Horseproblems Australia – Blog 19th November, 2019

Hi Folks,

Hope You had a lovely Week. Again, our priority has been preparation for Bush Fire and it looks like I may have shamed 2 of my Neighbors into taking some action as well, although too little too late, the story of Life these Days.

Tomorrow here, Catastrophic with 42 Degrees and North Winds. Pray for everyone.

My private Road alongside


The District Councils of South Australia with their ‘Brain Dead’ idea that you spend half a Million Dollars on wasted Roundup, manufacturing Fire Hazards, Months before they should exist. Have a look around Your District and Slam your Councils, wasting your Rates for nothing.

Last Week, we drove 100k and through Playford, Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide Hills, Meadows, Alexandrina and Victor Harbor Councils. Would You believe they are all doing it. 100k of poison spray, a totally wasted effort. It must be half Million Dollars 😨😨

The ‘Fire Bugs’ of South Australia, must be rubbing their Hands together, getting combustible grass, 2 Months ahead of time! 😯

and so, given the width and height of a Fire Truck, I spent 3 full Days, cutting Tree Branches, up our Fire Track, to ensure they can get through and to INVITE THEM through.

We have also been to Gainsborough, Weed sprayed the whole place and the Road verges and as well, spent an hour working with the new unbroken Horse of Young Chris and setting Him up for his Homework.

The Horse (not possible to be loaded into a Float when purchased, 3 hours effort and bashing occurred) threatening to attack Humans upon arrival and first Hello……was a perfect Angel and responded perfectly to all the things I introduced to Him, (crash course) so that I could set Chris up for his Weeks duties.

The Horse is however, 100kg under weight and advice has been given to Him to turn this around fast. He can’t be ridden like that!!!

under weight and neglected

Video of the Week

The Training of Tempi Changes – the lovely Dolce

The very talented and intelligent genius of Dolce Vita. How smart are the Horses Folks????


As Mrs. HP explains on the Video, this Horse was unsound when we got Her back, due to a terrible Farrier being in charge of Her, when she was away.

Remedial Farrier work, by myself and the hard yards done under saddle, with straightness

Keeping Councils on side

Horses are banned on this Beach

This is a well known local Lady, who posted Her proud Photos on Facebook. I hope the Council doesn’t see them for they will not be pleased and this will make it more difficult for us to progress Horse interests!!! 😯

Meeting the Residents but some will ring the Council!!!

The Learner Rider

Congrats to Paul Dopper, who is doing an amazing job in Sydney, converting the ever lasting contact People and starting out new entrants to the Industry, something that the Industry needs always.

Feedback from Mrs. HP

Good effort by the young lass. Now get her to lengthen her thighs and pull her toes up. Also tell her to try and follow the horses movement with her hips and not to sit still. If you sit still then you tense your muscles which causes the bounce out of the saddle.

The Greenies next door

We have ‘Greenies’ next Door. He works at the Waite Agriculture Institute.

Go figure this Folks???

You can’t make this stuff up 🙂

Tip of the Day

Creosote Rails are a marvellous thing. Horses won’t eat them and nor will white ants……however……the Sun will fade them badly, in 2 years.

Go to your Mechanic, any Mechanic and get a drum of Sump Oil. Paint them and they will be back to new, like this Client this Week.


Bella Vista of the Day


Victor Harbor of the Week


Gainsborough Soap

Horsemanship of the Week

Two Weeks ago, this Horse could not be fed by our Staff. Well done to the Owner, for his learning and carrying it out.

Don’t ever Pat a Horse that has already been given permission to eat!

So the Horsemanship tip of the Week is found here in the caption.

The Hay season went well in this District


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