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HI folks

Such terrible Disasters around the Country. Had to happen and will happen more. The lack of education is breath taking. Those who move from the City to the Bush know zero when it comes to looking after themselves 😪 All non Bush Bred Humans, moving to the Country, should have to attend mandatory T.A.F.E. Courses, lasting 8 Weeks, 3 hours one Night each Week, to be lectured on all of these things that are going to help them stay alive.


Well, Ellie has gone to “The Long Yard” and will probably be a Brood Mare.

We gave Her the best shot and totally changed Her Body, Mind and Coat.


Regardless of the resistance, she still did build the Topline!!!

Have a lovely Life Girl 😥😥


So not much Horse stuff happening this Week Folks. I spent the entire Week doing Fire prevention.

  • Set up a second Fire Fighting Unit
  • Installed Sprinklers on the top of our Hay Shed and Implement Shed
  • Serviced and set up 3 Fire fighting Pumps which drive Sprinklers and my filling station.
  • Installed Sprinklers right across all of Mrs. HP’s Paddock Stables
  • Cleared 300 metres of our private Road, to ensure that the Fire Trucks can get through our Property, between two main roads.

Photos below

The Feral Neighbors

The one with the Tyres works at the Waite Agriculture Institute would you believe. He has a fetish that our Dog may go on his place 🤣🤣 Check out his work on our boundary fence!!!!!!!! ….and check out his wonderful Property. He is a Greenie!!!!

Work this Week

I decided to put Sprinklers on the Roof of the Hay and Implement Shed, Mrs. HP’s Saddlery is now in there as well.


Hay supply for 2019

and this Week, we also got the Years supplier of Hay.

We ended purchased 2018 Hay as it was shedded and perfect.

The Council Fire Prevention 🙂

This is how the Council do Weed control, approaching Summer and ensure Hazards, well ahead of time 🥵🥵


Here is our effort 😊😊


The Neighbors

3 out of the 4 Neighbors here are less than vigilant on their Fire Prevention 😥

The whole Paddock would be gone in 2 Minutes!!

Tip of the Day

” This Spring, there has been Rain around about every 5 Days on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Check that Your Hay hasn’t got staining for if it has, it may not smell nice to Your Horses “

Video of the Day

You remember the Horse at Gainsborough, that put Mrs. HP through Her Paces recently. Well she has ridden it again. After one ride……perfect. Fixed 😁 The Young Lass has been riding the Horse successfully since and everyone is happy.


Halter the Foal

Hi john. Question. I have a foal 8 days old. Been under halter for 4 days. Last 2 days asked her to walk around a yard couple times as was walking out well. BUT what concerns me and I got the issue today. She has not given yet. No fight just been walking off on not much pressure. Now yesterday arvo she decided she would sit back try go behind Mum so I kept snapping her up then pressure off. The whole session was this. This morning worse. Hung back whole time expect when I snapped her up. Decided she would finally pull back. Hooray. But no. Still no give. I think one of those horses that would gladly hold back and choke herself down. Of course I pulled up in the end as there was no give coming. Doesn’t ever sulk. Got rope dragging today. Any suggestions? Maybe get a second person to walk mare away so I’m not trying to lead both? As mare is hesitant slow leader too. Totally different to my text book last foal!

Got help at lunch session with hubby leading her and me walking out with mare. foal just repeated same thing. pulls back but will not move feet or give. Ended up doing the older foal thing walking to the side a step and jerking her so her feet step over just to get some movement etc. have i gone to fast?? the most she gives is to sit back on hind pulling back then stand back up straight and stick nose out to release pressure. but will not move feet or truly give. Im tempted to get a jigger on her butt. haha. (no not really)

Hi Kate,

This is not unusual. Just confusion. The newly Halter started Foal doesn’t understand the principal of TAKE UP THE CONTACT – HOLD and they eventually give. NH. They don’t get it until way down the track. They only understand being strongly reefed forward and instant relief, to force the feet to move for a few steps and repeat, repeat until they get it. When they don’t understand ( some worse than others) they can require us to think out of the Box…………….

Tie the Foal to Mum and use Mum WITH SOPHISTICATION. Lead Her as if training the Foal but do it always to the left Circle. Don’t go right.

At the same time, for this Foal, you get behind Her with a Dressage Whip and WITH SOPHISTICATION, train Her the tap tap tap, reward and relief for moving Her feet, rest, reward, re-start. Take Your time.

The training of the Foal that has got confused, requires more sophistication than Older Horses!

Keep the session short. Build upon wins.


Then there is your problem Kate. You CAN’T have Foals hang back and NEARLY CHOKE. As I said they don’t understand such things. 100% of them do that if you hang against them. The Foal must be reefed, forward when it hangs, OFF IT’S FEET, to land a metre forward and reward, rest, to teach it. Never hanging!!!!!

Horse Purchase Assessment

Good evening John and Linda,

Thank you for your assistance.

The horse, Storm, is a 7, nearly 8 year old Anglo-Arabian.

The advert reads:
“November Storm. 7yo Anglo Arab. Castlebar Gulfstream and Chip Chase Sadaqa bloodlines. 14.2hh. Done 6 x 40km, easy to catch, handle, drench, clip and self loads onto the float. Vet check welcome.” You can view the advert at:

When asked, owner was happy for me to contact the trainer who first trained him under saddle when he was a 4y.o. Owner says she’s in no rush to sell and is selling as she can no longer do endurance due to her ongoing health issues/physical limitations. She’s owned him for 3.5 years. She bought him from a trainer, Kasey Wolfden, in QLD who broke him in, who originally bought him from Nick Fry the endurance horse exporter to UAE. Owner says Storm is very smart, affectionate and responsive. All up to date with teeth, vaccinations and worming.

