I had lost the Title of my Property at 55 Penang Avenue, Colonel Light Gardens, which I knew was an offence of course, such was my desperation.

I left it with them, wondering which way they would go but a few Weeks Later, I suddenly received a Summons for the offences of 1. Make a false stat dec but in addition, 4 Counts of Fraud. (Lord knows where they got that one from) but I guess they must not have read the file well enough.

So off we go to get a Lawyer and the File was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, that time being Paul Rofe QC.

I’ll always appreciate what Paul Rofe did. Life has it’s funny twists. Guess who was working for Him?…….yep, remember the Secretary for the Chief Superintendent, the one who gave me the whole File back then????, yep, she was. She told me that Paul Rofe QC picked up the File, took one look at it and threw it right into the Bin in his Office 😊 and so it was all dismissed lol. Sucked in!!!!!!!

Now…..You would think that is the end of it, wouldn’t You???……..wrong!!!!!!! I thought the Mongrel would walk away at this point, reflecting upon what he had done to my Life and that of my Family but no, he decided to pursue it further.

It wasn’t long before I received a Summons, for the demand of $76,000 odd, for the Costs of the Supreme Court Case where he had to admit what he had done to me. I actually felt quite relieved at that point, for I had always planned, for Years, that if he ever sued me, I would counter sue him for $500,000, for the damages of my Life and thoroughly enjoy giving evidence as a massive dose of therapy.

At that time and still, one of my best Mates happened to be the Registar of the Federal Court, and so I went and saw Him and asked if he knew of a real good Lawyer that could represent me and to counter sue the Mongrel. He did of course for he sat on the Bench for his job and saw all the Legal Eagles. He recommended a very good Friend of his, a Guy named Tom Owen.

So I walked down Waymouth Street and gave Tom the instructions to counter claim and to set up the Trail of the Century for me.

You are not going to believe this. The Registrar had no idea, that his good Friend was going through a lot of stress at that time, for his Wife was dying of Cancer. Guess what Folks?……Tom Owen forgot to enter an appearance on the Summons and I received a judgement against me, in my absence ☹ and Hassett proceeded to yes, the Federal Court, to have me Bankrupted. ☹ Indeed, the Day it went before the Judge, the Registrar came into the Court and sat with me. I deeply appreciated that show of support but alas, of course it couldn’t help as the ‘horse had bolted’ pardon the pun. I was Bankrupted and appointed a Registrar.

Normally, this would have been the end of one’s Life as they knew it but not I 😊 I had no assets!!!! Remember, for Years, I had made contingency plans, just in case one day, something went wrong, but that wasn’t good enough for Hassett. Would You believe that he funded the Registrar, to “Examine” me under Oath, for Days but You won’t believe what was playing out now 😊

The Case was held before the Deputy Registrar of the Federal Court and sitting in the bowels of the Public area, was the Registrar of the Federal Court. You also won’t believe who Hassett got to represent Him in the Trial!!……..have I yet told You about the dodgey Lawyer David Johnstone?????? ( I will need to write a whole article on this Dude

Well he thought he was good but he wasn’t good enough. Little did he know that I had been cross examined hundreds of times, by the best Barristers in the State, during my Vice Squad Days. He failed completely to nail me on any hidden assets etc and the matter was completely dropped. By the way, Johnstone didn’t even remember me but I remembered Him. You see, many Years before, when he had been an Adelaide University Student, he was among a group of Radical Communists back then, and they would enter the anti-Vietnam Demonstrations and at some point, they would smack someone in the back of the Head and cause a Riot where all Hell would break loose and the Police would become involved. What he also didn’t remember, was that I was planted in casual clothes, in one of those Demonstrations and I marched through the streets of Adelaide, until the Riot started, whereby I saw and chased David Johnstone down a back Alley in the City and arrested Him after a slight ‘rough up’ 😊 I’ll write about the Crook Johnstone later.

Now……the matter was surely over?????, but hang on a minute, I still hadn’t had my NAME CLEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the SA. Police. Remember, they shut all the Doors on me back then.

So only 10 Years ago, I did a ‘freedom of information application’, on my Name and to my disgust, yes, there were all of the old charges that the D.P.P. had thrown in the waste bin way back then. So, my ‘Irish’ was up for one last time.

Next Week………to the District Court with the Police Commissioner the Defendant and John O’Leary the Plaintiff. O’Leary representing Himself and the Crown Law defending the Police Commissioner………



Hi John. I have been following a few of your posts. The most intetesting and close to home is one on floating. I have a standard breed that has huge float issues. To the degree he is a scrambler. This horse if one of my favourites and I would like to see if we can work him through his anxiouity. When he raced I was told he fell in a truck and was trampled. I know nothing more. We purchased him and he was floating on our straight loader nicely. Until one day I was finishing his prep for a horse trial event. On our way home from kyneton we put the rear tarp down on the float as it was raining very hard. We then stopped In lancefield to get a bite to eat. Chris ( the horse) errupted after 2 minutes. My husband brought me a new float that we needed. straight loader. We then waited a few months and floated Chris on our new float with a divider into town only 4 km and again he scrambled. We have retained the original float just for Chris and taken the centre divider out and he loads nicely but I am traumatised he will panic again. We have floated him with a buddy just for short 1km trips. So far he just shakes and paws the floor. Have you any advice on this behaviour. Chris is so magnificent that I would like to have a go at a few equitation clinics or novice extreme cowgirl but I am not sure we can make the road trip. I have joined a trail riding group but can not take Chris as the road to strath creek is through a steep decline with tight turns. I am sure such movement in the float would not help his issue. Cheers Linda. Ps our location is broadford vic.


