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Victor Harbor

HI Folks. Hope You are all well. Be’en a big Soap Opera Week. The things you have to endure, just to help a poor Horse. Scum Bags, they terrorize Society and cost us squillions. There should be open season on them, just like Ducks.

For those of You who have been watching my Facebook, here is the ‘Çrack Head’ who owns the Horse.


This has been going on for Months and this time, no water for 3 Days, because I thought the R.S.P.C.A. would come, after I rang them told them after the first Day. 😠

The Ambush by stealth, of Horsemanship

If You have time, take a listen to this Lady, who sounds a good Dude but is one of the increasing Army of Foot Soldiers, unwittingly working to re-write History and Horsemanship in this Country, on behalf of McLean and McGreevy, both of who know little about the subject at all.

Meredith Chapman PhD Candidate.

In particular, with the promotion by stealth, I saw this slide on the presentation.


no mention of his name but take a look at the right Hand corner. This is called “Subliminal Advertising” and it is deceitful 🥵

There are many others, but this gives You the thrust of it. The only way to improve safety in Horse Sports, is to follow the McLean writings, like……

” Be careful how you approach a Horse”

Yea right, what about training the Horse to approach You??????????????????

As I said, they don’t understand and they are not qualified to comment. A Pentecostal Movement with the number 1 ticket holder being Julie Fiedler, the Head of Horsesa, using the Organization as a full time marketing Office, for McLean…….

and here’s another……….

For Sale Video tricks

There are endless ways to fool a Buyer of an expensive Horse….any Horse…..and slowing down the entire Video a touch, is one of them.

If looking at this particular Horse, one would want to ask themselves why the Horse is sweating so much when it is just a simply little ride for a short Video!!

Be careful out there Folks. A client, who is a Para Rider, ($40,000) was talked into and sold a Green 3 Year Old Warmblood that broke Her ribs and took a top Male Rider and Trainer, 12 Months to get a handle on, to sell.

I only looked at the first two ridden Horses.

Now look at 1.11 and 1.24 where they fail to edit out the Boxy steps and try to fool you that it can actually do half Pass.

Be careful out there Folks 😖

Horse Training Online feedback

The Isle of Crete

.36 Your step back didn’t help the cause

.40 The step back showed nervousness and allowed the horse to judge you early, as perhaps nervous.

.51 The Step back weakened the opinion of the Horse and

he Horse and

.59 Horse has backside in your face and nothing happens. Horse does it’s own thing.

1.04 Too soft, not enough direction and here is another tip. Swinging a rope upwards ( anti clockwise) rather than downwards, has less of a directional effect upon horses.

1.33 The Horse knows what you want and what you have been training but because of a lack of direction from the Handler, the Horse decides to offer it anyway, prior to being asked. To stop it there and send it off again, is to undo all prior training and set up “learned helplessness”.

1.35 The handler turned the horse, exactly the way that he was trying to not train, the wrong way, with the Bum to the Trainer. Losing all past gains.

1.54 Trainer decides to turn the Horse but Horse is faster than the Trainer……..if we are on the slow side or not athletic, we should step across in front of the Horse, 5 metres before it gets to us 🤣

1.58 – same problem

2.03 – well done. Exactly

2.05 The left arm suddenly coming out, when the Horse had only just completed the GOOD THING, sets up doubts in the mind of the horse. Don’t run lessons together. Always leave big gaps between new requests.

2.09 – the horse is now confused, hence the head over the fence… well as Handler is now IN THE WRONG POSITION, forcing confusion into the mind of the Horse. The Horse is saying to itself……”He asked for the turn, I did it, I thought that was correct, but his left arm flew up immediately after and now he is forward of my shoulder, so what the hell does he want??

2.13 – confusion because of the forgoing as well as position. Due to the previous, now the Handler needed to help the horse more, by moving to the right, away from the Horse and now crowding it and generating the rear end again, Zone 4.

2.14 – the Horse looks at the Handler for clarity. Due to the slight mistakes by Handler, Handler should have immediately stepped back, invited horse in for a Pat, rest, relaxation, remove the confusion, take time out, and let the horse start to think again that it may have just been a bit good after all. This is what depletes “Learned Helplessness’

2.20. Throw that rope and Halter away and get a long whip
and the next 20 seconds is just a disaster, with the Horse even getting shitty. Either go talk to the Person and stop trying to train or train and tell person to Piss off 😁

Ok, that’s enough. Can you see how timing and position has such an incredible effect upon Horses Gerado????

Hope you learnt a little with this.


Article of the Week

Before and after 2 rides

Congrats to the Young Lass who is riding this lovely Horse happily now.

As You know, this was yet another of the thousands of cases where Pony Club or associates, teach Çrooked Horses‘ and that sets up Veterinary unsoundness. ☹


i I am a bit nervous about this. I have already paid $6000 for 2 saddles that didn’t fit which also included sending wither traces. So I dont have a lot of confidence. I already have a swinging fender with an 8” gullet which she has grown out of. I would have thought that being a welsh cob cross she would have been a quarter horse fit, but the medium seems to be about right if I have done it correctly. Do you allow room for a thick blanket? The 4 horse photos and the wither tracing are being sent from my phone. Hope they all tie in.

Cheers Sue Pemberton

Bring the Horse over Sue and let’s have a look at it. Your Horse is a Quarter Horse Tree.

String Girths

Well, Sue came over, wanting to buy one of my Saddles and I noticed she had a James Saddle which had the Girth Points set back too far as well.

Despite Her wanting to buy a Saddle, I suggested she try one of my Girths.

Hi JohnI rode lovely Horse in the arena today and she was really soft. Didn’t do her
neck twisting thing at all. The real test will be when we do 10 kms in the forest, which won’t
be for a few days now but I am confident. As happened with Inca the Arab, the girth is soft and comfortable and
doesn’t pull the saddle forward. It’s happy to sit there on a bit of an angle but still in the girth
groove. So I feel it is a really good result. Thanks for your help!
Does the pad come in any other colours?

Bummer Sue 😃🤣 that cost me a quid, didn’t it??? Merry Christmas to You both…….and Hubby 😎


Hello John Took all our young horses (weanlings, yearlings) for a refresher float ride yesterday just in case we ever need to evacuate re bushfires and for marketing (If this drought ever breaks). They hadn’t been on the float for quite some time. You will be pleased to know, thanks to your horse floats lessons and tying up/leading lessons as tiny foals, they all walked on, traveled brilliantly and backed off beautifully. We’re no longer breeding. Drought (though thankfully we are in a relatively safe area with good pastures and permanent water and lower bushfire risk area), market is slow, etc Very grateful for your teachings. Hope you and Linda are keeping well. Rosemary and Charley Bannister Springs

Well done Rosemary. Great effort. There wouldn;t be many in this Country that could boast that. It’s too late when the Fire front s over the Hill ey? Regards
Jo Hunt

6 hrs · 

Beau starting to come along very nicely with the help from the wonderful Linda Oleary and John Oleary. It helps when your horse has a mouth. If it wasn’t for Johns mouthing system Beau would never have overcome his contact issues. Plus the amazing riding and education of Beau and me.
The difference in Beau is nothing short of Amazing. ❤️


Boof of the Day

We love the F Truck and know the name 🙂

Victor Harbor of the Week

God’s Country

Bella Vista of the Week


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  1. Gosh was painful watching the guy with the horse in the round pen. Couldn’t watch too much of it.

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