Observations under saddle/on the ground

I’ve ridden him twice (twice in the arena and once on the trail/road for an hour or so). Owner advised that he hasn’t been in work for eight weeks. When I questioned this, she said “Just because since the last endurance ride colin (leasing rider) took him on he stopped riding after that due to moving and other commitments and there was a bit of lag time between that and the lease ending and him coming home to our paddocks, I’ve been at team sorting comps with my old QH nearly every weekend since he arrived home about 3 weeks ago so haven’t had much time to do any work with him.”

He was calm to handle feet (picked them up farrier style fronts and backs), tack up (no faces) and bridle (head down, willing). Watched him float calmly twice. Responsive to cues to disengage hindquarters and back up. Easy to catch (came to the owner at the fence).

Leasing rider “lunged” him (with no line) in the roundyard for 10 minutes, then rode him in the arena. Walked off at the mount. Storm was forward, but was responsive to one rein stop. Didn’t seem to pull at the rein or attempt to walk off immediately upon release.

When I rode him next, he was quite relaxed comparatively. He didn’t  go to walk off at the mount with me, as I had one rein. He was responsive to leg pressure and had quite a soft lateral mouth. His front breaks didn’t feel very developed. Again, very forward, sometimes rushed, but responded to half halts and one rein stops.

Owner was upfront that he has very minimal experience on the flat.

I rode him again a week later, without the owner or leasing rider there (with their permission). Nice to handle on the ground. Tense at the mount. I walked him up the driveway on a long rein and he was shying quite a bit at bushes and other horses running around in paddocks, tried to jig jog but settled once I used the one rein stop (again no pull or attempt to walk off immediately). Once he’d settled I rode him along the driveway to the arena. He was rushing in the trot and head went up and mouth hardened once he was facing home. Canter transition was smooth initially and responded to leg easily, but I don’t think he’s been cantered on a circle much at all and he was motor-bike leaning. On the trail, he was super calm on a loose rein with traffic/trailers going by and three other riders ahead having issues with their horses. He was absolutely fine leaving the other horses to ride alone in the bush on the trail. No issues at all with joggers, dogs and bicycles. Shied five times quite strongly at random bushes, but no bolt, just one rein stop and settled. Lovely to ride on the trail, covered ground nicely and loose rein the whole time, bar one rein for shies. Calm on the ride home, no rushing. Made him walk back the other way to see if he was okay with it, no issue.
Thank you so much for your time and assistance. I really do appreciate it.

Kind regards,


Hi Shannon,
I can’t work out how to get those videos working. Would you have them on youtube??

My initial observation, just from this Photo

Is as follows:

The Horse has poor conformation
Yes You are right, there has been NO correct flatwork

The Horse is not happy with it’s Life.
It is Rump high in this Photo ( don’t know what angle the ground was)
The conformation of the rear end is poor also, being not deep enough through the width of the hind quarters to match the horse
but the most concerning thing is the Sacroiliac area. This appears to have wear and would require a good Vet examination of the area.
However, we would not entertain this Horse, based on this Photo.
Having said that, “Horses for Courses” and given that a lot of the stuff mentioned above really doesn;t matter a lot for the PLEASURE RIDER or Endurance on loopy reins but trust me, this Horse IS NOT suitable for Collection and if you did for any period of time, we would predict it would object and make the riding difficult ( not the fault of the Horse) and would probably go sore.
I note that the Horse is $4,000 ono. Meaning $3,000. Is that a bit cheap for the proven Endurance Horse????/ and yes, the SPELL is a worry. We always advise People to NEVER buy a Horse that is not in work.
So again, to be open minded and not too pedantic given the price range you are dealing with, a lot of what I have pointed out really won’t matter much but if it were a $15,000 Horse, I would be saying walk away.
If you can put those Vids on youtube perhaps??
Rump High, too shallow through the Gaskin, standing out too straight behind, Sacro area shows wear as a result, no topline, depressed Horse.

I have checked the Vids Shannon and the Horse has never put it’s Head down in it’s life, so as we said no value there. I don’t know why they both. Who are they trying to Kid????………..You???????

Therein lies the problem. Be careful. I would not buy this Horse.

My Horse is a Rig

Hi. My 10 year old thoroughbred is a rig. I have only had him for 6 months and it is apparent that he becomes fixated on the mares and will not listen to me and he becomes dangerously silly. I want some advice please. Can he be retrained and/or operated on ?. Thank you

Hi Rochelle,

This is a Veterinary problem and not a training problem as such. Consult Your Vet to see whether there is any medication for this but I can advise You that we would NEVER own a Rig, yes they are dangerous and they are a Risk Management problem. They also upset the equilibrium on a Property.

If a Vet says they need to do a Blood Test, to determine if the Horse is indeed a Rig, I have to tell You that we would never waste our money on such. A Rig is a Rig is a Rig. If it behaves like a Rig, it is a Rig. Often, Blood Tests will say that they are not a Rig and are therefore wrong.

Yes, of course we can perform all sorts of training systems to assist with this or that behavior but you cannot influence the overall problem.

There was one at our Equestrian Centre and he ruined 5 Yards by Urinating exorbitant amounts and in particular, a very powerful odor compared to other Horses.

If the Horse was sold to You and you weren’t warned by the Vendor, that it was a Rig, You have a strong case in the Small Claims Court, for the return of the Horse and your money. The ‘HORSE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE PURPOSE”

Can he be operated on/???……ask your Vet but I doubt it. We would send the Horse away.


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