Horseproblems Australia – Blog 15th April, 2020

Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram

HI Folks, hope You are all well. We are not. We have had the Week from Hell………my poor Wife….she deserves nothing but peace. 🙁

I hope You are all well and getting plenty of Toilet Paper 🙂 We are still unscathed but have been extremely careful.

I have been trying hard to ‘Black Ban’ China, for what they have done but finding it extremely difficult to source alternative Products from other parts of the World, if not Australia first. To all of those ‘left leaning’ Folks who hate Donald Trump with a passion, he was right from the get go. Dead right and now proven right. America First, Buy USA and Manufacture in your own Countries!!! Now the World is paying the price for their failed experiment with ‘Globalism’. The EU will fall and can’t come soon enough!!!!

Very difficult right now, to get much training material for You. I hope You understand. Stay safe.

Gainsborough Soap

Well, for the third time in 26 Years, it happened last Week.

The Manageress, for absolutely no reason other than the following, decided to ambush us and cause a mass walkout of Gainsborough, with 12 Agistees leaving en-block. No one really knows why they did for it was nothing to do with us, but such is the terrible ‘Soap Opera World”we live in, where Humans have reduced their Minds to guiding themselves via the latest ‘Viral Post’, they have become terrible vulnerable to influence by those with an agenda. Here is the story.

As You know, we basically read the Minds of all we meet or deal with these Days and for at least 12 Months, Mrs. HP has been complaining that every time she fills Gainsborough, there is some issue that gets rid of half a dozen or so Clients. I have been warning Her to get rid of the Manageress for I was certain she was taking sides and targeting People for some reason. We now know however, that it was because of ‘work ethic’.

We have of course been ‘Hamstrung’ living so far away and so have sucked it up, but last Week, we got a message from the Manageress, that the Manure Pile could no longer be used, because People had been dumping short and now they are dumping their Wheel Barrows, all the way out to the Bluestone Roads and footpaths. OMG……Hp is not allowed out of the House, can’t go there and fix it ( which would take me around 2 Minutes, I said to Mrs. HP to write back to Her and say this.


“Can you get ahsley to go and shovel a track out to the edge of the manure pile for me?? Young and fit 🙂 ”

to which she replied the following….

“Sorry, Ashlee is snowed under with Uni assignments and work. I’ve spent the last 3 yrs nicely asking people to take a few extra steps to the edge but they’re all bloody lazy and don’t care. It’s a good thing I dont take the same attitude when feeding their horses. Maybe Johns Son could come up and get the bobcat out? I can be there to open shed and gates for him, he’d only have to touch the bobcat. “

Well John can’t go and the Bobcat can’t drive at the top of the pile for it would sink and not be able to be got out.

Now this Ýoung Ashley’ is Her Daughter. 12 Months ago, because I can’t help myself and can’t stand seeing money going begging, I said to the Manageress, that she should take the wonderful opportunity of the enormous amount of money on offer to Gainsborough, Weekly, and start taking our inquiries for Riding Lessons for Learner Riders. Indeed, I even went and Insured Her on our Policy because she wasn’t accredited. She has been teaching several at Gainsborough and Lunging Horses. Making a Tidy Sum indeed.

I asked Her only one thing… tell me what teachings she was doing, so I could record it in the Books of the place, from a Business Management point of view. I never heard a word from her in 12 months 🙁 She walked past me each fortnight as I did maintenance and never mentioned a thing 🙁

So Mum wrote this back to us and then the following Day, launched Her attack, removing 12 Agistees. She must have been working for some Months to achieve that.

