Horseproblems Australia – Blog 28th April, 2020

HI Folks. Hope You have all been well and have not been directly impacted by the Virus. We are healthy but have been very careful indeed.

Last Premium Blog


9th May, 2020

I have been thinking long and hard about this matter and am leaning towards keeping this Premium Facility on my Web Site and converting it to a HORSE STARTING AND RE-EDUCATION PORTAL, exclusively. No more Soap. Indeed, I am over Soap and basically over Facebook. They have completely lost the Plot. It is a mindless platform full of scammers and hackers. They are no different between them taking over the Planet and what the Chinese have done.


It is with regret and sadness that I have to announce that this will be the last Premium Blog.

Video of the Week

Article of the Week

Tip of the Day

“When Horses get Ulcers, we reach for the Phone and ring the Vet, feed the Omaguard. Job done……..I add a thing called ‘Horsemanship” to the ground and ridden work, You know, everything opposite to Pony Club, for that fixes Ulcers ”

Gainsborough Soap

Well it’s been horrendous for my Darling Wife, trying to handle the ‘Mutiny’ that occurred at Gainsborough, seeing 12 People leave at one time. We now have the full story and how it all unfolded 🙁

  • The Manageress, despite our friendship with Her throughout and my support for Her Daughter (giving Her many Gifts of Saddlery, Dvd’s, putting Her into Business and indeed Insuring Her through out Insurance Company) was motivated by lazyness and make it Her Business to Target anyone she didn’t like and drive them from the Property, so that there was less work to do.
  • She had told us Months ago that the Council had stopped taking Multiple Rubbish Bins from the Property and we believed Her. Mrs. HP, in attempt to get rid of the huge amount of junk left around the Property, put several out last Week and they were all picked up. 🙁
  • That the trigger for all of this, was the fact that a few Months ago, the Manageress had purchased a Warmblood Broodmare from a well known Blonde Dressage Queen, who has obviously groomed Her, Targeting the Daughter as a ‘Çrash Dummy’ and Mum as a Worker and indeed attended Gainsborough Herself. (5 other Pupils of Mrs. HP had been Head Hunted over the Years)
  • and among other things, as she left, she wiped all the records of other Owners, as to how their Horses were to be looked after for the Week….twice 🙁

My poor Wife (with a work ethic too good) has lost 5kg but has knocked the entire Property into spotless, so much so that a New prospective Agistee came last Friday and texted Mrs. HP back that he has never seen such cleanliness and couldn’t even find a Cob Web on the place.

So the sum total of the 10 Days of work is that she has filled the Property again, bar 2 spots only!!! It’s called ‘Professionalism, something that is widely and sadly lacking in the Industry. There are few PROPER Professionals.

The Smart Ass

Recently, there was a Woman with two little Kids and Husband in Tow, came to agist. Just a few Weeks ago and pretty soon became ‘Comrades in Arms’ with the Manageress. The dangerous Agistees that you never want on a property. Pushy, hogging run around Paddocks and we caught on numerous occasions, after 10pm at Night, locking Her 2 Horses in the Dressage Arena and letting them gallop around for an hour, while she so called CLEANED HER YARD.

She began lecturing even I one Day, when I met Her and Husband, too large to ride but a World Expert on everything. She get’s a Coach to come and ride Her Horses for Her.

One Night, an ‘Alpha Mare’ Type happened to also rock up late and saw what they were doing and went down and told them that such behavior wasn’t allowed. The Husband became aggressive and threatened Her.

Anyhow, the Mutiny happened and they were still left there, pushing to Rent our House and to take over Management, because we were not much good at it. That’s why they all left 🙂

When Mrs. HP went back, she also found Herself having to totally resurect this Womans Yards, for they were almost beyond repair through ‘Negligence’ Here are the photos and the Wheel Barrow is the amount of Hay Mrs. HP sifted out of their Sand 🙁 Right before Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any how, he sent me several Letters. Here is one of them.

Hi John,
There seems to be so much drama there and I think personally it has more to do with Sondra.  I guess you can only really blame yourself as this is your business and you are the director of your own business. Everyone at Gainsbrough has nothing positive about you and Linda which is a shame because I think you guys are great. I guess that’s life right.

So let’s check their Management……inspection of Her Tack Shed Today, after leaving

oh yes, wonderful job there, all ready for the next Client 🙂

anyhow, here is one of his Yards ….before 🙂

after Mrs. HP, not charging them, just protecting Her Asset.

Now the Hay Shed and Community area



anyhow, they kept stirring so Mrs. HP kicked them out 3 Days after arrival and have already filled their Yards 🙂

What goes around

As You know and spookily, as always is the case, that same Week, the 2 fateful things happened.

This from a Client who had Her Property trashed by a Bloke Called Terrey Baddelay and who I helped Her in the Courts with HIm.

