Horseproblems Australia Blog – 3rd March, 2020

Horse Dentistry importance

Hi Folks,

Hope You had a lovely Week. Nice drop of Rain still here, 5mm last Week and 8mm last Night. The Fleurieu Peninsula has now been Green for Weeks, in the Middle of Summer. Bizarre. Looks like a good Season.


and we actually had a Day off the other Day and took my good Friends Peter and Brenda Brown around the Fleurieu with a lovely Fish Lunch at the Normanville Kiosk, then onto Cape Jervis, just in time to see all the Semi Trucks load onto the Kangaroo Island Ferry.


and even dropped in to show them the Caravan Park I built back then and couldn’t believe the Water feature they had built recently.


Corona Virus

Well, we were a Week ahead of the rest. Lovely to be able to read the future 🙂 Love it love it!!!!!

6 Months of everything and even went and got another Freezer, 200 metres from our Home. $40 🙂 Good Old Victor Harbor 🙂


Article of the Week

I find no joy what soever in writing this one and just know i will get flack for it, but I simply can’t stand by and watch the clandenstein attacks on the income of all conventional Horseman of the future and the denegration of Horsemanship as we know it.

Juliana Waugh AO, is giving up for she admits that it has all been wrestled out of Her Hands, by the Committee types who know BUgger all about the subject, manipulating the Industry for their own beliefs. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

For those of You who watch the Videos on this article and particularly those Ladies who start their own Horses, will be amazed to see the complete lack of timing and reading of a Horse, by both the Scientists and the NH Guru, who quite amazingly thought he could smack an unhandled Horse in the side of the Head and send it off Zone 2 hahahahaha. Zone 2 alright, he spent the whole first Day trying to catch the thing, forget Zone 2 🙂

From Juliana Waugh this Week


Ah John this issue is soon to be put to bed for me – I’m about to officially give up the advocacy fight for sensible change around all things horse- whether safety or welfare or anything – I can only hope I have perhaps made a few changes which might make it harder for individuals who might have otherwise been like the horse supplier in Dubbo who supplied the unsuitable horses for beginner riders and lied about them to make a buck knowing there was nothing in regulations to stop them- to hold them to account for the lies they tell.I know you and your wife will go on doing great work with your wealth of experience – but for me the battle is almost over – I promised my husband that I’d stop ‘ banging my head against the wall ‘ in my efforts to try to improve things in Sarah’s memory – I thank you for being the knowledgeable horse person who first helped me understand what was wrong right at Dubbo TAFE in 2009 at the start of this 10 year journey – when you reviewed the photos and videos taken at Dubbo TAFE of horses the riding students rode – the equine world is filled with much often misguided passion,lots of stupidity , many myths and legends, so many complexities, many big egos, and very little agreement between disciplines -hence so so hard to get agreement – I wish you well in your work into the future .All the best Juliana Waugh. AO.

and here they come.

So…..NOT HEARSAY ey. 200 Years of knowledge and it is HEARSAY. Here we go Folks Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Those among us who are Psychologists, can read a certain weakness and anti Science in that statement, where the personal inhibitions show.

They are not going to Certificate anyone, with the knowledge to do what they are offering. You can’t learn that stuff via Certificates and writings

Ok, so again, let’s prioritize the Welfare of the Horse. The Scientists at work, terrorizing this poort Horse for at least 4 Years now and WOULD YOU BELIEVE that the long suffering Horse competed again yesterday 🙁

Lesson of the Week

I told You about the well known SA Coach who was teaching to impress this Lass, Piaffe would You believe ( when she can’t even do it on Her F.E.I. Horse) and when You watch this Lesson, You will see how corrup that behavior is.

Mrs. HP doesn’t ride other People’s Horses but is going to make an exception next Week and ride this lovely Clydie Cross, in the Prelim Class, to give Him an outing.

New Zealand Dude reviews us 🙂


This Horse had been coming to a Halt and not moving for the Lady. We did a one hour assessment and some work, last Week.

Hi John,
This is my email if you have time to send me that 44 pages E-Book for Your Running Reins System, to work with
Really appreciated Friday. She’s so much more responsive and we have been practicing our one rein stops, back up and leg yields. We’re doing good. Nice trots and great stops and out Trail Riding now. Thanks so much.

Well done Pam. Great job. Lovely Horse!!!

Photo of the Week

Here is a Cute Bunch. Lovely Horses being bred in New Zealand, by one of my FB Friends.


Boof of the Day

She comes visiting from a K away 🙂

Bella Vista of the Week


Cappo of the Week


and Mrs. HP does more walking than the Horses




Hi Mr and Mrs HP,
I was not sure if I was successful sending a query through the chat function as it was offline at the time and kept spinning so apologies if this was received previously.
My question was about the ‘safety belt system’ you use and referred to in your threads on floating. I could not find anything as what exactly that meant or looked like. Can you point me in the right direction please. Really appreciate all your work and advice in this area.
Kind regards
Dianne Campbell

Hi Dianne.

There is no information on my Site about it, or photos, but I invented them to stop Horses going over the Chest Rail and getting hung up or through the front Window which we have seen many times. It works a treat and actually becomes their comfort zone. They try one, twice at the maximum and then completely settle, safe in the knowledge that they are protected. I have probably had around 30 instances of this across my Career, since inventing them one dark Night when a Colt took off but landed with his Hind Hooves on the Chest Bar and then launched again, out over the top of the front of my open float, teetering on his Stomach, not knowing which way to fall, down on the brakes or back in the Foat. Well he fell back in because I gave Him a right cross to the snout 🙂 and he escaped with hardly a mark on him…..why?……because of FULL HEIGH doors which he just walked out of like a Baby 🙂

There was the rough start to, with 3 Weanlings, just left Mummy and traveling down a Freeway in the Truck Traffic 🙂


Just weaned from Mum and traveling down a Freeway in an open Float.



