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Horseproblems Australia

Hi Folks. among the copious Video Productions Tonight, one is about a most high end technical Veterinary assessment Tool, not taught or probably known about at Vet School………

Merry Christmas to all. Linda and I hope You have a lovely time and please give our love to Your Horses.

Merry Christmas from the HP’s

I have nearly finished FIRE PREVENSION on this Property. Yes, call me fanatical but it’s getting a bit late in the piece for me to have to re-build.

Mrs. HP Paddock Stables.

Victor Harbor Pageant

Clydesdales to be involved in the Victor Harbor Christmas Pageant

City of Victor Harbor councillor Andrew Robertson has organised something special to occur at this year’s Christmas Pageant on Saturday, December 14, with the help of a few friends.

Councillor Robinson – the best I have met!!!!

The pageant will be led by a restored open style horse carriage drawn by two Clydesdale horses. Cr Robertson recruited Russell March, who owns Glenquarry Stud to take part.

Fellow councillor Peter Charles of Oops Locksmiths and Victor Central’s Harry Perks and manager Sharyn Powell will sponsor the $1600 cost for the horses and carriage.

“I would like to thank the sponsors Oops Locksmiths and Victor Central for making this happen. We as a council do not have a float in the pageant, but hopefully in the future we can utilise our own horse tram and horses,” Cr Robertson said.

The horse tram is currently on display in the Victor Central Shopping Centre and one lucky family and friends will have the opportunity of riding in this float during the pageant as part of a promotion that is currently being run by Centre management.

Families are invited to enter the competition by visiting the Victor Central Shopping Centre’s facebook site victorcentralshop. Entries close at 5pm on Wednesday, December 11.

During the time that the horse tram is located in the shopping centre mall, the South Coast Christian Community Care organisation is accepting donations of non perishable food items, toys and toiletries for those young people and adults in this community who are in need.

Another highlight will be the continued celebration of the Victor Harbor horse community by John O’Leary and partner Linda, who both have extensive experience with horses and at equestrian level. They will be riding in the pageant too.

The Victor Harbor Pageant

Well Folks, it was indeed a daunting experience for our two lovely Horses, that we are so proud of and especially proud to have bred them both.

Yes, they were both very worried, for the number of outrageous things going on around them, with absolutely no regard that they are Horses 😁 was amazing. The Dancing Elves, the Old Lady in the motorized wheel chair, dressed as a Fairy and more 🤣….OMG!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, we all survived and the Thousands of People loved the Horses. Extremely glad we didn’t tread on any Kids as the little one’s were lined up on the ground, often 2 foot from the hooves of the Horses…..risk management not……however, all is well.

The experienced Clydesdale’s, leading the Parade and directly in front of us, were themselves worried and each had handlers on the ground, to assure them.


Anyhow, here are a few Pics of the event.

and the Video………

Councillor Robinson – simply the best (Officer in Charge of Pooper Scooper)

The best Councillor I have met!

Veterinary assessment Online

The lovely Owner of this Horse, came to our Home Today, for an assessment of this Horse. She is having trouble getting Him to do basic training Dressage, for Stock Horse Classes in Canberra.

Watch his body language, slight lameness of some description,

PUTTING THE RIDER ON THE WRONG DIAGONAL!!!!….often ( which is the Classic sign of unsoundness.)

all the Body language we know about and see often.

The facial expressions when he knows Trot is coming.

and more………….

Wrong Diagonals

A few Years ago, giving written evidence in the Mt. Gambier Court, we created a precedent by the Judge accepting my word, based upon Video review, that the Horse was unsound, because it had learnt a perfected system of shifting a Rider onto the wrong Diagonal ( without the knowledge of the Rider)

See how many times You can see this happen in this Video……….

As I said, this is a very reliable sign that the Horse is unsound and it is shifting You for a reason. You know what that reason is.

Now check this out…….do You see the proof??

The Veterinary implications of the wrong diagonal

This subject is a little known one. Even many of the Vets’ don’t know these things as the Schools don’t teach it. They have missed a big chance by not getting some of our Videos.

Tip of the Week

” If a Horse changes a Rider, to the incorrect Diagonal, it almost always has a problem!!”


You tell me what more you see in the Assessment Video and the Winner will be rewarded. Just use the comments section.



We also advised the Lass, to do this……..

Hi John and Linda, Thank you so much for your help yesterday in Victor Harbour. Flew home to the ACT and did the ulcer pressure point check on Tycoon. I thought you might be interested in the video. When he turns his head he is gently nipping me. So I think he has a mild case of ulcers. He had no food yesterday or today and I’m giving him your sand treatment tonight. Here’s the link. Best Emma

Well done Emma. Great stuff. Yes, no doubt about it. There were a number of messages from the Horse there. I’ll try and do some Captions for You. Regards


Class action wins against Dealers

Historic legal win at QCAT Toowoomba yesterday! First time QCAT TWMBA had ever dealt with multiple applicants in a joint action matter – basically a small class action. This was against JBF Equine Industries owners Rebecca Johns & Justin Finnis. Point

1) lack of pre-purchase vet reports irrelevant when you have vet reports taken not long after purchase proving horses unsound / not fit for purpose or as described at time of sale. There is also no legal requirement for a pre purchase vet exam to be done even though highly recommended. This was also supported by precedent set in Victoria in the 2019 M.Cotton Vs Countrywide Thoroughbreds matter as well.

2) Illegal consumer terms and conditions on invoices & in statements made were also proven.

3) Business closed to mislead no refunds could be given with threats to go bankrupt if legal action taken, but proven Johns set up new business / continues selling as “Horse City” with nearly $35,000 in horses publicly advertised on Sunday.

