Horseproblems Australia – Blog 17th March, 2020

Comic Court Lodge

HI Folks. Hope You all had a lovely Week and haven’t caught the dreaded Virus. Hope too You got some Toilet Rolls and not having to use old News Paper hahahahaha. We were 2 Weeks ahead of the World.

We didn’t believe a word of what the Government said, Health Commission or the News. They were all lying to us and all covering up. What’s more, they are completely incompetant and not up to the job of protecting us. Last Week, the Doctor who has treated 70 patients in the last 2 Weeks and thought he had only a Cold. You can’t make this stuff up Folks. Now of course, they can’t lie any more. They have left their default position.

Anyhow, all stocked up and ready for a nice rest. Hell, the Country needs a rest. We all work too hard these Days, chasing our Asses to please the Government. Relax for a while Folks and enjoy Your Horses, and improve Training. Don’t forget this……

Centaur Horse Floats

Congrats to my Son for his latest delivery to North Queensland, of the MADE IN ADELAIDE Gainsborough, an extra Wide Bodied one, for an extra wide Bodied Horse hahahaha.

Talk about ‘go the extra yard’ and Customer Service, he was putting the finishing touches to the Float, when the Buyer walked in from Queensland. He had just smudged some sort of Black Solastic and was frantically trying to get it off the Paint, he couldn’t right there and then

So he flew to North Queensland and stayed for 2 Days, to do the job on the Float there. The Buyer was so impressed, he asked if he could invest. Well done Son. The ‘Ó’Leary Way’

O’Leaary Crest

Corona Virus free 🙂

The Disgrace of Equestrian Australia

Equestrian Australia is going to have a bad Night Tonight. I don’t go looking for this stuff and you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, but where ever You go, it is there right in front of your Face. It’s so sad, sad for Horses mostly but sad to for the Riders. 🙁 I doubt if anything can ever be done about Folks. I have ‘learned helplessness’ 🙁

You know that over the many Years, since 2001 in fact, that I have tried to influence, please with, shame and more, Equestrian Australia and their Code of Ethics, to no avail.

Apart from the Deaths, pain, injury, Crippled People and even Humans drinking from a Tube, I have had zero success…..ok, yes, I pioneered Horselaw and have seen many successes around the Country but nothing has changed to the damage to the Industry, by Senior Coaches.

I am about to ramp up a notch and now that Mrs. HP isn’t a Member of this Bankrupt Organization that has no Morals, I can do so.

This Week, we have the first of many high profile F.E.I. Riders and Coaches, and this one has been taught by the very best.

She came to our Notice recently and spookily ( as is our Life always) on Friday 7th, we were asked to assess a recent VERY EXPENSIVE Stock Horse ( $15,000) that was doing this with the Buyer.

Now when the Coach was showing the Purchaser and the Horse was doing this at the Point of Sale. The often ‘throw away line’ was put, to make the Purchaser feel at ease, as Dealers so often do. Quick with the Tongue. More about this case next Blog, including the Videos.

HOWEVER…….this Week, we have another Client, eagerly wanting to enter the Horse Industry and franticly running around trying to buy a Horse and when the word “School Master” sprung from the Page, of course she rang up and went to look.

The Girl has never owned a Horse before and is a LEARNER RIDER. (from India)

So the Buyer went for a Ride and if You have a sharp eye, You will see that this could have ended in a tragety similar to the deceased Daughter of Juliana Waugh and You may also see (now that I mention it) that the Arena isn’t Fenced. So much for Coaches Insurance prices ey????? 🙁

Now these ‘Smarties’ have a well honed set of tactics and as I said, she has been taught by the best, so when the request came from Mrs. HP for a Video of someone enforcing the Horse to put it’s Head down ( School Master Competition Warmblood) she sends the 10 Year Old Kid out as the Crash Dummy, as they do ( with Megan Jones getting one so injured that she left the Industry, whilst selling a Horse)

and of course the Horse doesn’t have it’s Head down here either. ( was it another Buyer? )

So Mrs. HP asked the Purchaser, to phone and request a 20 Minute Video of perfect flatwork with all paces and all transitions and no editing….:)………

and BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..we got the Video but the Vendor forgot to Edit properly 🙂 Turn the Volume up at the end of the Clip

Turn Your Volume up full

So there You have it. The attempted Sale of an unsound Horse that is not suitable for the Purpose or the Buyer and indeed, dangerous to them, to the point where one of our strongest F.E.I. Riders cannot ride it either.

