Horseproblems Australia Blog – 6th November, 2019

Victor Harbor Clydesdales

Hi Folks,

Hope You are all well. Once again, the Rain continues to fall down here and indeed, here and through the Adelaide Hills, is raining every 5 Days for the last Month and has ruined hundreds of thousands of hectares of already cut Hay. It’s a real worry!!!!

Had a wonderful Day for Melbourne Cup, backed 1st and second, won three hundred odd dollars, cooked magnificent Spring Rolls from Aldi, went on a lovely Trail Ride with my Darling, on our Darlings, went and picked up a Round Bale and cooked Prawn Thermidor for my Darling, for Dinner 😊😊

Equestrian SA

It’s a continuing saga that seems to go on forever. Here is the latest.

Helen Whittle

November 2 at 9:06 PM · Equestrian South Australia IncNovember 1 at 2:13 PM · 

Important Announcement from the ESA Board.

“On 25 October 2019 Naomi Mashford tendered her resignation from the role of the Chair and member of the ESA Board.
On 30 October 2019 a Special Meeting of the ESA Board took place to address the Board’s response to Naomi’s resignation. The Board resolved to extend an invitation to Naomi to return to the Board to fill a casual vacancy as a Board Member which she accepted.
Wendy Schaeffer has assumed the role of acting Chair in the interim.”

* Please direct all questions relating to this matter directly to the ESA Chair email – as they will not be answered via Facebook.

Instead of continuing the endless power struggles, perhaps they should finally start to Administer the Sport


The State Coach, Brett Parbury, comes over here now and again, but a couple of certain Riders, with money, book 4 Lessons and the others can’t get a Lesson!!!!!!!!!!!…….by the way….what in the Hell is the State Squad having to pay for Lessons for??????????? 🥵🥵 How ridiculous. Less money for Lawyers and more for the Riders Folks 🙄

Spring Championships

“We pay $300 in entries and we don’t even get a Sash for Champion, in the Ponies, at the high levels. Forget the Rug Folks. Not even a Championship Rosette 👺👺 ” says an up and coming Young Rider!!!!!

So the obvious happens. Certain Riders will not enter next Year. They are really pissed!!!!! Good one EA!!!!!!!


This Young fulla has arrived at Gainsborough, with an unbroken Horse, which he purchased from someone at Myponga.

The Horse Transport went there last Week and spent 3 hours ( they had 30 Years experience 😁 you see. They then called the Vet in, who drugged the Boy ( horse) but that didn’t help either.

At the end of the Day, the unbroken Horse was given a Hell of an experience ( welcome to the World of Humans) ….and, as I found out last Week, taught Him all the Floating evasions.

Roll on last Week ( forget which Day as 7 Days tend to blend in a bit) but he appeared alongside me and asked if I could go around to the “Goal Stables” to collect the Horse 🤔

Ok, around we went and quite an experience it was too 🤣🤣 There were all the usual Young Ladies running around, Horses in Stables under cover and probably 500 Chooks wandering around across the Property. There were Rooster Fights happening on my left, Roosters jumping Chooks on my right and as I approached the Float, with the back ramp down, I had to kick a big fat Hen out of Her dust hole so the Horse wouldn’t jump on Her 😜😜

We wandered into the Breezeway, met the Horse and as we walked out, a Big Bay tried to take my Head off and then the Head of the unbroken Horse. It was all happening hahahahaha

“Face Him up to the Float ( after we removed the centre division) and immediately, he backed up, all the way around to the Mudguard, to show us how much he had learnt in Myponga.

Now Chris had a Mate with Him, a ‘Man Mountain’ and I was relating the story of John Travolta arriving at the Airport the Day before, with this massive Bodyguard walking close by. The Lad was short on words but I think he saw the joke.

Anyhow, there happened to be another whip lying amongst the Chooks behind Him and I asked Him to go around the other side of the Float, with the whip and tap the Horse on the Rump, to tell Him that such a spot was not the place to be.

2 MInutes went by and suddenly he moved forward, Not only forward, but he climbed the steep side of the Taylors Fish Can Float and into the Float just like that. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the Body Guard 👍 I congratulated Him…..almost got a smile……and away we went.

“Have you ever towed a Horse” I said from the front Passenger Seat. “Yep” he said……… which I replied, well you need to slow down the Roundabout we are approaching and the speed around it will be 5k lol.

Anyhow, we all got Home safely and here we are Today with “Young Chris”, who has done a pretty good job. 😉

Thanks john yeah i noticed a couple of things i didn’t do properly appreciate it talk with you later on
Just watching my video again and I definitely missed a couple of good opportunities i know were i buggered up especially when he stopped

Hi Chris,

Good first effort. I’ll simply run through your Video and comment second by second.

23 seconds – you were left stranded and should have put the pressure on his Bum.
I will add, that right from the start, you were a little too energetic. Tone it all down
30 seconds – I would have stepped across the left already and given him the opportunity to turn, but inwards, otherwise, pressure on Rump.