12 Months ago

I am pleased to inform you I won at the SACAT Tribnal against tenant Baddeley. He tried claiming compensation from me he was told that behave not acceptable and Ordered to pay me some damages and outstanding water bill $2,000. I haved turned away many request to rent property and have refused all. Not worth going down that track again Margaret

Now this Week…….:)

Need your confidential help. Do you know of a Angela DeCrea??? She is interested in looking at Wasleys property. She wants a lease to buy agreement. How ever I have concerns with this type of agreement. I have not allowed horses on the property since the Baddeley’s bad expensive experience. It has taken this time to repair paddocks from mass overstocking and damage caused by him. Margaret

Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!……of course I know Her 🙂 She is the Expert who doesn’t know how to clean a Yard 🙂


So there You go……oh….update 2pm Today…….she has just rung, demanding Her Bond back…….it took Her Week to get Her crap off the Property. Mrs. HP just went and inspected and the Tack Shed is a Pig Stye and so she is about to have Her ‘Feathers Ruffled”

but wait, there’s more 🙂

This from a Lady who has paid $5,500 Deposit to a Blonde Bombshell Dressage Queen, for a Foal and who has allegedly already taken a deposit on it from another Buyer, despite it being owned by the first Buyer.


Well of course, remember the Foal sustained an unreported injury and couldn’t be touched on hand over Day for it was totally Ferral.


all You have to do is mind Your own Business in this Game and it all evolves around You 😉

Boof of the Week – helping at Gainsborough


Photo of the Week

The Trailer – She’s a bit small 🙂

Horse Training Online

Congrats once more, to Dianne Girven in Queensland, successfully starting Her 3rd unbroken Horse and this time the 17 Hand Warmblood, seen here a Week after sitting on Him. Well done Dianne. Legend!!!

and Young Katy in Scotland…….

up to changes…..well done Girl!!!!

and Sarah Brien getting ready to ride ‘Porky’ 🙂

The Virus

I have been under Lock and Key. I reckon she threw it away :)…so I have finally got around to the Veggie Garden 🙂

I reckon there is too much work in this Game 🙂

Victor Harbor of the Week

Before the Storm


Happy Mouth Bits

I wonder why your email came again to Linda yesterday???

Of course “the warmth & weight” of a Bit has absolutely nothing to do with any benefit for a Horse. Spin for sure. Fit, thickness and shape is the only thing that can influence comfort. Because I have time due to the Lock Down, let me look at this Site.

Sorry to be cynical but they are into Spin. You can read the Human Mind via their opening statement. I will underline their psychological BUZZ words, aimed at making HAPPY HUMANS who will part with their money.
Gentler Bits
for a Happier Horse

The Unique Apple Scent encourages horses to accept the bit and the space age polymer provides for a gentler bit for a happier horse.
Upon looking at the Bits, every single one of them are knock offs of existing designed Bits ( with a bit of Plastic on them)
From my experience observing Thousands of Horses from the Saddle, I can definitively state that there are far better options and  indeed, the designs from a thickness perspective, are harking back to the previous Decades from whence we came and where we advanced from.
Interesting stuff for me.

9 thoughts on “Horseproblems Australia – Blog 28th April, 2020

  1. Hello John and Linda:)
    Sorry to hear that you are not doing any more blogs but fully understand the reason behind your decision. I have learnt so much from you both over the years and really appreciate all you do.
    Best Wishes

  2. Hoss Girl Sarah says:

    Hi John and Linda,
    I’ve enjoyed your blogs, thank you for all the time and effort you put in, completely understandable choice to stop.
    Porky is having a few days off to recover from her vet visit and stitches while we wait for pathology results, but we did weigh her while there – 500kg….
    I will definitely be going back through the blogs and rewatching the videos you have shared
    All the best

  3. I log on and you log off 🤦‍♀️😂

    1. Hi There,
      If You are speaking about the Premium Blogs, they will remain in archive ( 2 years of them) but I won’t be doing any more, so if you are a new paid member, I shall refund you. I did one yesterday and it may have been you. Email me.Regards

  4. says:

    Hi John,
    Saddened that my weekly amusement of “out there story times” are about to cease, however, it has been a delightful journey over the last few years and I thank you for that. I will continue to peruse in the hope of finding little gems along the way !. Your products have always been great and I will continue to support them.
    As said, its a shame that the in house learning cannot continue, but unsupported ,it is understandable. Its is to be hoped that because of your passion that you will still continue to “Keep the Busteds honest and on their toes” with your eagle eye and uncomprising words.
    I wish you both well for the future.

    1. Thanks David. Much appreciated.

      To you and the other Folks, I am now toying with the idea of making this Premium area, exclusive Horse Starting and Re-education only and run the Videos through here, so it may get even better. Watch this space. Regards

  5. says:

    thanks for the memories! I have been reading your blog since 2001!

    1. Thanks Tammy. I am still going to upload training material for you all. Just no stories and have I got some lately 🙂 The Blonde Bombshell has been hard at it, with 3 more Legal matters happening 🙂 Regards

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