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Ah, fantastic! I think I may have spoken with your wife this afternoon on the phone. I was up nearly all night devouring your website, many of the articles articulating what I hadn’t been able to define with what I have been watching with my daughter’s lease pony. 
My daughter is 10 1/2, and has been leasing a 15 year old riding pony x Welsh from a teenage girl here in Perth. He was in paddock condition, and Audrey agreed to ride him 3-5 times a week. Audrey is a mad keen show jumper, as is the pony’s owner, so everyone seemed very happy.
I had thought after a few weeks watching the pony train in the arena that he was arthritic in his right rear leg, but the owner said no, he was cold-backed. 
Then Audrey asked for canter at the public x country track and it was apparently while he was “tense” so he bucked, which Audrey managed to sit, but with her leg caught behind the saddle. Her other leg slipped out of the stirrup and bc the horse was already cantering, he took the loose stirrup banging against his body as indication to go faster, and he galloped off – with Audrey’s other foot and stirrup still twisted behind the saddle. Needless to say, her foot sustained a fair injury.
Ever since (about 2 months – she couldn’t ride for 2 weeks in crutches), he has repeatedly bucked, even from the walk to trot transition. The saddle fitter has been back and made adjustments, and Audrey has been learning ground work with him. 
I suspect he may have the sacroiliac issues you mention on your site. I’ll send through what videos I have and see what you think, however most were taken before the bucking dug in.
He is apparently a well-known bucker (nobody told us, but we are new to Perth from Sydney and the COVID-19 restrictions mean everything is shut down), apparently it’s usually when he’s tense or nervous. I feel silly even writing it down, but we just accepted everything the girl told us as fine, as I didn’t think for a minute she’d willingly endanger my daughter. 
Anyway, if you could have a look at the way he moves, and let me know what you think, that would be great. He definitely looks twisted when he’s standing in repose, but every time I point it out everyone tells me he’s resting. 
Thanks, Erin 

HI Erin

The Vid of this pony you speak about here, you haven’t sent through yet?????

Regarding the Video of the Pony weaving in and out of the Trees, the Bay, there are a number of observations here:

  1. This one has the right attitude and is a darling..
  2. The ride here shows the unfortunate situation where Pony Club has failed across Australia and doesn’t teach Kids to ride correctly, in order to PROTECT the Veterinary Welfare of the Horses, by allowing most of them to be FLEXED OFF. Watch this one as typical. This Vid shows this that young lass has also missed out.
  3. The only thing one would pick, is the Neck and how it comes out of the Body but again, that has been caused by the last riding, not the fault of the horse. Mostly irrelevant to you but worth mentioning for the future.
  4. 22 years is getting on there and of course Veterinary issues won;t be too long away ( although Ponies less)
  5. This pony is a partner and has the right attitude.

I presume this is the one you are looking to purchase It’s often easy to get mixed up with multiple emails.

let me know

23rd June, 2020

Assessment – USA

I am so happy, I run in to your website. I bought assessment with Linda, as I bought a dressage horse 10 month ago and had problems on and off with hind of horse. Started riding at 4 yearsold had a jumper but been off for 35 years and I starting to dubt my riding skill. X owner young girl showed a lot he is very well trained but I am near the end to give up and sell him this will be my last try. so sad:( Helena

Hi Helena,

Thanks for the Vids. We have both watched, at different times and both agree with the following:

 There is not a lot wrong with the lovely Horse, he just hasn’t been supported for the job of being ridden and being asked to perform, because of the following.

  • He has not had the required Muscle development happening, either during Riding, or Lunging. The Ridden work has not prepared the Horse for his job, that of carrying a Human and being required to perform like an Athlete.

  • There is little to gain, for Horse or Owner, lunging a Horse that isn’t both ROUND, FLEXED correctly always, carrying the weight on the inside hind and SUPPLE.

    Lunging in Side Reins is detrimental to Horses at such a level>
    although these Side Reins were not engaged anyway, so just decoration.

  • Re the ridden, again, not the fault of the Horse or the Rider, but those advising have not performed, for the good of both of you.

    If one is to ride the Ënglish Disciplines” and are not just having a POSITION riding Lesson, it is pointless going around and around, completely technically incorrectly, 100% of the time, for again, it just ‘degenerates the required Muscle Development’ of the Horse, to be able to do the job. That therefore, makes for unhappy Horses. every single time.

  • This of 2 MOnths ago

  • So lovely Horse, lovely Rider, just both needing help.

    Linda will sort that out for you.

    Read this…..

If you are wanting to improve the physical of the Horse, on the Lunge Helena, go here


2nd June, 2020

A Reminder about the danger of taking a CONTACT on a “Green Horse” before they are ready and before they have been shown why, which none are or none should be, until down the Track a few Weeks.

this one reared over on the next Ride.

and Young Chris at Gainsborough

I gave Him a Lesson on Saturday last and rode Him again, whilst he rode the Horse 🙂

1st June, 2020

22nd May, 2020

Hi John,
Yes I did, thank you. I really hope it is that simple .. most vets say wobblers – the do all the testing and for all appearances he seems to tick the boxes – weak hind end, ataxic type movements, difficulty backing up ect, but I am not convinced. To know for sure I would have to take him to the fancy equine hospital in Gatton (I think?) and fork out $5K to have a special x-ray taken. Some simply refuse to make any diagnosis. A vet in Brisbane who also does chiro and acupuncture poke, prodded, lifted and stretched all his limbs and but was stumped. I even had a specialist vet in Brissy try tell me he wasn’t in pain due to spinal cord injury (wobblers) but I called bullshit on that one. Some days, especially when wet and slippery, he was (and still is) clearly in A LOT of pain. 
So I spent a lot of time going through videos last night trying to find snippets of what he is like .. I managed to find some from the footage when I brought my new arab mare home – he was chasing after her a bit and got quite sore towards the end poor bugger. There are 3 videos in total, and remember I won’t be able to get the photos requested until tomorrow afternoon. Also, I will send through a photo of him not long before he was gelded – just for interests sake I suppose. May show something to a more trained eye .. 
Snuck in one of him when I found him 🙁


Howdy Holly. I have spent a fair bit of time on this one. You gave me 6 squared up photos and all 6 have Him with his near side back forward. That can’t be an accident.

The rear on shots do not suggest Sacro and nor do the side on shots. The Horse has a Rump however, that one should not buy.

I recommend you getting in a local type Vet and just request X-Rays of the Near side Hock and Stifle region. Looking for Bone Chips or Stifle Damage. Here is a Vid I have pulled out, for you to see what is going on.


12th May, 2020

The Engine is in the back

Over the Years and the many Horses, my Wife has always said to me that she loves my Young Horses, because they are the MOST FORWARD of anything she rides from others.

On that subject Tonight, here is Young Chris who has just returned to Gainsborough, having found out the Manageress had now gone.

The explanation is below the Video

Long Reining

The Stop

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