Hi again John and Linda. No, Ashlee did not make a nice income from teaching lessons on Phantom. It cost us 400 per month to keep him. There wasn’t a month she made that much. But we were happy to give it time and see if interest were sufficient. It’s funny because people think I’m making a nice income too, for everything I take care of and deal with, at your business property. I have continuously gone over and above for you for 3yrs. I’ve been happy for you to take much more than the moneys worth from me, and only because I like the work. I’ve saved you many trips over the years and indeed I recall Linda thanking me profusely for saving you $100 in fuel, every time you didnt have to come up and deal with a problem. Tell me honestly, would either of you do this job for what you pay? I even offered to take a paycut if things got harder because of the damn virus!! Speaking of that, here’s stupid me, exposing myself 5 days a wk. Frankly, I’m disappointed you would even take that tone with but always good to know exactly where one stands so thanks. As for the manure pile, my next suggestion is to ask all the agistees that use it, to grab a shovel since they all stuffed it. In the meantime, I’ll continue to try and run this circus, unless you say otherwise. Hope you’re enjoying the extended holidays xx

The following Day, all Hell broke loose and off they went like startled Starlings….off 50k our of Adelaide, to Heather Curries place 🙂 Now Heather, had advertised PADDOCKS $55 a week, with Stable. Actually ( and they will find out) they are Mud Yards only, as soon as the Rain comes :)…not to mention the horrendous drive back and forth from Adelaide, at least another $50 a week fuel. Never mind……..

The lovely Mum and Daughter left us wonderful clean Professional Property and some messages 🙂

One wonders if the Writer reflected upon their Filth as they laughed at their message?

and Months worth of filth, for Mrs. HP to get stuck into Tomorrow 🙁


but of course, we have much experience of these sorts of Games. I like to describe them as “Mature Aged Woman acting like Kindy Children” and indeed that is so. It is actually hard to comprehend in real terms, but of course, as it is so in our Life, things always turn………

Two Days passed and low and behold, two of the fleeing Agistees, who had already shifted their Horses, almost died when they they were welcomed at their new Home, by guess who????…..of course……our ex Manageress, who Mrs. HP sacked on the spot. Bizarre indeed. Well, guess what????……they rang Today and are bringing their Horses back next Week. They gave Notice to Heather ( who must have been most perplexed but obviously is well used to the antics of the City Soap Opera Queens hahahahaha……but it gets better…….and right on cue, just as our Life always turns. It is spooky indeed.

We also welcome a New Lady, the one entering the Horse Industry after Months of trying to buy a Horse and almost being ripped off by an EA Coach ( taught well by the Blonde Coach appearing here Today again) parasites who have damaged the Industry for Decades. Now she has been leased a Horse by Mrs. HP’s Mum. It shouldn’t be so hard Folks and further proof that the Equestrian Federation is still a Basket Case and will probably never change now. Despite my pleadings since 2001 when I pioneered Horselaw in this Country, nothing has changed and they have not even thought about upholding the “Code of Ethics”. She is in safe Hands for now.

Horselaw – 13th April, 2020

Hello John , I have a legal matter at present and was wondering if you could please give me advice I verbally agreed to buy a 12k filly foal from————- I paid a deposit and regular payments total being $5500 until it was weaned and ready to pick up . When I arrived at —— for arranged pickup the filly foal was unhandled and had sustained an injury which was undisclosed by ——I simply refused to take the filly home as to dangerous and injury was concerning ! Long story short we now both have legal advisers involved but since heather has sold filly to a 16yo girl Alana —— on a $100 per week contract and I’ve been hearing —— doesn’t pay her bills etc classed as dressage shonk ! now my question is should I be bothered to pursue this matter legally via lawyers court etc or just wasting more money as can’t get blood out of a stone !! Unfortunately lawyers happy to tell you what you want to hear and take more of your money or on the other hand try take possession of filly and play her at her own game ? Hope you can shed some light on this matter

Of course, these Days, one must never trust a thing you read on Social Media or Print in general, so I demanded the Documentation. Sure enough, all is confirmed and with the Documents. The EA Lawyer acting for the Madam.


It never ends Folks. On and on and on and on………

and the Week from Hell doesn’t end there. I was hooking a Pump to the Tennants Home at Gainsborough a couple of Weeks ago and was confronted by this. (No Dogs allowed in the new Home)


and they are now 5 Weeks behind in their Rent…..and no, it is not the Virus, the Father, Daughter and Son in the Home, all hold Managerial positions in Foodland and Woollies. and are working, so Thousands coming into the Home. God….why is that we meet Arseholes all the time?….cry…….