Tip of the Week

The best Piaffe and Passage comes from Dressage Training under Saddle, NOT from whips on the Ground…..which is why none can do it here.

2 thoughts on “Horseproblems Australia Blog – 3rd March, 2020

  1. Thanks David. I do admire People of the Written Word and wish I had the time to be better. I thank You also for your objective thoughts. Blokes like us don’t like writing such stuff. It’s not our style but in my case at least, I only do it for the genuine concern for the Horses. This Week I have had 3 and I should have retired Years ago 🙁
    Thanks once again and regards

  2. says:

    Hi John.
    I read and watched your commentry regarding the science of training horses !!!
    The following is just my opinion of my observations

    It was in 2009 when I heard about the death of a student ( Sarah Waugh) enrolled in a TAFE course at Dubbo. The circumstances are any parents nightmare and I can understand Juliana and her husbands anguish and their wish to never see this repeated again.
    I passed the comment at the time, that this incident and the indicated pursuit of seeking to prevent this ever happening again, was going to change TAFE courses in the equine area and NOT for the Better. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against changing bad practice and examining how to eradicate it, but I knew that immediately there would be a kneejerk reaction by TAFE and that they would go down the track of setting in place some “investigative process”, that would then lead to a committee, whose job it was to eliminate the possibility of them (TAFE NSW) being ever put into this position of being subjected to scrutiny and condemnation over their course operations again.
    I understand this and you cannot blame them for wanting to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, which is why a review of the circumstances was required and steps needed to be taken to make change happen.
    It is however unfortunate, that it is almost routine for Government departments to look toward finding an answer from a source that they can put up as, “being someone with a recognisable qualification”, and therefore someone with letters after their name fulfills this requirement. Further, when any course is subject to revision or rewriting, then the inevitable writing style of the “current day” is incorporated i.e. it is mostly NOT understood by anyone, other than “the educators”.
    Unfortunately this is just a fact of life in the development of courses, trust me, I’ve seen it happen before and it is not just in this section of TAFE.
    Change needed to take place without a doubt, BUT, as I predicted at the time, it would come at a cost and the cost is to the student and to the industry in general.
    You see John, that in many many cases, even the teachers and those involved in this industry cannot agree on one particular standard across the board or even agree between themselves that someone else might be right in using another method. The classic example is the use of “restraints” e.g. hobbles ! Our learned “scientist” made reference to the the use of hobbles and the fact that he considered the use of them not the sort of thing he agrees with to put it politely . On the other hand, as one instructor I had, he related the use of hobbles no more dramatic than walking around with your underpants down around your knees or ankles and so doing as an educational experience, incurred the negative comments of others in his faculty for doing so. I have used his method and can vouch for their value in teaching horses to stand, be relaxed and be restrained so as not to fight if they find their caught in wire or the like. In fact I at one stage experienced the exact situation he had eluded to with my own stallion whom I had used the hobbling training to. He has stood patiently for over two hours with his legs caught in wire when he decided to go walkabout whe he shouldn’t have gone. the result, I arrived, an easy extraction and NO DAMAGE to his legs due to hobble training. To me its a no brainer and all my horses are hobble ttrained and I have NEVER had an incident either during or after the training.

    I have watched “old horseman” apply their learned skills and trade to many kinds of horses but unfortunately their skills, like yours, are life learnt and not book learnt and what that means is that your not going to have a few letters after your name from the school of hard knocks and or the university of life !
    I am constantly amazed at the skill of some of the “old Horsemen” and wish that TAFE and the Industry would follow suit with using their skills in training.
    The recognition of someone who has the ability to talk the talk and write the required vocabulary in a syllabus DOES NOT mean they have the ability and skill to carry out the job at hand. I saw it first hand at another college in NSW. I believe that this was also apparent in the three “round yard presentations” on the video which I first saw on Channel Two I think. I was left wondering how the “scientific approach” was Lorded as being the way of the future in the education of horses !!
    In closing, Your attendance at the meeting in the airport was as you suggested, just a rubber stamping what they had already decided and your presence was undoubtedly the “TOKEN” horseman in attendance.
    I feel for you and your frustration, but hope and pray that you dont give up the fight.

    People like you and Glen are few and far between and people like me and even more so, the younger generation, need your tuition and assistance because if you give up then there will not be “the real horseman” around to guide and teach the reality of “real Horsemanship”.

    As for Juliana and her husband, Have faith, your fight has not been in vain. It may not have ended where you had hoped it would, but it has caused many to re examine where they were at, to question priorities and ask what needs to be done to better the safety of the student in the future. It is my hope, that that the pendulum does not swing to extremes in the opposite direction as a result and that real horsemanship is cast out, in favour of wordy nonsense that will not achieve the proper education and training of the student who wants to achieve his/her desire of being a better “horse person”.
    There are many good people out there, but there are also the rotten apples, who like in all areas of life, prey on and plague the innocent and uneducated. Your efforts have made the shortcomings of the system glow in the darkness of the rotten apples underhanded and dishonest dealings and that in itself has contributed to improving the system,

    Thank you for your determination and perseverance

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