Horseproblems Australia – Blog 18th Feb, 2020

Rein Control of the Green Horse

HI Folks. Hope You have had a lovely Week. We missed out on the Rain but no real Heat, so all good and all Green.

Half a Day off

Had a wonderful lunch at the Mighty Murray Mouth this Week. 21 Degrees and lovely Sea Breeze, blowing through the Mouth and Recreational Fishers stopping by with their Boats, for Lunch and a Beer 🙂

Getting Jaded

I must admit, I have been a bit jaded this Week, not me at all. The more I look at Social Media and the Horse Industry in general, I realize that we, me, Pat Parelli and all the other Trainers, have really not made a dent at all on the offending sector of the Industry, that terrorizes Horses on a Daily basis and it is very difficult to watch.

What is worse, is the the Scientific take over of the Industry, by Stealth, is already undoing any gains and Deaths and injuries are going to go through the Roof, not to mention the Lives of Horses 🙁

I am advised, that Pony Club has now embraced Equine Science into the system and there are Pony Club Coaches being accredited into it, themselves already running around Terrorizing Horses and teaching badly. God knows.

So forgive me, but I simply have to show You these Videos, taken last Weekend at the Autumn Championships here, showcasing the Highest level Equine Science Pulil and Coach and then Her Pupil, on the same Day, Herself an F.E.I. Rider who didn’t make it to the top level with Her Horse. This is not new, it’s been going on for Years. It just puzzles one, how a highly intelligent Scientific Lady, can not work it out??? They seem to believe their own constant message and never look in the mirror?

The Grand Prix Test here was given a very rewarding 50%. I would have given it 40.

Now many of You won’t see all of course, so I am going to have a quiz, for the best comment about what You saw. Listen to the Horse and tell me what it says.

and nothing changes. This was 2 Years ago, when I had seen the threats to rear going on for 3 Months prior. I knew it was coming and took my long lense that Day, sitting it across the Bonnet of the F Truck and fro 150 Metres away, waited and then shot this…..

Equine Science International systems

Quiz of the Week

What does the above Horse Tell You, other than the obvious “Learned Helplessness” and other than the obvious failure to perform most movements???

PRIZE to the Value of $100.

Major Drug Bust on Equestrian Vice Chair of SA Equestrian Board

Announcement to Members from the Chair
Tuesday 11 February 2020

Dear Valued Members,
I have been informed police visited Kirkcaldy Park and a man was taken into custody in regard to a drug related offence. The owner of the property, Karin Edwards offered her resignation from the ESA Board with immediate effect.

As Kirkcaldy Park is a venue hired and used by ESA and our members we will use alternative venues for our training clinics in the interests of protecting our membership, especially our children, until investigations and any proceedings that follow are completed.


She may need to keep a closer eye on the Partner :)…and the Power Bill.

Risk Management and Pony Club

This is a Jump at a Pony Club facility in the Adelaide Hills and it depicts the Human Blindness of those in the Sport.


Learned Helplessness

It spreads across the World in the tens of thousands daily 🙁 …..USA this Week……the Lady got “Her Nose out of Joint” when I suggest she and the Horse needed Help.

Gossip of the Week

A Dressage Club here, contacted Equestrian South Australia, to report an Olympic Rider, for Cruelty to Horses, at Club. The Body does not want to entertain the Complaint!

Same Coach…..I finally found out Her Nick Name……..”Cash Cow” they tell me, for she buys Horses for the Pupils and then tells them they are not good enough to ride it and have to pay Her sqillions for Her to ride.

Nothing changes in Equestrian Administration Folks. They have no idea!!!!!

Video of the Week

Photo of the Day

Have you checked the Teeth of Your Horse lately???

The Racing Industry still in turmoil

Victor Harbor of the Week


Product of the Week

with these one’s. Thanks Katherine in New Zealand for reminding me

Boof of the Week



Hi there, 
i was just wondering if i could have a chat with someone regarding overcoming horse shy behaviour.  my horse is a 14 year old thoroughbred that i have owned since he was 5 years old. 
we used to show alot both at agricultural shows and HRCAV events . 
he had about 12 months out from injury when he was about 9 and since then we have barely competed as he is extremely horse shy.  i have developed a severe anxiety when riding with others now and i am worried there is no way out of it. 
whenever another horse comes in our direction he will leap sideways and spin the other way which has now forced me to ride alone and not go to any events or lessons due to my extreme anxiety. 
i am 90% he now does this because of my anxiety and i fuel his behaviour however i would love some help or information on how i can over come this as its been years now and i would love to compete him again. 
Kind regards, 

That’s fine Zoe. I can give you advice but wanted to give you over an hours advice.

Get the eyes checked on the horse first.

Check it for Ulcers. 100% have Ulcers when they leave the track and most are never treated.

Check the teeth are done.

Make sure there is no sand in the Gut……..and so on and on and on.

Once the Veterinary has been eliminated, only then can you go to the ridden, behavioral and psychological


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