49 seconds – spend more time with the horse. Just stand, with your back to him, allow him to sniff the new Man, dwell, stroke and then slowly walk off in a circle to the left, and around towards his rum. If he happened to step after you, AT ALL, you stop and repeat the friendship.

52 seconds was the most serious miss. He followed You, you appeared to have got a shock and then, rather than build upon it, you sent him off ( killing off the positive learning opportunity that the horse just offered)

1.05…..again…the horse offered but you threw it away!!!!!. Rather, you should have melted down, invited the horse, stepped back, stoked, rest, relax, spend time together and then test slowly, by walking off.

That’s enough. You get the message. I can tell.
Well done. Good effort with no advice or teaching.


  • 8 Seconds – don’t pick the whip up at all, welcome the horse and give it a cuddle
  • 19 – step back and invite, don’t think we need to go to the horse. One never knows how good they are, unless we ask the question.
  • 29 – a little over done and don’t ever PAT a horse, just stroke….as they do. Patting is for Humans, not in the Horse tool box.
  • 33 – turn left in a semi circle and invite the horse. Walking straight out the front increases the degree of difficulty for the horse to grasp, plus, you put yourself in a position of being able to immediately energize the rump, should they not make a move in the right way.
  • 53 – well done – the horse here tells us that the head rubbing is over done. Strokes on the Neck is more Horse effective
  • 1.23 – there was outside interference and one could wait longer, for things to calm down and the horse relax again, then ask for following, rather than the flag again.

That’s enough. Now, you have gone far enough on the flag. Trust the horse, become it’s mate, stay calm, move slower, relax more and just go about your work. Only remind if the horse loses concentration or breaks away.

Well done. Good effort!

The Buck Jumper

Hey John … need some advice … I’ve got a client breaker here … Pretty positive some ones tried to start him and he just bucked and bucked so they turned him out for 3 yrs ! Then off course sold him unbroken … and for quality off the horse waaay to cheap Bucking so ingrained… I’ve been super honest with owner … she asked me to get Chiro out … he found he wasn’t right around girth area .. and fixed it .. bucking stopped ..for 2 more saddling sessions in round yard… So yest thought I might have a go on my arena … is fenced w round yard panels … want to find holes as wow he’s athletic .. stock horse… And as soon as he felt the girth he was off bucking again … crap … Today put roller on in round yard .. bucked again … but settled and took him for a walk leading him in bush … got a fright went straight to bucking ! I’ve done quite a few off these in the past off my own but I’ve usually kept them for a good yr to make sure 100% safe He’s mouthed but great … but worried he will have flash backs esp as owner lost confidence with previous horse.. Bloody sellers so much dishonesty.. Thoughts …

Told owner who mum very exp take him home for couple off months keep saddling him til he’s past the old memory .. worst thing u can do is turn em out after bad exp … just gives them time to think and be convinced they supposed to buck… Hope this not wrong advice !

Forgot I had the buck stopper … should I use … leg restraints he goes up
Thank God I’ve got u to ask !!

I would never allow them to Buck on the Lunge or ever. The owner will have him lunging and bucking, eveyr day.
I prefer to show them that there is NO POINT attempting to buck as it will be shut down, 100% of the time, even on the lunge and even with a Saddle on on the lunge

Is doing up the girth … as soon as touches him he goes up !!
so owner won’t be able to do thaat….unless they buy my GIRTHY HORSE VIDEO on Vimeo

Even if it were pain, unless You stop the Bucking, it can never believe that there is a better way. If it was in pain, surely Bucking would not be an activity that it would want to pursue????

So with these Horses, I also stop them Bucking, especially when Saddling and on the lunge. That system and the tricks are all in that 90 minute Video, on a bad Bucker.

Yes, You have the Buck Stopper

and You should be using it.

Ok … buck stopper it is .. I’ve been a bit worried to use it since first horse I tried on back flipped

Should have said bad buckers previously I owned and had to be sold on … hence fixed them then turned out for couple off months…then brought back in to make sure could be sold honestly and safely… non went backwards all found new homes… This the first one that’s really scared that’s not owned by me … brain goes full panic mode… bucks like his life depends on it… Had quite a few clients horses that buck but they all been easy fix with remouthing. This one another level …


Also what’s your thoughts on these marks… not sweat… is his coat

Don’t know what the Marks are but the Horse has not been done for Sand. That, in itself, could cause Bucking.

Ooooh interesting didn’t even think off that… How the heck did u know that!!

This Week. 4 Weeks. Sand can cause Bucking

Nope for saddle pad… my bad Agreed I usually go about him much quieter… but this idiot decided to clean my tack room when I said don’t so took me an hr to find buck collar… I was in a feral mood … prob shouldn’t have touched any horse!! Too true for letting him off … thought that when was watching afterwards !I had a bad day … not horses fault … I’m usually better at being more self aware

Nice Honesty Kid. Well done. The session was counter productive.

I would always use the nicest Saddle Pad possible, for such a Horse. Never without one.