Be warned Folks.!!!!!!! Equestrian Australia talks the talk but doesn’t protect with actions. They have been out of control for many Years and it still goes on Daily, now.

So what do You think is going on with this Horse Folks??? Well clearly, it is unsound and clearly, it is petrified of ‘Çollection’. The Vendor, an accomplished and most powerful F.E.I. Rider can’t do it, there is a Problem Folks. Look out for the subtle but powerful See Sawing of the Mouth so that he can’t in fact gain relief from his undoubted Veterinary affliction. Grrrrrrrrrrr

So again, no direction, no leadership within the Industry. No taking control of these hundreds of Coaches who pay for their Career by ripping off the unsuspecting, those attempting to enter the Industry ( which needs them desperately) affecting the bottom line of all of us, if not our Insurance Premium to say the least. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dressage Sunday – been a long time

The wonderful Dolce competed in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediate 1. The poor Girl hadn’t been out for 3 Months and was putting up with a lump on Her back ( that has been there for a couple of Years and protected via holes cut out of special Saddle Pads, at the direction of the Morphetville Equine Clinic) but this Week ( after it started growing larger recently) rubbed a little Yesterday. ( Saturday) It was not sore to push and prod but had grown recently. The Vets’had said to leave it and see. Ironically, it had just become most itchy so it was probably perfect timing. I think it had run it’s course.


So Yesterday, she was booked into the Clinic for the $900 Operation. Poor Darling, so brave 🙁 At the Show, because she was alone, she was so proud, talking to us every time we came back, tried like Hell. What a Dream Boat!!!


The good news is that she is only out for 6 Weeks 🙂 Very Happy Mrs. HP!!!
The Vet’s commented that she was the perfect Horse!

anyhow, here is the PRIX ST. GEORGE


Just in, the scores, Dolce run second, to a very worthy Winner, riding a HOme Bred Stallion and she has done a wonderful job indeed. She got 69% and Mrs. HP 67.something. Very pleased and knows already exactly what she has to do to win next time….to do with the Canter 🙂

Still of the EA – Failed Horse Welfare Policy

It’s all Spin Folks. All Platitudes. They don’t give a Cuss. Sorry. The entire system needs grabbing by the Throat and shaking.

Letter from Paul Dopper (the Hack Judge)

Decided to come and watch a local dressage Comp today. They are all as f——— bad as the Hackies. Lol

The Judges Scores for the Grand Prix.


and as I sit in the F Truck, watching the Warm up Arena, sad to watch many of the Horses going around, sad, pissed, confused…..why does not EA bring in advisiory People to pull these Riders aside and offer advice or point them in the right direction, to Coaches who ca Coach, for many of these Horses MUST have Coaches who CANNOT COACH!!!!!

In other words, let’s allow our Horses to go to the Dressage, to be Terrorized 🙁

to not help and direct those at the entry level of the Industry is to deny the $100,000 or more, per Person, from the Industry going forward. It’s not Rocket Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and on the subject of Coaching

This Pic may say it all. A Mrs. HP Pupil alongside the Black Horse!



I’ve got a good Memory.

20 Years ago, there was a Lady riding an Appy (how dare she) at high Levels and indeed, got to Grand Prix. There was only one problem, the Horse was doing ‘late changes’ but wonderful everything else.

I would argue that the Horse was completing all the movements and should be judged accordingly, just 3-4 for the late changes. IT DID ALL THE MOVEMENTS.

EA immediately brought in a new Rule that saw Her get kicked out of the Sport and she disappeared.

Now, 20 Years later, we have this Horse and Rider. This Horse is incapable of completing some movements and this has been going on for Months and yet it is continually allowed to compete, never Belled and indeed on Sunday, was given 56%, just 7% less than Cappo with the foot perfect Grand Prix Test and the Test below of Dolce on Sunday as well, again 63%, 3 levels below where they are supposed to score easier.

Then You have the embarrassment for the Sport with the Youth watching the High Levels, You have the Public watching a Terrorized Horse with “Learned Helplessness” and indeed, the sad sight of a Lady at the end of Her Career, who should have been leaving in a ‘Blaze of Glory’, not total embarrassment. Sad all around and allowed to go on by the Bankrupt EA.

You can’t take it seriously any more Folks. Such a shame 🙁


We were approached at the Car, by the said Lady with Husband in Tow. Demanding to know why I had Videod Her Test and who gave me permission.

I repled that Mrs. HP has been Videod for Years, by all and sundry and she has never complained or worried about it. What’s the problem? Roving Photographers come and go at the Dressage and copious amoujnts of bad photo moment shots get plastered all over the Internet without anyone’s permission, what’s the problem?