4) 2 horses purchased can remain with the buyers due to justified serious welfare concerns if returned plus substantial costs applied for to be paid by JBF.

5) claims of being a silent business partner and not knowing what happened did not relieve J. Finnis of his legal obligations / ordered to pay 1/2 costs awarded. 6) All vet, medication, transport, farrier, drenching & daily feed / care costs since purchased also awarded….feed costs also supported by precedent set in T.Smith Vs JBF Equine Industries case at QCAT earlier this year as well. 7)

This is now 4 cases against Johns this year that have been easily won. These have been a great milestone for both the equine industry and in a QCAT rural regional office that has never dealt with a multi action claim before.

Know your rights, let’s make seller’s more accountable and force a clean up of the rampant unconscionable business practices by those who sell horses.

Horse purchased at auction

Bought a horse at dalby ash sale. An approved sale for ash society. Horse was mad. Wslked fence day and night. If stabled kicked walls tried to jump door. Reared. Windsucked. Sent legal letter to agent and ash. Sent horse back. Full vet report. Still no refund. Ceo of Ash. Wrote as per sale entitled to refund but his agent will not release funds. Ash cancelled transfer papers. Vendor ignoring us. Any advice

Boof of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week

Next Door Neighbor. I was walking with Councillor when he stumbled across it.


The Administrators kill the Sport

This will either be fact or fake news, for if the change comes, it’s all Spin!!!! by FAKE NEWS ABC.

Just like Equestrian South Australia Administrators killed the Industry here, now the Racing Industry Administrators are going to kill theirs. Go figure!!!!

Horse racing will go ahead in Adelaide this Friday afternoon despite extreme heat forecast across the state, with the temperature tipped to reach 44 degrees Celsius in the city earlier in the day.


Key points:

  • The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses has condemned a decision to allow the Morphettville meet to continue
  • Racing authorities say they have taken precautionary steps, including reducing the number of races
  • The temperature in Adelaide on Friday is expected to peak at 44C before a milder change

Thoroughbred Racing SA (TRSA) said the planned meet at Morphettville Racecourse would go ahead from 5:00pm, albeit with a modified schedule.

The decision has been condemned by racing opponents, who have called for the event to be cancelled and warned that the heat would place the horses in danger.

2 thoughts on “Horseproblems Australia Blog – 18th December, 2019

  1. Hi HP, you know I love a good quiz….Thanks to Emma for sharing her vid for educational purposes. I can relate to this scenario and I have a horse that is more “wo” than “go”! First thing I noticed with Emma’s horse was the constant tail swishing- part flies maybe? Part the horse is communicating to the rider that he is not comfortable methinks. This behaviour becomes more obvious when asked to move into faster gaits and the horse goes completely hollow with head in the air and back collapsing under the saddle. He just doesn’t want to canter AT ALL (I can certainly relate to this!). I also noticed the rider rising on the incorrect leag on both rein- is this an unsoundness issue or rider error? Right rein is weakest and Emma spends more time on the stronger left rein (Yep, I’m guilty of that). The horse is relaxed at the walk and I can tell that he would be happy to move forward if everything was working in his favour. Yep, I have experienced all of this…IT got to a point where my horse was refusing to move forward and developed soundness issues that no Vet, Chiro, physio or Osteo could pinpoint. I started addressing possible causes one by one. A tedious process but necesarry and a very good learning experience. Consider the footing- is your horse shod? Maybe the surface is too hard and coarse? I found my horse preferred riding on grass compared to a hard and coarse sand arena with varying depth. I put shoes on my horse during our training period then removed in Winter- this did help, he was more willing to go forward but I still had issues with canter….So I checked my saddle fit. My saddle was too long and too narrow- the narrow gullet/tree blocked shoulder movement and the saddle was too long so that when he moved into canter, the end of the saddle dug into his loins which resulted in resistance. I fixed the saddle which resulted in a more relaxed horse that was happier moving forward in all gaits.

    Emma has a good riding posture with quiet hands. Although, the horse is never taking a correct contact and lacks suppleness. In this case though, I think if the horse was forced into a frame by the rider shortening the reins forcefully in order to make it round, we would see more resistance from the horse such as complete refusal to move forward, rearing or bolting and bucking.

    I would certainly rule out ulcers. Is he girthy? Again, ulcers? Saddlefit? Worms? Sand?
    I also gave my horse a dose of the sand colic remedy.

    It’s been a journey that’s for sure. Even when these issues have been addressed, the horse needs time to undo the incorrect muscle development which has occurred over time due to compensating for poor footing, poor health, incorrect saddle fit and training etc. After 3 years I feel that my horse has been mentally and physically rehabilitated back to healthy functioning. He is now building some topline because he’s developing the correct muscles and becoming stronger because he is able to work over his back correctly with relaxation. Now we’re working on the impulsion 😉
    Jo 😉

  2. Hi John
    Rider is constantly on incorrect diagonal
    Horse not wanting to go forward or step under with hind quarters. To avoid going forward in the trot he canters and lots of head shaking and resistance. I noticed this was always on the left rein – example: 7.20 8.15 and 9.45 on the video. Also seems the left hind hangs a little longer in the air than the right hind. Doesn’t bring it through as much and puts weight on the riders left inside leg when on the left rein on corners and when asked to go forward. So crooked on this rein. This was a bit similar to Ally (not sure how to spell) but it was on the right rein with Ally – crooked and leaning against linda”s right leg.
    The horse’s head also nods at times up and down indicating an unsound horse (also on the left rein). I would get a good chiro or body worker out to check it out. So what is my reward hahaha. Im not sure about the ulcer thing. I don’t there there was too much of a reaction. I have seen obvious symptoms for ulcers, like kicking out and ears back.

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