Victor Harbor of the Week


Bella Vista of the Week


The Victor Harbor Dressage Celebration

Here is a short piece of the Days events Folks. It was a wonderful Day and the raising up of many Spirits has been amazing. It is incredible what encouragement’ does to People!!!! The next one, on 2nd May, will be very busy indeed. People are training hard and new entrants will be involved.


Victor Harbor Dressage Celebration

Congratulations John and Linda,

Thank you for sending me the video.

Most frustrating I missed the event, as I had a disaster on my hands in middle of Saturday, but am looking forward to 2 May.

You both have done a magnificent job promoting your sport and Victor Harbor. Our community is blessed to have your presence and entrepreneurship.

Councillor Andrew Robertson
Victor Harbor City Council

Letter from Horseman

My question is:  How did you manage to grow your business initially, that is before your were able to diversify as you have? My integrity and reputation is all I have. I am duty bound at times to tell hard truths to people for their own safety who ask me to break a horse which they have no business owning. Sometimes I have to crush dreams to keep people from hurting themselves. The truth hurts and these people don’t exactly recommend me for more work. If it’s just telling to grow a thicker skin or Do something else that’s ok but if there’s something my lack of experience is missing your input here could help me a great deal to make a living from something that gives me great satisfaction most of the time😊.

Hi Mark,

Very difficult question, made more difficult because of the ‘touchy feely OMG!!! World’ we live in now, where many are ‘Social Media Queens’  (with a few Kings thrown in but normally who think they are Queens 🙂

Then there is the Law, that I fortunately or unfortunately in this case, pioneered, for indeed, now being ‘Political Correct’ can well land You in Court, for not coming out with the truth, regardless of how much it may hurt the ‘petals’ of 2020. Remember, it’s all about them, not their Horses.

Now when I started, it was even more difficult, because I came to light when Young Pat Parelli was sweeping the World and everyone had gone ‘Pentecostal’ and indeed, basically every Horseman in the Land had gone and hid all of their ‘Leg Restraints training equipment’ in their Closets, in case anyone saw them 🙂

I then re-popularized and marketed it back into the Horse World and because I backed it with the Videos and articles ( the proof) that it was indeed not cruelty, it was re-accepted, alongside Natural Horsemanship. Indeed, ‘Úncle Pat’ as I call Him, hit a snag at a Clinic in London, where he couldn’t Bridle a Horse and was obviously thinking of me at this desperate time and he tied the lead rope around the knees of the Horse, inviting and getting a World wide backlash that saw Him have to issue a Video apology on Youtube and his Site.

So ironically, he can not get away with using Leg Restraints, but I can. No one ‘Bats and Eye Lid’, why is that?

It’s all about ‘perceptions’ and persistence.  I don’t know how old You are but You can do it ‘Regionally’ and You can do it by using my Intercultural Property that is within my ‘Problems Index’

and by pointing out Videos that may be relevant.

for if You can prove systems, in front of their eyes, they get over themselves, for they have no argument.

So performance is the key, persistence and use the Law of Risk Management as an unquestionable reason for speaking frankly. Show them that You are looking after their interests as well as those of their Horses.

Times are tough in the Horse Starting Industry. They are a ‘Dime a Dozen’ now, but there is one Hell of a Market or opportunity for You Blokes now. Just this Week, I texted my Brother and asked if he had any Young Blokes who could get on a suspect Horse that I have been working with, he answered……

“They don’t make them any more”

So hang in there and remember, the Horses are more important than the Owners. Remember, there are no ‘Problem Horses’, only ‘Horses with People Problems’



We extracted all of the stitches out of Her Back now and it is looking wonderful. Should be back in action in a couple of Weeks.


Photo of the Day


Video of the Week

Another one bites the Dust with Dianne Girven. Well done Dianne. He is going to make 18 Hands I reckon.

Webbing Halters once more 🙂

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