“You have a blocked MInd” she said, to which I replied “Sadly, You have been conned by a Sharleton, who’s systems are folly” and that was that. We await the Letter from EA and thye had better await their lecture 🙂

Judging – A Level

Having just seen the scores for the movements that I showed You on Video (movements not executed) which perhaps should be a Zero but granted

Boof of the Week

Hell it was Cold. 20 Degrees and off the Sea hahahahaha

Victor Harbor of the Week

Bella Vista of the Week


Tip of the Week

” Lowering the Rein Hand below the Wither of a Horse is a guarantee of bad Hands and objection from Horses”


This time a Hackie Coach

She is a totally different horse. It seems like she was drugged as she is not quiet and is opposite to what was said and when I rode her there. She spooks at nothing. Amanda said her brain is fried from hacking and being held in and then spurred and whipped to go forwards. We were going right back to letting her go forwards without using hands or spurs or whips and using seat to slow

I would suggest a proper assessment and with a Coach that doesn’t allow You to be FLEXED OFF.



Equine Science Systems

Hi John.
I read and watched your commentry regarding the science of training horses !!!
The following is just my opinion of my observations

It was in 2009 when I heard about the death of a student ( Sarah Waugh) enrolled in a TAFE course at Dubbo. The circumstances are any parents nightmare and I can understand Juliana and her husbands anguish and their wish to never see this repeated again.
I passed the comment at the time, that this incident and the indicated pursuit of seeking to prevent this ever happening again, was going to change TAFE courses in the equine area and NOT for the Better. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against changing bad practice and examining how to eradicate it, but I knew that immediately there would be a kneejerk reaction by TAFE and that they would go down the track of setting in place some “investigative process”, that would then lead to a committee, whose job it was to eliminate the possibility of them (TAFE NSW) being ever put into this position of being subjected to scrutiny and condemnation over their course operations again.
I understand this and you cannot blame them for wanting to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, which is why a review of the circumstances was required and steps needed to be taken to make change happen.
It is however unfortunate, that it is almost routine for Government departments to look toward finding an answer from a source that they can put up as, “being someone with a recognisable qualification”, and therefore someone with letters after their name fulfills this requirement. Further, when any course is subject to revision or rewriting, then the inevitable writing style of the “current day” is incorporated i.e. it is mostly NOT understood by anyone, other than “the educators”.
Unfortunately this is just a fact of life in the development of courses, trust me, I’ve seen it happen before and it is not just in this section of TAFE.
Change needed to take place without a doubt, BUT, as I predicted at the time, it would come at a cost and the cost is to the student and to the industry in general.
You see John, that in many many cases, even the teachers and those involved in this industry cannot agree on one particular standard across the board or even agree between themselves that someone else might be right in using another method. The classic example is the use of “restraints” e.g. hobbles ! Our learned “scientist” made reference to the the use of hobbles and the fact that he considered the use of them not the sort of thing he agrees with to put it politely . On the other hand, as one instructor I had, he related the use of hobbles no more dramatic than walking around with your underpants down around your knees or ankles and so doing as an educational experience, incurred the negative comments of others in his faculty for doing so. I have used his method and can vouch for their value in teaching horses to stand, be relaxed and be restrained so as not to fight if they find their caught in wire or the like. In fact I at one stage experienced the exact situation he had eluded to with my own stallion whom I had used the hobbling training to. He has stood patiently for over two hours with his legs caught in wire when he decided to go walkabout whe he shouldn’t have gone. the result, I arrived, an easy extraction and NO DAMAGE to his legs due to hobble training. To me its a no brainer and all my horses are hobble ttrained and I have NEVER had an incident either during or after the training.

I have watched “old horseman” apply their learned skills and trade to many kinds of horses but unfortunately their skills, like yours, are life learnt and not book learnt and what that means is that your not going to have a few letters after your name from the school of hard knocks and or the university of life !
I am constantly amazed at the skill of some of the “old Horsemen” and wish that TAFE and the Industry would follow suit with using their skills in training.
The recognition of someone who has the ability to talk the talk and write the required vocabulary in a syllabus DOES NOT mean they have the ability and skill to carry out the job at hand. I saw it first hand at another college in NSW. I believe that this was also apparent in the three “round yard presentations” on the video which I first saw on Channel Two I think. I was left wondering how the “scientific approach” was Lorded as being the way of the future in the education of horses !!
In closing, Your attendance at the meeting in the airport was as you suggested, just a rubber stamping what they had already decided and your presence was undoubtedly the “TOKEN” horseman in attendance.
I feel for you and your frustration, but hope and pray that you dont give up the fight.

