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Stopping the Horse from pulling back

Hi Folks. Hope You had a lovely Week. The Fires are damped down a bit as we got 40Mills of Rain too, which was nice.


Remember my talking about how ‘Hoarders” risk the Lives and Homes of those around them? We drove past my fav the other Day. Here it is….


I can advise, that it is an unspoken action now, by C.F.S Folk, to bypass such Properties and go fight responsible People. Well done CFS

This Week, I have been determined to complete my Website and in particular get rid of Youtube


Youtube are out of control, as are Google and I can’t wait for Donald Trump to cut them down. They are removing the sharing of PRIVATE VIDEOS, which is why you have been having trouble. Indeed, so are Millions of others, to the point where people are moving in droves.

I have been also working all Week, on uploading all of our Videos and more new one’s, to Vimeo, here:

take a look……

Cappo Lesson

You may have seen on Facebook, that Mrs. HP would now allow Cappo to do the odd Lesson and Today, we had a Lass from Mt. George, and she had a lovely time. She has 5 acres but no Horse. Hubby is one of those by the sounds of it 🙁


Coaches who teach to impress

The World is full of them. Teach to impress. Teach things that a Horse is not capable of or ready enough. In this case, about 7 Years before it is ready, teaching Piaffe to a Horse that can’t Canter a balanced 10 Metre Circle 🙁 Again, EA do not question Pupils of Coaches Grrrrrrrrr. The Lass has come down to solve numerous problems, caused by the adventurous teaching.


Another visiting Horse and sleep over

I am a full time Cook these Days 🙂

Here she is, lovely Lass and lovely Horse…..Mum isn’t bad either 🙂


and they went great

Dressage Coaching Online this Week

Feedback from Katy in Scotland

Hi John can you pass to Linda please 🙂

Warm up- stretching long and low, once happy move into travers, shoulder in and half pass to warm up, then move into canter, allow him to bowl along round the arena focusing on being straight and forward.

During schooling sessions, go back to walk and walk until i feel leo relax and almost ‘switch off’ then pick him up for the next thing.

Move into canter riding 10m circles, turning the shoulder first, with half halts as you go round, keeping the 3 beat canter with activity, using inside leg to keep the circle from getting too small, if he tries to collect and slow too much keep him more forward but stay on the circle, on the left rein don’t hold too much with the inside rein, once he has started to turn he will do it himself and hold the shape himself. Ride a 10m circle at one end, then ride the long side straight then another 10m circle at the other end.

Riding canter travers, ride the long side in travers, using outside rein half halts to get the horse’s body to bend on both reins, then move into canter on the circle in travers, going forward and back in the travers (less time spend in the slower pace as leo likes to collect up, push him forward into a bigger stride but don’t make the circle bigger.  Be demanding with half halts to get the back end to the inside.

Starting to train pirouettes, ask for a 10m circle, then sit up straight, travers and collect the canter right up for a few strides then let him forward again, within the circle, repeat a number of times, if he struggles don’t let him go forward much, rebalance and try again, if he feels like he is going to break stride push him forward and then try again, don’t be greedy when getting the collected strides. 

Riding the long side going from slow to fast to slow, use shoulder fore to maintain straightness and push from behind.

During canter walk canter, on the left rein push his hindquarters over but keep outside rein to stop shoulder going side ways, and when I can feel him in the outside rein ask for the canter transition, but be quick, better to try it and re-do it than miss the opportunity when the horse offers.

Ride the 3/4 line, leg yield to the wall and then shoulder in, careful not to have too much angle for the shoulder in – I can’t remember what this exercise was for? was it straightness?

Thanks again for the lesson Linda, it was amazing and I’ll be doing my homework just hope the weather is a bit kinder.  Have sent $$ also 🙂

Katy xx

Thanks Katy.

I caught a glimpse of You and was most impressed. Your Horse is showing positive signs that he will be a Grand Prix Horse. Well done!!!

From Linda

All good Katy. As for question re the leg yield then to shoulder in that makes the horse more supple and stops the skip when he stiffens especially in canter work. He will bend hocks more as oppose to riding with straight jarring hind legs. I did that to stop the peppy le phew steps when you were riding a downward transition within the canter to more collection.Do that a few times and then do the on and back within the canter on the straight again.
Have fun and keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing you next time.xx

Now for embarrass Katy time 🙂


Let the Reins go Kid 🙂

It does us all good to take a peek at ourselves, after a few Years. We do it all the time 🙂

Young Katy has gone on to now start 3 Horses and successfully cometing Dressage on them. Here she is having Her fist ride on this lovely Horse 🙂

but now, this Week, check out how far she has come!!!!. Same Horse as above, having the first Mount up

Well done Katy. I was most impressed!!!!

Gossip of the Day thanks to the annon 🙂

12 Months or so ago, the ex Wife of the Niroka Stud at One Tree Hill ( who has moved to Forreston) decided she didn’t like Forreston and instructed Land Agents to look for suitable Land in the District.

Her x Husband heard about it and went into the Land Agents, to let them know that he had heard that she was looking to buy in the District and that should she put any offer in, on any Property, he would outbid Her by $20,000 🙂

Incidentally, the ex Wife, ( co-incidentally around the same time) put this wonderful Horse up for Sale. Perfect Horse!!!!!….this Horse……..

Scroll through to 3.43 and You will see it. Originally sold for $18,000 by the SA Blonde Bombshell Dressage Queen ( and we have the Video) where tactical showing was magnificent and highly honed, trapping Mother into parting with the Money. We labelled the Horse unsound at the point of Sale Video and then completely unsound at this assessment, in the Video.