“Held Horses cannot successfully achieve F.E.I.” 






The racing community on Friday is mourning the death of recently married apprentice jockey Mikaela Claridge who died after a fall during track work at Cranbourne.


Mikaela-Claridge-734x460 Mikaela Claridge, 22, lost her life from injuries sustained when she fell from her horse at Cranbourne on Friday morning.

“Mikaela was dislodged from her horse while riding on the sand trails on the southern side of the Training Centre at approximately 4.35am. She was attended to by the on-course paramedic but was tragically unable to be saved,” Racing Victoria said in a statement.

After injury interrupted her career, Claridge returned to riding in 2018 and won her first race in September last year.

She was indentured to trainer Ken Keys at Cranbourne and won another 28 races, most recently at Sale on July 11.

“On behalf of the Victorian racing industry, I would like to extend our prayers and heartfelt condolences to Mikaela’s family and friends on the tragic news of her passing as a result of a training accident this morning,” RV chief executive Giles Thompson said.

“Mikaela was a talented young rider who was pursuing a career in the sport she loved. She was a much loved and valuable member of the racing community and her sad passing is being felt by many within our industry today.”

Cranbourne Turf Club chief executive Neil Bainbridge said the local racing community is saddened by her death.

“On behalf of the Club, I wish to extend our sincere condolences to Mikaela’s family and friends on her tragic passing. She was a popular member of the Cranbourne racing community and will be sadly missed.”

WorkSafe is investigating Friday’s incident.


The sometimes “cruel” sport of horse racing has taken the life of much-loved jockey and police officer Melanie Tyndall.

11468072-3x2-700x467 DEATH-OF-FEMALE-JOCKEY-2

She has been remembered as a “loving, caring and professional” police officer who was taken tragically “way before her time”.

NT Police commissioner Michael Murphy said “she was well regarded and very well respected by the community”.

Australian Jockeys Association boss Martin Talty said on Sunday the small NT racing community is reeling over the death of Tyndall, who was killed during a race at Fannie Bay after clipping the heels of another horse.

“It is a sport that we all love, but sometimes it can be so cruel, and we’ve seen that in the last 24 to 48 hours,” Mr Talty said.

He said there were systems in place to help the community deal with the tragic incident.

“We will offer every single entity of that support to every one that needs it here in the Northern Territory.”

Tyndall, 32, fell off her horse after clipping heels with another runner at the 300-metre mark during the third race at Darwin’s Fannie Bay racecourse.

She received immediate treatment by the on-track paramedics but later died at the Royal Darwin Hospital.

Her death came less than 48 hours after Mikaela Claridge died after a track work fall in Cranbourne, Victoria.

Darwin Turf Club chairman Brett Dixon recognised horse racing as a “high-risk” sport.

“We have people in the industry that are passionate about racing, they understand the risks involved,” he said.

“We, as administrators … work very hard in consultation with the industry to continue to lift the level of safety and standards at our race tracks …”

“But while there’s that passion there, people are going to continue to race.”

Tyndall, originally from Murray Bridge in South Australia, moved to Darwin in late 2012 to further her racing career with trainer Michael Hickmott.

Hickmott paid tribute to Tyndall on social media, saying “if people only knew the hurdles you conquered in your life to make what you did of yourself”.

“We were all so proud of what you achieved. You defied the odds,” he said on Saturday.

Darwin Turf Club chairman Brett Dixon said Tyndall quickly became part of the “small racing family” in Darwin.

“She rode many winners right throughout the Territory,” he said on Sunday afternoon.

In 2017, Tyndall took a break from racing to train as a police cadet, based predominantly in Katherine.

She returned to racing on a part-time basis last year and won her 150th race just a fortnight ago at the Katherine Cup.


Further update on injured rider Rachael Murray after being dislodged at today’s Gosford barrier trials when her mount reared over behind the barriers – Racing NSW’s Dr Duckworth has reported Rachael is fine. All her x-rays were clear and she will be discharged later today


Sunshine Coast-based jockey Matthew Powell has been disqualified for a year after he admitted to providing a fake urine sample on two occasions.

Powell was stood down earlier this month pending the results of secondary tests following operations by stewards at the Sunshine Coast.

At an inquiry, Powell pleaded guilty to two breaches of the rules covering urine samples.

He was disqualified for one year on each breach, to be served concurrently.

The inquiry heard analysts found the samples Powell gave were not consistent with human urine.

He admitted he substituted samples with synthetic urine on August 4 and August 11.

Stewards ruled if Powell demonstrated he had undertaken a sufficient course of drug rehabilitation and education, he would be allowed to reapply for a jockey licence on May 29 and be permitted to serve the remaining three months of his disqualification as a suspension.

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