Horseproblems Australia – Blog 17th Sept, 2019

HP Roughout Half Breed

17th September, 2019

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. We caught a Cold from that Young Dressage Queen from Sydney so that’s Air Flights for You. Traveling Incubator of everything. The Asians are very smart wearing their Masks.

We have only had 2mm of Rain this Week and now getting ready for a bit to finish the Crops around here, to their Magnificent ending but even if we don;t get it, doesn’t matter, just better Horse Hay. Been Cold though. 4 Degrees down here this afternoon, unreal!

I now have ‘Mini HP’ set up as my mobile workshop and it has been used much over the past couple of Weeks. Nothing worse than walking to the Shed for the Tool You never have when You want it. The Saddle Shop is almost complete, just waiting for the Gutter and she can start moving Her stuff in. Popular Boy me!!


Victor Harbor has been full to the brim this Weekend. Thousands of these came down

4-20190915_154227-e1568633405198      3-20190915_154008-e1568633392347    2-20190915_154114-e1568633375442

the Traffic on the Victor Harbor Road was unreal



We have lurve Power struggles going on here right now. The “other Woman’ is in the House and the strategic love moves have been going on between Cappo, Dolce and Her and we didn’t know just how serious it was until we got to the Dressage Yesterday.

Mrs. HP was very confident, Horses going tops but like Hell 🙂 She actually had to retire from the first Test and scratched from the Second, such was the fractiousness, scouring and yelling out during the Test. Not good. Nothing You can do about it.

So then came Cappo ( who has never been affected by such, during a Test. Normally gets on with the job, but not so Sunday. He had his Mind on one thing and it wasn’t Mrs.HP 🙂

Now this Video will show You a brave decision, to train a Horse, that he can’t train You because he knows he has You in front of the Judges, where you must behave Yourself. They know full well, as seen by Dolce previously Today. No yelling in the Warm up Arena.

** NOTE that he reacts with Capriolle and rounds up, not rearing like many Horses do. He úps the anti’ but so does Mrs. HP :)….and then does wonderful Piaffe 🙂

Just shows you, the Worlds quietest Horse, when “Spring has Sprung” and Sex is in the Minds, anything can happen 🙂


As You know, after sorting his Mounting Problems, I handed Him over to this Young Bloke. He’s not a bad Hand and does a reasonable job but thinks he is way better than reasonable 🙂 Fair enough, he’s only Young. If he asked the question ( which I have been waiting for) I would give him some very helpful advice and maybe a small reality check for he is really a 6/10.Not his fault of course, just that the Pommy influence has given Him a few systems that could be much better. Never mind, as I said, he does a good job.



Now for the trouble maker 🙂

She has been a very good Girl, in the Yard, eating, on the Ground and under Saddle.

Now that we completely know Her, we can list Her problems in life, easily :

  • Powerful strong Mind of the Chestnut Warmblood Mare and Daughter of the ultimate Alpha.
  • Extremely judgemental of Humans ( and well she should be)
  • She has a complete Guts full of incompetent Fools
  • She finds Flatwork in any form, difficult, due to the great job previous Riders’ had done on deteriorating Her Body.
  • She lays the Ears back on the Head when not happy and squints Her eyes 🙂
  • She has ‘bluffed’ one or more previous Riders, in Her 2 Years since being started.
  • Started by a ‘Joddy Boy’
  • Doesn’t tie up properly and with a Mental thing about it, due to
  • smacking Her Head on a Horse Float Roof at some stage.
  • Bad Ground Manners from the PC World.
  • Full case of ‘Learned Helplessness’
  • No Mouth and as a result, dangerous.
  • ………and that’s probably enough for one Horse.

Well, would You believe that she is already building Topline??? Amazing really…..oh…..and put on 50kg so far. Forgot to mention that she was starving!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now let Mrs. HP give You a report via



Yesterday, whilst sitting in the F Truck….in the Float Parking area, I couldn’t help notice this Lady……well, the unhappy Horse as well.



What does this Lady think she is doing….Canter Laps in among the Horse Floats, when the Club has 2 official Warm up Arenas????

She wasn’t approached and she wasn’t stopped.

I wonder what the Insurance Company would say about that??????

I will give it to the BHS, for cracking down on overweight People not being matched to their Horses. As usual, our Administrators’ are behind the times. The Horse is always the loser. This is an OTTB and of course has not had a Muscle group built for such carrying.

Pony Club Hands of course and that is not the fault of the Lass, but again, the Administrators’




” Horses will always tell You about their Past. Take note of that and you will have an immediate Window to how to assist them”


The one in 40 Years Harvest Moon


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