So back to Ex Wifey of the Niroka Stud Owner, she had the front, to sell this Horse ( for the 6th time since we labelled it UNSOUND and after the Owners sending it to Cooper O’Borne for Weeks and he sacked it)

Be careful out there Folks. They are everywhere and Equestrian Australia doesn’t care


Feedback on the Vendors above

I just read your blog about Mia and Gazz. That poor girl. I went in November to look at one of their thoroughbreds for sale and it was also unsound. I was feeling his back before he was saddled and he was so sore in his sacroiliac region he collapsed under my touch. Mia screamed at me from the sidelines not to touch their horse. I said he was very sore and Gazz proceeded to throw saddle on top of my hand so I could not touch him anymore. He then rode the poor horse who was clearly unhappy and trying to evade him. He then said for me to get on and I said I would not as horse was in pain. They were both very rude to me and stated that a horse needed to be worked through the pain to get better. I replied that is not so and used the analogy of a footballer pulling a hamstring needs treatment and not to keep playing games. Gazz started telling at me and then Mia was videoing me with her phone. They told me to leave within 5 minutes or they were calling the police. It was really horrible and I felt sorry for the horse and all the others they had there.

This reminds me ( I wish I had more time in Life) but I was watching a Video this Week. The Video above….LISTEN TO YOUR HORSES…….

Tara Rise

Well…..’blow me down’……Young Mia Humphreys also appears on the LISTEN DVD’s…….TRYING TO SELL AN UNSOUND HORSE TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia Humphreys

The big Fish go around and around 🙂 It will never end. Equestrian Australia has failed to control the “Code of Ethics” with their Top Coaches being the most crooked of all the Horse Dealers


The Pull back Horse




Hi HP & Linda.\Today, I really need your help….
So, Indy’s ability to tie up has deteriorated since he was started (by me, using your methods). I have tied him to bailing twine in the past because of unsatisfactory tie up facilities at agistment centres. During this time he had some random pull backs and therefore, some wins. We returned to the round yard for some solid tie up lessons, which were successful. Then we had a negative experience in a friend’s angle load float; he lost his balance, ended up on his bum and we literally had to pull him up off his butt. Ever since then, we have had a few random pull backs at the tie up rail, where he has won. I’ve been using one of those blocker tie up contraptions with some success and then the other day when he was tied up after a ride, I went to make his feed up and all of a sudden there was an almighty clap of thunder directly above us….he freaked (don’t blame him) and pulled back and broke the alloy steel hook- strong but not strong enough. Today, I put the head collar on and tied him solid and went to make up his feed…he pulled back, then gave, made another attempt and gave whilst nearly sitting on his butt…then made another attempt…..gave and droppped his head to the ground in submission but probably shutting down. I then released him, went for a walk and tied him up again while he ate his dinner. Interesting to see that he was keeping his nose to the ground as much as possible. It’s just incredible how quickly good training can come undone, as a consequence of random life events. I’m just grateful I had the head collar on to minimise as much physical damage as possible (which is a worry).

Weirdly he has chosen to stand under the roof which is a first as he usually doesn’t like being in this confined area. He’s clinging onto that post as if it was his mother


Hi Jo,

Yes, on the subject of Tying Up or Floating, we can’t afford to have glitches, for it takes Horses backwards much. Yes, some things are out of our control and I understand that completely.

This Horse learnt a big Lesson the other Day and the Head down of course, is what we call ” Cow Down Bow Down” an indicator that for the first time, he was properly beaten, can’t believe his position and is reflecting upon Life in general.

If he dared to do it again, You are going to have to go to the next level, to reverse his psychological problem that is indeed triggering Him to his actions.


As You know, You won the quiz the other Week and so I have the perfect Video on Vimeo, for You and I shall send that along to you as your prize.

and in particular for You

Curing the Violent Pull back Horse from Horseproblems Australia on Vimeo.


Another great vid HP. Think I’ll do the training in the round yard and it will help with floating too (one day when I own one of course). Jo Hall


For Linda


The other issue, and this is for Linda (sorry HP),- the issues we’re having with canter must be my problem; I’m obviously very crooked, so do you have any suggestions? I feel that my left side is stronger; I seem to contract my left side, bringing my heel and leg upwards when asking for a canter to the left; this must shift weight to the outside seatbone, therefore making the canter strike off difficult for him. I was thinking I just need to do some work without stirrups in the round yard?
….and the last thing….been thinking….you see I turn 50 this year….I’ve never made a big deal of milestones, but as I get older, I become more aware of my mortality. So, I was wondering whether you guys would be around, end of March? I was thinking I could fly solo to Adelaide, hire a car and stay in VH for a week (my family won’t even notice that I’m gone); maybe have a lesson with Linda on Cappo? …and possibly be your PT caddy HP? Just a thought…

Try asking for canter strike off by using your inside hip instead of so much leg. I use inside leg lightly and don’t push with my outside leg at all as that only makes the horse go quarters in into travere. I draw my body taller and bring my inside hip forward. If the horse doesn’t go off the soft aid, I hunt them forward in a hurry not worrying about if it is pretty. As we want a snappy quick reaction. Then just bring back and retry again with just hip. After a few attempts the horse will get the idea.

When you bring your heel up, it means you are using too much leg and hence it affects your posture. So make the horse more obedient to forward aids and ask softer. Riding without stirrups does help to lengthen your frame and results in a longer leg position.




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