People like you and Glen are few and far between and people like me and even more so, the younger generation, need your tuition and assistance because if you give up then there will not be “the real horseman” around to guide and teach the reality of “real Horsemanship”.

As for Juliana and her husband, Have faith, your fight has not been in vain. It may not have ended where you had hoped it would, but it has caused many to re examine where they were at, to question priorities and ask what needs to be done to better the safety of the student in the future. It is my hope, that that the pendulum does not swing to extremes in the opposite direction as a result and that real horsemanship is cast out, in favour of wordy nonsense that will not achieve the proper education and training of the student who wants to achieve his/her desire of being a better “horse person”.
There are many good people out there, but there are also the rotten apples, who like in all areas of life, prey on and plague the innocent and uneducated. Your efforts have made the shortcomings of the system glow in the darkness of the rotten apples underhanded and dishonest dealings and that in itself has contributed to improving the system,

Thank you for your determination and perseverance

Thanks David. I do admire People of the Written Word and wish I had the time to be better. I thank You also for your objective thoughts. Blokes like us don’t like writing such stuff. It’s not our style but in my case at least, I only do it for the genuine concern for the Horses. This Week I have had 3 and I should have retired Years ago 🙁
Thanks once again and regards

The Standardbred

Hi John and Linda

I’m stuck, hoping you can help!

I have a new horse, a wee 13yrs standardbred who did race but about 7 years ago, and has since been a farm hack. I’ve just acquired him, to be a pony club mount for my daughter. He’s a lovely, kind lad, and so eager to please, but I can’t work his mouth out!

He’s happy on a long rein, doesn’t run off etc, and only goes a little faster when you take a contact, nothing major. When he works on the bit – which he is just learning – he is very light and sensitive, which works for me as I have soft hands anyway, as does my daughter. He understands pressure and release. But if he is unsure of something (eg canter transitions, smaller circles), he will put his head up and his mouth turns into a rock…not pulling you out of the saddle or anything, just solid. And no steering. And on the rare occasions he gets a fright he will drop the bit completely and leave me nothing in the hand, which is a bit disconcerting (although he just stays in one spot, doesn’t run away). He has excellent brakes – just have to think stop and he stops calmly, and will walk off on a long rein…don’t need to “pull him up” as such. He appears to have a very normal size/shape in his mouth/tongue and jaw, nothing unusual that I’ve noticed.

He was ridden in a full cheek single jointed plastic snaffle with his previous owner – when we tried him we used this and he was fine, but very very mouthy, constantly chewing and foam everywhere. However the steering was easier. At home I tried him in a happy mouth eggbutt, as I feel he actually has quite a sensitive mouth, but he hated that – fought the whole time and kept getting his tongue over the bit (the only time he’s done that). Have moved to a fairly thick stainless steel eggbutt French link… and he is much happier in that, easier to keep him working on the bit, and less head up…but still some rock like moments, not much mouthing up, and still no steering.

So I was thinking maybe a D ring might help? Or should we stick with the full cheek? I could just solider on with the French link…we are working on lateral movement & flexion on the ground and under saddle to help the steering, but I feel we might both benefit from something more to guide him so I can help him learn balance. If I am buying a new bit, I would rather get an HP and give him the best shot at being comfortable – he has such a good nature, I want to do right by him. But I just don’t know what is likely to be the best choice for him… D or full cheek or something else? Lozenge or barrel? I know the horse will ultimately make that decision, and his needs may change as training progresses, but I would love your suggestions about where to start. I’m in new territory here!

Thanks so much,

HI Robyn,

Far be it for me to be deciding such questions from afar. As you rightly said, the Horse will tell You but we must always remember that there is no point putting a new Bit in, having one ride and thinking you can observe the results, for Horses have to get used to a new Bit as well, so you need a few rides in each.

I would suggest under these circumstances, I send you a range of Bits and You try, both in Barrel and Lossenge. What do you think of that offer?

Having said that, there are other things You should be doing. As You said, You are training more “Leg Yield’ so that indeed, You don’t have to be ‘steering’ Him around via the Hand so much but it is highly advisable to be lunging this Horse in Running Reins, to teach the Horse the submission, allow it to find true reward and relief itself, get used to the Bit, learn the correct flexion and start to build the proper Muscles to indeed carry a Rider and act like a Brian Surgeon at the same time 🙂

You can send the other BIts back, but I would suggest the FM and the D Ring, so I agree with you.


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