Horseproblems Australia Blog – 1st April, 2020

Victor Harbor

HI Folks, hope You are all well and that You are staying out of trouble. It’s a time to enjoy the rest. God knows, we are all flogged too hard by the system these Days so try not to take it too seriously. Use the time for other positive progressions.


Of course, always plenty happening in our Life. Never boring here 🙂

Took poor Dolce Girl to the Vets last Week and had Her lump cut out of Her back ( which had started growing again but was never sore.) Linda had a big hole cut out of Her Saddle Padding and Blankets and it never bothered her but it was time to go.

All went great and only 6 Weeks out. Thank God we have quiet Horses!!! as the Vet’s always say ” Box the Horse” for a Week……lol…..don’t tell them but she has been in Her Yard and even Paddock, happy as Larry 🙂 Perfect behaved, no running, no damage and it is all over from here.

She’s been such a good Girl and now enjoying the scratches as it is getting itchy. All good!!! and very happy Mrs. HP!


Well, he is the Baby Sitter but has been feeling very good this Week and working ‘the House down” He also did a Lesson this Week and made a lovely Lady from England happy.

The Mongrel Glen Stibbard


We were surprised to have found out that a long time and well known Lady of the Horse Industry here, had also been caught by this ‘ Crack Head’

He Purchased this Horse from the Auctions of course and did the customary Hollywood Production of a Sales Video, showing the ‘Worlds best Horse’ every time and of course many end up not being that at all.


The Responsibility of Trainers

Well, the Lady had spelled the poor Horse for it ended up that he was only 2 and with missing front Teeth still and he has been out in the Paddock for a couple of Years, having a Ball 🙂

A few Weeks ago, he was sent to a Trainer here, to get going again, ready for Her to ride and she has had Him for 4 Weeks and $2,000!!!!!!!!!

Well of course, such a Horse DOES NOT NEED 4 Weeks or re-starting, just a couple of Days and jump on. THEN REPORT TO THE DAMM OWNER if the Horse is a problem and that it WON’T SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!…..not rip the Hell out of their Bank Account. Here yet another reason why the Horse Industry is on it’s knees. Crooked Coaches and also Trainers doing the wrong thing.

Problem is, it was MONEY UP FRONT. If any Trainer want’s ‘Money up front” walk away for they don’t back their ability or are going to take advantage of You!!

Bucked off twice last Week

and so, 4 Weeks down the track, she has been Bucked off twice, meaning of course that the Horse and the job is ruined 🙁

Preparedness to be a Trainer

Now Most of You will know and see in this Video, that the Girl just doesn’t understand the dangers of Mounting such Horses and is indeed, an ‘ accident waiting to happen’. I privately feel quite Sad that such Young Folk are in such danger and that they rarely seek advice from the Older Trainers of the Industry. No wonder the Hospital stats are so high 🙁

anyhow, as you know, the Horse was broken in and ridden around the Streets of Sydney, waiting at Traffic Lights, Hungry Jacks Drive through and all the other tricks that Stibbard Pulls with his ‘ Crash Jockeys’, so he is broken in well enough……BUT……has he got a Mouth and of course You know the next thing I am going to utter……A LATERAL MOUTH!!!!!!!

Well one of the Buck Offs last Week was whenshe was riding out around the Property and a Bunch of Horses in the Paddock came galloping up behind Him. He did a Runner……ok……..

This Week at Hp’s

Apart from being a very fearful Horse, yet another Saint with no fault at all. Just confused, worried and WITH A DOSE OF COB HABITS in Him, that of being TOO PRE-OCCUPIED with things behind. Just about every Cob we have met has this problem and hence THEY NEED AIR BRAKES!!!!!!

So only one priority here, TEST HIS MOUTH and as I always suspect, GREAT FRONT MOUTH and NO LATERAL MOUTHS, telling us all we need to know about the Trainers and Riders’.

The unsound and lame ‘flexed off’ Horse

Yet another Pony Club and Coaching Victim

Stay safe everyone!!!!!!

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