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Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. Not much Rain this Week, which has been good for the Hay Cutters. It’s always difficult. Great Season and no shortages this Year.

We have been extremely Busy and ‘fighting the good fight’ against all that seek to make Life hard, which sadly, has included the Big Tec Companies.

One would never think that ‘little Old us” would ever be swept up in the current destruction of freedom of Speech, fought for by the Anzacs, but we are. Such a sad thought. You won’t read or hear about this on 7,9,10 or Fake News Abc (which is another travesty) so most of the Public are in the Dark about what is happening in the World.

Basically, anyone in the Centre or right of Politics, are now targeted by the Social Media Companies and financially damaged. It is out of control. What is worse is that the Internet is no longer the Internet. It has been completely hijacked, for the financial benefit of Big Tech and if You now don’t pay, You get seen by noone. They thought the Mafia was bad but they were nothing.

I am shutting down my 4500 Friend personal FB Account, for they are manipulating all we try to teach or say, stopping spread and fairness, even stopping our messages. I should not have voted for Sco Mo 🙁

I will now be found here –, paying through the Nose for the privilege 😪…….as a result……..

Mrs HP Lessons

Mrs. HP will now travel to give Lessons, to the Adelaide Hills (with a minimum of 4) Phone Her for Bookings. 0418814029 or

I don’t have to tell You that she is one of the best on the Planet and I shall share a small story about that.

“If You want to judge a Coach – check out the Horses

In 2020, Mrs. HP took over teaching an F.E.I. Horse, that had been under the tutorlidge of a big name Victorian and another from SA. I would love to show You the Photo of the Horse when it came here for a Week assessment. Devoid of Topline.

Anyhow, the Horse has been completely turned around and suddenly, it is “Moving and Grooving”. The Owner (I’ll never understand this) recently took the Horse back to the big name SA Coach. “What the?????? says the Coach, where did that movement come from?” Indeed, where did the Muscles come from too???

and on that subject…………

The Ethics of Coaching

It’s never been Policed but sure should be. The Coach who get’s Pupils to perform tricks, way above their ability or level, just to promote themselves, to impress, to get more Lesson Money. At the same time, terrorizing and ruining Horses in the process

The regular visiting Victorian Coach. The Advanced Horse that is too stressed to complete right now. What does the Coach do?……….why?…..let’s do Piaf training. The most tension producing move of all, on a tense Horse, on a Horse Years away from the Level.

So we know why they do it but why are they not held to account? They are a big Name but have obviously never heard of the “German Training Scale”

The ‘Blocking’ Coaches

This Week……Pupil has great difficulty with the ‘Leg Yield’. The Horse has been ‘blocked’ in the past. ‘Suppleness is not possible’. The Horse is released. The Horse ‘Leg Yields’ fine. 😮

Mrs. HP has a new Horse

On the subject of Lessons and Training, You may not now, but my Wife has mostly only ever had Home Grown Horses, none of which could move when she started them. All the movement You have seen, has been trained onto these Horses……..but……she now has the Super Star. It’s a cute story too.

A few Years ago, I was shown a Vid of some Foals running around the Paddock and I picked this Horse out for the Owner. The Owner is one of my Online Pupils, who has now started 3 Horses and indeed, this Young one. Only problem is that he is a bit small hahahaha


The Ladies name is Dianne Gervan and I am very proud of Her. She puts a better Mouth on a Horse than ALL of the current Professionals through the Adelaide Hills.

First Mount up

Dianne Girven with the best Mouth in the Business

and then 2 Days Later 🤩

Welcome to the Arena Young Man 😊

What’s all this Air Dianne? 🙂

anyhow, he will be travelling 2,600k soon and join us here at ‘Bella Vista” …..”Happy Wife – Happy Life” 😁

Freestyle to Music last Week

and a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks to the Southern Vales Dressage Club and all the Sponsors. Lovely to see everyone having so much fun!

  • Walkers Mclaren Vale Stock Feeds and Saddlery
  • Finniss Chaff
  • Southern Quarries
  • McLaren Vale Quarries
  • Tuckerbox Stock Feeds
  • BigA Plumbing Centre – McLaren Vale
  • Horse Corture
  • Magain Real Estate
  • Somerton Park Veterinary Clinic

Green horses not allowed at the dressage

I asked my Wife, at the Dressage, why all the Numbers on the Horses and she explained that it is so a Horse can be identified if it breaks away and runs around the Park…..ok…….minimal effect upon ‘Risk Management’. She explained to me that only Horses that are competing on the Day, can now go to the Dressage.

Ok, I get that but what about all the “Green Horses or worse, the Off the Track Thoroughbreds, that can come along paid up but have zero experience with a Dressage Day, riding among Horses etc. Young Warmbloods ready to Buck Off their Owners through the sheer exuberance of it all and the Race Horses being taken back to Morphetville???? No prior experience or exposure at all. Isn’t that more dangerous????

Anyhow, ok, I get the Number thing but the Administrators’of the Sport have forgotten all about the crucial injection of new Blood into the bottom of the Sport and the huge dangers that confront all. Now that far surpasses Numbers for safety to all.

“Green Horses’ and ‘Race Horses” should be allowed to go to the Dressage, to be tied up, take in the atmosphere, graze some Grass, and during Lunch or after the last, they all should be let in the Warmup Ring, to learn how and what Dressage is all about.

To not do that is a “Risk Management’ issue indeed.

The Standardbred Toss

I had a look through some of the comments & a few have posted videos in comments of their horse twisting their heads .. it’s seems to be in plague proportions … I’m not game to say anything as I did last time & got slammed for the suggestion that the horse may be in pain & discomfort explained my horses exact behaviour & why it was doing so however it failed.
Lorraine Dini

Well done Lorraine. Your Dad would be proud of You! Don’t You love Social Media???? 😱

Quiz of the Week ($100 prize)

Why is it so?


Victor Harbor of the Week


The Week of the Buck Offs

Three Ladies that we know have hit the dirt this Week. One with 8 Broken Ribs, ouch!!!! 😪😪

Another Bucked off a Warmblood Stallion who should know damm better for He is well Old enough to know better!!! 🥵

and another local Lady who was happily riding along in the long Grass, when a Roo jumped up. Horse one way and Rider the other. The Moral to the Story is “Beware of long Grass” 🤣🤣

UPDATE….and another just now……..Middle Aged Lady Bucked off a Horse that has never done such a thing in it’s long life. 🙁

Photo of the Day

A Happy Young Learner Rider on Her ‘Breaker’


Saddle of the Week


Tip of the Week

If a Horse shakes it’s Head at You, get off and have it investigated!!

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