I note that the Buck Stopper did work on this one. Make sure it’s up nice and firm!! and positioned dead centre beneath the Neck>>> I saw the Horse think about it and decide to find a better way.

Remember the Vimeo Video. YOU NEED THAT. Get the client to buy it!!!!

I just watched the longer one and was disappointed.

The final Day

Goodbye Ellie 😪

This has been a long and emotional journey, after all, Ellie is Family.

It’s quite ironic, that both Ellie and Her Mum, Donner Bella, both ( as we know from this Week) suffered the same injury.

It was admitted this Week, by the Seller/Breeder, that the Scars on Her back off side Leg, was caused by the Horse Jumping and hitting a Strut in a Fence, with an injury like this…..

Just as Her Mum got the similar injury and just before the Olympic Level Comp, suddenly had to do late tempi changes 😣😣

Now with a jolt like that, all sorts of stress injuries could have occurred. I suspect fractured Pelvis.

Anyhow, just take a look at the end of this Video, for the message from the Horse. They never lie!!!!!

and immediately the Draw Reins were removed on the last Day….WITH A LOOSE REIN>>>>>>>.

I can’t do it Mum 🙁

Life’s Stories

It was a tragedy. The dream Horse of a Life time, been through all the hard yards including breaking my Arm and next level the Olympic Level. The Mare was EU Class.


We wanted Her drenched, with our Colic remedy. The Vet, lovely Bloke and a Friend of ours ( was at our Wedding) but You never knew what Mood he was going to be in, when he got there. You could judge it however, when You got the bill later, for the worse the Mood, the higher the price.

Anyhow, we had the Mare tied up at the facility and I said to the Vet…..” now don’t make any sudden or fast Moods with this Mare, because she is explosive given the wrong actions.

She was tied up to the Rail, which she had done a thousand times and he put the stomach tube in, poured down the treatment, almost pulled the tube all the way out, but then removed the funnel, put the end of the hose in his Mouth and gave it the almighty Blow with the big gushing wind noise.

Well!!!!!….the Mare went off like a Fire Cracker, pulled back, began double barreling, missing the Head of Mrs. Hp by inches and then the Vet, Mrs. HP threw Herself over a side rail backwards and landed in the Vet’s stainless steel Bucket and Water and then the Mare leapt the Rail, landing on the Bluestone footpath on the other side, still tied up, on Her Hip. She got up and walked away like a Crab.

From that Day forward, she would do ‘late changes’on one side only, with Her 2 times changes and Her Tempi changes, required for the Olympic Test. 😪

She then got Ulcers and started to drop Muscle tone, from this


to this


Her Career sadly ended when she began telling us that she couldn’t do the job 😴

Not long after that, we had a Horse that had come to us after breaking the Arm of the State’s top Junior Male, Chad Smythe. Big Red Warmblood Cross and cross he was. I well remember the Day he arrived at our place. He was offered to us for $300.

I took Him into my Round Yard at Gainsborough and the throngs assembled as they used to do in those Days when we were there. Plenty hanging over the Fences. I called for a set of Hobbles, booted Him up and just put stockmans hobbles on this two front feet 😚…..then I simply placed a Roller on his back, not done up at all, just sitting there, and he “lost the plot’, madly Bucking around the Pen, like the best A Grade Rodeo Horse. Problem was, he was being so exuberant, that after about 3 Bucks, he accidentally put both back Legs, clean between his two front Legs and hooked his Pasterns over the Hobble Chain. I’ve never seen it happen before, across Thousands of Horses, but it happened this time.

He did a wonderful Somersault and landed on his Back, with his 4 Legs nicely located adjacent to his Tummy, where he was completely snookered as he lay there, squealing like a ‘stuck Pig’ as they used to say 😁😁

Anyhow, Mrs. Hp started to take Him out to Dressage ( that was fun but another story) but he caught the eye of a one Megan Jones, who wanted to buy Him. So she came one dark Night, loaded Him up and away he went, competing at the Adelaide International later that Year, before being immediately sold to Japan for $40,000. Another one saved ey??? 😀

but just prior to this, we asked the Vet to check Him over one Day, in the front Carpark, to which he replied, “he is completely unsound so Dog him. We looked at each other, no doubt both reflecting on the Moods of the lovely Vet.

Shortly after, the Vet died. 😢……..he shot himself through the Forehead, with a ‘Bolt Gun’ 🙁

The O’Leary Buck Stopper

This is the seasoned Buck Jumper, sent to this Young Lady for help and assessment. IN Sydney.

The message out of this Video is that the Horse really doesn’t want to be naughty. Congrats for having taking the initiative to install the Buck Stopper, which allowed the Horse to have a think about another way.

Boof of the Week


Tip of the Day

Don’t necessarily listen to the Bloods tests for Testosterone Levels in a Rig or the test for Cushings Disease. Rely upon your observations and the proof on the ground.


This Photo was on FB. Here is the Classic Gut full of Sand Horse. The Horse is actually skinny as Hell but many can’t see that of course, they only see the fat Gut 😯😯😯


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