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Hi John, I was given your name by a friend. 2weeks ago I bought a horse from a well known dressage rider in South Australia that was supposed to be suitable for my children. I trusted her because of her name. Reading your website I realise that was wrong. She dropped the horse to me 1week after purchase. At the same time left she left ‘supplements’. The quiet horse 1 week later having not had any supplements is no longer quiet and the seller is refusing to take him back. 

Lol…..astounding! How brazen can one become? Have you had the SUPPLEMENTS tested for Bute?????

No but one was chamomile flowers and the other was MSM.

Yes. The horse bolted on me (luckily the kids weren’t riding it). I fell off and have injured my back. When I called her out on doping the horse she got aggressive and abusive. I have finally gotten her to take the horse back at financial, physical and emotional loss to myself. You definitely called this one!!!  Sorry to vent on you,


Well, I hope You are ok.


Yes, please spread the word. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I just have. I purchased the horse from Rachel Vincent. The horse is a 9 year old Australian Stock Horse, 15.1hh, Dark bay gelding, not registered, called Clancy.My back is getting there. Thanks. I had X rays and no fractures, so will just take time and physio. 




I may not be involved in horses because I’m broke AF now, but I still have my eye thanks to you.

Sitting here watching a horse warm up at Murray Bridge show, the rider was saying to other riders how the horse is difficult/hot/etc. She hops on, canters the horse around. All of a sudden, the back feet hop in unison, bum bounces, then off it goes again. Other riders joke how the horse “still has a bouncy bum”. I keep watching. Horse is circling, comes back to the same spot (downhill section), same again. And again. Horse is punished, growled at.

Meanwhile I’m sitting there cringing internally because clearly the horse is unsound, in pain, and merely trying to communicate.



Well done Sarah. It’s a sad affair, for both of us 🙁 The Power of PC and Hacking is more powerful than I or Pat P. Go figure.


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